October 2011
Issue 23

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Editorial The bagman speaks
Events What's Happening
Communications Product Update What is it? & Motion X
Product Info Things we sell you may want
Product Info II Things we don't sell but are cool!
WOW!!! The new STARSHIP!
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Well guess what … summer is over, and fall is here. What a bummer since I spent most of it with damaged goods.

Kathy and I hope you all had a great summer and continue to ride all the way through the year if you are in an area where you can. I know I am going to do a lot of riding now that I can go farther than from the driveway to the garage.

Got my bike back last week only to find out the fuel gauge is also damaged but the insurance will fix that so not issue.

I want to go back to Paonia for a moment. Now that I have a fresh mind and I want especially thank Steve Dibble, John Coker, there were more but I have these names.

THANK YOU all for getting me loaded and on down the road toward home!

Some of you new customers will not know of what I speak here, so visit the “August Newsletter” and that will update you on what happened to the “R” in the RKA on July 29th .

RKA needs to discuss our great European Customers and the Import duties, and taxes. We have had a few that do not understand, but we do not have FREE TRADE with most other countries and duties and taxes have to be paid on in coming products. It’s just the way it is.

Kathy and I want to say THANKS to all of you in Europe for your business and paying big time shipping, taxes and duties to get our products!!! THANKS!!!!!

After working on the website this last few weeks I decided there may need to be some better instructions and explanations of how to get around and what you are looking at. So you will see a few changes on the website and a lot of new videos coming, so stay tuned.

Be sure and JOIN the RKA You-Tube channel so you get a notice when a new video appears.

I also found a GREAT article that should have never left the site, don’t know what happened but it’s back now. “The Pace”, by "Nick Ienatsch" written in Sport Rider Magazine June 1993. It’s the bible of Sportbike or any bike group riding! (Link)

Some of the new information coming is better explanations of our communications products.

Series Tankbag
IN-Charge series
comes with the
control box
IN-Charge series
comes with
everything you need.
HydroElectric (HE)
Series Tankbag
comes with the
power portals
comes with the
power portals
ready for optional control box and many other options

Above are links to the explanations of these GREAT communications Solutions.

What is an IN-Charge Tankbag?
What is an Hydroelectric (HE) Tankbag?


Our last SCHEDULED event is on Oct 14th to 15th in Cambria, CA.
Go to our "Schedules Page" for more details.

We are always traveling, big events in the “Sprinter” smaller events on the “motos” so PLEASE check back on our events/schedules page as we will be updating it as soon as we add on new events, shows, races, club meetings etc.

We would like to get together with clubs and forums that may be interested in attaching luggage, loading for a trip, tips on what to take and were to go or communications solutions. If at all possible we can come to your monthly meeting or event and show and tell.

Location State
 14th to16th

Communications Product Update / MOTIONX app.

Bluetooth headset
Smart phone
A few Rammount parts
Communications System
On your ride.
Smart phone mounted
on the right, Adaptiv
TPX radar on the left
with visual alert on
top of the speedo.
map screen 2D
Iphone music interface.
Map choices
Menu page
Position screen
Compass screen
U clamp, Arm,
Diamond back base
Universal Smart phone
Universal Smart phone
Power up with simple car charger and Powerlet cigar lighter plug.
We have some of the best communications solutions out there, the “IN-Charge Series and HydroElectric series communications tankbags are a must have for the customer that wants to be connected. Description sheets of these products are attached to this Newsletter.

Even though RKA’s main mission is luggage solutions we also have communications solutions without our tankbag.

Purchase a set of our J&M Bluetooth headsets (BEST) or a set of the Cardo G4’s and you can Bluetooth to your smartphone and connect to your phone calls, music, AND navigation.

So lets talk about something we do not make or sell that may help you out a little.

First note is the XM30 antenna has been discontiuned and I can no longer get them. So we have to assume the Zummo 550 is also on the way out but no word yet.

Personally I have been testing MotionX in the van comparing it right next to our Zumo 665, see the bottom of the August newsletter for photos of this testing. Of course this is an iPhone app since we own iPhones, but I am sure there are other apps on other smartphones that will work just has well. This excerse is to enlighten.

I have moved this system to my R1200ST and using it without the IN-Charge or HE tankbags.

If you do not want communications associated with a tankbag this is a perfect solution for PHONE, MUSIC, & NAVIGATION.

USE RKA RESOURCES to find out what's the best solution for you, whether it's motorcycle luggage or communications scenarios. The RKA website is a wealth of information with comprehensive information, photos, and videos to help you. Call RKA at 1-800-349-1-RKA or pop us a message via e-mail at info@rka-luggage.com.

We are here to help and RKA is working everyday on our website adding instructional videos, photos and such.

The photos below are iconic examples of what we can do with luggage AND communications.

One is Kathy's NEW RIDE the F800R, sporting RKA optional PREMIUM COLOR 33 liter saddlebags, 14 liter seatbag and 9 liter HE (HydroElectric) communications tankbag with her iPhone attached for phone, Navigation, and music via Bluetooth headsets.

The white may be a little over the top but it did get your attention didn’t it!

The other is Richards IN-Charge communications tankbag, Zumo 665, FRS bike to bike radio, phone, music & XM weather and traffic, driver passenger intercom, using Starcom parts and FULL bluetooth to J&M headsets. THEN we topped it off with Charcoal and burgundy piping!

RKA hopes this has opened your eyes to the HELP, quality and functionally of RKA.

Product Information
These are products we sell that you may want to check out

HydroElectric (HE) communications tankbag bag

J&M Bluetooth options

Cardo Bluetooth options

PIAA running lights

CONTOUR cameras

Adaptiv TPX radar systems

Starcoms NEW Wire 3 Bluetooth Module.

HydroElectric Tankbag Solution.
Install electrics, Smartphone, Power, or a Camelbak Bladder.
Cardo Scala
Headset Solutions
We sell what we use.
Running Lights
We sell what we use.
Contour Wearable Camera Solutions
We sell what we use.
Products we do not sell

Pit Bull


If you haul motorcycles you will want these!
No more chalks no more tie downs!!

Click Here

CHARGE! The Movie
We have only seen the trailer so far but looks great.
From the makers of FASTER!!

WOW What a ride! BMW K1600GT/GTL goes viral!!!

What a year so far! Our retail sales have soared and European sales are off the charts. Dealers OLD & NEW are stepping forward and stocking our products.

The new BMW K1600GTL has gone viral on us!

Even as I type this, October 2nd we are still 3 to 4 weeks back ordered on everything!

RKA is a MADE IN THE USA, low production, high quality, 26 year old manufacturer.

Most folks do not understand just how small we are. Like most businesses RKA uses last year's sales to anticipate product for the following year and usually have enough stock to get through, or least close.

This year was different. ............ This year was the year of the GTL!

We will not forget it for some time. After getting the hardbags in our workshop and designing the saddlebag liners and trunk liner, the next step was a functional tankbag that would work on BOTH handlebar configurations.

After a little R&D we came up with the perfect solution for both the GT and GTL in ONE tankbag that fits both perfectly!

Within a week of the GTL products release our retail customers had overwhelmed us and then the big dealer orders started rolling in.

We quickly ran out of our store stock on EVERYTHING we manufacture.

RKA's International sales have skyrocketed and customers are spending an enormous amount of money on shipping and import duties just to get our products!!

RKA has hired new help and tried to increase our production, but I am sure you understand it’s hard to train new employees and keep quality control and production schedules in an even keel.

Hopefully RKA should have a handle on this production issue soon and start getting store stock back on the shelves.

Product Update for the GT & GTL

Some things you may want to consider for your future GTL orders.

We have a extra-large map case shown at right and you can order has an option, shown here:

You can also order the tankbag in the “HydroElectric” (HE) version if you like. ...
Just order your tankbag from the HydroElectric page and you will be asked what Brand & Model you own during the order process so you will recieve

You Tube Video Updates
Starcom Wire3
Bluetooth Adapter
Assembly Video.
Click on the 4 arrows on the lower right
for a full screen
Tankbag Instructional
Click on the 4 arrows on the lower right
for a full screen
Infineon Raceway
May 11th 2011,
3J's Trackday
We are using the Contour Cameras
that we offer for sale
and Yes, Richard of RKA is at the controls ; -)
Click on the 4 arrows on the lower right
for a full screen
Luggage Overview video.
Click on the 4 arrows on the lower right
for a full screen
You Tube Videos

Check them out ... then sign up to follow our
"You_Tube Channel".

New videos are being produced regularly.

The on going sale page.
36 liter eXpandable
Carryall Rackbag
MSRP $180.00
SALE $135.00
RKA IN-Charge
MSRP $3032.93
SALE $2583.00
Side view
Pretty nice setup!!!
Purchase IN-Charge tankbag without devices
SALE $275.00
Main Compartment
Top Organizer
Left rear entrance.

The only thing
you do not get.
My electric controler.
Left front entrance
Where it all goes

into the tankbag
Saddlebag TOPPERS
MSRP $210.00
SALE $105.00
MSRP $115.00
SALE $60.00
Saddlebag TOPPERS
MSRP $210.00
SALE $105.00
Saddlebag TOPPERS
MSRP $210.00
SALE $105.00
Saddlebag LinersMSRP $110.00
SALE $60.00


We gotta couple of really cool additions to the

"On going Sale Page"

BUT .... You folks get first call has I will not put them on the sale page for ONE WEEK!

So if you are interested CALL ASAP!!

I have decided to change colors on my BRAND NEW 36 liter Carryall rackbag and my BRAND NEW IN-Charge Communications tankbag from Charcoal with Burgundy Piping to Burgundy with Silver piping.

Can you spell FICKLE : -)

So these bags are for sale now.

The 36 liter Carryall is in LIKE NEW condition and we will discount this premium color $180.00 rackbag to $135.00. 25% off!

My IN-Charge tankbag is the "Full Monty", This is a FULL Bluetooth system!

Comes with the IN-Charge Bag in premium colors, of course, Starcom DIGITAL, with NEW Wire3 Bluetooth modules, TWO J&M Bluetooth headsets, Driver Passenger Intercom, Bike to Bike with FRS radios, Zumo 665,

To see Richard's Communications bags Invoice
"Click Here"

You can purchase this tankbag without any of the communications in it has a regular IN-Charge tankbag for $275.00

ALSO not being posted on the sale page yet are my very own R1200RT Liner bags AND my very own SADDLEBAG TOPPER Bags, TRUNK TOPPER Bag, These TOPPER bags will fit the
R1200RT saddlebags with special modes.

These bags ARE USED!!

So remember .....if you are interested in any of these items CALL me ASAP 1-800-349-1-RKA

Lastly Kathy and I would like to hear back from you. Give us feed back on what you would like to see in the newsletter.

We would like to know what you carry in your luggage and suggestions you would have for future luggage designs.
Hope you enjoy the rest of the newsletter.

.Kathy and I hope you enjoy the newsletter.

Richard Battles
Kathy Storin