September 2018
Volume 54 / Issue 104
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From the desk of the Editor



There is one rally we have been wanting to go to organized by the “BMW Motorcycle Club of Northern California” called “The Range of Light Gypsy Tour”. It is a “rolling” three-day event, four if you count getting to the start Friday, and you do not know where you are going until each evening and it will be 300 to 400 miles each day.

They asked for a Gift Certificate and in the process of making it …. I thought ….. Those dates are free!
Why not do it just for fun!

So Kathy and I signed up and we did it!!.

Above is the link to the website and information.

Hidden in plan sight. ANYONE that calls today 09-07-18 will receive $50.00 off MSRP of ANYTHING RKA offers over $150.00.
You MUST CALL ON THE PHONE to order, 707 836 7659, and Tell us you saw this on the Newsletter first.

We have some great photos and some dramatic videos but I do not have time to edit all the images and movies so look for the report in October.
(Breaking news! I5 was run over with a NEW wildfire leass than 48 hours after we went through THAT VERY SPOT! 45 miles of I5 was closed!) Here are a few teaser images getting ready.

Getting ready.
We were the coolest looking campers
Kathy used her
10.5 liter IN-Charge tankbag
50 Liter saddlebags
21 liter seatbag
(She changed to her 33 liter Seatbag before we left)
We were both totally self contained.
Some used a sag to carry camping gear
Richard used his
15.5 liter IN-Charge Tankbag
49 liter "49ner" Rackbag
33 liter Seatbag
Saddlebags carried sleeping bags inside the liners
We removed the dividers on our new "49ner" rackbag and loaded the tent and pads. First aid kit, lamp, and a few other small items I put up the 25 year old tent a couple of times in the garage to make sure it was ok and I could actually to it ;-) Peele, one of our intuitive kitties made sure the tent was secure. This is the only "after" photo.
This is our daily map packets, my load sheet for every piece of luggage I was carrying and our SENA Tube camera.

RKA has a couple of more events to attend, The “Beemer Bash” in Quincy, CA September 14-16,
“Lost Horizons” in Mariposa September 27-30. So check the schedule and join us.

At both these events Richard will be doing seminars on communications including Bluetooth and Mesh techology from SENA, Depending on what event you attend there will also be a talk on Video production and a intimate talk with Richard & Kathy both on stage for the first time to tell you about where, why, & when RKA came to be.

Everybody that attends our seminars will receive a
$25.00 Gift Certificate for ANYTHING we offer!!

Enjoy the Newsletter.

This is what we do

Sometimes the simplest things seem complicated
Who would ever want to take off their tankbag? but
What do you do with your straps when not using the RKA tankbag

We have had customers call us with all kinds of ideas Crossover straps, Y connectors, female buckles on strap.
They are all good ideas but you have to remember motorcycles are not all the same. This procedure works on ALL motos.

Here is the drill:

The back strap goes under the seat, ... easy pessy, If your seat is not keyed or hard to get off, remove the buckle (PUT MALE BUCKLE ON BAG!) and slide the webbing down between the seat and tank, leaving a tab of webbing so you can pull it back out

Until we can get our “Customer” Rubber band strap with the RKA logo on it, made up, you will have to settle for a Broccoli or Asparagus rubber band. Make sure you eat the vegetables and be healthy.

Put the rubber band over the left side webbing (It will live there from now on)
Stretch the rubber band over to the right side buckle and loop over it. DONE.
Do this in reverse to reinstall you tankbag. The rubberband will get old. Buy more Broccoli or Asparagus.
RKA's on going sale page

Click here or on the logo …. We have some pretty nice deals on this page.

SENA 30K Dual set
SENA ½ Helmet Cavalry Bluetooth Helmets
SENA Momentum Standard Bluetooth helmets 20S technology… Brand new but tried on a few times.
SENA Momentum INC (Intelligent Noise Control) Bluetooth helmets 20S technology … Brand new but tried on a few times.

These are just a few currently added to this page. Bookmark it and keep checking back for NEW deals

Shoei NeoTec II and SENA

They said it couldn’t be done.

If you want the new Shoei NeoTec II, but do not want the SENA specific headset for it,

RKA can fix that.

Say you require an earbud port, Say you have a second helmet and want to switch the unit back and forth, say you want a SENA 30K.

Well here are the images of the 20S EVO or 30K system being installed in the new Shoei.
Once again an EASY PESSY deal.
Richard's Videos of the Month

UnHappy CHiP
What kind of an idiot
would run a school crosswalk with kids in it,
of a CHP moto officer????

You can fuel with a
RKA tankbag
on any way you want to.

This is the RKA way
and the correct way

I run my SENA TUBE everyday
back and forth to work
and we use them
front and rear on our bicycles
This pass was not what we refer to has a “strafe”
It was done by a stupid un-thinking driver.
AND they turned JUST down the road DUUUUUH

A lot of you have never worn a full-face helmet.
Maybe it’s time to give it a try.
We noticed at the events we have been going to that the initial comment on trying the SENA Momentum INC helmet was
“This thing will NEVER go on my head”.
So we decided to do a little video on that application for your amusement. Try one you may like it. Especially if you want the very quietest, BEST sound you have ever heard without earbuds and the most feature filled, helmet you have ever put on your head. Try one? RKA can do that. We can send you one to try at NO obligation to you other than a fully refundable deposit and to pay for return shipping IF you return it.

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