This is my "Fuel Chart, I keep track of all the details for out tax lady

This is our "Summer Tour" map in a nut shell.

This is a close up iew of just where in the hell is Paonia, CO. I stayed in Delta and the red dot is the accident sight.

HOME I wanted to get home after the accident and I drove almost 800 miles with my broken ribs in the Sprinter.

Paonia CO Fairgrounds

Paonia CO Fairgrounds

Paonia CO Fairgrounds

Paonia CO Fairgrounds

BMW National Rally
Bloomsburg, PA Fairgrounds

BMW National Rally
Bloomsburg, PA Fairgrounds

BMW National Rally
Bloomsburg, PA Fairgrounds

RKA Display Booth

BMW National Rally
Bloomsburg, PA Fairgrounds

RKA Display Booth

BMW National Rally
Bloomsburg, PA Fairgrounds


August 2011
Issue 21


Table Of Contents:

Subject matter this month is;

I am alive to write this!"

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I am SOOOOO happy to be here to write this months newsletter to you folks.

This photo is what I like to do in my spare time NOT what you will see the the video links to follow.

I have been riding motorcycles since 1962, that's 49 years in dog years ;-)

If you’re unawares of my issues, on July 29th at 7:10 AM I hit a deer in Hotchkiss, CO, getting a reward of TWO broken ribs number 4 & 5, and some other bruises and bangs.

The photo at right was taken from the video about one MILISECOND before impact the GPS locked in at 49.2 MPH at impact. Click on the image to see the show with no GPS software. Check out the photo at the right for an even cooler image display. Then click on the "Click Here" link in the box at right to see the elevation, Speed, and Location. AND a rear view camera was running also and you can click on that one.

Tons of you have written, and called THANK YOU!

I cannot answer everyone so hopefully the newsletter will answer a few of the most often asked questions.

Some of you don’t want to see ANYTHING and some of you want to see EVERYTHING.

I cannot believe the damage to my motorcycle and riding gear in such a short abrupt stop. 51mph to zero mph in what? 25 to 50 feet? Ouch!

There are photos of my gear and my helmet tells me the story that if I had not had it on I am a DEAD MAN the damage was over the temple area and over the base of my neck where the skull meets the top of the spine.
Even if that would have went better I would have NO NOSE! Just look at the wind screen.

I am a strong believer that NO ONE should tell you, you have to wear a helmet.
BUT not only is it the law n California, but Kathy and I choice to do so if it was not a law.
The riding gear?  What can I say the photos speak for themselve. The broken ribs were bad enough without enduring all the abrasions I would have received in a tank top and sandals.

After road racing for four years and getting off at 100mph plus on the race track, in my 49 years of riding a motorcycle this is the worst I have been hurt or damaged.

Where had we been?

I had left California on the 16th of July heading to Bloomsburg, PA for the BMW National rally. I don’t let grass grow under me so my first stop was Rock Springs, WY. Next day Sunday the 17th on to Council Buffs, IA. Monday I drove to Cleveland and spent the night there so I could pick up Kathy at the airport Tuesday morning at which time we drove the 325 miles to Bloomsburg, PA and did a partial booth setup. The Sprinter is part of the display so we rode our motos the 60 mile round trip to our room in Lewisburg.
The rally was HOT and miserable and most everybody looked like Zombies just trying to find a cool spot, ….. there were no cool spots.

Looked like a great turn out despite the weather but folks were sure not in a buying mood at all.

Kathy took a few really cool photos, look at ALL those STARSHIPS!!!

So the plan was to break down the booth Saturday around the time the presentations started, get loaded, drive to the room and sleep for about 3 or 4 hours.

We left Lewisburg about 1:00AM and arrived at the airport in plenty of time. After dropping Kathy off I headed out with a FULL day of driving a head of me with 325 miles already in the bag. I made it to Casey, IL, then Salina, KS and on to Delta, CO.

Kathy was scheduled to arrive back home about 2:00PM Sunday but had delay after delay and finally got home at 11:30 PM Sunday night.

These trips are NOT vacations ;-)

I arrived at the motel Tuesday afternoon the 26th and tried to catch up on e-mails and some writing I was working on. (as I do every evening at every stop) Went into Paonia Wednesday afternoon and got the booth all nice and pretty, rode my trusty R1200ST back to Delta.

Thursday morning was so pretty heading back to Paonia after the day was done and I was back at the motel checking in with Kathy I told her how impressed I was with the little plateau that Paonia was setting on and I would turn the cameras on for the commute in Friday morning.

I stopped at MikeyD’s and had breakfast, then fired up the cameras and set off on the 30 mile ride to Paonia. Hotchkiss, CO is at the 16 mile mark and I was just outside of town when things got real ugly.

If you watch the video clip over and over and over you will note the two motorcycles coming at me are trying to warn me of something, but even now I do not believe it was the “BUCK” they were warning me about. There is no way they could have seen him kinda behind a hedge. I think maybe some does' had crossed just before and that’s what caused the warning waves.

At any rate warning or not the sun was in my eyes, there was traffic and driveways and I was trying to do the “Nightrider” scan best I could.

NOW ... I can see the buck off the road and starting to run out into the road, but at the time it was BOOM!!! BANG!!! DOWN!!!

It’s been noted I was up and chasing the bike down before it stopped moving. The guy that had been following me stopped and actual single handedly picked up my motorcycle.

I could not have done that on a good day.

I walked back up the road in the second video “rear” to see if I had lost a camera which I had not they stayed attached. (we sell these cameras ya know!!! ;-) ) or some savable parts. On returning to the moto I started it and said thank you 20 times to the driver that stopped for me and rode on in to Paonia another 10 miles.

Has mentioned above there are two links here ONE is the regular You-Tube upload, the SECOND one is from the “Contour” website. This video was done with the “Contour 1080 GPS” unit and shows the telemetry, Elevation, Speed, and Location” Way cool stuff. You will see if you stop the video at impact I was going about 49.2 mph and this was after locking up the brakes for a little while until the buck made his presents solid.

During the 10 mile ride I was considering staying at the rally for the next two days but by the time I got there I knew I had been hurt pretty badly and the adrenaline was wearing off.

I first called Kathy in California, she knew something was wrong becasue of the time of the call.

Then I found some volunteers that helped me load my wounded ST, Kathy’s F800R and the display, tent and misc. stuff.

Then I found the nurse at the registration building and she thought I should get x-rays to make sure what was wrong or not wrong.

After thank yous all around  I gingery pulled myself into the cab of the Sprinter and made my exit from the fairgrounds and the 30 mile drive to Delta, CO.

I gingerly climbed out of the cab and spent 3 hours in ER. They released me with minimal drugs, two broken ribs, and sling which I discarded immediately

I drove back to the Motel and the nice manager helped me load the last of my gear. She even refunded Friday’s room which I did not expect since it was almost 2:30 in the afternoon at this time. I had the room rented through Saturday night but I had this sense and urge to get home ASAP, as I did not think the pain and issues were going to get any better anytime soon.

I pulled out onto Hwy 50 and headed north to Grand Junction and 70 west. I could not stand the pain anymore and stopped in Green River, UT only a 145 miles into my quest to get home.

At this point I was not sure what was going to come down but I managed to lay down with my head propped up using all the pillows and slept until 1:15 AM Saturday morning.
I had to hold my breath as to not wake up the whole motel with a blood curdling scream. I cannot explain the pain, if you have had broken ribs you know, but I have never had so much pain in my life!

I made coffee stops in Salina UT, Delta, UT and then fueled in Ely, NV for the last leg of my journey.

I made the corporate decision that I would not be able to make it home. Once off of Hwy 50 and onto I80 I would be a mense to myself and everyone else trying to drive one handed.

AT Ely I called Kathy and informed her of my situation …. Of course she was one step ahead of my and had our neighbor Joe ready to drive out and retrieve me.

I told her to stand by and let me call my sister in Roseville first. I do not let just anyone drive our vehicles and my sister is a truck driver for PG&E for the last 25 plus years so I trust her.

LUCKILY they were at home and since I AM BIG BROTHER her and Bonnie were in the car on the way to Fernley before I could hang up!!

I called Kathy back and told her to meet me in Roseville.

I arrived at the Shell station in Fernley and “rolled” out of the cab in a lot of pain, but it was so so nice to see my sister standing there. AT that time the pain seemed to be more tolerable as I knew my journey was close to its end.

I got in the car with Bonnie and we drove to Roseville 120 miles over the Donner Pass and meet Joe and Kathy there.

Joe got into the vans driver’s seat (Another truck driver I trust) and I rode with Kathy back to Windsor and HOME.

The motorcycle was unloaded at Santa Rosa BMW and evaluated. I have not seen the whole sheet but it looks like about $4,000.00 worth of damage.

there are photos of my helmet and riding gear above. Unbelievable damage for such a short get off.

Our next gig is the “Curved Cowboy Reunion” in Boise, ID. Kathy and I were going to leave the Sprinter here and ship a few boxes up there. Ride the bikes and try to do a mini vacation on the way back.

Well that’s not happening so we’ll load the bikes in the Sprinter and go…… If any of you are going to be there we could use some help unloading and loading the motos and display stuff.

I am so happy to be sitting here writing this newsletter and we have also found out Kathy and I have many many caring folks out there

Purple, Red, Yellow, Bruised but very happy to be here!!!.


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This image is from the "Contour" camera software "click here" to see the video with "Speed, Elevation, & Location".

"Click here" to see the CONTOUR video camera on the rear of the motorcycle. without the GPS.

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RKA is a small LOW production company making HIGH quality products.

The NEW K1600GTL has proven this statement by overwhelming us with orders for our newly designed saddlebag liners, Trunkbag, and specially designed tankbag.

With that said I need to inform you all we are currently 3 to 4 weeks out on everything. So order now and get in line if for the K1600 or any other products. The orders are still coming in on a steady stream so we do not expect to have "stock on the shelves" for some time.

Now would be a great time to order with premium color option since there is a lead time anyway and you can personalize your luggage for 30 bucks per piece.

Pictured at right is Kathy's NEW baby in premium colors! Yes white is a little on the edge but we wanted to show you the possibilities that are available.

The options are endless, please give us a call to explain all of them to you.

The last two photos at right are a testimonial to our commitment to testing and using what we sell. In these two photos I am actually testing iPhone apps on my iPad during our trip. Set up right next to the Zumo 665 we can compare features and functions.


If your needs are ONLY Navigation, Music, and phone you can purchase a set of J&M Bluetooth headsets. Mount your Smartphone on our HydroElectric tankbags "Dashboard option, Pair the J&M headsets to your smartphone and you are on the air!!!

So when you ask us a question you a get a knowledgeable answer as to what you can and cannot do with different products. OR we will say I do not know but I'll find the answer.

Food for thought .......

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The food for thought is ......

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9.0 liter HydroElectric Tankbag
14 liter Starr I Rearseat bag
33 liter eXpandable Saddlebags
9.0 liter HydroElectric Tankbag
14 liter Starr I Rearseat bag
33 liter eXpandable Saddlebags
I80 using the weather app for the iPhone on my iPad.
Pretty cool.
I80 using an iPhone, iPad app called MotionX.

Go to our "Schedules Page" for more details.

Location State
30th to 2nd
Curved Cowboy Reunion
 16th to 18th
Beemer Bash
*seminars Confirmed
 14th to16th
Horizons Unlimited Travelers Meeting
*seminars Confirmed

Gotta Keep the "Doggy" up for another month.

Lastly Kathy and I are animal lovers and can only have our kitty “Allez” because of all our travels.
We have a great cat sitter but feel we do not have the time to take proper care of a dog.
We found this “You-Tube” video clip that just knocks us on the floor every time we look at it!
Click on the doggy and enjoy.

.Kathy and I hope you enjoy the newsletter.
Drop us a line let us know what you like and don't like

Richard Battles
Kathy Storin