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February 2019   Volume 25 / Issue 98



From the desk of the Editor

Hi RKA Gang,

Kathy and want to thank all of you for taking the time to read our newsletters.

We receive a lot of feedback from you!

There is a lot of work that goes into these Newsletters and that makes it all worthwhile

Spring is just SIX weeks away gang! We sent you a Winter Pepper upper a couple of weeks ago
We hope you take notice and get ready now.

Do not be the rider that orders on Wednesday and expedites it to be delivered on Friday and is leaving Saturday
Here’s a little about what are we going to bring to you this month….

is always my fav whether they are complimentary or someone that’s not happy. Read them you will learn.

My Opinion;
Amazon, Learn your stuff. WHAT IS HAPPENING TO US?

This is what we do;
Updates on products and images of luggage in the making

RKA’s ongoing SALE;
Need to remind you every month that there are some really cool stuff on sale.

Richard’s Photos;
Richard is giving you all a time capsule year by year, Afraid to show us some baby pics?

Always fun this month very very special to me personally is “RUMBLE” and then a great Syfy short called “FTL” Faster Than Light

Stories you may like;
Always some enlighting stories, this month a little different format.

Life Explained;
A monthly update about life’s graphs

Enjoy the Newsletter.


Hello Richard.

My order was received yesterday. Nice and quick delivery for a custom made to order product which is appreciated. The design, look, and fabrication quality is outstanding. I will be proud to show these off when in use. This is coming from a very particular and usually somewhat difficult to please consumer. Thanks for the great job in all regards.

Please pass my compliments along to Kathy and to anyone else involved in the process that you think should know.

Carl P

From: Rick H
Sent: Wednesday, January 23, 2019 1:00 PM
Subject: Re: Tankbag

You list a 3 point and a 4 point Shiloh on your site. I have always used 4 point on my other tank bags just to help keep them centered when riding in the wind. I live in Nebraska and almost always have wind! What do you think?

On Wed, Jan 23, 2019 at 5:03 PM Richard Battles <> wrote:

3 point. It does not move.
58 years riding
34 years doing this


Thanks, I will get it ordered.
56 years riding :-))))) 
We are getting old!


Thank you so much. You have been a great help !

On Tuesday, January 22, 2019 Richard Battles <> wrote:

Hi Keith,
Here are a few links that may help or at least entertain 
The SENA commands are pretty much the same on all systems

2nd mobile phone
Selective phone pairing
Music Selective pairing

This gives folks a lot of options to play with. You just have to know what they do and don’t do.

I did not mention that we cannot sell the SRL unless we sell Shoei helmets, so I have ZERO experience with the system
This is the only time I had my hands on the Neo II
NeoTec II SENA 30K, 20S Cradle Install

From: H, Gene Sent: Friday, January 18, 2019 7:41 AM

Standard Design

Optional Ludicrouse

Optional Ludicrouse

Optional Ludicrouse


Do the liners specified for my bike, R12RT/ST, retain their shape when not full? I’d like bag liners that retain their shape, even when empty. It makes it easier to pack them and know how much space I have. And it tends to prevent them sagging down and getting caught in between the cases two halves. Is the top case similarly able to retain its shape?

Gene H


NO. not older models.
There is a plastic insert in the bottom and piping around the bag.
They were designed to use all the usable space as requested by customers.

This is a my first 14 RT liners typical of what we do for all hardcases.

Hardcase Ludicrouse optional liners …. These work with ALL K1600GT/GTL and 2014 and up RT’s
We do not make them special for older liner models
Sorry to get into a novel here but you asked a good question and I hope I answered it.


WowWowWow, Richard! GREAT newsletter! I can see your creative juices are unleashed with unceasing rains...
Much love to you & The Goddess Married To You!


Thanks Doc,

You are always at the top of the comment list 
Tell me where Kathy and I were on Jan 15th 2009 and I’ll give you a free waist pack next time we see you.

In the air waiting for Sully to splash down with his load of fois gras.

This is a comment from our YouTube PageThis video was done nine years ago one of the first ones I did.

It seems he did not like the music

Tom Green 1 day ago

"Like 70s porn music"

Richard Battles 1 day ago

NO NO NO Peter Gunn and 77 Sunsetstrip only slower ;-)
Hope the video helped


Be sure you click on the box to the right of the YouTube logo to go to FULL SCREEN

My Opinion


It’s a place we LOVE to HATE.
Maybe you do not know but RKA offers our luggage on Amazon.

We prefer you order from us direct, so we can make sure you are getting the correct product for your needs
and we can actually speak with you when you call. RKA offers free ground shipping and 50% air in the USA.
Amazon makes it harder from us to contact you if we think there is a issue.
If you are a PRIME Amazon member there may be advantages to ordering from Amazon. So go for it.
Here is the way to find us…. “” then in the search field type in “RKA-Luggage”


Once again we want to remind you that it is time to PLAN NOW for this coming years adventures.

Order your luggage, learn how to attach it properly.
Order your communications and learn how to use them. Read, Study, know how they work and what they do.
You cannot just get on a motorcycle for the first time and expect to ride it properly or at all
There is very little difference from riding your motorcycle and learning SENA or communications.

Motorcycle    Communications

MSF Learn to ride READ the manual
Understand your riding gear Mount your headset clamp properly
Understand your maintenance Fully charged and port sealed
Turn the Key on   Turn on your device
Start the motor Connect your phone
Kick stand up   Connect your Intercom
1st gear  Connect your GPS
Let out the clutch Group intercom

Motorcycle, Audio system, GPS, Phone, Partners, Bluetooth headsets and other BT devices
Look at the drill this way. You have the responsibility to learn the product or device so it works for you.

On a completely Different Note
We spent a small fortune to go and see ZZ Top last week. Balcony, second row, isle seats, Billon dollar glasses of wine, It was worth every penny!

Unfortunately in the section to our left was a couple in the FIRST row best seats in the house, they had to stand up and would not sit down blocking the view of the 40 to 50 fans behind them. They were removed by security. Kinda hurting the flow of things for me anyway.

I do not understand what people are THINKING

When I leave home most of the time I leave on a motorcycle, occasionally a car or a large foot print vehicle.
I pull out INTO a school zone. The radar sign shows a vehicle closing on me at 40mph, as I am IN FRONT of the school at the cross walk. Most of the time I am coming to a stop as there is a gaggle of cars in line trying to get into the school. GUESS who is in this vehicle? A MOM and her child.

I do not understand what people are THINKING.

I am Choctaw, my grandparents are on the Oklahoma Register of 1899. A young man stares down a Vet, American indigenous man like he is a joke.

I do not understand what people are THINKING.

I hope we can get some sense about what’s going on soon.

When I do Support

It's usually on the phone speaking with someone across the country … Is it turned on?

OH After I followed your instructions everything worked great. BUT the next time I turned it on nothing worked!
Did you connect your phone to your headset?
Well YA, I wanted to use the app.

OH, there may be something that I should tell you. I took my phone to Verizon and they reset and cleared it. Could that be an issue?

OH I tried to connect my wife and followed your instructions but the HS’s did not connect.
After the headsets said “Intercom Pairing” did you tap one of the jog dials?

OH I followed your instructions and PRESSED (and HELD) the JOG button and it would not work. TAP, PRESS
At the shows we are able to install headsets and connect devices.
We can try to help you with some issues if you purchased your SENA products from RKA

BUT we do not have time to trouble shot for you
SENA will be at some of the events we will be at and they can help you with trouble shooting.

This is what we do

Remember the "PLAN NOW" section above?
Well here is a couple of thoughts for you.
The NEW from RKA Perfect fit phone holder. IT IS PERFECT.
The NEW From RKA INNOVV K2 dual camera system. This is a gotta have fun AND safety addition
This is Richard's main helmet now all others are on the shelf
Wanna try one for FREE? Call 707 836 7659
AT the end of each of these videos there are links for more informative videos
Click on the links for more info or call Richard at the shop 707 836 7659

Here is some images of luggage being
manufactured at our small industrial space.

We do not make 1000’s at a time
but maybe 6 to 8 at a time.

I help design luggage ….
Kathy says you cannot get there
from here. 😉

Then Kathy makes it work.

EVERY piece of luggage that leaves our shop is “cut” by Kathy

Our head seamstress Marina is a bonified “Wizard” and puts everything together perfectly.

The 2019 Schedule is pretty much solid so check it out here "2019 RKA Scedules Page"
Of course we may add some events as the year goes on.

"BMW Nor Cal 49ner Rally"
"Road America and Moto America SuperBikes
“BMW National’,
“Motorcycle Sport Touring Association STAR rally”
"World SuperBikes"
"Sonoma Raceway Moto America SuperBikes"
"Horizons Unlimited"

Dates, Locations, more information clikco the link above.
SEE YA at one of these events

Have an event you would like to see us at? Drop us a line.


The IN-Charge Tankbag is going away.

You will still be able to build an IN-Charge bag from the regular tankbag pages.
You can purchase all the parts, or some of the parts. Just get what you need.
Here is a list of most of the parts you would need

1:         $  85.00                        The Dashboard
2:         $  15.00                        The Dashboard Installation (Optional)
3:         $  20.00                        The Wrap. (This hides your cables and wires)
4:         $  17.50                        Raincover
5:         $  15.00                        Power lead to SAE 24”
6:         $  12.00                        SAE to SAE 24”
7:         $  25.00                        SAE to Dual USB port (This allows you to CHARGE two devices)
8:         $  13.00                        SAE to Dual SAE “Y” (This allows you to ADD another electrical device)
$          $202.50


All I have to say is go look at it! There are a ton of great deals there CLICK HERE

Richard's Photos

Are you brave enough to share your baby photos?
Send them in


RUMBLE: The Indians Who Rocked the World"RUMBLE"

The song was banned from radio stations in New York and Boston for fear it might actually incite gang violence—the first and only instrumental song to be banned from the air. "Rumble" acquired its name from the stepdaughter of Archie Bleyer, who released it on his Cadence Records
This is the trailer
Click on the images below to go to PBS for more information

Stories You May Like

Rather than written stories this month
I have found a couple of great video stories for this month’s space,
so videos it is.

Everyone is a Syfy fan right?
First up is “FTL from “Dust”.
DUST is the first multi-platform destination for binge watchable sci-fi. They feature science fiction short films and other content from emerging filmmakers
Sci-Fi Short Film "FTL" presented by DUST

We are also bicyclists and found this video on the One Hour bicycle distance
So the Second story is
Why It's Almost Impossible to Ride a Bike 60 Kilometers in One Hour

Be sure you click on the box to the right of the
YouTube logo to go to FULL SCREEN
Be sure you click on the box to the right of the
YouTube logo to go to FULL SCREEN

Life Explained