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If your dealership or club event would like Richard to present his seminars
Please drop him a note at
Or call the office at 707 836 7659

RKA presents Luggage and their applications.

This seminar will enlighten you on how soft luggage works and how to make it work FOR you
This means we talk about, HOW it attaches, WHAT you can put in it, WHERE do you put that stuff?
Hard case liners, WHY they are a must have item, Waisted space, and how to pack them to your advantage

RKA presents a communication seminar.

Remember when you all walked by our booth and said “Bluetooth is not here yet” Then years later you now say “Bluetooth is to complicated”
This seminar is going to show you that Bluetooth is here now and is only as complicated as you make it.
There are choices for you now … Think outside the box.
MESH … this is the NEW communication platform BUT even Bluetooth hold outs can join in and I will show you how.

RKA has been around since 1985 making the best luggage we possibly can, with the best functionality, best possible materials and the most pleasing to the eye.

Most of all we have continued to design and manufacture our products right here in Northern California.
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