July 2011
Issue 20

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Editorial The bagman speaks
For Sale Kathy's SV650
Events What's Happening
New Products Exciting times!!
Where have I been? Last months Rally
You-Tube Video What dogs think
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Hi Gang,

Finally after 11 years on your trusty SV650 , Kathy’s got a brand new ride!!!

When we saw the F800R doing stunts at Miller Motorsports last month (Our booth was right in front of them) I was convinced this was the new bike for “the love of my life”. It was all about riding position and her hands and wrists and the positions looked good to me.

Now I had to convince her and I was very afraid she would not like it …. and she was not real sure what the hell it was although she had ridden the F800ST at Las Vegas a couple of years ago this is a different animal all together!!

SHE DID LIKE IT! 88hp, 390lbs dry, 428 wet, chain drive, Same weight has her SV and 25hp more, running a FAT 180 in the rear. We paid extra for the paint job, but Lane at Sierra BMW said there are only SIX of this color on the ground in the western United States!!! Plus I think it’s real COOL.

We need to let the SV650 go, no room! So the first $3,000.00 takes her. Ridden by an old lady on Sundays. If you know anyone that would be interested let them know.

So Santa Rosa, nor A&S had ANY of the F800’s on the floor and last time I was in Reno I saw some on the display floor there so I called Tom & Lane to see if we could make a deal which we did (Sierra BMW, Tom, & Lane are GREAT!)

Kathy and I got up Saturday morning at 3:00 AM got ready had a cup of coffee and rode the R1200ST two up to Sparks arriving at 9:01 as we had to get the paper work, orientation and photos of the GTL Tankbag and trunk out of the way so we could get to “Volcano, CA” for Kurt’s wedding (another Story).Let’s just end this for now by saying I got photos and on board video, and she is a HAPPY CAMPER!!!

So now we have a great little motorcycle to offer someone special.
We will give all you folks reading the newsletter first shot then after the 4th we will post it on Craig’s list and such.
1999 Suzuki  SV650 … 37,450 … $3,000.00

This was RKA’s Show bike for the last 11 seasons belonging to Kathy the “K” in the RKA.

New Tires (Dunlop Sportmax Street Smarts), New Penske
shock, Sliders, Rearsets, Remus slip on, TWO Corbin custom seats.

Whinny things:
Tach gauge face has cracked.
Right side seat bolt mount broken
Passenger foot peg bracket is broken off (From eleven years riding in a trailer or van)

We want this puppy to find a good home.
Please be assured we understand this motorcycle is eleven years old and we are asking $3,000.00
This is a clean machine and is worth the money.
Reason for selling? New moto what else.
Call Richard or Kathy at: 1-800-349-1-RKA (1752) during business hours M-F 8-4 PST.
You can see more photos of this bike on our Suzuki Photo Gallery Page.

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Last month I drove up to John Day OR for the Chief Joseph rally and had a great time!
I decided I did not want to camp out this time so I was lucky to get a room just up the street for 40 bucks a night. The price was scary and then when they told me I had gotten their “Comfy Cozy” room I was not so sure. Turned out it was the coolest little room I have ever been in. Roll out of bed and you’re in the shower.
I did TWO seminars on “Bluetooth and Communications Technology” and had standing room only both times.

The bike of the rally (Bill and My votes) was this thing from Canada.Not real sure exactly what it was but the rider was just as interesting has the bike !

A couple of locals had purchased 50 liter saddlebags for their CAN-AM Spyders and stopped by. Don’t they look fabulous!

Of course we had the mandatory rain shows but other than that it was a very nice weekend.

The BMW National is next in line.
Richard will be doing short seminars a few times a day on Bluetooth communications and technology

We will also have a very special guest speaker Mr John Lazzeroni President of J&M corp.

He will be discussing the NEW K1600GTL and J&M’s Bluetooth and communications options, falling right in line with Richard's talks.

Do not miss the opportunity to learn about communications for your motorcycle.

So hope to see you all at one of the following events

Go to our "Schedules Page" for more details.

Location State
21th to 24th
BMW National Rally
*seminars at booth.
28th to 30th
Top O the Rockies
*seminars Confirmed
30th to 2nd
Curved Cowboy Reunion
 16th to 18th
Beemer Bash
*seminars Confirmed
 14th to16th
Horizons Unlimited Travelers Meeting
*seminars Confirmed

NEW Stuff! RT Topper Bags
Our TOPPER bags for the BMW R1200GSA are so popular I decided to try them on my BMWR1200ST hardbags.

Since I try to leave the giant van home whenever I can and ride the moto I need all the space I can get for samples and business stuff. SO it was a natural thing for me to do.

REMEMBER what we say, “We sell what we use”.

So as you read on you will understand this luggage addition “may” not be for you as you need to drill four “small” attachment screws into the bags, which “do not” go all the way through the hardbag shell.

There is a product out there called “Bungee Buddies” that require drilling BIG holes all the way through. So I am thinking our scenario may be a good storage addition for some.

It’s a clean nice looking setup.

This new product is available if you call to order. It should be added to the “Liners” page of the K1300GT/R1200RT pages in the next few days, with instructions to look over also.

These “Toppers” will also work on the new K1600GTL

Update on K1600GT/GTL Products

WOW what a story!

We are now back ordered on ALL GTL products for at least 30 days
If you are interested in RKA' K1600GTL products please give us a call and
place your order now.

Dennis and Chris at Santa Rosa BMW are always the greatest and let us take bag to the shop so we can get the pattern down correctly.
So the quest began to create the best most functional liners we have ever produced.

The bags are longer and wider than the RT bags and we designed them to use every bet of usable space. Then came the trunk liner bag.

Now the next challenge was we had to design a tankbag that would fit on the GT and the GTL’s pull back handlebars. Our 12 liter Shiloh road with modified attachment points works fantastic!!

Lastly if you are getting the GT and do not want to spend a month’s wages on a trunk bag you can fit our 36 liter Carryall Rackbag on the rack perfectly!

Check out the BMW K1600GTL page for more information and details

Please call 1-800-349-1RKA

or visit www.rka-luggage.com for more information.

Bicycles and Bend, OR.

After the John Day "Chief Joseph Rally" I drove over to Bend Sunday and spent three days riding bicycles with my good friend Bill.

Got my ass handed to me on a platter since I had not ridden a pushbike in six weeks. But all in all we had a great time riding and

Bill & Pam showing me the town.

After a hard days ride you can go downtown and get on a peddle bar! Never can get enough of that beer & peddling right?

Bend is a really nice place ….but… it snows there.

Lastly Kathy and I are animal lovers and can only have our kitty “Allez” because of all our travels.
We have a great cat sitter but feel we do not have the time to take proper care of a dog.
We found this “You-Tube” video clip that just knocks us on the floor every time we look at it!
Click on the doggy and enjoy.

.Kathy and I hope you enjoy the newsletter.
Drop us a line let us know what you like and don't like

Richard Battles
Kathy Storin