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March 2019   Volume 25 / Issue 98



From the desk of the Editor

Hi Gang,

I want to apologize for last months small “font size” I am not sure how that happened.
Hopefully this month you will not need a magnifying glass.

We get inquires every day on our products and we point folks in the correct direction on our website for more information. NEVER be afraid to ask questions, That’s what we do better than anybody or anyplace else
 I want to address the fact that RKA has one of the most informative websites, at least we have ever seen.
Tell your friends to have some fun and explore. You to.

Two of the best places to have fun, learn about products and see kitty videos is our “RKA YouTube Page” and “The RKA Photo Gallery” Go here, find your make, model, year and check out what we can do for you. We try to do our best to keep these pages up to date it’s not perfect, but we think it’s better than anyplace else on the internet. Lastly THIS publication "The RKA Newsletter" you can go back almost 10 years and see a lot of informative stuff. ...... See ya on the internet.

This month we will go into the time machine again.

A recent email we received from one of the “RKA GORE GROUP” had a photograph that really brought back memories We called it “Woman of the ride” it was taken during our 2005 Hwy 36 ride. See "Richard's Photos"

For valentine’s day I baked my honey a chocolate cake! Also in "Richard's Photos"

By the time you read this Kathy and I should be on the California Zephier heading to Reno through the snow and wooden tunnels. Something we have been wanting to do for many a year. Go March 2nd Saturday, Come back March 3rd Sunday.

LETTERS ... The always fun letters to the editor

MY OPINION ... The dictionary says editorial means the opinion of the publisher, writer, or editor So I guess that is redundant. I am changing the name of this area from “My Opinion” to “What I really Think". This month in this section I'll tell you about "the Terminators."


In the "THIS IS WHAT WE DO" section … I'll show you my studio

"SALES PAGE" ... Everybody wants a deal. The RKA on going Sales Page ... Check it out, we have a lot of demo products on sale right now.

In the "VIDEOS section" ... Some cool California dream visitor videos

"STORIES YOU MAY LIKE" ... We will introduce you to our long time friend and sports caster Greg White and Greg’s Garage POD CASTS

"Schedule" .... Moto America Press ... As we get ready for the season we will try to keep you up to date on what's happening with motoAmerica.

Enjoy the newsletter


Hi Richard,

I forgot to send you photos from my trip to Mexico!

My Experience
The bags were great for me because they’re very light weight and easy to quickly install and remove.  When I travel I try to keep things light as weight is the enemy on a motorcycle in every situation.

A few things I did:
-I used small keyed Master locks (a set is about $8) to lock the zippers closed.  Of course someone could potentially steal the bags completely or possibly cut them open if they really wanted to.  But the locks I figured would deter the casual thief.
-Anytime I travel and no matter what bags I use, I alwaysput my things in plastic/garbage bags before putting them in my luggage.  It doesn’t sound elegant but it always keeps things water proof I find (and even some of the big hard bags that claim to be waterproof, aren’t).  I know you offer the waterproof covers as well which I’m sure do the job great. 

The bags performed wonderfully - they saw rain, mud and all kinds of road debris.  Even without your rain covers they didn’t seem to get too soaked through and I found they dried out very quickly overnight even after riding through hours of rain. 

I got these bags really dirty.  For example, we went through a town where sugar cane had just been harvested and there were days of rain.  All the big trucks dragged mud onto the streets and it was like riding through 2-3 inches of mud for a couple miles.  When I got home after the trip, I first sprayed the bags with Shout stain remover.  Then I washed them on a gentle cycle before air drying them.  They came out looking new again! 

Feel free to use any of my comments, the blog or photos as you wish. 

Mike Bernard

Great, thanks man, this video is what i was looking for a long time :)

Richard Battles
I made it ! I don’t know exactly where I got wrong the first time, but anyway, now it works ! Thank you Richard. Now I think I will install a RC3 because I don’t find the helmet buttons easy to manipulate.

Excellent video.
Thank you. I'm going to enjoy mine a couple months from now when the Michigan weather warms up.

Hi Joe,

THANK YOU so much for taking the time to write this nice note and send a photo.
I’ll add it to my letters in next month Newsletter.


From: Joe & LaCinda
Sent: Sunday, February 3, 2019 7:06 AM
Subject: Our luggage works GREAT!

Hi Richard,

Shortly after receiving your tank bag, saddle bag liners, and truck bag liner we took a 5,500 mile ride from Wisconsin to the Cabot Trail in Nova Scotia. The luggage worked great - just as we expected. Our K1600 GTLe came with saddlebag liners, but they don’t have much capacity. Replacing them with your bags was a great move for us. Your bags use every inch of available space and on our two-week trip in wildly varying weather conditions we had enough room for everything we needed.

IMAGE Here is a picture of our bike before we crossed the Mackinac Bridge in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula.

Thanks again for taking the time to help us choose the right products and for the instructions to make the installation of the tank bag straps an easy process. 

Port Edwards, WI

What I Really Think ... Formally "My Opinion"

The dictionary says editorial means the opinion of the publisher, writer, or editor
So I guess that is redundant. So I am changing the name of this area from “My Opinion” to “What I really Think” 😉

The Terminators

We are starting to think of our tour this year and I started thinking about what we have done and where we have been.

I think I’ll talk about traveling. And we are on a Theme of the past this month,

RKA used to travel almost year-round, I am trying to think when Kathy and the crew had time to make luggage.

I do know at times there were a lot of boxes shipped out to where the rig was, or we would come close enough to home to race in and restock at the shop.

We started out going to events in California using the little red Toyota carrying everything we had, and I would follow on the motorcycle.

Back then it was 85% custom colors, and most were sewn later and shipped to the customer. I could not find any photos of the old Trecel.

We graduated to a very very used “Terminator I” a 1972 Dodge Van suburban.

We named it Terminator because it would die and then rise from the ashes and always get us home.

I drove it from Daytona to Mojave where it blew a cylinder and then proceeded to drive it over Tehachapi and home on seven cylinders with a full trailer. “The Terminator. “

We got so big we had to get a three-rail trailer.

Then a bigger flatbed car trailer and we build a plywood box onto the front half and the motorcycles went on the back

Then came Terminator II, a 1993 Dodge van, then shortly after that decided we needed an enclosed trailer after we woke up in Tucumcari NM with a foot of snow on the motorcycles.

One of the images is of my Dad and I with the new unpainted trailer.

Terminator II got replaced with a 34 foot Fun mover,

Terminator III, Garage in the back living quarters in the front. When hooked up to the trailer we were 65 feet long and it bent in the middle making turnarounds a lot of fun.

We kept the Terminator II for dividing up the team during the summer. I think the little van that could left us with 285,000 miles on it.

Enter Terminator IV our current big rig, a Mercedes Sprinter. We purchased this with the idea of down sizing and not towing a trailer, both bikes would fit in the back and product in the front.

That did not last long, and we purchased a 12 foot trailer, 7 feet wide, Dual axels, and electric brakes, side door and pull down loading ramp door.

This summer if you see us at an event this is what you’ll see.

This is what we do

Thought you may want to see how the magic is done …. My Studio
If you do not know I do all the photography, movie production, and the website
Here is a couple of photos of before and after. I now have a 20-foot backdrop, green screen, wireless mics, teleprompter and lights. I am not a professional and do all this from the seat of my pants.


This is a repeat from last month for the newbees

The IN-Charge Tankbag is going away.

You will still be able to build an IN-Charge bag from the regular tankbag pages.
You can purchase all the parts, or some of the parts. Just get what you need.
Here is a list of most of the parts you would need

1:         $  85.00                        The Dashboard
2:         $  15.00                        The Dashboard Installation (Optional)
3:         $  20.00                        The Wrap. (This hides your cables and wires)
4:         $  17.50                        Raincover
5:         $  15.00                        Power lead to SAE 24”
6:         $  12.00                        SAE to SAE 24”
7:         $  25.00                        SAE to Dual USB port (This allows you to CHARGE two devices)
8:         $  13.00                        SAE to Dual SAE “Y” (This allows you to ADD another electrical device)
$          $202.50


This is a repeat from last month for the newbees

All I have to say is go look at it! There are a ton of great deals there CLICK HERE

Richard's Photos

My Valentine Cake

For valentine’s day I baked my honey a chocolate cake!
I can do pancakes, French toast, Eggs & Potato’s and onions on Sunday mornings.
But to the best of my knowledge I have never ever baked a cake. Saw the recipe in the Sunday paper and HAD to do it.
Raspberries, and Raspberry Coulis Sauce with vinegar & Balsamic, vanilla, beer, LOTS of sugar and of course whipped cream.

Hwy 36

This month we will go into the time machine again.

A recent email we received from one of the “RKA GORE GROUP” had a photograph that really brought back memories

We called it “Woman of the ride”

it was taken during our 2005 Hwy 36 ride
Kathy and I started this “Hwy36” ride in 2000 finally dropping it off into the hands of others to organize.

They still do this ride to this day and call it the Hwy 36 ride but now they cover a lot more ground than back in the day. So I am highlighting that ride Almost 20 years ago. this month.

Shelly, Candy, Kathy,Melinda, Mary, Stacy, Lynn, Vivian, Jean Start from our home Kathy's SV650
A REAL motorcycle
It as carbs
Richard's DRZ400

Kurts Augusta
Flower child
MV with Saddlebags Bridgeville
Google it.
Hwy 1 & Hwy 101



Califorina Dream'n where to go what to do.
When you decide to come to California here are a few videos to wet your whistle

Visit Califorina Living the Dream Califorina Tourism - Dreamers Marin

Marin Mendocino Humboldt

Stories You May Like

Greg’s Garage POD CASTS

Greg has been a long time distant friend.
He is a sports announcer/commentator
Here is a few photos from 2014 when we attended the AIMExpo International Dealer/Consumer show in Orlando, FL.

Greg will be doing MotoAmerica circuit this year so be on the lookout for him.
He also has a great PODCAST click on the image below and take a listen.


RKA will be at at least three MotoAmerica roadeace events.
Here is the way to keep up to date
Hope to see your there.
After you watch this video
you WILL come to an event!!!!

Life Explained