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May 2019   Volume 9 / Issue 5



From the desk of the Editor

Hello RKA followers, 

The next Newsletter (June) will be produced “on the road” 
We will try to keep you up to date on our travels. 
Got new tires on the Sprinter Thursday, SIX of them and BIG ones, a Kzillon dollars BUT now we feel comfortable going cross country for the 34th season of RKA travels. Terminator ONE with our borrowed three rail trailer ..The start of the travels.

Kathy and I are excited this year as we are bringing along our representative, Ryan from INNOVV. He will be at all our events starting with 49er at Mariposa, then he well fly into Road America and then co-pilot the rig for the duration of the trip. Kathy will be flying in and out, then flying home after the BMW National. 
It has been a challenge even with just the three of us trying to coordinate connections with the van and car rentals and airports. Then figuring out where we can lay over for a few days and or fly home. 
Not an issue for ME as I am the head pilot for the big rig and will be on the road from the last week of May until returning to California around July 1st 

Just think about this for a second. Driving a big Sprinter pulling a trailer ALL white, no signage through an International Airport drop off. (rig image is on the left) Does not resonate with you? Put yourself in a security persons position. It does raise a few eyebrows. I have never been questioned or stopped and Kathy always goes to the end of the terminal where the big rig fits better for pickup.

We start with the NorCal BMW clubs 49er rally at the Mariposa Fairgrounds.We will setup the full 20x40 display. (Image right)

I will do seminars on communications and video 101. There will be a Gift Certificate in your registration gift bag, the catch is you need to come to one of the RKA seminars and it will be validated for the attendees.  Where is the down side to that? You get to have a learning experience AND get a GC. Plus, you get to hear me talk!

Ryan will do an installation of the INNOVV “K2 camera system” and the  “HUB” system (left) on Kathy’s F800R at the booth. 

We will leave Mariposa and BLAST to Elkhart Lakes Road America, for MotoAmerica Round 4.

Jumping ahead we will also be at Round 6 Laguna Seca & World SuperBike, 
Round 7 at our home track Sonoma Raceway, which I have done many laps on myself during my famous roadracing career on my trusty 250 Ninja …. “We were going sooooooo fast” (The fun days of roadracing right)

Now to back up a little, after Road America we will be moving on to the BMW Nationals in Lebanon,Tennessee. Two seminars there and GC in your registration bag, again validated at one of the RKA seminars.

BONUS I may be doing a “POD CAST” with BMW’s Wes Fleming. If you do not know who he is check out his “Podcast” clickable logo on the right. 

We will have dinner Thursday evening in Nashville at Mike Gillespie’s Bavarian Bier Haus Restaurant. I am sure he would love you to come and join him for dinner.
 Click on the logo for more info.
Mike is a long time RKA customer. Here is his new tankbag and ride
(bottom right)
After the BMW National Kathy and Ryan will fly home out of Nashville and I will head east on to Bristol, VA and the Motorcycle Sport Touring Association MSTA STAR Rally.

Ryan will fly back in for this one and the
n help pilot the RKA rig back home …..

 “Get in, 
Set down, Shut up, and Hang on!” 
After we get back home We will need to be at Laguna Seca right after we return home.  On the road again.


Amazing service.
Thank you both.

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Good Day!
The rain cover arrived yesterday...Thank you! I had heard good things about your company and you have lived up to the reputation for excellent customer service! 

Cant wait to use the entire package. 5 STARS!

Hi Ken,

It was also great seeing you.
You opened my mind "as usual" on the "Navigation app support" feature on the app.
It tells me I need to go over the app more and include it in my seminars.
Which I will now.


-----Original Message-----
From: Kenneth K
Sent: Monday, April 29, 2019 11:14 AM
To: Richard Battles <>
Subject: Music sharing

Hi Richard.  It was nice seeing you this last weekend and having you show me the how the music sharing function works.  I was able to get both my evos set up to share music the way you demonstrated.  I was also able to get music sharing using the Nav app support switched on with both units which I found for me was much more preferable.

This allowed the intercom to be on all the time just like intercom only or having to fiddle with multi tasking sensitivity to get the VOX just right.
The music level stays the same all the time without the it ducking down in volume every time someone spoke.  I set the music level with the phone so that I could hear conversation over the intercom clearly yet still hear the music comfortably at a constant level. I would adjust the overall level with the jog dial.

This is similiar to if you were conversing with a passenger in a car with the radio on at a comfortable level and also enjoying a conversation.  The ducking feature is like having to turn the car radio volume up and down each time someone wanted to say something which is annoying to me.  But to each his own with regard to this.

I’m surprised that Sena doesn’t mention this option for music sharing in their documentation.

Cheers, Ken

Hi Michael,

Take the Sandisk OUT of the DVR, put it IN your MacBook.
Transfer files
Delete from Sandisk
Reinstall in DVR.

JUST got your new email…… I was JUST going to press SEND 😉
That is a great question we discussed that this weekend at a open house at our local BMW dealer.
Our Innovv guy drove over from RENO and stayed at the house so we had a great weekend.

Setting it at 1 or 2 minutes is best.
The app will load and show “Shorter” segments WAY faster than trying to load a 10 hour disk.
So 1 or 2 minutes then you can show friends segments quicker.

Yes they will all knit together in the end.

Richard Battles
7694 Bell Road
Windsor, CA 95492
707 836 7659

From: Michael Hack <>
Sent: Sunday, April 28, 2019 3:12 PM
Subject: Re: Innovv K2

Hi Richard,

Finally had a weekend to get stuff done!  Got the K2 installed.  Took a few pics but really not as well documented as I should have…

I connected the yellow cable to the rear powerlet port using a positap connector - the canbus keeps power on for a few minutes after I turn off which is okay by me (discount parking mode).  I put the rear camera at the end of the luggage rack in the center and the front camera in the same position as yours in the pics you sent me.  The recording unit is under the rear seat and the power converter is next to the big module with the SiriusXM logo on it (also under rear seat).  I also ran the straps for my 19 liter tank bag - looks awesome - thank you very much.

I do have a few “user” questions if you don’t mind…  What is the easiest way to transfer recordings from the camera to my MacBook?  I have the android phone app but it is really cumbersome to use and takes a while for each transfer.  I have that dashcam viewer app installed but feel like complete moron trying to figure this out.

Thanks again,

What I Really Think

Would like to share a little RKA unfortunate news with you. 
Be careful of what images you use to share with your friends or in a newsletter like this one, you may put together.  
We are getting ready to pay a law firm $1400.00 for a copyright infringement. 
We shared an image with you last year from our local paper of a airtanker dropping retardant during our fires. 
A company named “” emailed us and demanded we pay them for the usage of the AP image we used. We thought total scam, you all have seen them on your emails everyday. Would you pay a large amount of money to a email address to a person called “Ahmer Hussain” with a Canadian address?? Do the math it seems like a scam. If we did not pay up they threatened to send this claim to a law firm called copyright attorneys at Higbee & Associates 
Long story short they did that. This law firm is legitimate, and we will pay rather than fight. 

I did a lot of research and everything I read lead us to believe this was a total scam. Now we feel it is not…. BUT even so both these companies are bottom feeders as far as we are concerned 
I wonder if the photographer will see any of this money. 
So our stupidity is we thought the photographer got paid for the image when it went in the paper and thousands and thousands of people did not have to pay after he got paid from ALL the newspapers that used it.

We did not use it to make money, we used it to share with you

Anyway bad day in “River City”.

This is what we do

Product update. SENA Momentum INC & INC PRO
We have SENA INC Helmets in stock ready to ship. You can try one at NO COST to you other than shipping if you need another size or do not like it.

RKA has found that trying them sells them. So give us a call

This helmet has been Richard’s main lid for over a year now and he says
“Quietest, best fitting helmet ever

We are taking orders for the SENA Momentum INC (Intelligent Noise Control) PRO.
The “PRO” designation means they come with a sport camera embedded in the top of the helmet!!!

You all asked for all these features, over the years and now you have them all at your finger tips inside ONE helmet.

Everything embedded in the helmet / Pinlock included
A working ventilation system / Easy off easy on screen.
Make and receive phone calls hands free
Hands free voice commands / Listen to “What can I say?"
Intelligent Noise control / Ambient Button / PODS direct sound directly into your ears
Bluetooth 4.1 / 20S technology / 8 rider connection / 20 hour battery
Audio Multitasking / Music Sharing / FM radio/
Optional Remote Control / Firmware upgradable

These helmets should arrive this coming week ..... CALL NOW 707 836 7659

Since we are sharing things this month “That we CAN share” Kathy and I want you to know some of the trials and tribulations we go through to operate this business. It's not just "Money for nothing and your chicks for free"

RKA is more than likely a fraction of the size you may think we are. We are about as custom one up manufacturer as you can get with out being that. We make products in sixes not thousands at a time.

RKA cannot run with Amazon and some of the motorcycle accessories outlets and offer all the deals they offer.

Amazon is the place we love to hate. Of course Kathy and I order things from them because of price, shipping, time, and convenience. We offer our luggage on Amazon, please feel free to purchase there. We do not offer the other products we sell as the margin is just not there to justify.

If you purchase luggage or other products from RKA we try to give the best price, support and service we can.

After 34 years of doing this it’s pretty easy and just part of the deal with us.  Last year we decided to ship for free and split air with you 50/50. WE WANT YOUR BUSINESS.

There are some things that are finally catching up with us. ALL of the raw materials we use are purchased from USA companies, these companies purchase from over seas and the Duties and Tariffs that are now being imposed are starting to sting them and in return raising prices to us. At this time we are standing ground.

Here is the names of most of the companies we purchase from.
On the right is a letter from one of many we have received from vendors. Click on it.

You better believe these newly placed duties/tariffs are hurting the USA economy.




RCU Rack $349.95
RKA 49ner $325.00  …

MSRP $674.50

SALE $600.00, for both

SENA Momentum INC, Matte Black, Large, Pinlock installed and Richard will include the smoke screen a $45.00 value.
This is Richard’s personal helmet

$375.00 WIth TUBE camera. (non WiFi version)

SENA 10C Demo
Also Richard's personal 10C



MSRP $349.95
SALE $275.00

SENA Cavalry Extra Small, Matte Black,
MSRP / RKA $349.00
This helmet is a demo  


SENA Cavalry Medium, Glossy Black, 
MSRP / RKA $349.00
This helmet is a demo


The on going sale is ..... On going
go look at it! There are a ton of great deals there CLICK HERE

Richard's Photos

I always enjoy finding old photos ... here is a few undated fun times ...They are almost 20 years old
Can you tell us where these were taken? ... HINT it is a world famous location


This is the Adaptiv TPX Radar Detector.
In this video I have the sensitivity set to detect EVERYTHING just to demostart it's ablity.
Kathy and I are on the tandem getting straffed by an Audi
NOTE motorcycle coming head on!!
We are pushing the SENA Momentum Helmet, so watch this.
This LONG video tells about this new helmet. NOTE the on board demos with the RT and the F800R

Stories You May Like

We are going to the MSTA Rally for the second year in a row.

Kathy an I have been associated with this club since the late 80’s early 90’s here is a image of Kathy at the Christi Lodge at Avon, CO at an early rally with her Beautiful BLUE Ducati 906 PASO.

The ride for kids was a big part of this organization.

last Saturday we meet Ken and his GW Kermit, Registering and getting donations for this Charity.

If you are in Northern California contact Ken and join the ride. "Click Here"

If not here is the National website. "Click Here"

Either way try to help out with this event.


RKA will be at at least three MotoAmerica roadrace events and WSB at Laguna Seca.
Here is the way to keep up to date. Hope to see your there.
2019 RKA Event Schedule

What we watch ….. Kathy and I are two wheel people
We are signed up for these streaming 2 wheel events

Tour De France & ALL Bicycle events

Daytona 200 / Flat track and more       
Greg White      “Greg’s Garage”
World Superbike

Life Explained