Decemberr 2011
Issue 25

Table Of Contents
Editorial Different Strokes
Food Drive Food Drive & Motorcycles
Holidays / Black Friday kinda Thing Happy Holidays to all.
New Product Horizons Unlimited DVD Videos
New Product J&M flys past the other guys!
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Editorial / Different Bikes different Strokes

First I want to say the Newsletter is early this month because of all the Holiday related stories. Also to make up for all the times it's been late.

Also a suggestion to everyone even you old friends, Go back and cruise through the 2011 Newsletters, I just did, and there is a lot of cool information, Stories and photos.

Holiday deals from RKA are gonna happen all the way to the middle of December!
RKA will be sending you e-mails with the most fantastic deals you can imagine.
So stay tuned and keep an eye on that INBOX.
There will be something you cannot do without for the price .... If not ....
There may be some deals a friend would like so be sure and check each deal out

Guess what happens when you put a Sportbike, a Dirt Bike, an Adventure bike, a Sport Touring bike, a CAN-AM, a trike, a Cruiser and a Harley all in the same place?

The riders of those motorcycles make a lot of new friends!

The one of the unique things about RKA is that when we do a group ride all kinds of motorcycles and folks show up.

The annual food drive is always one of my favorite rides because of this and also to see the faces of riders that have never been on a race track before when they come off the track, get their helmet off and I see that “ear to ear grin” on their faces.

This last Saturday was no exception. We had just that, Can-Am, Harleys, & Sportbikes, and more.

They sometimes get some pretty weird stares when out on the road or at a stop. It’s the “Cat’s Meow” for sure to see the stares and the different riders on different motorcycles all hanging out together, taking photos and chewing the fat together.

Wouldn’t be nice if we ALL could get along all the time?

Be sure and check out the 2011 Infineon/RKA food drive photo page below.

Events / 11th Annual Infineon/RKA Food Drive

For more Food Drive photos
Click Here
There are already 2012 events starting to show up on the "Event/Schedules Page", so check it out.

This was RKA's eleventh time to do this in coordination with Infineon Raceway.

AND the eleventh time we have NOT been rained out for the laps around the track!

We all work hard to put this ride/event on, do you realize how hard it is to keep the darn coffee pot full?

I want to mention someone who works their butt off and comes to the track on her day off to open the doors of the offices for the food and allow RKA riders to get out on the track.

Without her this would never happen.

Thank you Jennifer of Infineon Raceway!
Drop her a line at;

It was a COLD and FOGGY morning but it cleared later and we all had a great ride through the wine country and a great feeling giving to the needy.

THEN a few laps around the track! Even a lunch stop after.

So hope to see ALL of you next year. And bring a friend with you!

Let’s make it 100 motorcycles next year!

Happy Holidays to all.

Happy Holidays to all
from Richard, Kathy & the crew.

Christmas is going to be on us in no time at all and RKA is still backordered on some luggage products.
Hopefully we will get caught up a little.

Please consider placing your Christmas orders with US and has soon has you can, as we except to have a busy season and want to make sure we get Santa's presents to everyone on time.
We have many great gift ideas for your motorcycle partner:

Holiday deals from RKA are gonna happen all the way to the middle of December!
RKA will be sending you e-mails with the most fantastic deals you can imagine.
So stay tuned and keep an eye on that INBOX.
There will be something you cannot do without for the price .... If not ....
There may be some deals a friend would like so be sure and check each deal out
Go to our
to access all these great products
"HydroElectric Series"
"Sonoma Series"

Radar Detectors
Contour Helmet cameras
Garmin GPS
J&M Audio
Cardo G4 Bluetooth
NEW! SENA Bluetooth
Motorola FRS Radios
Midland CB Radios
Vega Summit III
flip up helmets

Communications Customers ... A Note.

If an RKA In-Charge or HydroElectric tankbag
is not right for you,
you can install the devices where ever you want to.
Click on the image to see a full size photo
CB radio, Zumo 665 on handlebars
iPhone, SENA Bluetooth adapter, SENA Bluetooth headsets and FRS RAdio Bike to bike
on handlebars
Adaptiv TPX Radar, iPhone, Smartphone
on handlebars
J&M Bluetooth headsest paired to your
iPhone, Smartphone
on handlebars
Tell us what you want to do, how you want to do it and RKA can help.
If you can think it, RKA can do it!

RKA has spoken with folks about Bluetooh, Intercoms, Bike to bike and we have sent over thirty communications proposals to customers just in the last few weeks. Most seem really interested in a system.

If you would like this system and/or products to become Christmas presents you need to order NOW.

RKA is smaller than you may think and we do not have enough store stock on hand to fill these prospective orders and we cannot assemble the IN-Charge Systems tankbags and ship them in time if you wait much longer.

Also after Christmas you will have time to install, test and get used to all the knobs and dials and buttons before next year's trips.

SO ..... Don't procrastinate any longer and get that proposal finalized and ordered.

Questions? Please feel free to call me at 1-800-349-1-RKA (1752)


Horizons Unlimited

In the November Newsletter I shared my visit with the Horizons Unlimited get together in Cambria, CA. this October.

Of course I meet the organizers, Grant & Susan Johnson. I was VERY impressed with them and the people they hang out with.
They have since introduced me to their videos.

Iron Butt, World traveler wanabees whatever, these videos ALL have information that is worth much more than the price of the video.

CAUTION …These videos could be life changing.

One thing to make note of is the women that are world travlers out on their own!!
So are you a lady rider with travel dreams? …. If you are doubtful just watch the video trailers

So here they are to share with all YOU RKA fans.

Road Heros
Road Heros

The first in an exciting new series from Horizons Unlimited,
Road Heroes features tales of adventure, joy and sheer terror by veteran travellers
Peter and Kay Forwood (Challenges of travelling to 193 countries 2-up on a Harley Electra Glide),
Dr. Gregory Frazier (5 times RTW on a variety of bikes),
Tiffany Coates (Mongolia Mayhem) and Rene Cormier (the University of Gravel Roads)

Click on the trailer below .....

The Achievable Dream
The Motorcycle Adventure Travel Guide

"The Ultimate Round the World Rider's How-to DVD." MCN (Motorcycle News, UK) The inspiration, encyclopedia and definitive how-to for everyone who dreams of travel to faraway places, whether it's the next country, or another continent. Over 150 contributors share their hard-earned knowledge from amazing trips to every country on earth. Thousands of photos, video clips, presentations and expert demos. The 5-DVD set contains an incredible 18 hours of informative and entertaining content - everything you need to know about motorcycle adventure travel!
Click on the trailer below .....

Get Ready!
Trailer above
Gear Up! 2-DVD set
On the Road! 2-DVD set
Ladies on the Loose!
Tire Changing!
Collectors Box Set - all 5 DVDs in a custom printed slipcase.

There will be a few days delay for delivery from here, as I have to place my order for them and need to figure out the proper "Mix".
But .
.... What a great Christmas Present!!!

I have not had time to add a page on our website yet so if you are interested in these fantastic Motorcycle videos you can purchase them right here with the Buy_Me Buttons, or please give us a call

707 836 7659

A Specific page will be added to our website real soon.

J&M New & Updated Product Information

J&M has just released it's newest products and they will blow you away!!

Full Duplex Driver/Passenger intercom
(no buttons to push)
Phone, GPS, FRS Bike to Bike, Radar
All wirelessly (Bluetoothed) to BOTH helmets


The RABH-UN15 custom audio system adapter has been designed to integrate the stereo music/cell phone/communication signals from any stereo music/cell phone source using the 3 or 4-pin, 3.5mm standard plug, (examples are iPod, iTouch, iPhone, Android phone etc.), OR the stereo music/navigation commands/cell phone features from a Garmin Zumo using the 2.5mm mike-in & 3.5mm audio-out plugs, together with the two-way communication signals from a Motorola T-series FRS portable radio (via Motorola’s proprietary single-pin access plug, along with provided handlebar mounted PTT switch) to the J&M Blu<>Hub dongle08.

This adapter will bring any of these audio signals, into the Blu<>Hub dongle08, to be heard with J&M’s driver/passenger Bluetooth stereo helmet headsets, simultaneously with the driver/passenger intercom feature that is part of the dongle08.

Both driver and/or passenger will be able to hear the stereo music, communicate on the cell phone, communicate bike-to-bike on the FRS radio and communicate with each other, using their J&M Bluetooth helmet headsets, while linked directly to the Blu<>Hub dongle08.

Also designed into this harness, are the radar detector harness integration plugs to be used with J&M’s radar accessory harnesses (CFRG-PP85 or others) to bring the beeps/braps from your favorite radar detector, into the helmet headsets, simultaneously with all other stereo & communication features.

This adapter kit includes the plug-n-play harness/integration components, universal type mounting hardware & detailed operation instructions.

Well you read this far
and there is no mention of pricing

If this is what you want a system to do, and do it with the most features, best sound quality, amplification, Highest quality speakers and microphones, longest battery life and the ability to change out batteries in under a minute for unlimited headset time,
price should not be an issue.

IT WORKS. And it WORKS better than anything else out there does.

Some systems do some things, some systems do other things, but how many systems do EVERYTHING?

if it’s cheap but doesn’t work what’s the point?

RKA sells other Bluetooth systems,
brands and models.
RKA will sell you those if that’s what you want.
We will also be sure and tell you the pluses and minuses of what they will do and wouldn’t do.
If that works for you it works for us.

Go to our J&M Bluetooth page Click Here
Go to our Starcom Page Click Here
Go to our Cardo Scala Rider Page Click Here
Go to our SENA page Click Here
You take this magic Bluetooth box for TWO and ......
.... Pair TWO J&M Bluetooth headsets to it.
Plug this cable harness ......
......into your audio and mic inputs
of your Zumo 665
Also from the cable harness above plug the radio cable into your Motorola FRS radio. Attach the Push To Talk button on your handlebars.
Pair your smartphone to your Zumo 665
If you have a radar detector plug it into .....
..... this cable, which plugs into the UN15 above
Now you and your passenger are completely Bluetoothed with the very best system in the world!
Customer Photos of the Month
How about this baby!

Buell with
17 liter SuperSport eXpandable Tankbag
33 liter Saddlebags
Greg has been purchasing luggage from RKA for over 20 years!

How about this baby!

Ninja with
26 liter SuperSport eXpandable
Magnetic Tankbag with side pockets
33 liter Rearseat bag
33 liter Saddlebags

.Kathy and I hope you enjoy the newsletter.

Richard Battles
Kathy Storin