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April 2019   Volume 25 / Issue 98



From the desk of the Editor

Hi Gang,

This Newsletter is being released a little early because ….
April is upon us … Time to get out of that cabin and start your engines.

Last night we got our frogs back. We have a nonoperational pond in the back yard because of drought we do not use, it even though it is on a recirculating pump.

After a while the frogs left for better housing. This year has been record rain, record snow in the mountains and the pond has been filled with rain water for some time. Last night Kathy took this image and got this sound track. We feel like we are back in the country again.

Beautiful Frogs

In the “What I really think” section A little ditty on cameras, video, production and some OLD STUFF

“This is what we do” section What's waterproof?, some NEW products for the bagger. and more

“Sale” Gotta check it out. This area has got some smoke ’n deals but only for a brief time.

“Richard’s Photos” has a story about Kathy and I’s bucket list.

“Videos” area is finally getting around to my Lacrosse trip in June.
A couple new new “How To” connection videos.

In the “Stories you may like” section an article about one of the top five questions we get from communications customers

Then in the “Schedules” section a new event and we have some important TV & streaming information for you.

Enjoy the newsletter


Hi Richard, 

I just wanted to follow up and see if the electronics shipped. I just finished up servicing the trailer and going through my checklist for the trip to Alabama Saturday for the bike extraction. With a little luck, I’ll be able to ride it home and won’t need the trailer.

Thanks again for everything!

Best Regards,
John A

Thank you both for the exceptional customer service.

Thanks.  The bag fits great!  CEB
Sent from my iPad

Great newsletter, Richard!  Thanks so much for the 'Women of the Ride' history!  Gawd, we were beautiful...still are but there just aren't as many of us...

Loving you endlessly,

Hey Richard, I just got your March Newsletter and it reminded me that I had not sent you any pictures. I took a few a couple of weeks ago.

Our weather hear in Tennessee has been really horrible with all the rain and cold. In the last two months, I have one day (weather and day off) that I could get the bikes out to go ride. I think you guys have had some pretty crappy weather as well. COME ON SPRING!

As you will see in the pictures, your tank bag looks amazing on my 2017 BMW R1200GS Rallye. Is there a chance that I could purchase a 12” x 6” piece of the blue fabric so I can make a map holder extension.

I look forward to seeing you guys at this year MOA Rally which is 45 minutes away from my house. The site for the rally, the Wilson County Fairgrounds, is going to make for a great rally site. The City of Lebanon is a great town as well.

Don’t know if you and Kathy will be able to venture out but if you do, I would like for you to come visit my restaurant, the Bavarian Bierhaus. The restaurant is 30 minutes from the rally site straight West on I-40 to Briley Parkway. I am working with the MOA to put together bus transportation from the rally site to and from the restaurant on Thursday night. Maybe you could join us that way.

That is all for now. Take care.

Mike Gillespie

What I Really Think

So you wanna do video huh? I’ll start BK2 (Before INNOVV)

Every video you see on our website that has the camera on the RIGHT side of my helmet is the SENA TUBE 

After doing different things over the years this is now my GO TO setup for narration … Even if I use another video camera location, I can take the narration from the TUBE track and place it somewhere else during editing.!! 
Here is the mount on my Schuberth and my Momentum 

On the Schuberth I placed the mic in my cheek area, This picks me up and what comes in my speaker (A little cheating)See the button mic below 

Next image is the Momentum, cannot put the mic in the cheek area with the Momentum helmet because of the INC and the PODS cover/direct everything coming out of the speakers DIRECTLY into your ears 

Normal mic placement on Momentum is right in front like the second image you can see BOTH mics, the button TUBE mic on the right, and the opening for the 20S internal system on the left 

You cannot get any incoming audio from the TUBE system it is mic only and narration only incoming like a passenger or another riders voice…. That’s why the cheek setup …. that way it picks up your speaker. 
The TUBE camera is NOT Bluetooth, it’s an independent system for video & narration.

SO with the PODs on the momentum helmet I had to think this out …. So I cheated again … I soldered! 
I soldered in an extra mic so the TUBE now as two! The second one goes INTO the speaker POD on the Momentum. Here is the POD …. After the modification, can’t even tell. 

NOW when I record ALL audio gets picked up from second mic in my speakers  
ALL my narration from me goes into the first mic placed in the front of the helmet. 
The very best example is this video ……. Go to 5:21 in the video and Listen to my friend and I talking … His voice is all being recorded my the TUBES second mic. 
This video is showing how quite the Momentum helmet is, and when I accelerate onto the freeway and Kurt FREAKS out YOU and I hear almost no increase in sound

SENA INC Intelligent Control in action!!! ….. TWO mics, one IN the ear POD and one right in front of the chin area.
This story will be old news in a short time when the Momentum INC PRO is released which we are now taking Preorders for! AT $699.00 it has verything you need and nothing you don’t. Give us a call 707 836 7659 


This system as the mic on the main unit which is hidden in the tailsection of my RT and does not work very well for recording audio. I really do not care because I use the TUBE (INC PRO) for narration.

When editing the K2’s video/audio each track as audio so you need to delete it in the editing room 

Use the 
TUBE, and or INC PRO for narration etc. 

The INNOVV K2 also uses GPS tracking and records everything, Speed, elevation, direction, and is displayed on a map on your computer screen showing your road progress. 
You can watch the videos here.
First one is showing the features.
Second is showing the Dashview software
The third is why you need this system

The INNOVV K2 is only $338.00. 

AND some other mounting ideas

Be sure and check out our YouTube page and also catch one of my seminars on Bluetooth and video production. There is a lot of information to absorb, 

Now you now have a trillion questions call me

Guy - Richard
AFM practice day
On Board with Richard
3J's Trackday
On board with Richard
3J's Trackday
On board with Kathy


Let me share a few videos that make me smile.  

One was done 18 years ago,

Can you say VHS!
It had to be
OKed and inspected by the AFM (American Federation of Motorcycles) a VHS camera inside an RKA bag that they MADE me BOLT onto the seat and pencil camera mounted on the left front of the bodywork, hooked up with RCA jacks!!!

The sound SUCKED so I over dubbed it with music. It’s a lap around Buttonwillow chasing a KID I had never been able to keep up with much less PASS!

The second was done in 2013 at Sonma Raceway" of me on my BMW R1200ST chasing KIDS on racebikes!

The mistake I made on this early production was not using the ONE audio track coming from the camera over the pipe
, so the sound was consistent 

The Third is ridng with Kathy at Sonoma Raceway. and a few images of her tires.
NOT K4 quality video,  
NOT stereo audio ….

But it makes us smile and remember some super days from the past

“We were going soooooo fast” 

Point is tech has changed. Memoeries have not.

This is what we do

A funny thing happened to me on the way to the dealer the other day.

I got a new battery last week and left my moto there for a day and a half OUT IN THE RAIN! It was not raining when I left, and I did not think.

I had a BRAND NEW 49ner rackbag on the moto to show the dealer. I was smart enough to protect it with a raincover.
But I also had my 4-year-old IN-Charge tankbag on the bike with no raincover on! Of course they parked the bike outside.
….It rained….It rained….It rained….It rained, for the two days it was there.

The 49ner rackbag was as snug as a bug in a rug. Did not get a drop of water, raincover worked flawessly of course.
The tankbag had NO protection. NOTHING got so much as damp!

These are not the best photos I have ever taken but wanted to get these shoots as natural as I could.
Read about “What’s Water Proof"

There is a lot about video production in this newsletter.

There are a lot of different ways to go into this subject.

The new SENA Momentum INC PRO with everything build in
is the best solution to give you the best overall features and functions.

Call today to pre order. 707 836 7659.
And order a BUFF while you are at it.
No payment needed now just give us your size and color you want.

Return of the BUFF.
This make puttin your helmet on a real slick deal.
Everybody needs one. Watch the video

20 amp and 40 amp

Not on the website as of today 3-25-19
Call to order 707 836 7659

40 amp
20 amp

You need this system
only $338.00.

Gotta BMW K1600 Bagger?

Want a Rack and a bag to go on it?
NEW Product from RKA

RCU Bagger Rack $349.95 With back rest $519.95

49ner Rack bag the flagship RKA product $325.00

NOTE: This rack will not work with a Corbin seat.

RCU manufactures more products
Racks and Shelves …

See the RKA RCU Page



Sale on this page starts from when you read this to end of day April 5th

SENA Momentum INC, Matte Black, Large, (This is Richard’s personal helmet $300.00. WIth TUBE $375.00)
SENA 10C Demo (Also Richard's personal 10C) $200.00
SENA 10C NEW MSRP $349.95 SALE $275.00

RCU Rack $349.95 & RKA 49ner $325.00  …

MSRP $674.50 SALE $600.00, makes the 49ner rackbag even a GREATER DEAL!!

The on going sale is ..... On going
go look at it! There are a ton of great deals there CLICK HERE

Richard's Photos

A funny thing happened to us on the way to the train station.

We have had the “California Zephyr” ride to Reno in the snow on our bucket list forever.
We finally decided to do it! I figure everybody and their brother is thinking the same thing because of the record snow fall, and figure no way to get the ride.

The Zephyr is NOT the famous “FUN TRAIN” this is the train to Chicago, so we better make sure we do not sleep through the Reno stop. I DID IT! Got reservations for Saturday going and Sunday returning on March 2nd – 3rd.  Plus a room and dinner reservations at Harrah’s. WE ARE IN! We thought.

Then an AMTRAK train gets stuck in the snow in Oregon! A bad omen?
So there is an avalanche over the tracks up by Donner Lake and Truckee. So they send a Snow Plow to fix it. BUT IT derails! Everything canceled … trains stop.

Miraculously we re-book for the 16th - 17th !!!

This is two weeks after the avalanche so we figure there will be no problems …..
Rather than drive to Emeryville in the bay area We start from Davis California.

The train master at Davis says … I got bad news, the Zephyr in Nebraska was delayed 12 hours because of mud on the tracks. This is the train that we are going to ride when it gets to the Bay area, restocks refuels reloads and starts back eastbound.
Then he tells us the Sunday return train has been canceled also, and we could get a complete refund if we wanted.

Kathy and I looked at each other and said we are here, we are committed, lets hang in there even if we have to ride a bus back.

So we did it.

We got to meet and have a great dinner with our friends from INNOVV, and an uneventful ride to Sacramento then train back to Davis.

It was beautiful and worth all the trouble.


Simplified connection video
RKA NEW BMW K1600GTL R1200RT Bluetooth connection in more detail 2019
GSA Tankbag Short
1600 Tankbag Short

49ner Rackbag
Ride to Wisconsin
Intercom Connections
SENA Rideconnected
a people video

Stories You May Like

What SENA system is best for you? 

WAY back in the 80’s and 90’s when at shows we started only with our RKA luggage products. 
Then we noticed customers would look at our helmets and bikes and ask where we got the screen, or what tires we used or is that helmet the best. 
This got us started offering other products.  
Over the years we have not been perfect, and we have made a few mistakes but in the end I think we have done the motorcycle industry well in our efforts to offer great products. 
So why does RKA only offer SENA for communications and  
Why does RKA not stock all the models? 

Back 8, 
years ago RKA covered the bases with two or three wired systems and two Bluetooth systems all from different manufacturers. 
Kathy and I have made it a point to offer only what we use or what we know works. 
Then customers would ask, “Well what do YOU think is best?” Finally we asked ourselves that question and said SENA.

ike RKA has made mistakes in the past, SENA has made a few themselves, but they have ALWAYS come through in the end with great products. And RKA has rightfully stuck with them almost from the day they got to the USA, in 2010.

RKA stocks most of the SENA systems and can get anything you want. The 10S, 10CPRO, 20S EVO, 30K Mesh, Momentum INC, & INC PRO.

There is a chart on the RKA SENA webpage that lists these models and gives GREEN marks for features that we like. The bottom line figures go from 2 to 12, 12 being the best value for the money. 
But this is why I am having this talk and this is why you are listening because this 12 figured SENA 30K is fabulous but does not work for Kathy and I. 
I chose the SENA Momentum INC PRO for my Starwars system and Kathy is using the Momentum INC. 
So lets get started and we will give you a little information 

There are no Sequence you must follow or hoops you have to jump through. 

ALL these systems can use the SENA Smartphone APP 
ALL these systems are firmware upgradeable.  
ALL these systems are using 4.1 Bluetooth firmware 
ALL these systems have the very same pairing features, no difference. 
ALL these systems connect the intercom to each other the very same way. 
ALL these  
Intercom is a separate connection and nothing to do with other connections
You could call it your 6th connection. 

There are .....
FIVE profiles you can use.  
THREE are A2DP profile “Stereo”  
TWO are specific: 
FOURTH one is HFP “Mono Hands Free Profile” for phone use only 
FIFTH one is A2DP “Stereo” For media only 

They are:
1: Phone Pairing 
2: 2nd Mobile Phone Pairing 
3: GPS Pairing 
4: Phone selective Pairing 
5: Media Selective Pairing 

To start these different profiles, it is the same with the 
10S, 20S, 30K 
It is slightly different with the  
SENA Calvary, SENA Momentum, Schuberth C4, SRC1 system, and Shoei NeoTech SRL system. 
This is starting to become another story
We have jumped a little ahead of the purpose of this talk.  
So, let’s get back on track. 
To determine what system you need  
YOU must decide what you want to do.

While considering this keep in mind you may want to EXPAND later. 
So do not get into a dead end for a few bucks in price 
Options include 
Driver Passenger intercomRider to Rider 2 to 8 to endless 
Phone connection / ShareMusic Connection / Share 
Navigation connectionWeather maps 
Motorcycle Audio ConnectionRadar Detector 
Laser BlockerFRS “Family Radio Services” radio 
HAM radioCB Radio 
Some of these options require another piece of SENA equipment 
But lets decide on a Headset system first 

Without again getting into another presentation let
s begin. 
Remember all the functions and features mention above that are the SAME on all systems
In a nut shell .....

The 10S …. MSRP $239.00 (RKA $215.10 / Dual set $395.10) 

Audio Multitasking (With Firmware update)
Can connect to 4 headsets.  
Range 1 mile 
Talk time 12 hours 
Charging time 3 hours

The 20S EVO …. MSRP $299.00 (RKA $269.10 / Dual set $494.10) 

Audio Multitasking  
Can connect to 8 headsets.  
Range 1.2 mile 
Talk time 13 hours 
Charging time 2.5 hours 
Voice Commands via Button 

The 30K MESH …. MSRP $329.00 (RKA $296.10 / Dual set $521.00) 

Audio Multitasking. (With firmware update)
MESH Intercom. 
Can connect to 4 headsets in Bluetooth mode 
Can connect to 16 riders in MESH private mode.  
Can connect to “Virtually unlimited in Public mode. 
Bluetooth Range 1.2 mile 
MESH Range private mode*, 1.2 miles 
* Can extend to 5.0 miles with 6 riders minimum 
MESH Range public mode 1 mile 
Bluetooth Talk time 13 hours 
MESH Talk Time 8 hours
Charging time 1.5 hours 
Quick charge, 20 minutes = 5 hours Bluetooth, 3 hours MESH
Hands free Voice Commands. “Hello SENA” “Say a Command”

The SENA Momentum INC …….….  MSRP $549.00 (RKA $549.00) 

Everything is built into the helmet 
INC “Intelligent Noise Control” 
Ambient Button 
Pinlock Fog insert included 
Audio Multitasking  
Hands Free Voice Commands 
Can connect to 8 headsets.  
Range 1.0 mile 
Talk time 20 hours 
Charging time 2.5 hours  
Multi-density EPS 
adjustable multi-zone foam pad system 
adjustable head liner and cheek pads 
cooling and moisture-wicking system
Weight: 1,750 g ( 61.73 oz)
THINK about this, and everything that is built into the helmet

The SENA Momentum INC PRO ….  MSRP $699.00 (RKA $699.00) 
THE Momentum INC PRO HAS all of the above AND … 
a Video Camera embedded in the top of the helmet: 
1440p: 30 fps (Quad HD) 
1080p: 60 fps (Full HD) 
1080p: 30 fps (Full HD) 
Video recording time: 2 hours 
MicroSD memory cards up to 64 GB 
The Sena Camera App offers the ability  
to preview video recordings and playback the 
videos you have previously recorded via WiFi.  
Weight: Momentum Pro: 1,820 g (64.2 oz) 
So the completely ultimate system for most riders would be the Momentum INC PRO with 30K technology in a Modular designdrop down sun screen, and weighs in at about 3.5 pounds 
This is not going to happen anytime soon gang. 
This is a great unit. 
You may want to call it entry level and remember you cannot ADD features to these 
If you are a solo rider or two up rider that just wants basic intercom and music this is the one

This is SENA’s best all-around system with the most bang for the buck 
This unit can do most everything any rider would want to do with a communications system 

This is the way communications should be and it’s the system I think if everybody had would make the whole communications part of riding a motorcycle like turning on the key. In Public mode anybody can talk to anybody without pushing a button or changing a setting. It’s like having a CB radio on channel 19 with an open mic. If you want privacy easily set up the private mode with up to 16 riders. AND if you want to add someone that requests it you can with thpush of a button 

SENA Momentum INC 
SENA has FOUR versions of this helmet, 10, 20, 20 INC, 20INC PRO 
As of this writing I am still waiting for the release of the PRO but this is the system that works best for Kathy and me. 

We both started riding motorcycles using full Face helmets none of these 
helmets had drop down screens so the transition back to a FF helmet was real easy to do. Forgetting the small inconveniences for the fabulous new features that they now have. 

We are also blessed with being able to have more than one helmet so when we do bicycle events, we can change to the Schuberth C3 pros modular helmet. And on top of that we can use the 30K or the 20S as they use the same cradle. 


RKA will be at at least three MotoAmerica roadrace events and WSB at Laguna Seca.
Here is the way to keep up to date. Hope to see your there.
2019 RKA Event Schedule

What we watch ….. Kathy and I are two wheel people
We are signed up for these streaming 2 wheel events

Tour De France & ALL Bicycle events

Daytona 200 / Flat track and more       
Greg White      “Greg’s Garage”
World Superbike

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