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August 2019   Volume 9 / Issue 8



From the desk of the Editor

Hi Gang,

Hope you enjoyed July
and all the images we
shared with you.
This month the
regular suspects will be back ........

“Letters to the Editor”
What I really think section” about … What I really think 😉
“This is what we do”
“Stories you may like

"Schedules Page"
"The on going sale page"
“Richards Photos section” This one has some special images this month.
And of course
"Life Explained"

A little something to ponder
THINK about WHO you are purchasing from and WHY ... Truth of the matter...


Audiobooks .. The art of racing in the rain
Movie Trailer . The art of racing in the rain

Let us know what YOU think.
Enjoy the Newsletter.




Received the TPX Pro and SR10 today, installed it on the bike, total time was about 30 minutes, was very easy with your help and guidance. Sincere thanks for everything, I'll be in the saddle for 14 days, covering 6 states and 5K miles, so I’ll have time to fine tune and get used to my new toys.

Wishing you and family a great July 4th holiday!

Bob B
Roswell, NM

Hi Richard,

I’m sorry I didn’t make it back to your booth after I attended the Streetmasters course at the MOA last Saturday. On the ride back to the motel, I confirmed what I’ve been thinking since I tried on the NICE Sena helmet you showed me…Not going back to a full face, non-modular helmet, other than track days. Years ago, I said I’d never wear a modular helmet.
Today I don’t care to ride on the street without one. Flip open front with a drop down visor (not having to mess with carrying/changing visors) is the only way to fly in my case. Am I giving up a touch of safety vs. an Arai full face? Possibly, although I’m not convinced that’s true. When Sena comes out with a modular helmet that has the same features as their full face helmet, I’ll be the first in line to buy one. Until then, I’ll stick with my Shoei, Schuberth, Nolan and Klim modular helmets and Sena Bluetooth communication systems.

Nice to finally get to meet you and Kathy!


J. T. Manly

Hi Kathy,

Got the K2, thank you, and installed it yesterday.
What dash cam viewer/editor program do you use to edit and create a movie?
Sorry I was not able to attend to presentation at the 49’ers but my wife did and said it was great.

Editors NOTE: Software is "DashCam Viewer"
Here is the RKA video we did on it .... INNOVV K2 Fun with DashCam Viewer Software and more

From: Joseph E. M..., M.D. <.com>
Sent: Thursday, July 11, 2019 1:48 PM
To: Richard Battles <>
Subject: Momentum helmet

Hi Richard. I bought a Momentum Inc from you I guess almost a year ago. I just  wanted to let you know how much I've enjoyed it. It fits well and is quiet. And I have enjoyed fiddling with it while I'm riding, listening to music and the navigation system. Thanks also for your help getting me started on learning how to use it.
Joe Martin

Editors note ... Seem to have lost a sale to a new vacum cleaner ;-(

Sumner K <>
Sent: Tuesday, July 16, 2019 5:23 AM
Subject: Re: TANK BAG

I could not for the life of me figure out how to order on line.  Couldn't find the form.  I saw dealers but there was no link to their website.

I still have my second 19.5 on my bike but it is fraying.  

Anyway my wife is buying me a new vaccum cleaner - Rumba?  instead of the tank bag.


Thanks for the update as always. Just wondering...what kind of seat do you have? I recently bought a new GSA and traded my GTL, but the seat is killing me on long days. Looking for some sage advice.


Andy N

Editors note ... My seat is from our long time friend Mike Corbin

What I Really Think

“You're so vain I bet you think this song is about you.”

Why it’s hard for RKA to do forums or Facebook or social media for that matter.
I do not post a lot. Kind of counter intuitive for social media isn’t it?
The threads (Subject matter) ALWAYS get off subject in a very short time.
These formats are the same reason I dislike “Yelp” there are more negative reviews than positive reviews.
These reviews are for the most part from posters that have had hundreds or even thousands of posts, mostly negative. Have they REALLY used or tried these products they are banging on? I would think not.

RKA is getting close to 200 videos, 10 years of these newsletters, an extensive photo gallery, and Richard (me) giving you the best support and documentation I can ……. You will never hear me say "well maybe this will work", or "if you try this if could do it"

But some of you still listen to that small group of naysayers. OR some purchase from some bottom feeder that has no support platform and is only selling on price alone.

THEN you connect RKA to help you figure things out. (RKA supports OUR customers 1000 percent).
Do you not think our videos, Newsletter, Forum support worth SOMETHING?

With that said ….

How many of you have even read one page of the manual?
How many of you have the “Device Manager” on your desk top?
How many of you have downloaded the “SENA APP”?
How many of you know how to use either of these feature filled devices?
How many of you understand that there is a reason for updating the firmware
OR reconnect your devices as I say “Get out of the car, walk around, get back in”
How many of you connect everything and it does not work? THEN reconnect devices and continue to have CONFLICT because you still have a device connected to something else? … CONFLICT
How many of you know how to connect two helmets for intercom use?

“You're so vain I bet you think this song is about you.”

Kathy and I have our systems setup the way we want them, They all serve Kathy and I well.
Since we sell these products we have and use a lot of them.

Kathy and I now use the SENA Momentum INC helmets as our MAIN systems, These are Elon Musk or Tony Starks stuff! If we ride with the 30K group we can use the new +MESH and turn our Momentums into a 30K
We can use our Schuberth C3P’s and the 30K units.
We can connect with the 30K’s via Bluetooth and “Bridge” into there group.

But whatever we do it works for us and we have not had any real crazy issues with any SENA products.

We SELL SENA, WE SUPPORT our customers that purchase from RKA, BUT most of all WE (Richard & Kathy) are USERS!!!
Belwo are a few links to videos that tell the story from RKA’s point of view.

You will never see us knocking another product. Period. There are Ford’s and Chevy’s, BMW’s and Honda’s, it’s all good. We started out offering a different brand in the beginning of Bluetooth and we actually had TWO wired and TWO Bluetooth systems. We decided  we liked SENA best over all and it as been the only communications system we sell for some time now.

No brand is perfect, they are always trying to make them better.
In the beginning folks would walk by our display and say “Bluetooth is not here yet” NOW they say “Bluetooth is to complicated” It’s only has complicated as you want it to be.

If you decide on SENA and purchase from RKA we will support you as best we can forever.

2018 Range of light gypsy tour
… The ride home.
NOTE how quite the Momentum helmet is.
NOTE how Kathy and I are communicating easily, you can hear Kathy's first syllable, when we start or stop talking the music fades in and out as advertised

What is the Ambient Button?
Note you cannot hear the guy, but when I tap on the Ambient button you CAN hear him

Best RKA connection video EVER ….. a 3:30 second enlightenment

There are plenty more, here

All of you can always contact me, email or phone and ask about products you are interested in purchasing,
but if you are just wanting support and information and have not purchased from RKA I cannot help you.
I have a real job ya know and do not have the time to spend with you.

The place that you purchased from should be able to help you

Here is a document that explains how you non RKA riders can get support ….. RKA Support Information for non RKA customers

Owner RKA

This is what we do

Let’s think small this month. Here are a few things that you can always use. Either to organize, tie down, keep money & ID or have some documentation for legal reasons or fun reasons.

RKA see through compartment bags these come in three colors, two sizes, so you can keep track of all your small STUFF.

RKA “ID” (Identification holder) “WIPP” (Wallet/ID/Phone/Pac) and Map Organizer

My personal “Liner”, one of my “Compartment bags”, my “ID” and “WIPP” AND the STAR of our lead in, to every video we do …. “Pelle”

RKA Compression straps … better than bungees

Three sizes of waist packs, find them on the
RKA Accessories Page

Lastly a couple of products we do not manufacture but offer because we think they are the BEST.
The “Perfect Squeeze” This is the BEST phone holder ever!
The “INNOVV K2” dual camera system,

The Perfect Squeeze INNOVV K2 Dual camera system
Richard's Photos

Some customers sent us some new images and some 30 year old images of their RKA luggage
... pretty darn cool

RKA flagship
49er Rackbag
RKA flagship
49er Rackbag
Older beauty and NEW RKA 26 liter Sonoman Tankbag
with premium color option
Older beauty and NEW RKA 26 liter Sonoman Tankbag
with premium color option

This is our very first offering of luggage in 1985!
The "Mirage I" Seatbag
This is a current
Starr I seat bag
The gang of old and new RKA luggage Mirage I


SENA 10C PRO on a bicycle and more Range of light
Gypsy Tour
coming home.
INC Helmet and Tube
Safety Vests
and our best of friend
The Cookie Monster
and the
Momentum INC PRO with camera

What is the
"Ambient Button?"
Adaptiv TXP Radar
Everybody needs one
be nice to Bicycles
connection video ever!

Stories You May Like

Ya know most of you do not know who I am or what I actually do.

After the July Newsletter I hope you all do know me a little better.
I am the chief cook & bottle washer of this business, Kathy is the brains and sole proprietor THE owner.
These summer tours are fun and exciting and hard and tuff at the same time and I am getting older and fatter. (Read out of shape)

So I want to speak to you about “Euphoria”, What does it mean exactly, and how do you get it?

A feeling or state of intense excitement and happiness
“The euphoria of success will fuel your desire to continue training”.

Exactly! I had this feeling this morning for the first time a quite a while.
I used to get this “Euphoria” back when I was roadracing, of course AFTER wanting to throwup before the flag was dropped and in 2004 and 2005 when training for the Half Vineman.

Roadracing a motorcycle can only be explained by another racer or doing it yourself. Trackdays do not cover what happens to you in a roadrace.

Training for the Vineman was like walking in the dark for almost a year. I had no idea where it would go and I was constantly concerned about everything. How much I eat and what, how much I weighted, How many laps I was swimming everyday and how fast I was going, How was my running? Was I down to the under two hour goal I wanted? Then my favorite .. riding my bicycle. Faster, Faster, Faster.

This was all euphoric even if you read negativity in the sentences above. Because every goal I got to was an amazing feat as I had really never been athletic before in my life other than being a 10 year old swimmer that could dust all the guys my age.(Yup that's me .. the little guy) In high school I was in the choir, the band and studied art.

Jump forward … In March of this year I signed up for the “Tour De Fuzz”, for the 100 metric or 65 mile ride. Not a race but still a challenge. Then the business got in the way, and off we go traveling, so the training was ZERO.

This last week I finally got on my race bicycle and started doing a messily 9 mile ride at sunrise to the Healdsburg bridge and back. Since the 19th of July I have ridden a whole 58 miles at 9 mile increments.
This morning (24th ) I continued on and made the ride 13.25 miles. When I pulled up at home I had that special feeling all over that I had missed for such a long time “Euphoria”. NOW I know I will be ready for the ride in September. I have all of August and half of September to build up my endurance, distance, & speed and guess what? This morning told me, …. I WILL be ready.

These images are of the Vineman in 2005. there is Euphoria in each photo, just look.

I’ll keep you all informed on my training.

I have mounted a SENA 10C PRO on my bicycle helmet and also run a SENA TUBE rear facing under the seat post.

Check out the video section on how I installed it and how it works.


Check it out here ..... RKA 2019 Schedule


The On going SALE PAGE is always on going


RCU Rack $349.95
RKA 49ner $325.00  …

MSRP $674.50

SALE $600.00, for both

SENA Momentum INC, Matte Black, Large, Pinlock installed and Richard will include the smoke screen a $45.00 value.
This is Richard’s personal helmet now retired as he has the PRO model.

$375.00 WIth TUBE camera. (non WiFi version)

SENA 10C Demo
Also Richard's personal 10C



MSRP $349.95
SALE $275.00

SENA Cavalry Extra Small, Matte Black,
MSRP / RKA $349.00
This helmet is a demo  


SENA Cavalry Medium, Glossy Black, 
MSRP / RKA $349.00
This helmet is a demo


The on going sale is ..... On going
go look at it! There are a ton of great deals there CLICK HERE

Life Explained