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June 2019   Volume 9 / Issue 5



From the desk of the Editor

Hi Gang,

There is a lot of “Stuff” to talk about and a short amount of time.

As I start writing this month’s Newsletter It’s Thursday May 30th and only have a day or two to manufacture this Newsletter and post it on time for you all.

DINNER INVITE: Remember BMW National goers, Dinner at Bavarian Bierhaus Thursday night with Owner Mike Gillespie!

SEMINARS: There is a $25.00 Gift Certificate in your registration goody bag in order to use it

1: “The R.I.D.E” a Communications seminar Friday at 1:PM in the veterans Building.
2: “Video 101” a beginners class on video production. 11:45 AM Expo 3.

RKA as changed card companies that take care of your orders and process your credit cards.
It is not perfect yet so please have patience.

1: Getting back to the website from the cart is a hassle right now just keep tapping the back button and you will get there.
2: When ordering it says “Image not available” I will put them in there as soon as I can.
3: If you get frustrated PLEASE call or e-mail us and I will take your order on the phone.
So sorry about this but it was a surprise and a TON of work for Richard to change stuff over.(A work in process AND we are on the road)

We are at Road America in Elkhart Lake. We have never been to “Road America” before, the display is set up and we are ready for the races this weekend.

Kathy will fly home Monday and Ryan (Our INNOVV K2 Distributor) will copilot the rig to Mt Juliet TN, and lay over until we can set up for the BMW National. Kathy will fly back into Nashville Tuesday evening on the 11th for the National.

Remember Dinner at Bavarian Bierhaus Thursday night with Owner Mike Gillespie!

Ok Back to current “Stuff” We left the 49er Rally at 4:00 AM Sunday morning and headed to Elkhart Lake. We get on I80 and climb to the Summit “Donner Pass”. IT’S SNOWING, we counted at least FIVE spinouts, ONE right in front of us, a new tesla or Lexus it bounced off  both sides of the I80 guard rails and rested in the slow lane in front of us and we just slipped by. Once we get to the chain area all the trucks are pulled over …. When the trucks pull over you KNOW it’s starting to get bad.

For the first time in fifty years of pulling trailers we had to stop and put chains on the Sprinter and the trailer!!! The CHP officer at the “last stop sign” was elated that we had chains on the trailer. The trailer is what stops the rig!

First night is Wendover UT. Quality Inn, BAD, falling apart motel. Last year we stayed there on the way to Lacrosse and they were renovating it. So, we tried it again NOT!.

Second night is to be Sidney NE. I am napping and Kathy is driving on the open Interstate, she says “You better get up” I look up … and say … take this off ramp now! We pull off and I take over. The sky is BLACK! Cheyanne is just ahead, and we pull of to wait out this weather system with rain and hail, BIG hail. We cancel the room in Sidney and stay in Cheyanne, Outback and a couple of bourbon sevens later we go to our room.

Third day we are now 100 miles behind our schedule so a couple of more hours of driving this a 750-mile day to Cedar Rapids, IA. We chased the storm front all day, rain off and on. Then before we turned north to Cedar Rapids, we caught the system! And it started hammering bad. The last 26 miles to the motel was crazy!! They should really stop showing those 4x4 commercials that make people think they can drive through blizzards.

Fourth day was a “planned” short day only 243 miles to Fond Da Luc, WI, we arrived at 1:00 PM, shopped for food for the weekend and on to the Days Inn which had a pool and hot tub, which we used gratefully. We also treated ourselves to a little Gin and Tonics.


Here is the video ….

Richard Battles
7694 Bell Rd
Windsor, CA
707 836 7659

From: Richard Battles <>
Sent: Wednesday, May 15, 2019 10:26 AM
To: '' <>
Subject: Camelbak Applications

Hi Ray

Here is a larger 19.5 liter bag but the portals are in the same location
Foot print on this bag is 9.5x13
Yours is 7x10
Just make sure you do not get one to big to fit in the bag.
The “hose” is detachable from the Blatter so it makes it easy to refill by leaving the “hose” in the portal.

Richard Battles
7694 Bell Rd
Windsor, CA
707 836 7659


A close up of a bag  Description automatically generated

What I Really Think

Will your dentist, Lawyer, Doctor, motorcycle mechanic, Gardener, Carpenter help you for free just because you are a nice guy or gal? We don’t think so.

If you purchase ALL your SENA products from RKA our support is free and forever.
Luggage does not count for SENA support. These are two different things.

If you have already purchased from a reputable reseller you should get your support from THEM or call SENA Support.

RKA has produced over 175 “YouTube” videos over the last 10 years, YA TEN YEARS on "YouTube"!
ALL to help you install RKA luggage or SENA products. Most videos are “how to” videos, intended to help you.
We think they are pretty well done and need no further interaction from RKA.

It has become known that I can help you with special issues or connections.

I can help you setup your communications the way I would do it or the way SENA suggests you do it.
BUT RKA does not support some riders and other companies ideas and suggestions.

ONE example, … If you have a BMW with the Audio system (GTL, GT, 14 and up RT) The SM10 is NOT the proper tool for your stereo music or for Radar alerts PERIOD. There is a video on this subject, actual two. They are listed in the next section of the Newsletter.

Phone support AT BEST is the hardest thing to do, … ever!
After you read through the next section “This is what we do” you will see the setup to support and help you is not so easy if done correctly.

I am sure you are all seeing this coming …….
RKA is now charging for support to ANY rider that has not purchased ALL their SENA products from RKA.

Note "Life Explained" below.

Read on gang.

This is what we do

RKA Support Information

If you purchased ALL your SENA products from RKA you have FREE lifetime support.
Please note that the other rules below still apply to you.

SENA has a two-year warranty. If you have a malfunction, or something is not working properly you need to call SENA support. Battery issue, volume issue, etc., Some issues are NOT FIXABLE, and a new unit is in order …. CALL SENA not RKA.

RKA charges $100.00 per hour for SENA support.
One hour minimum and then half hour segments,
1 hour and 1 minute is $150.00. 1 hour and 31 minutes is $200.00

RKA does not guarantee it can fix your issue over the phone.

RKA does not support:

Cardo, Scala Rider systems, or combination of Cardo and SENA.
Schuberth C4 SC1 system (At this time).
Shoei SRL system (At this time).
BMW OEM system.
SENA / Schuberth 10U System.
SENA SMH10 first generation with egg jog dial.
Garmin Zumo, 550, 595, 395 series. 660/665 series.
SM10 as a radar alert device.
Motochello Bridge.
Any out of the ordinary connections.

RKA does support

BMW K1600GTL/GT & R1200RT motorcycles with the BMW Bluetooth system.
10S, 20S & 20SEVO, 30K headsets
SM10 music adapter & SR10 Radio adapter for the applications they are made for.
BMW Navigator series V & VI
iPhone and limited help with Android phones

Things that YOU HAVE TO DO BEFORE support can start

Down load the device manager from SENA
Down load the SENA App for all your SENA devices to your phone
Firmware updated on ALL devices,
ALL SENA products,
ALL Phones,
ALL GPS, example Nav Vi needs firmware higher than 4.9
You need to be AT your devices, and understand the BASIC navigation of them.
Navigator VI, BMW Auto System, Phone settings. etc
RESET CLEAR EVERYTHING. Forget this device, Unpair, Delete all paring, etc.
Have your devices fully charged
Have your motorcycle fully charged and connected to a charger.
Make sure you understand what a TAP AND RELEASE is or a PRESS and HOLD on your unit.

Make a phone appointment.

Make sure our appointment is convenient to you and RKA (Richard does have a real job) and should not be interrupted.

When calling to start … Use a different phone than the one we will be using for connections.
Optional … Connect an external speaker to your earbud helmets audio port so you can hear better what voice prompts are happening.

Here are videos and documents to go over for self-help.

Richard and Kathy are motorcyclists, Users of the products we offer, and we care about all of you and we want everything to fit and work properly.

RKA has spent 10 years producing YouTube videos to help you.

RKA has over 175 videos almost one third of those are on SENA products.
From helmet installations to connections.

RKA YouTube page:

RKA SENA Instructional Play list page:

Below are only a small portion of the RKA help videos: Some specific Help pages

How to: Connect a SENA headset to your BMW, NAV V, & Smartphone (108,000 views):

BMW K1600GTL / GT / R1200RT Bluetooth connections (Updated version of the above video)

BMW K1600 / R1200RT Bluetooth Connections Simplified  

SENA RC4 Remote control Pairing

SENA SM10 Stereo Adapter

Quickest Connection Instructions EVER!

How To: Part II SR10 & PRISM to SENA Headset




RCU Rack $349.95
RKA 49ner $325.00  …

MSRP $674.50

SALE $600.00, for both

SENA Momentum INC, Matte Black, Large, Pinlock installed and Richard will include the smoke screen a $45.00 value.
This is Richard’s personal helmet

$375.00 WIth TUBE camera. (non WiFi version)

SENA 10C Demo
Also Richard's personal 10C



MSRP $349.95
SALE $275.00

SENA Cavalry Extra Small, Matte Black,
MSRP / RKA $349.00
This helmet is a demo  


SENA Cavalry Medium, Glossy Black, 
MSRP / RKA $349.00
This helmet is a demo


The on going sale is ..... On going
go look at it! There are a ton of great deals there CLICK HERE

Richard's Photos

Done in editorial


No time to do this month

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RKA will be at at least three MotoAmerica roadrace events and WSB at Laguna Seca.
Here is the way to keep up to date. Hope to see your there.
2019 RKA Event Schedule

What we watch ….. Kathy and I are two wheel people
We are signed up for these streaming 2 wheel events

Tour De France & ALL Bicycle events

Daytona 200 / Flat track and more       
Greg White      “Greg’s Garage”
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Life Explained