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October 2019   Volume 9 / Issue 10



From the desk of the Editor

Hi Gang,

These newsletters are for fun and information. Be sure and look at the short list below of the sections you may be interested in.

There are things to do, videos, images, and stories for you all.

“Letters to the Editor”
Always fun and this month we get a lot of "nice" ones and some comments on our "Yelper" guy.

“What I really think" section
We talk about, Amazon, Support & Price

“This is what we do”
How beautiful things get beautiful

“Richard's Photos”
34 years in the making ... "Hwy 36 Ride" with a few friends

I always like to have fun with the video section, be sure and check it out this month


IF YOU ARE VAGUELY interested in a SENA Momentum helmet INC or INC PRO.
Call the office and we will get you into one.
Also Loads of new offers for you see the newsletter SALE section

“Stories you may like”
Moto America SuperSport
Iphone iOS13 firmware
30K Firmware update

We have two events left

Let us know what YOU think.
Enjoy the Newsletter.R&K


NOTE: These read from the bottom up just like an email would read.

Hi Guys,

Just received my order…Early!  Thank you.

Beautifully made, absolutely first rate.  Wonderful concise instructions, so rare these days.
Leaving on a trip across the US next week.  Key West Fl. To SF, CA to visit my son. 
BMW 1250 GSA  

Thanks again,
Jay F

Hi Kathy, the rain covers fit great, the only thing I did miss was your RKA tag you used to put on them .

Thank you very much

Well DARN a while back, we were running out of our RKA labels and decided to leave them off the raincovers and Miguel catch us

Hi Richard,
You are very welcome. RKA products have simply become an integral part of my daily and touring kit, so that I can't imaging riding without them. You know how it is, when you get a new bike there are always a few mods you do right away, among them for me are louder horns, and RKA soft luggage. The older I get the more I appreciate lighter bikes and lighter gear. The fact that I can't seem to wear out the RKA products helps!

On Tuesday, September 3, 2019, 11:07:46 AM PDT, Richard Battles <> wrote:

Hi Victor

Thought I had replied but Outlook says I have not ☹
THANK YOU so much for taking the time to send these image

They will find their way into the next Newsletter and into the photo gallery next to the ones already there 😉

 From: Victor P
Sent: Thursday, August 29, 2019 3:35 PM
Subject: Thank you for such fine products

 Hi Richard and Kathy,

I just got your current news letter and noted some interesting letters, and the other interesting stuff that always comes with your news... I went to the Photo gallery and noted that the first two pictures on the Yamaha page are still the ones of my FJ-09 with the expanded 50 liter panniers, and 24.5 Shiloh Tank Bag.

the panniers have over 50 thousand miles on them in all weathers. I commute from Portland, OR to the Bay area for work almost every month, all year, and take as many other rides/tours to interesting places as I can. I have never used rain covers (Use stuff bags for stuff inside) and have never had any issues regardless of weather. I do regularly treat them with surface treatment to ward off any soaking in. The Tank bag has twice that milage as it was on another bike for some years before it went to live on the FJ-09. 

I admit to commonly overloading the panniers as I use them for grocery shopping as well as for tour gear. But, don't worry, I do feel guilty.

I just wanted to tell you that my RKA gear, these and others, have always worked as advertised, and a great deal more, and offer tremendous value. As of now, the cost per mile is well below negligible.

Also, likely because I over do it from time to time, I once needed a small repair. Since I pass by your town from time to time, I stopped in early one morning and was there when you guys showed up. I had a wonderful visit, was shown around including a preview of some very neat new stuff, and the repair was done quickly, professionally, and has stood up for the intervening 30K miles without showing any strain. 

Here are a few more shots of that bike, and that gear. Thanks again for helping to make my riding life easier, and better. 
Here are a few more pictures. You can't see the gear much in the first one, but I like this one because it is in Denio, NV, and is apparently the gas station furthest from an interstate anywhere in the US... Some where in between Lake View, OR, and Battle Ground, NV. and really, really "out there". 


Editors NOTE : You can find more images in the RKA Photo Gallery

Hi Howard

Thanks for nice note!
Ride Safe


From: Howard S
Sent: Tuesday, September 3, 2019 7:27 AM
Subject: RE: September 2019 RKA Newsletter

Richard and Kathy,

This is a long-overdue “thank you” for the terrific customer service you provided back in June.
I waited until the last minute to make a decision on a new tank bag.  I knew I wanted another one of your products, I just wasn’t sure which one.

Four days before I left for a cross-country trip I contacted you to place an order.  You were able to get the tank bag to me in 2 days, from California to Ohio, and you did that while you were away at a rally.  That’s impressive, and it was appreciated.

Thank you,


You missed out.

128 from just west of Boonville all the way to the coast is virgin asphalt...not even striped yet.  The coast had a few pockets of fog, but it was gorgeous the whole way.

Then, in Gualala I happened upon a group of four greybeards on an HP2 (drool!!!), a Panagale V2, a new Supersport S and an S1000XR.  We rode all the way down to Jenner together and everyone agreed my
Tuono was the best sounding among the group (and likely the fastest).  Good riders and it was fun to come across an experienced, smooth and fast group.
next time...

how was the slog in the heat?

Patrick S
On 8/31/2019 3:45 PM, Richard Battles wrote:
I plan on a 40 mile bicycle ride Tomorrow involving Chalk Hill Road ☹


From: Patrick S
Sent: Saturday, August 31, 2019 3:11 PM
Subject: Re: ride this weekend?

I have been surveilling you with my drone, so I know exactly what's what in Windsor.  I even know you've got a bad cat doing bad cat things RIGHT NOW!

I may need to run over to Napa tomorrow for a family thing that's happening, so my ride this weekend may not work out as planned.

On 2019-08-31 15:02, Richard Battles wrote:

Hi Pat

We were at a wedding in Castro Valley at a golf course ..... NO INTERNET!!!
Keep letting me know about rides
You must be monitoring our garage as I have been riding Kathy's hot rod all last week 😉


From: Patrick S
Sent: Friday, August 30, 2019 10:36 AM
To: Richard Battles <>
Subject: ride this weekend?

Are you around this weekend?  Can you make off with K's roadster?  Want to make a run out to the bridge?  Further?

Hi L,

We always love your support.
NOW….. Are those Verbs, Nouns or Adjectives?

From: Lynn
Sent: Thursday, August 29, 2019 10:55 PM
To: RKA <>
Subject: Re: September 2019 RKA Newsletter

Wow, Richard!  This self-centered, obnoxious, disrespectful miscreant who helped himself to the wrong luggage sounds like a true piece of work.  Knowing you as I do, and how strongly customer service in ingrained into your daily lives, I'm very proud of your defense of his inaccurate account.  Hopefully he'll never grace the door of your good shop again and his arrogant stance will serve him poorly throughout his miserable life where karma will indeed catch up to him.  Bad rider - no cookie!

Much love,

What I Really Think

I do not know, or understand were some of the prices are coming from on SENA products on Amazon. What I do know is RKA cannot compete with them.

I have no idea where they get it, but some people think we make a 100% mark up on stuff, I can tell you this, …. some of the prices are so close to our cost that the free shipping would get RKA into a negative dollar situation, And this is why you do not see RKA offering SENA on Amazon.

Believe us we DO understand, we love to hate Amazon, but we also purchase from Amazon, how can you beat all the perks and bennies they have and order something at 7 PM and get it the next day … I do not understand how they do that.
We continue to hope you will consider us for our knowledge, customer support and fairness. We try to answer email as soon as we can and answer your questions and concerns. Hopefully we have helped a lot of you.

We have helped a group of riders setting in a McDonalds and a couple setting in a park trying to figure out a solution to their issue. Both where in the middle of trips.

NO we are not perfect but I cannot tell you how many of you have Richard’s personal cell phone! Kathy and I started this business 34 years ago because we love motorcycles and we love the people that ride them, but the world seems to be changing right in front of our eyes.

We also have come to the conclusion that people will take price over support everytime,
….. Until they need it …..
Then they get upset because you cannot spend an hour or more helping them setup their system they purchased somewhere else.

RKA does not have that issue with our “Made In The USA” Luggage products because there is no one else out there to undercut us.

We manufacture the very best products we can, offer it to our customers at a fair price and we can all pay the rent and electric bills.

This is what we do

The other day I took a ton of photos of our shop. Some of the subject matter is 30 years out. Boxes with patterns and labels on the end of them so our help can find a piece that fit in a piece from another old cardboard box. this is how we do it, been doing it, and will continue to do it.

When one of our products comes to the shipping table and I pick it up, I am SOOOO proud.

Richard's Photos

"The Hwy 36 ride"

34 years in the making,
even though Kathy and I passed it on to the gang, they still are doing what we called “The Hwy 36 ride".

Usually done over labor day weekend, so I thought I would throw in some vintage photos from years past, some from the 36 ride some from other RKA rides

We were soooo young and beautiful.


Kathy's first REAL motorcycle

The KAT!

Kathy's DUC

Richard's DUC

Even 20 years ago a phone booth was hard to find
Yup I did that ... 144.9 mph on my Suzuki TL1000S. Remember the Garmin Streetpilot?

Big Bad TLS

Kurt the best friend

Kathy on her BMW Funduro and my MAD MAX DR650
The MAD MAX loaded

22 years ago

22 years ago

I am sure I missed a ton of riders/friends BUT
If you see yourself yell!



I always like to have fun with the video section. I produce, direct, video and finish all the videos you see on our YouTube page.
I wish I could take the time to go back to school and really learn video production but I do my best.
So the fun this month are some interesting subjects that I hope you will like.

A wine country bicycle ride featuring Bluetooth and camera and mounting ideas Hackers:
The Internet's immune system
Inside the bizarre world of
internet trolls and propagandists
Gloria and Emilio Estefan:
Library of Congress Gershwin Prize
for Popular Song

  Here is two great SENA produced videos on the 30K


Stories You May Like

MotoAmerica: The Supersport Decision Clarified
BIRMINGHAM, AL (September 22, 2019) – 

The following is the explanation for the decision to declare Bobby Fong the winner of Sunday’s Supersport race at Barber Motorsports Park.

Fong crashed out of the lead with four laps to go, remounted and had started to ride his motorcycle back to the pits prior to the red flag being thrown because of debris on the track from Fong’s crash. 

The decision to declare Fong the winner of the race is based on regulation 1.28 Finish Of A Race And Race Results, d2, which reads:
“In the case of a race interrupted after two thirds distance completed (art. 1.26 f), be actively participating at the time of the red flag is displayed. For the purposes of these regulations “actively competing” is defined as the rider riding on track, or attempting to repair/restart the machine, or to rejoin the track or return to pit lane. Race Direction will be sole judge of whether a rider is actively competing.”

Both Richie Escalante’s and PJ Jacobsen’s teams filed protests, and both were denied. Escalante’s team protested that Fong “exceeded the track limits.” The protest was denied based on the following: 

“It was determined that bike #50 did not exceed track limits, as the rider crashed into the grass while avoiding
lapped traffic and did not gain a time advantage as per the Competition Bulletin #1.”

Jacobsen’s team protested that Fong should not be classified as a finisher. That protest was denied based on the following:

“According to the 2019 AMA FIMNA MotoAmerica 2019 Rulebook Section 1.28 D2, it was determined that bike #50 should be classified as a finisher as when the red flag was shown he was actively competing. Since the race was 2/3 completed, it could not be restarted.”

Guys! Gals!

Download your device manager, download the SENA App, Update your firmware.
Everytime there is a firmware update SENA is trying to give you a brand new device!!!

1: This is how it works ….. SOOOO Update your firmware when a new ver is released

Iphone iOS13 firmware

we are having trouble with Sena Utility app since updating iPhone into iOS13. It seems iPhone doesn't pairs 20S EVO with BLE and the 20S EVO keeps saying "remote controller is connected/disconnected" while attempting to open setting on Sena Utility.

Many other users have been asking question about their Sena devices not connected properly since updating it to iOS13.

We will be releasing a firmware update soon for each of our products so that they are compatible with the iOS 13 versions of our all of our apps.

2: This is how it works ….. SOOOO Update your firmware when a new ver is released.

30K Firmware update

v2.3 August 16, 2019
Minor bug fixes with the volume when playing music with earbuds
Minor bug fixes with the volume during an incoming phone call when using an iPhone
Minor bug fixes with the intercom volume on the 30K Utility App during an intercom conversation when Bluetooth Intercom Audio Multitasking feature is enabled 
Minor bug fixes with the intercom volume after reconnecting to a headset after a Three-Way Conference Phone Call conversation.


Worth Repeating .....


IF YOU ARE VAGUELY interested in a SENA Momentum helmet, INC, or INC PRO.

Call the office and we will get you into one.

Momentum INC, .. $549.00
Momentum INC PRO with camera .. MSRP $699.00
This applies to "STOCK ON HAND ONLY"
Make me an offer.

SENA Momentum INC, Matte Black, Large, Pinlock installed
This is Richard’s personal helmet now retired. Current main helmet is the PRO model.
Ok make me an offer.

SENA 10C Demo
Also Richard's personal 10C

Ok make me an offer.


MSRP $349.95
SALE $275.00
Ok make me an offer.

SENA Cavalry Extra Small, Matte Black,
MSRP / RKA $349.00
This helmet is a demo  

Ok make me an offer.

SENA Cavalry Medium, Glossy Black, 
MSRP / RKA $349.00
This helmet is a demo

Ok make me an offer.

The on going sale is ..... On going
go look at it! There are a ton of great deals there CLICK HERE


We have a couple of events left check them out on the Schedules page

EuroCycle open house
19th Annual Sonoma Raceway Food Dr

Life Explained