What is Waterproof?

This is a mis-information subject we would like to address, and we are really opinionated about.

There is no such thing as a “Water Proof Textile Product”!
“RKA uses 100% Water Proof Material”

Did I just contradict myself?

When you read an advertiser or manufacturers description pay attention to what they are actually saying about ANY product!

Does your FRS 2 way radio bike to bike communications device go 5 miles?
Maybe in a perfect world. But in a non-perfect “real” world it probably will only go 1 mile.

RKA likes talking to our customers, in a little more real world truthful way.

Zippers, seams, needle holes are always going to be weak spots on textile products even water proof zippers have leak points.
We think and advertise that

We sell the most water resistant textile products on the market today.
Raincovers are an option on almost all our products and we recommend you purchase them.
Check out the photos and captions below to clarify what we think is the truthful way to explain what 100% waterproof means.
What is this?
It's a coffee cup, a rubber band, water, and some of our material.
We made a little lake on the top of the coffee cup with the material and the rubber band then added the water.
The point here is the water will NEVER leak through.
It is 100% water proof.
BUT .....Zippers, seams, needle holes are always going to be weak spots on textile products
(even water proof zippers have leak points).
This is our lining we use in the main compartment of most all luggage we manufacture.
The silver 200 denier urethane coated material is actually our raincover material.
We drop ship the 3/8 foam and 200 denier material to LA and a company there “combines” it for us and ships it back in
giant rolls. This one is almost gone.
These are photos of luggage in the construction process, which is all done in house at our shop.
You see them inside out. You can see the “binding” and “zipper” installation.
They are waiting for final assembly in our shop in Windsor, CA.

This is a finished tankbag.
Notice the finishing on the inside of the tankbag, the “binding” sewn on close to the YKK zippers top and bottom,
the “Slip-Not bottom that protects your motorcycle, and the “portal” For power and cables to enter and exit.
We think this is the highest quality most functional product on the market today.
Here is a close up so you can see how the “Binding” interacts with the “YKK zippers” forming a nice
bonding on closure to help prevent leakage.
I love this photo as it was a "Dark & scary morning" in Frisco CO.
We were leaving a Kawasaki C14/Concours event heading home to California at 4:00 AM in the morning.
It was raining when we left to climb over Vail Pass. Guess what it was doing on the pass!! You got it, SNOWING!
Once over the pass it did not stop raining until almost “Grand Junction”.
The point is there is no raincover on my (then) $3,000.00 Communications tankbag!
Nothing got wet.
RKA has been around since 1985 making the best luggage we possibly can, with the best functionality, best possible materials and the most pleasing to the eye.

Most of all we have continued to design and manufacture our products right here in Northern California.
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