Novemberr 2011
Issue 24

Table Of Contents
Editorial Life is to short
A different Rally Horizons Unlimited
Dealer Trip Fun in the South of California
Food Drive Fun, Ride, Helping others
Holidays Happy Holidays to all.
iPad Comments Did you know?
Kathy's F800R Finally her page is up
New Product SENA Bluetooth Adapter
New Informational webpage Don't want a tankbag for electrics?
Customers Moto
Tuono is too Cool in red!
What's a N2A 789?
If money was not an issue
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Editorial / Sad times.

October was a bad time for motorcycle racers and their friends. We lost TWO wonderful icons in roadracing both way to soon.

Marco Simoncelli #58

(10-27) 07:49 PDT CORIANO, Italy (AP) --
Thousands of fans have filled the streets of an Italian town to pay their respects to MotoGP rider Marco Simoncelli.
His funeral is Thursday at the Church of Santa Maria Assunta in Coriano, Italy. The 24-year-old Simoncelli died Sunday after a crash at the Malaysian Grand Prix.
Alongside Simoncelli's coffin are two motorcycles — one that he rode to win the 250cc championship in 2008 and another used this season.
Seven-time world champion Valentino Rossi is set to ride Simoncelli's motorcycle out at the end of the service as a tribute to his friend. Simoncelli lost control on the first lap and swerved across the track, straight into the path of American rider Colin Edwards and Rossi.
Simoncelli's funeral is being broadcast live on screens outside the church, various Italian TV stations and at the nearby Misano Adriatico circuit.

Read more at: sfgate

Joe Montoya

Joe Montoya passed away on Sunday October 23rd doing what he loved, riding his motorcycle.
I started road racing in 1990, lasted only a year as the business would not allow the time it took. In 2000, I started again and raced for a few years, Joe Montoya was the AFM president all those years.

More about Joe Montoya from; Barbra Smith, AFM Race director


A different Rally

On a more upbeat subject RKA went to a really cool event in October.

"Horizons Unlimited Motorcycle Travelers meeting" at Camp Oceans Pines in Cambria, CA.

I was able to give my communications seminar twice and also meet a lot of really nice folks.

All kinds of equipment and all kinds of motorcycles from a decaled up Harley to DRZ400's what a hoot!

Check out their website link above.

Dealer Trip
This is my route from Cathedral City to Las Vegas
This is my route from "four corners
around the backup. What fun!

View Larger Map
For all you GS guys this is my off road experience, without the trucks present.

My dealer trip was the first time on the moto for any distance since my deer encounter and I felt really good.

I purchased a throttle control which really helped out on the sore wrist and shoulder.

I love my motorcycle, after 5 years it's just approaching 50,000 miles.
I wish it was more but has much has I try it still it spends way too much time traveling in the back of Sprinter van

It was a "get in, shut up, sit down and hang on" ride. So no takers on going with me.

Monday to LA,

Tuesday, BMW of Long Beach, Irv Seavers BMW, Brown Motoworks. Tuesday night to Mike & Jeana (Palm Springs).

Wednesday "IN THE WIND" to Las Vegas,
Googled in top photo: "Cathedral City, Yucca Valley, Lucerne Valley, Barstow, I swear 50 mph cross winds all the way!"

Thursday morning BMW of Las Vegas, then a 400 mile ride to Fresno, via a 60 mile detour.

Googled in bottom two photos: Heading toward Mojave you come to "Four Corners" or Hwy 58 and Hwy 395. I could hear the truckers on my CB radio yelling and cursing because of road construction 20 miles ahead on Hwy 58 at Boron.

Hwy 58 was backed up for miles and miles! I decided to ride in the dirt shoulder to Hwy 395 and head north to Randsburg and cut across back to Hwy 14 on Redrock/Randsburg road to Garlock road to Hwy 14 then south to Mojave and back on Hwy 58 to Fresno.

As I had already used a half tank of fuel I would have preferred a 8.7 gallon GSA at this point, I actually called Kathy to see if she could make sure these roads where even paved! Which they were. I actually had a great smooth cruise over Tehachapi pass and fueled in Bakersfield, fuel to spare.

Friday BMW of Fresno, Cycle Specialties of Modesto, and finally A&S BMW of Roseville just north of Sacramento, then home, ..... another long day.

Food Drive

Our food drive is coming on us really fast!

It's our eleventh time to do this with Infineon.

Arrive at the shop at 7:30 AM and leaves from our shop at 8:30 AM on the 19th of November.
You get coffee and rolls in the morning, a great ride through the wine country and a great feeling giving to the needy.

THEN a few laps around the track! Maybe even a lunch stop after.

For more info call us at 800-349-1-RKA

Happy Holidays to all.

Happy Holidays to all from Richard, Kathy & the crew.

Christmas is going to be on us in no time at all and RKA is still backordered on some luggage products.
Hopefully we will get caught up in the next couple of weeks.

Please consider placing your Christmas orders with US and as soon as you can, as we except to have a busy season and want to make sure we get Santa's presents to everyone on time.

We have many great gift ideas for your motorcycle partner:

Go to our
to access all these great products

"HydroElectric Series"
"Sonoma Series"

Radar Detectors
Contour Helmet cameras
Garmin GPS
J&M Audio
Cardo G4 Bluetooth
NEW! SENA Bluetooth
Motorola FRS Radios
Midland CB Radios
Vega Summit III
flip up helmets

iPad Notes and comments

Not story tell'n, It's real.
We actually made an iPad prototype
IN-Charge tankbag.
You can see the Glare on the iPad
even though I did the best I could not
to show it in this photo.
YES! We had bike to bike
communications also!!
AND Skype, using J&M's
Bluetooth technology,
getting around the microphone
issues of the iPad!
Another version was just to attach the
iPad to a Rammount, iPad cradle and then secure that to the orginal map holder.
Why we do not recommend the ipad for motorcycle usage

There continues to be the rider that wants to use his iPad or Tablet, and boy O boy can I understand! I have been testing the iPad versus a GPS for many many moons now in the Sprinter Van, side by side and I LOVE the iPad.

We also have spent many many moons and built a PROTOTYPE tankbag SPECIFILY for the iPad, with a special compartment.

We were designing it to hold a USB dual powered cooling fan.

I had sourced out some gloves that would work with the iPad.

We were testing using navigation apps, the weather app and Skype using a Bluetooth technology from J&M (You do know you can listen but you cannot hardwire a mic to the iPad for use on a motorcycle don't you? But we got around that issue).

We had special entry ports for charging cables and mounts.

BUT in the end we gave up on this project and put it back on the back burner.

There are many issues that will not allow ME anyway to use an iPad on my motorcycle.
The three biggest issues are HEAT, GLARE and TOUCH just for starters.

If you decide to persist in this endeavor we want you to know that an iPad WILL fit in our larger tankbag mapcase AND with the optional XL map case it will fit in our smaller tankbags also.

You can also purchase our Rammount iPad holder and attach it to the top of our mapcase for open air usage

(NONE of these suggestions are totally water proof.)

Our position is It's not worth the trouble, don't do it ....... But if you must .... we have the parts you need.

F800R page

You all understand we have been busy the last few months, so busy I have not been able to startup the F800R page, even though Kathy got a 2011 F800R in JUNE!

So we have FINALLY put up the F800R specific page,

This was a fun one to do since it's more personal and she LOVES the moto! ..... enjoy.

New & Updated Product Information

SENA Bluetooth products added.

Kathy and I try to stay ahead of the curve, but we were a little slow on realizing the quality and functionality of the SENA products.

It's kind'a like GO-PRO cameras. Marketing, Marketing, Marketing. We sell the CONTOUR camera because it does what we want it to do, looks cooler and fits into tighter places. This of course is a personal opinion and that's what you want from us right?

Our distributor sent me info on SENA's NEW Bluetooth Adapter and we decided to purchase two headsets and the adapter.

To our surprise the system seems to be pretty fantastic and not so wallet bending of an investment.

Kathy and I will be testing this SENA system headset to headset, and then using the adapter with FRS radios. We will report back on the RKA SENA page.
These products are reasonably priced, and so far do the job very well.

The review will be just like we did with the Cardo G4 here:

Handlebar page / Bluetooth adapter

This is another couple of back burner projects that I have finally got up on the website. Some small amount of info was posted on last month's newsletter but the complete page is now up.

So say, heaven forbid you do not want a RKA communications tankbag this page shows you options, and how to mount devices on your handlebars etc.

This second RKA communications web page is something that is really old news for J&M (I have been using this technology for almost 2 years now with my J&M system) but now the other manufacturers are getting on the band wagon.

A Bluetooth adapter by SENA which allows you to Bluetooth your headset to it, THEN HARDWIRES non Bluetooth devices to it literally turning a non-Bluetooth device into Bluetooth! WOW!

The simple easy explanation is you can now use a FRS radio or CB Radio with 1 to 5 miles range to communicate bike to bike.

So these links above will get your lips wet. Then go to our Starcom page and SENA page for MORE information or better yet give me a call and RKA will explain more about it to you.

Customer Photo of the Month
Aprilia Tuono
How about this baby!

This is not only a cool motorcycle but
RKA did the tankbag in premium colors
that look GREAT on the motorcycle

(you can do this also)
How about this baby!

This is not only a cool motorcycle but
look at how nice our tankbag looks on the moto.

Old / New it's all good!!

COOLEST of the month!
N2A motors 789
Our good friend Gary Pricket of MCN forwarded this to us .... WOW!

If I only had two nickels to rub together!!


1957, 1958 & 1959 ~ all rolled into one!

This car was built by N2A motors (No Two Alike). Unbelievable!

The company is planning a production run
of about 100 vehicles

It sits on a Corvette C6 chassis

The front is styled like a 57 Chevy
the side like a 58
and the rear like a 59

Hence the designation, "789."
Is this a cool looking car, or What!?!

You probably need to be at least 60-years old
to really appreciate this!

.Kathy and I hope you enjoy the newsletter.

Richard Battles
Kathy Storin