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January 2019 Volume 25 / Issue 97


From the desk of the Editor

2019!! Can you believe it!!

I will be 72 this month and as I typed in 2019 for some reason it came back to me, I remember the terror I had in 1954, Yup 1954 I was all of Seven years old and I was in the back seat of our 1952 Chrysler Saratoga.

My Mom (Ain’t she something!) and Gammer, my Grandmother were taking me to Berkeley, and St Mary’s private Catholic School. I truly thought they were going to drop me off and I would never see them again. Thank God (pun intended) it lasted for only one year then back to public school.

So I will tell you a little bit about ME

I was a swimmer, my Mom taught me, and at age 10 I kicked ass on everyone in Pomona California.

That’s me the littlest one in the picture and a image of me finishing qualifying you can see I left them in the dust.

I went on to compete in the 1957 Junior Olympics in Los Angeles. I came in DEAD LAST in my first heat race! I will never forget, like in a dream, the water felt like air and I could not seem to go forward.

And then there was my first Motorcycle I think in 1963. It was a 80 cc TWIN Yamaha with “Autolube” you put the oil in one tank and the fuel in the other and it mixed it automatically.

I had a paper route and it was called “North Las Vegas” yup the whole city of North Las Vegas, it was about 40 miles by the time I got out of the drive way into NLV and back home.

This was when there where 25,000 people in ALL of “Clark County” where Las Vegas is located. Now there is 25,000 people every square foot.

I personally enjoy speaking with people on the phone and you never know who you are speaking with it could be a professional football player, a REALLY big silicon Valley CEO, or the president of a major bank (which as all happened ) So this is why I am sharing my simple pass through life.

Suprise, you are all Illegal, I am a Choctaw Indian. The document on the right is the Choctaw Nation roll, My grandfather is the first name on the list
In the Richard’s Photos section, I share some more blasts from the past.

Speaking of Blasts from the past,

We are slowly updating the website, Nothing fancy but as I was working on it I discovered that you need to visit a page on our website that is looked over a lot.The "Reviews Page", and the "2015 January Newsletter" for a brief trip into the past and back to the pesent.

Then there is also more Information you need to know, remember the Lincoln Continental with the “Suicide Doors”?
Well, Lincoln is manufacturing a limited edition of 800 for the 80th Anniversary. Of course they will call them “Coach Doors” … I want one!



We will be working on the 2019 Schedule in the next week or so. Of course it is always changing so I will add a “Schedules Section” on the Newsletter starting next month when we get some organization going. If you can understand we need to connect the dots and try to make the travel plans as smooth as possible.

So far we are planning on maybe the "Backroads Spring Break" in May. Americade, the “BMW National’, “Motorcycle Sport Touring Association STAR rally” all in June
and . This could be the nucleus of our tour and we will build on both sides of that. Have an event you would like to see us at? Drop us a line.

Last minute late late addition. I got our Annual Dan & Pedro's New Years Day Ride video done just in time. We did the ride on the 29th so I had a couple of days to edit 12 hours of video into 13 minutes.If you are interested in Communications and/or Cameras, this is a must see from start to finish!!

Enjoy the Newsletter.


Thanks for taking the time to send these great photos of RKA from the past!


From: Ron P>
Sent: Friday, December 14, 2018 11:40 AM
Subject: RKA Bags on my 1999 Bandit 1200S

Hi Rich,

Good talking to you a while ago. I mentioned the bags I had for my 1999 Bandit and thought I send you a few photos that go back a few years.

I loved that bike and your bags worked great. Sold it with 87,000 miles on the clock when I bought an ST1300. Sold the bags separately and made another rider happy.

Ride safe!






Hello, I was looking at your event schedule list for 2018 and see you made it to an event in Wisconsin in 2018. Any chance you're going to be at an event on the east coast, preferably the northeast, in 2019? Americade? Laconia Bike Week?

Thank you, 
Tom Adamo

Tom asked a great question. Kathy and I are slowing down a tad. But we plan on the BMW MOA National and the MSTA STARR rally in JUNE, both on the east side and with in a week of each other. We always try to connect the dots. If you have an event you would like us to come to let us know. Always check our Schedules page with is out of date as of right now, but I will update it soon.

Thanks for producing quality products and a lot of neat stuff for us.  Most of all, thanks for the help and information you make available.Best of wonderful holidays, Merry Christmas, and good trails ahead.


Hi Richard, Thank you for the gift certificate for our crab feed! This is a big event for us! Hope you can join us! Best wishes for the holidays! I really enjoy your news letters, so keep them coming! Ride safe! 🏍 Thanks again, Kim

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I spotted CaliPhotography out on track during our parade laps, nice of them to post a few cool shots:
An DeYoung
CityBike Magazine Road Scholar
Sacramento Region / 916-616-9116 / Facebook / Twitter / Instagram

On Mon, Nov 19, 2018 at 10:17 AM Richard Battles <> wrote:
Hi An,
THANK YOU both for being there.
We had a fair turnout this year and from the email I am getting everyone had a good time
We gave a car load of food and I think a little over $1,000.00 in cash.

My Opinon

This should maybe be in the "This is what we do section" BUT "My Opinion" is needed here.
RKA is now an INNOVV K2 reseller. What the hell is a INNOVV K2 you say.

This is a TWO camera system that turns off and on with your key, videoing everything front and rear while you ride!
Visit our webpage and check out the "RKA YouTube videos". Or you can see them, included in the “Video Section” below. There are to many features to go through here.

You need to understand you can use this system for fun, recording your rides and events, BUT it also could a system to document anything and everything that happens, good or bad.

The latest video I did answers the question. "The RED Car" Since you cannot forget to turn these cameras on, I was recording every ride from home to work and back when I encountered the "RED CAR".

Disclaimer, although it was not that bad, you can actually HEAR the brakes activate, BUT you can imagine what would have happened if I was not slowing for the school zone AND getting ready to turn.

This system retails for $338.00. Yes $338.00 FULL PRICE. AT this price with the quality components, features it is a no brainier! So go visit the
RKA INNOVV K2 Camera System Page and click on the “Buy Me" Button.

This is what we do

It seems “Powerlet" as left the building, they did not even close the door on the way out, they left so fast.
RKA has been dealing with them for over 20 years and it was a real surprise to us.

RKA is going to try and fill that gap by starting “RKA Electrical”. At this time we have four of our own parts. You can visit the webpage by clicking on the logo. We have a few “Powerlet Brand” parts on sale on this page also.


RKA is also going to discontinue offering Rammount Products as they informed us a few months ago the lead time for orders is THREE MONTHS. RKA cannot run a business with this kind of delivery time. We do not really sell or use many Rammount parts anymore The main item we needed to replace and improve was the X-Grip phone holder which we have done.

The X-grip was never my favorite and it only had ONE size that fit on our Dashboard.

The “Perfect Squeeze” is really perfect. Watch the video.

RKA is going to discontinue the “IN-Charge Tankbag”.
But have no fear you can build your own with the accessories we offer.

The only difference between a regular tankbag and an IN-Charge Tankbags physical structure was there is no expansion on the IN-Charge tankbag. It as always been hard to try and explain this simple difference, so we’ll just let you figure it out for yourself

You will be able to build an IN-Charge bag from the regular tankbag pages. You can purchase all the parts, or some of the parts.

Power lead
to SAE 24”
$ 15.00
The Wrap.
(This hides your cables and wires)
$ 20.00
$ 17.50
Power lead
to SAE 24”
$ 15.00
SAE to SAE 24”
$ 12.00
SAE to Dual USB port
(This allows you to CHARGE two devices)
$ 25.00
SAE to Dual SAE “Y”
(This allows you to ADD another electrical device)
$ 13.00 
RKA listens, we have designed a smaller half size Bagger Handlebar bag.
Click on the link to check it out. Bagger HBB
RKA listens, we have produced a “smaller” set oof “TOPPER” bags". Click on the link
So now you have choices. AT $210.00 a set, completely lined and finished inside Raincovers included.
If you own an Adventure bike with aluminum cases …..
These are a NO BRAINER “TOPPER” bags"

RKA's on going sale page

Not much to say here but “Check it out

Richard's Photos

More of who IS RKA.

Well you saw my swimming at age 10 and first motorcycle at 16. After that I cannot remember being athletic in High School I was in the choir, Solo clarinetist in the band, and Drum Major. Yup Drum Major.

But in 2002 Kathy and I got interested in Bicycles and in 2004 some friends from Phoenix stayed with us while they did the ½ Vineman. While watching them come out of the water an get on their bicycles I decided “I COULD DO THAT” at 58 and 220 pounds I decide to do the 2005 ½ Vineman.

BY FAR the hardest thing I have ever done.
BUT I lost 47 pounds and finished 12th out of 175 men I my age group.

The clock in the bottom photo says 7:08:30 That was the time from the pro start. We started much later my times for the Swim, 34 minutes, Bicycle 19.2 mph 2:56 & Run 13.1 miles 2:37, Finish total 6:17,
So, This is me. a little more next month about Kathy.

Videos of the month

The Red Car K2 Camera System K2 Dashcam Viewer

K2 Let it rain RC4 & Multiwheel Perfect Squeeze

SENA WiFi TUBE Landing on a Carrier Can a Passenger land an airliner?

  The best dog video ever  

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