January 2011
Issue 15

RKA is now in our 26th year ...... and into the future!

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The "Holiday Sale" link has been replaced with a new sign that says

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We still have discontinued 2010 luggage for sale, Some GREAT J&M discontinued bluetooth products that we are almost "GIVING" away, Vega Summit III Flip up helmets for a song, and Vega Apparel for almost nothing!

We have decided to keep this page up and running with monthly specials, so keep checking back.

What's up with J&M? J&M new stuff?

I will reprice a lot of the J&M Bluetooth products as they have discontinued the CA-09 cable and the Dongle-03. If you are a SOLO rider or only ride two up 5 or 10 percent of the time these J&M products are GREAT. So check them out.

J&M has released the Dongle-05 and will be releasing the accessory cables this month. If you want more info on this subject give me a call at 800-349-1-RKA.

Photo Gallary ...... send your photos be famous! We need to update the gallery.

Kathy and I hope we can see all of you in 2011. As I type we are planning our travel plans for this year.

It's hard to plan because we cannot drive all the way across the country for just one event, then drive home, .. then drive back in a month for another one. Just not prudent.

March is still a few months away and at this time I cannot fathom going to Daytona but hey, never say never. BUT, where should we go? The track?, Rossmeyers?, the Convention Center?, or just set up on a street corner?

For sure we will appear at the BMW National in Bloomburg, PA. July 21st to the 24th. Gotta do that for sure, the Sprinter is already fueled up! So the MOA National will be the center piece for our summer plans.

We just need to connect the dots.

There is another group we have been hanging out with off and on since the late 1980's The MSTA (Motorcycle Sport Touring Association) This year their "STAR 2011" rally will be in Johnson City, TN June 25th to the 29th so the dots get closer together.

Kathy and I have NEVER gone to the BMWRA rally, it just seems to be be in the wrong place at the wrong time. But this year it's in Chippewa Falls, WI from June 30th to July 3rd. We just need to drive 927 miles from Johnson City to Chippewa Falls overnight, not a problem. Then we'll have 5 days to get to Mid-Ohio 647 miles back to the south.

Good old Mid-Ohio AMA Superbikes is July 8th to 10th even closer dots now. We spent a lot of years going to this event, the closer would be the Vintage days the very next weekend but it's not happening this time for some reason. Bummer

So at this time we still got 11 days to kill until the BMW National in Bloomburg, PA. July 21st to the 24th

After the MOA national it's another THREE weeks to the AMA Superbikes is at VIR August 12th to the 14th Then TWO more weeks till Sept 2nd to 4th in New Jersey, some more dots. Maybe.

So there you see how Kathy and I work, It's December 26th as I type this and the last date I just wrote was September of 2011. It's a gypsy's life for sure during the summer months.

Years ago we had a family walking out to get their car at MotoGP as I was hooking up the trailer and the father said "I just realized it, you do not get to see any of this do you?" and I said no we go home and watch the tape. Like to ride your motorcycle? DON'T get in the motorcycle business.

Athough as some of you know I cheat and ride the Big Beemer whenever I can leave the big rig at home. ;- )

2010 Newsletters in review

Some of you are new and some of you must want to relive the fun and games of 2010 so I'll do a short recap.

January 2010

We celebrated RKA's 25th year in business what a milestone

That same year Kathy and I got married! So 25 years there also, MORE of a milestone 24/7 X 25 years WOW!

We introduced "Vega" products, helmets and apparel with great fanfare at all the events we went to.

We are going to discontinue the Vega Lineup for lack of interest. So you will see the entire close outs on the sale page. I think the problem was they were priced TO low and folks could not get their head wrapped around that. I continue to wear my Summit III helmet, Milepost Jacket and Tourismo pants, Great stuff.

February 2010

My Stupid trick of the year was featured in the Feb newsletter and thank God it was the Stupidest thing I did ALL year and I still had 11 months to go.

For those of you that are in the dark on this Kurt and I left Greenville SC and I fueled a a BP station and used the GREEN nozzle and proceeded to pump 16 gallons of GAS in our diesel rig. All I will say here is it got real ugly before it got better.

The up side was Kathy and I drove to New Milford CT to spend a few days with my newly married daughter before we had to get back to New York.

While there we stayed at the "Heritage Inn" HIGHLY recommended :

Heritage Inn
34 bridge St
New Milford, CT.
860 350 3097

March 2010

Kurt and I had sent Kathy home and we went on to Cleveland.
This was our first "weather" other than just damn cold.

We try to be like normal tourists so we rode the train and bus into town to the "Rock & Roll" hall of fame, another great place to go.

After Cleveland Kurt and I left for home, early, in the cold and ice.

Wanted to do a 1000 miles on Monday but stopped at 725 after the THIRD vehicle flipped into the medium in front of us after passing us on black ice. STUPID PEOPLE.

Then 70 miles out of Wendover Nevada on the salt flats the Sprinter pops out the Turbo Booster Hose! I guess she was pissed off about the gas mistake. Luckily it was a simple fix and we were back on the road after a quick stop in Wendover to plug it back in after a short search.

April 2010

Understand that what happens in March is in the April newsletter. So we head back east to Daytona.

We went with both barrels loaded! A very NICE and LARGE 10x30 booth.

This may have been the biggest mistake of all in our 25 years of business. We did not connect any dots and went east for ONE event. NO BODY CAME.

You make the best out of what happens and Kurt got a pretty good eye full when we walked Main St.

He was so excited about the whole deal he was looking at a new format
We were only one block away from this.

See the photo of Main Street taken from our room across the street from the Ocean Front Convention Center.

Most of the motorcyclists did not even know there was a show going on there.

Live and learn. Regroup start again.

May 2010

We celerbrite our 25th year in business this month and I surprise Kathy with dinner and a night at the Madrona Inn in Healdsburg. It was really cool!

Kathy and I did traffic control for a bicycle ride from Davis to Santa Rosa and we posted a story on our website Click Here or on the image to see this story about what we do on our free time.

June 2010

June was a busy newsletter. We featured our 3J's trackday. This is a charity event that creates a lot of bucks for a good cause and a lot of fun on the track. I think the most fun is meeting old friends you do not see all the time.

The AMA Superbike round at Infineon with Elana Myers making AMA History by being the first woman to win a AMA Roadrace event.

Then an all WOW electric bike race! Yes these bikes are electric!! AND FAST!

Then there was World Superbike at Miller.

I took this beautiful sunset shoot at Wendover, NV.

July 2010

Steve and I head to Taos for the MSTA STARR 2010 rally and visit "The Thing" on the way.

And my book reviews

The Girl with the Dragon Tatto & The Girl who kicked the Hornets nest.
Two of our favorites.

August 2010

July brings the BMW National and MotoGP, always a busy time as they are back to back this year.

I lost my camera for a while and did not get any photos of the BMW MOA but I did get shoots of the cool motel we found while coming home.

Then we got ready for MOTOGP and stuffed everything into the van so we did not have to pull the trailer.

Believe it or not we got it all in!

And another booth configuration .....

September 2010

Kathy went to a Redwood Empire HOG event.
A fundrasier put on by the Council on aging services for seniors.

She did this almost all by herself with just help from our dear friend Dan Poore loading and unloading the moto.

..... and I went with Steve, Andy & Gerardo to marshal a small local club bicycle race event ....

October 2010

This was another busy newsletter,

A&S BW had an open house,

Our best friends Ed & Andy got new GS's!,

This is Ed on his brand new GS

I setuo with just a table and chair as usual and left the Sprinter at home this time

This Lynne our BEST happy friend


Kathy with the girls

That;s me down there doing my seminar.

The Beemer Bash

This is what the booth looks like after about 30 minutes of setup.
Different every venue we go to.

November 2010

Then there was the GRAND FONDO WOW!!

Kathy had an issue with her shock just days before the event and our good friend Mark replaced it in a jiffy!

This is the line up of 42 .... yes 42 motos to marshal 6000 bicycle riders, yes 6000!

Here they are!

Two happy but tired campers back from a 4:30AM start and a very long day playing with bicycles

December 2010

We high lighted my third annual Victory tour. This was at the end of October and to late for the November news letter.

The goal is to attenend Victory BMW's open house in Chandler AZ. I make a big trip out of it by visiting dealers along the way.

This is my first fuel stop on the way down and then a photo of the front of Victory BMW with some the vendors.

Even though the economy sucks and the weather was just as bad we completed our 10 annual RKA/Infineon Food dr. AND the rain stopped JUST long eough for us to get in our Laps around the Track.

Making it a 100% and 10 years with no rainouts on the laps!

Lets end the year with a happy note and a visit to a beautiful winery and some wine, cheese, & cheer!

Well, that's it for the January 2011 newsletter, a recap of 2010 and our NEW "Facebook" & "You Tube" sites are up and running.

Lastly a GREAT ongoing SALE.

So "friend" us, "like" us, "subsribe" to us, Get something on sale!.

Last little note ..... The larger photos will be much better next time, as I had to steal some low res photos from the Constant Contact site for this newsletter.

See ya next month
.Richard Battles
Kathy Storin