September 2011
Issue 22

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Editorial The bagman speaks
Events What's Happening
New Products Exciting times in communications!!
Where have I been? Last months Rally
You-Tube Video What dogs think
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Hi Gang,

am still here :- ). (If you are out of the loop on what happened on the 29th of July go to the August Newsletter for all the excitment

My moto is STILL in the shop waiting on the main fairing, everything else is finished.
I cannot wait to get back on and ride it home.

Tuesday the 6th of September I suited up in my spandex and rode my pushbike with Kathy. We went 10 miles and averaged 12.7 mph. WOW I am “King of the world!”. Seriously it was a great ride and so nice to get back on the pushbike.

Kathy and I are going to start swimming and working out on regular bases so I can get back to fighting weight and shape.

We went to the “Curve Cowboy Reunion” in Boise last month, it’s always fun hanging with the “Lite Trucks”, BUT there was a slew of K1600GTL’s there and I suspect they will take over the count soon.

The “Beemer Bash” in Quincy is next so be sure and stop by and say hi if you attend.

READ MY LIPS!!!! ;- )

This newsletter has some great new information about bluetooth so be sure and read on.

For instance

If you own a STARCOM system or a J&M CB you can now turn it into a TOTAL BLUETOOTH SYSTEM!!!!
No bike to bike bluetooth!!!
We are talking FRS or CB with 1 to 3 mile and MORE range!!!

Please read on .....



Our last event was the "Curve Cowboy Reunion", I know, sounds kinky to me too but it's just a bunch of old BMW LT riders having fun together.

We normally do outside events with a large display area, or when inside it’s a large convention center where we

Ready to go

Setup unloading

Ready to go

Ready to go

setup a 10x20 or 20x30 display. For this event we decided to join 11 other vendors inside a conference room. RKA actually had the largest space but we were to have TWO motorcycles plus the display tables.

The plan was to ship a few boxes up to the event and then ship them home when done. Then we could RIDE our motos up and Kathy could get a great ride in on her new F800R! And maybe a small mini vacation on the way home.

Well …. With my deer encounter (August Newsletter) that plan bit the dust in more ways than one.
With my wounded moto in the shop and me with broken ribs that plan changed to taking the Sprinter and more display items.

So this is what we look like in a small confined area. (Sorry for the bad quality photos MY BAD :-( )

Be sure and look for us in Quincy next week. Check the event schedule below. and hope to see you all at one of the following events.

Many of you have asked about the IMS (International Motorcycle Shows) this winter. We have attended all or most of them for the last 25 years, but last year we deicded to stay home and not travel. A good idea considering the way the weather was.

So far the plan for the 2011/2012 winter tour is the same has last year, stay home and suck up with this slow economy.

RKA is 26 years old, with just a few employees doing HIGH quality, LOW production runs.

If I have said this once I have said it a thousand times! WE MAKE THIS STUFF!! “Made in the USA”,

We think the most important thing for you all to consider is to plan ahead and order in time to try and test your products, luggage products are important to attach and fit correctly, but especially communications products. Take a test day ride with your partner or friend. DO NOT get it the day before you leave on your trip!

f you do this you will have a happy vacation next summer and we will have time to get the product to you, keeping us busy with cash flow for the winter and allowing us to have more store stock for next year so nobody waits for product like they are this year.

Go to our "Schedules Page" for more details.

Location State
 16th to 18th
Beemer Bash
*seminars Confirmed
 14th to16th
Horizons Unlimited Travelers Meeting
*seminars Confirmed

NEW Stuff in Communications

K1600GTL J&M wired

K1600GTL J&M bluetooth

R1200RT J&M wired

R1200RT J&M Bluetooth

Turn your exisiting STARCOM or J&M wired system into a

New Technology

Let’s start out by saying WOW Bluetooth is coming to the front of the main stream technolgy in the last few years and more so in the last 12 months!


We are sure this was not done on purpose but it seems with all the hype and advertising that
Schuberth and BMW has hoodwinked you GTL owners
into thinking that their system is the only solution if you want Bluetooth or for that matter ANY communications system.
NOT! ...... Read on……


Let us just say we thing J&M is the best in all aspects of “Sound” and “Transmit”, There just is no better made in the industry.

For you Beemer folks that own a R1200RT or K1600GTL you can purchase J&M’s fabulous Bluetooth headsets, “HS-EBLU629EDR-UN”, install the NEW “JBLU-BHDG08”, plug in the “RABH-R12RT” or “RABH-16GLT” and you now have REAL grown up Bluetooth. Expensive maybe, but remember you get what you pay for.

For a little less you can create a wired system using the J&M wire headsets “HS-ECD629-UN-HO”, install the “JMCB-2003E-BW”, plug in the “FGA-345-16GTL” or “FGA-345-R12RT” and now you have your on board system sunning through the headsets.

Also remember we can setup ANY motorcycle with a complete system to meet your needs in one of our IN-Charge tankbags or sell you just the parts. It’s all good!

Almost anything you want to do can be done with these systems.

RKA only sells TWO communications systems at this time and Starcom is our choice for the second one.

We have been asked many times to carry Autocom from the father of the USA distributor who’s been a good friend for some years now>

RKA just decided that two was enough. Autocom is a fine system and although I have never personally tried one I understand for the folks out there they are top notch.


RKA has been selling Starcom1 for almost 7 years now and we are very happy with the product.
NOW Starcom has released their “Wire3” Bluetooth adapter!!!

If you have a Starcom Advance or a Starcom Digital you can toss your wired headsets and turn these units into a

You will need one “Wire3” for the driver and a second one for your passenger.
RKA’s introductory offer is $150.00 each. (MSRP $170.00 each).

You will need a Bluetooth headset, we recommend the Cardo G4 $228.99 (MSRP $295.99), or
the PowerSet if you want to get a deal on TWO headsets at $399.00 (MSRP $489.99)

We would normally recommend the J&M Bluetooth option but in testing it seems the J&M headsets over power the Starcom unit and wire3. We are still testing but at this time looks like the amplification of the J&M unit is overwhelming the Starcom system. Can you have TO MUCH POWER? :- )

The video is on our "You_Tube" page here:
"Starcom Wire3 Installation"

Cardo G4 installed in
Vega Summit III

Cardo G4 speakers in
Vega Summit III

Cardo G4 installed in
Shoei Multitec

Cardo G4 speakers in
Shoei Multitec

Starcom & Wire3

Starcom & Wire3

Starcom & Wire3
Install ideas

Starcom & Wire3
Install ideas

Starcom & Wire3
Install ideas
September update on K1600GT/GTL Products
These are new photos taken at the CCR rally in Boise of the GTL trunk liner.

WOW what a story!

We now have a
K1600GTL tankbag instructional video
up on our "You_Tube" Page

We are STILL back ordered on ALL GTL products
for at least 30 days
If you are interested in RKA' K1600GTL products please give us a call and
place your order now.

Dennis and Chris at Santa Rosa BMW are always the greatest and let us take bag to the shop so we can get the pattern down correctly.
So the quest began to create the best most functional liners we have ever produced.

The bags are longer and wider than the RT bags and we designed them to use every bet of usable space. Then came the trunk liner bag.

Now the next challenge was we had to design a tankbag that would fit on the GT and the GTL’s pull back handlebars. Our 12 liter Shiloh road with modified attachment points works fantastic!!

Lastly if you are getting the GT and do not want to spend a month’s wages on a trunk bag you can fit our 36 liter Carryall Rackbag on the rack perfectly!

Check out the BMW K1600GTL page for more information and details

Please call 1-800-349-1RKA

or visit for more information.

Are you aware?

We have a new "HE" Hydro electric tankbag that is only $30.00 bucks more than a regular Tankbag.
This tankbag allows you to run power, or cables in and out of the bag front and rear.
This tankbags features are also expandable and you can purchase a control box, Dashboard, and powerlet & Rammount parts to make a FULL featured communications bag at your own time frame.
Go here to learn more about this NEW RKA tankbag.
HydroElectric Tankbag Page

Lastly Kathy and I are animal lovers and can only have our kitty “Allez” because of all our travels.
We have a great cat sitter but feel we do not have the time to take proper care of a dog.
We found this “You-Tube” video clip that just knocks us on the floor every time we look at it!
Click on the doggy and enjoy.

.Kathy and I hope you enjoy the newsletter.
Drop us a line let us know what you like and don't like

Richard Battles
Kathy Storin