Price Match Guarantee

RKA offers the best allowable MAP pricing.
RKA will match any “legitimate dealers” pricing.
If you find a lower advertised price from an authorized U.S. dealer on an in-stock product,
let us know with a phone call 707 836 7659.
All price match requests are handled at the sole discretion of RKA.


Only advertised prices are matched.
Offers requiring customers to enter coupon codes or other extra steps are excluded.
Product must be new and in stock in the same model, size, color and year (if applicable)

Competitor must be an authorized U.S. dealer.
Any applicable shipping and/or handling fees will be included when calculating the price difference.
Items priced less than $50 are not eligible to be price matched

Ebay auctions are not eligible for price match requests

AMAZON. RKA will match any Amazon price that you can document the actual dealer and location.

If you have already placed an order with us, we cannot price match on it unless the order still has a status of "In Process."

We occasionally run an RKA discount around a special event, product release or seasonal time of the year.

Rest assured, if we can offer a cheaper price or upside on a product, we will.

We make our price match policy prominent on most every page of our site and we will happily match just about all sane offers.

As for just plan crazy offers, if someone is selling product BELOW our dealer pricing or giving away items (Product) that are referred to as a "loss leader"*,

Buy from them. We can't match it. It's all good

*loss leader .... noun
a popular article that is sold at a very low price or at a loss for the purpose of attracting customers to a retail store.
RKA has been around since 1985 making the best luggage we possibly can, with the best functionality, best possible materials and the most pleasing to the eye.

Most of all we have continued to design and manufacture our products right here in Northern California.
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