February 2011
Issue 16

Table Of Contents
Editorial The bagman speaks
Events What's Happening out there?
Readers Write Lets hear what's on your mind
Special Guest Who will it be & what will they say?
Favorite Stuff Tell us about your special ride or place
Techie Report We tell it like it is
Archives Stories & Photos from the Past
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Hi everyone,

Mr. Bagman hopes your new year is good and getting better.

I am trying to revamp the Newsletters format to make it look as good as possible. Did not have time for the January issue but hopefully you will enjoy these changes.

Tell us what you would like to see, if the table of contents could use a new heading ask for it.

If you want to see some new videos let us know what you want and we will try to put them to the top of the list.

We want you to participate in this newsletter, write some "letters to the Editor"', write a "Story"' send us a photo of your motorcycle with our luggage on it and we'll feature it in the newsletter and add it to our photo gallery.

Kathy and I are starting to plan this years events, races and shows and are getting excited about that and we hope to see ya all sometime at someplace this year.

Ride Safe

The Bagman.
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No dates are totally confirmed yet but here is what we think is gonna happen this year so far.

All dates at this time are TENTATIVE
Location State
Feb . Nothing at this time . .
March . Nothing at this time . .
April . Nothing at this time . .
May 13th to 15th AMA Superbikes Infineon raceway CA
May 20th to 22nd 30th annual Roadrunner Rally
Heber AZ
May 28th to 30th Miller Motorsports Park Tooele UT
June 3rd to 5th AMA Superbikes Road America WI
June 25th to 29th MSTA STAR Johnson City TN
June 30th to 3rd BMWRA Rally Chippewa Falls WI
July 8th to 10th AMA Superbikes Mid-Ohio OH
July 21st to 24th BMWMOA National Bloomsburg PA

More to follow check out our Events Page which I will be updating when things finalize.

Readers Write
You folks must get tired of hearing about BMW's and my rides all the time, Although they seem very interesting to me .

So I need your help here. Write us a story about a favorite ride or a favorite place.

Stories must be submitted before the 25th of each month to be considered for the following months newsletter.

Of course if we get two or three good stories in onw months time we will reserve the right to run them the following month.

We need YOU to send us a story!

We need a story
to be able to:

for the link to the
Readers Write

Special Guest

So by now you have figured out we are building a "Table of Contents" so the newsletter is consistent every month. we cannot do it this month but we will try to get an actual person to write something about themselves or their business

I'll start this months section by starting things off featuring MAXMOTO and Rick Mayer seats.

Knut & Molly of MAXMOTO have been our personal friends longer than I can remember although Long Beach 15, 16 years ago seems to ring a bell as Kathy said to me;

"My, that handsome young man looks like he could use some help loading his motorcycle" and that's where it all started. By the way he did not need any help.

If you are in the need for a fantastic exhaust system,
call Knut at 510-595-3300 or check out his website here: http://www.remususa.com/epages/remus.sf

Pictured is my complete system at speed at Infineon Raceway.

No matter where we go when we are traveling we seem to run into Rick Mayer all the time.

I decided it was a "sign" So I went up to his shop and had him build me this beautiful seat which doubles has my long distance ride seat AND my Trackday seat. I only wish I would have done it sooner, it is a great long distance seat!

If you like what you see give him a call at 530-357-2888 or visit his website here: http://www.rickmayercycle.com/index.html

Favorite Stuff
This section will be favorite rides, places, videos and favorite stories.

After cleaning up the house, garage and such last month we came across a box of old race videos and decided to upload them to hard drive. I came across some wild stuff.

So I made a corporate decision and decided to show you all a questionable video of why when you start road racing motorcycles you have a tendency to lose your mind and do really crazy things

"Mammas Don't Let Your Babies Grow Up to Be Motorcycle Roadracers"

AFM Race at Thunder Hill back October of 2002.

Yes this old man DID indeed roadrace motorcycles, I just had a mid life Crisis.

I did all the video, the ON BOARD video was shoot from my race bike.
I think it speaks for itself.

CAUTION: May be considered X-Rated!

"Mammas Don't Let Your Babies Grow Up to Be
Motorcycle Roadracers"

Click on the image to watch the video, DOUBLE CLICK for full screen

Techie Report
We will try to put something new here every month.

This month we want to go over our products once more for 2011.

We have developed a "FULL SIZE" mapcase for our 9 & 12 liter tankbags. The price is 20 bucks and you'll have a mapcase big enough to put a full size AAA folded map in.

This new map case will only fit the 9 & 12 liter bags and will NOT FIT on a 17, 22.5 or 26 liter bag. Since the bags top surface is designed differently this is a special application just for you guys that like small tankbags and big mapcases.

I am still working on the website trying to update our resizing process, as you may know we produced some new bags last year.

We re-designed the 8 liter STARR I into a 14 liter bag by adding an expansion. This bag is becoming very popular with the extra space now added to it.

We re-designed the 19 liter Shiloh Road and Pine Flat by adding sidebags and now they are 22.5 liters and another home run! These bags have gone off the charts so take a look, way cool. Sometimes you do get what you ask for!

We introduced the "TOPPERS" for the GSA and they are really cool for those long haul distance riders that demand more space. I have gone a step farther with the "TOPPERS" and will be introducing a "TOPPER" set for the BMW R1200RT, R1200R, R1200ST, and the K1200GT, K1300GT saddlebags.
They have been tested, approved, and require little modifications to work.
After these new updates and designs we became aware that some of our sizes did not seem correct. Some of them were not. So here is a run-down on the new sizing.

The following bags have not changed in size we just have gotten the correct measurements now.

9.0 SuperSport Mini .....WAS .....8.5 liters
17.0 SuperSport ..........WAS .....16 liters
26.0 Sonoman .............WAS .....25 liters
12.0 Shiloh Road .........WAS .....11 liters
12.0 Pine Flat ..............WAS .....11 liters

The following bags have changed size because we added sidebags to them AND re-measured them
22.5 Shiloh Road ..........WAS .....19 liter
22.5 Pine Flat ...............WAS .....19 liter

The following bags have not changed in size we just have gotten the correct measurements now.

18 liter STARR II ...........WAS .....20 liters
21 liter STARR IV .........WAS .....18 liters
21 liter Rackbag ...........WAS .....18 liters
33 liter STARR III ..........WAS .....34 liters
36 Liter Rackbag ..........WAS .....36 liters NO CHANGE

The following bag changed size because we added the expansion AND re-measured it.
14 Liter STARR I ......... WAS .....8 liter

No Changes

IN-Charge Communications Tankbags

8 liter SuperSport Mini ...WAS .....6 liters
10.5 liter SuperSport .....WAS .....8 liters
11.0 liter Shiloh Road ... WAS .....9 liter
11.0 liter Pine Flat ........WAS .....9 liters
15.5 liter Shiloh Road ....WAS .....12 liter
15.5 liter Pine Flat .........WAS .....12 liters
17.0 liter Sonoman ........WAS .....15 liters

We are sure this is all very confusing, but we wanted to make sure we were giving you, the consumer, the correct information and decided right away to correct the mistakes we had made.

New Full size mapcase for your
9 and or 12 liter tankbags.

New 14 liter STARR I
With expansion.
New 22.5 liter Shiloh Road
With sidebags added.

New R1200RT, K1300GT


For the first photos we decided to show you the vehicles we have used over the years.

Not pictured is our first, which was Kathy's Toyota Tercel and my motorcycle. We would load up whatever we could fit in the car and then load the luggage on the bike and take off to the show or rally.

Then we moved up in the world and about 1987 we purchased an old beat-up Dodge van and then build our own trailer out of a flat bed car carrier. It was 16 feet long and the "box" was 8 feet of storage an then 8 ft for the bikes.

We got really big in 1993 and purchased a brand new Dodge van and we ordered a 22 foot trailer. ALL with really cool signage. We are now in the BIG TIME!!!

In 1999 we went totally crazy and purchased a Class C Motorhome with a garage in the back rather than a bedroom, with a roll up door on the back.. Gotta have your priorities right, right?

After we sold that gas guzzler we went back to the trusty Terminator II until mid 2007 when we decided to go for broke and purchase a Mercedes Sprinter with Dodge logos on it.

This is our current rig and the trailer has been retired to a storage shed. If we need to tow we have been using our friend and business consultants single axle trailer which works just fine for our needs.

I included a photo of Kathy and our Kitty so you can really see just how big this puppy is.

We will insert new archive photos in this spot every month. Feel free to make comments.

Of course click on the images for a larger picture.

See ya all next month and hopefully out on the road somewhere this year.

Richard Battles
Kathy Storin