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September 2019   Volume 9 / Issue 9



From the desk of the Editor

Hi Gang,

Summer is fading but there is still a lot of time to ride!
So get out there and do it!

Kathy and I are trying to plan a trip to Redding CA to visit a few days with our stepdad.
Hope we can get that together.

So after running the prototypes into the ground for years I have decided to purchase a new "ID" and "WIPP"
You should consider these two items for yourself. The ID page , The WIPP Page

The ID The ID

The "ID" is pronounced like "The Wizard of ID"
The "WIPP" is a "Wallet/ID/Phone?Pac"

I guarantee you will find this Newsletter interesting
to say the least.

I guarantee if you are interested in any SENA products you will find the Newsletter interesting also.

If you are interested in a SENA Momentum INC or INC PRO

we have special pricing on IN STOCK product. I cannot say on the internet so call Richard at 707 836 7659 and we will get you into a new SENA helmet

Here is a short article description….

“Letters to the Editor”
As usual we have some nice letters to the editor with the usual thank yous for support, great product and friendly service from Richard & Kathy. There is always negative letters and we are not perfect, But the one you really want to read is under the next section…

“What I really think" section
What if:
You “accidently” left our shop with the wrong product that costs $185.00 but you paid for a product that costs $250.00. .......

“This is what we do”
I bet a lot of you ride bicycles. And I’ll bet a lot of you like action cameras for fun or safety.
This month we will discuss bicycles and camera and how Kathy and I use them

“Richard's Photos”
This month we take a look at the RKA shop and manufacturing areas

Some bicycle stuff, on the road stuff, and luggage applications


Always full of cool stuff.
If you are interested in any SENA Momentum products CALL and we will make it happen

“Stories you may like”
We will discuss tariffs

“All you 30K riders ... Update firmware and report back”

v2.3 August 16, 2019

  • Minor bug fixes with the volume when playing music with earbuds
  • Minor bug fixes with the volume during an incoming phone call when using an iPhone
  • Minor bug fixes with the intercom volume on the 30K Utility App during an intercom conversation when Bluetooth Intercom Audio Multitasking feature is enabled 
  • Minor bug fixes with the intercom volume after reconnecting to a headset after a Three-Way Conference Phone Call conversation

    Let us know what YOU think.
    Enjoy the Newsletter.R&K


Well .... It's not always good stuff. This is not a letter but a review on "YELP"
This YELP review started from the emails below from Kathy

KS ….. On Aug 5, 2019, at 16:18, Kathy Storin <> wrote:
Hi MM, yikes you picked up are other model liners for you bike. They are lined with foam lining and are $250. I didn’t realize that is what you picked up. So if you would please return and get the other ones.

Sorry for the mistake.

707 836 7659

On Aug 6, 2019, at 3:00 PM, Kathy Storin <> wrote:
Hi  MM, assuming you got my message from yesterday about getting the wrong liners. If you want to keep them, we can charge your transaction from yesterdays charge. Let us know.

707 836 7659


“Very poor customer service.   They charged the wrong amount..  They claimed I "left" with the wrong product, as if I knew they sell 3 different bags in a store that looks more like a garage sale.  The cashier held the tag, filled out an invoice and charged me; yet it was my mistake?    They wanted me to come back to a store that is 20 minutes from my house.  They write "What does it matter where you live?"  Didn't offer to solve any other way.  Arrogant! I explained I started a long motorcycle trip, they wanted me to "drop by" after my return so they could sell the used bags as new.  They claimed the mistake was because they were busy with other customers and the items looked the same.  Blue vs. black.  Vinyl vs denier.  Tags were different.  I was the only customer in the store.  Yet they say there were 2 others in there and they were too busy to pay attention to me, in a store no bigger than my garage at home. (there were two earlier, but left before I approached the counter to pay).  They are disorganized, and they expect the customer to go out of there way to fix their mistakes.   They have written very nasty emails, calling me a "piece of work" and "when people act like you".   They actually flat out lie in their emails, changing their story from one to the next.   First saying the bags "LOOK" the same, later saying they had tags, sending me pics of bags that clearly look different.   Wow.  One of the worst attitudes towards customer service I've seen.”

BUT WAIT there’s more! This is NOT the final review, as I went back to confirm the above (which I had copied earlier) I found he had edited the review …..

“Very bad experience.  The liners were good, 4stars. But customer service experience was bad.   Apparently they under charged me $50.   They wanted me to exchange them, return them or pay more. I was already on a long trip.  So I said I can't do it.  Also said that the deal was done.  They wouldn't let it drop, kept harassing me.  They twisted truths around, implied I "took the wrong liners". I pushed back, maybe the better move would have been to ignore their increasingly aggressive emails.  They did eventually refund my money, asked that I throw them away, or return, my choice.  So they do have some semblance of service, but it's a bit like taking a sip of water from a fire hose.”

If you want to read ALL of the exchanges with this customer Click Here

Ok .... On to nicer letters .....

This is from someone who I already sent the 30K update to ......


Thank you so much for the heads up. I did update to V2.3 and what a difference. There do not seem to be any issues with the ear buds anymore. I have not tested it in all regimes but I feel fairly confident that the problem has been solved. I knew that SENA could do it if they set their mind to it.

Marilyn, now that I know that the buds work I may have to upgrade to the fitted earmold at Americade next year.

Cheers.....Charlie Burbank


Really happy with the bags you sent.  They fit and look good on the Duke.  Haven’t put them on the Monster yet (maybe today) but I’m confident they’ll work. Thank you VERY much. 

Slayer of Dragons
Righter of Wrongs
Defender of Damsels
Scourge of Evildoers

Hello Richard!

I just read your article and I was so happy to see that you are getting back into bicycling…baby steps and you will handily finish the ride.

Loved your quote: “The euphoria of success will fuel your desire to continue training” I just added it to my list of favorites. 

We have met you and your wife Kathy several times over the past several years. (photo of us below) And yes, we even have your RKA bags for our BMW RT and love them. I am not sure if you remember us, but I am also a bicycle rider and we have chatted about cycling many times. I have continued riding and thought I would share with you my recent EUPHORIA moment. 

As you know as we age we do slow down a bit, but I just keep forgetting about that. In June I went with several friends to France and did a 10 day planned bicycle tour where we did a “hub & spoke” tour, riding some of the well known “Tour de France” roads. In fact one of the towns that this year’s Tour de France rode through is where we stayed. 

Each day our guides gave us several riding options, all we needed was our bikes and a Garmin. On day 5 of the tour about 14 of the 45 riders decided to challenge Mt. Ventoux. Ventoux is noted as being the third most difficult road ride in the world - 6,300 feet of climbing in a total of 13 miles (21 km). WHAT was I thinking? I live in Arizona where we only average about 900 feet of climbing in 45 miles!

What I do have is endurance and had been riding 70-75 miles at home, teaching my Spinning classes with lots of climbs and did my best  preparing for this ride. With that said, I did make it to the top with just a few stops - and back down to the bottom, a twisty challenging downhill. No walking at all for me - EUPHORIA! What a way to celebrate my upcoming 70th birthday in August. 

Keep riding, stay safe, keep riding and capturing those well remembered euphoria moments. 

Gail Johnson

Subject: Schiskel & Ebert

Hi Richard

How did you like "Racing in the Rain?"  Worth seeing?
Good weekend ahead,


Hi Doc

ONLY if you have NOT read the book ;-/
We enjoyed it, it was done well …. To many “wanting” doggy faces every minute
I am not sure of the rating but they left out some real juicy parts I was looking forward to. ☹

Of course there is never enough time in a movie to represent the book properly
Take out some of the “wanting” doggy faces and add the SEX! 😉

We recommend it anyway.



What I Really Think

What if:
You “accidently” left our shop with the wrong product that costs $185.00 but you paid for a product that costs $250.00. Kathy called you and said please come back to the shop and we will get the right ones to you.
What would be your response?

What if:
You “accidently” left our shop with the wrong product that costs $250.00 but you paid for a product that costs $185.00. Kathy called you and said please come back to the shop and we will get the right ones to you.
What would be your response?

These two products look virtually alike from the outside, but the insides are totally different.
This just happened and this is what came down ......

If you want to read ALL of the exchanges with this customer Click Here

This is what we do

Bicycles and cameras ….

If you do not know, Kathy and Richard also ride “Pushbikes’ (Bicycles) We even have a Tandem!
We want to share our bicycle camera ideas with you.

A lot of this stuff we do not offer to you. BUT we do sell the Perfect Squeeze, Perfect Squeeze clamp, The Rammount U clamp, Arm & THE Claw, The SENA 10C PRO, SENA WiFi TUBE, and the SPlug earbuds.

There is no correct way to mount cameras on anything. We learn as we go and share ideas with our camera motorcycle, bicycle friends.

These are all products that can get you into doing action camera work on your bicycle or give you ideas for your motorcycle. It’s all fun!
This is my old helmet with the 10C PRO attached.
I used the earbud adapter then used the Splug earbuds rather than try and mount speakers.

Yes, it is a little heavy on the camera side but not THAT bad. Another image with it on my head is below.
In the "Videos" section is a little diddy on this setup. Or click here,
10C PRO / TUBE / Video 101 Tutorial / on a bicycle
The music and audio is coming through the 10C Pro and right into the video audio track.
This is the new cat’s meow SENA R1 Bluetooth Bicycle helmet. We are not a bicycle place so we cannot get this product to offer you. It is basically a 10S with the buttons embedded on the side and a 12 hour battery.

So I can talk to my friend Bud and or Kathy, I can listen to my music without earbuds, better to hear around you, and I can listen to my bicycle computer and my progress of the ride. WAY COOL

If it’s Richard’s it must have a camera. So I used 3M dual lock (Velcro from hell) and mounted the SENA WiFi Tube, pretty nicely I might add, to the top of the helmet and installed the mic on the left head strap also pretty cool.
Here is a short video (Wine Country Ride) also below in the video section, of my friend and neighbor Bud and I doing a little 25 mile loop.

We both have the SENA R1 Bicycle helmet, mine has the SENA TUBE mounted shown above. NOTE: RKA cannot offer these bicycle helmets, BUT we do offer all the other products discussed here.

How am I getting audio from Bud? Look at the right image above. I had Kathy sew on the mic from the WiFi Tube to my helmet strap half way between my mouth and the helmet speaker allowing me to pick up MY voice and Bud’s coming in through the speakers. Maybe not the best audio quality but it is working. When Kathy joins us we can do a “SENA Group Intercom” and the three of us are communicating. NOTE: When we ride bicycles we always have cameras front and rear.

This is my trusty “Giant” Iguana, my very first adult bicycle which I have had for 18 years now. I put a rack on the back and added RKA 33 liter saddlebags … of course ….. It has cameras front and rear, lights, and We tow a trailer sometimes. Last year we had a all new running gear put on crank, cassette, chain and new tires so it’s good for another 20 years, I will be commuting on this puppy soon.

NOTE the wild headlight 750 lumems!! AND the perfect Squeeze phone mount.

This is our Fabulous Tandem! Ain’t she a beauty! It’s a Cannondale T2 with disc brakes and aluminum frame. It runs down the road with dual headlights and dual tail lights. We have had it up to 52 mph going down Eastside road. We did a video last weekend and ran it up to 33 mph and THAT felt fast! It’s a beast and a beauty all at the same time.

For all you bicycle fans we run a 52/42/33 front crank and on the back we have had the cassette modified to a 11 high to a 35 low gear.

Perfect Squeeze phone holder, SENA TUBE up front 10C PRO mounted on side of helmet, Perfect Squeeze phone holder and Bento bag battery back up Bud, with me in the background Perfect Squeeze phone holder and bottom clamp
Perfect Squeeze phone holder & SENA TUBE up front NON Rammount "Claw" for handlebar mounting NON Rammount "Claw" for handlebar mounting SENA TUBE mounted on Rammount
"Claw", Arm, & U-clamp
LOW on frame
SENA TUBE mounted on Rammount
"Claw", Arm, & U-clamp
LOW on frame
SENA TUBE mounted on Rammount
"Claw", Arm, & U-clamp
SENA TUBE mounted on Rammount
"Claw", Arm, & U-clamp
Garmin VIRB mounted on luggage rack with zip ties

Richard's Photos

In the "YELP" review above this person said this:

"a store that looks more like a garage sale."

This upset us more than anything in the review. RKA is a manufacturing location where thread, material, piping, parts and such get on the floor when making products. Sewing machines are loud and going, Assembly is happening, and the customer has to mesh in with that inconvenience to see this process in action.

RKA DOES NOT HAVE A STORE FRONT, per say. But we have always invited customers to our shop, and we do have a product display for customers to look at. You know like it USED to be …. “Touchy Feely” where you can go and actually touch a product before you purchase it.

Here is our "shop" and "retail display" .... WE ARE PROUD OF IT AND YOU ARE ALWAYS WELCOME HERE.



This month some fun and informative OLD & NEW videos, enjoy
RKA Sonoma County Wine Country Bicycle Ride

The NEW Flagship rack bag
The 49ner!

Got flipped  

Tankbag lineup
RKA Tankbag Hydration Options Cruising Hwy 6 to Tonopah  

Stories You May Like

This month I would like to talk a little about Tariffs and "Made in the USA"
This first article is from my Linkedin account and written on January 20, 2016 it's called"
US ...... THEM


for the last 33 years RKA purchased only ONE item from overseas, and that was magnets for our magnetic tankbags which we discontinued years ago.

Why? Because the magnetic company in Sonoma right next door wanted to charge us 200% more for the very same magnet we could get from Taiwan! I am confident they were purchasing from the same place we finally purchased from in Taiwan.

Other than that we have purchased all our materials threads, plastic buckles, keepers, and zippers from the highest quality American companies we could find. These prices were ALWAYS much higher than we could get from overseas companies but we held our ground and continued to be PROUD of “Made in America” and purchasing FROM American companies.
Last year that changed slightly.

Powerlet seemed to close down, leaving the building with lights on and doors open.
We needed a few electrical cables for products we manufactured, and also wanted to offer them to our customers, so we sourced out these products from China.

Also last year our label company finally broke the straw also. Our labels we doubling in price on every order and we suggested to them we could no longer pay this price. Last year they doubled again. We did not order.
Again we sourced out a label company in China even with the shipping and tariffs the labels were 20% of what we were paying here.

If tariffs where raised 100% it would still be less expensive for RKA to purchase from China.

RKA continues to try and stay with USA based companies for our materials and hardware and we continue to be

See the “Richard’s Photos” section above.

RKA could have had “EVERYTHING” done overseas but we did not and do not.

So in closing we think you should really take a look at what you are actually using and purchasing that is "Made in the USA" and what is NOT.

More Tariff increases will only end with "YOU" the consumer paying MORE.
And what has the tariffs done for our hard working farmers so far?



LOOK!! If you are interested in a SENA Momentum INC or INC PRO we have special pricing on IN STOCK product.
I cannot say on the internet so call Richard at 707 836 7659 and we will get you into a new SENA helmet


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RCU Rack $349.95
RKA 49ner $325.00  …

MSRP $674.50

SALE $600.00, for both

SENA Momentum INC, Matte Black, Large, Pinlock installed and Richard will include the smoke screen a $45.00 value.
This is Richard’s personal helmet now retired as he has the PRO model.

$375.00 WIth TUBE camera. (non WiFi version)

SENA 10C Demo
Also Richard's personal 10C



MSRP $349.95
SALE $275.00

SENA Cavalry Extra Small, Matte Black,
MSRP / RKA $349.00
This helmet is a demo  


SENA Cavalry Medium, Glossy Black, 
MSRP / RKA $349.00
This helmet is a demo


The on going sale is ..... On going
go look at it! There are a ton of great deals there CLICK HERE

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