October 2018
Volume 55 / Issue 105
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From the desk of the Editor


Hi Gang,

It’s been a busy last couple of months and this Newsletter is a few days later than I normally like.
BUT we have been busy, and I STILL have many videos in production that need to be finished. A lot of footage on the June Wisconsin trip, Range of Light Gypsy Tour, Horizons Unlimited Event and now we are focusing on the RKA / Sonoma Raceway Food drive.
If you take the time to READ the Newsletter you WILL find some specials, Deals hidden in plan sight.
In this issue:
The “17th Annual RKA / Sonoma Raceway Food Dr”.
The “This is what we do”
RKA’s “Ongoing sale”
“My opinion” “Richard’s Photos / Videos Of the Month”
“Stories you may like”
The world Famous “Life Explained Series”

Lastly and most important to YOU.

RKA is offering ALL OF YOU a $50.00 Gift Certificate for any orders over $200.00 for ANYTHING we offer.
You need to CALL TO ORDER 707 836 7659 and just say "I heard about this on your Newsletter" or on the

Pretty easy .... Easy money gang.

Enjoy the Newsletter.


From: Robert E
Sent: Monday, August 6, 2018 9:04 AM
To: Richard Battles <richard@rka-luggage.com>
Subject: Thanks

I don't know if you remember the emails we shared over the Sena or not, but I want to tell you that I just finished a 5k mile bike ride and can tell you I talked to friends, listened to music and my GPS all thanx to you and your clear instructions. Thank you.


What about a tank bag accessory that consists of two female strap connectors attached back to back. The purpose would be to connect the front securing straps together (to each other) (when the bag isn't mounted) and keeping them from mucking about and damaging the paint on my RT?  By connecting them across the tank rail, they won't get blown around and they're its out of sight.

What ya think?

Hi Dave,
Eat your broccoli and asparagus and save the rubber band. My personal Asparagus rubber band “LIVES” on the left buckle webbing.

(See the full group of photos in last months Newsletter.)


From: Dave Douglass

Thanks Richard. I had to ask directions to the fresh produce area - I had been looking in the Twinkie isle. Once I got to the fresh produce section, I heard "Code RED in the produce section" announced loudly over the intercom. Next thing I knew, a manager rushed over and asked if I was lost

Our Broccoli has wire tires, but even in Indiana the Asparagus has the rubber bands.


Thu 8/23/2018 8:26 AM
Your excellent response time to my inquiries shows how much you care about your customers.  This is very rare these days.At my age, customer service is everything.

You have a customer for life.

Wishing you continued success in your business.

Monte V

Just wanted to thank you for the impressive fast-ness of receiving the new map case.
Thank you!

18th Annual RKA / Sonoma Raceway Food Drive Ride

Sunday November 18th
Here is the short story.
RKA will be collecting food from NOW until the 18th of November.

Everyone gather at the RKA shop on the morning of November 18th for coffee rolls and comoratery meeting old and new friends. At 8:00 Am SHARP we leave on a great country parade arriving at Sonoma Raceway at 11:00 AM.
We deliver the food. Then at 12:00 PM we gather in front of the offices for the start of laps around the track! Tentatively after the laps we will go into Sonoma for lunch or have lunch at the tracks café. Info updates on the RKA food drive ride page.

You can email or call us to sign up for this event anytime starting NOW. richard@rka-luggage.com Office is 707 836 7659

Here is the link to our "17th annual RKA Food Drive Page"
Here is the link to "Sonoma Raceways Food drive info"
This is what we do
RKA is offering a GREAT NEW PART.
SAE to dual USB Ports MSRP $27.95 …

For a limited time $20.00 when you call to order at 707 836 7659.
It appears Powerlet as left the building, so RKA will be sourcing a few of the parts ourselves so stay tuned

Remember we have free shipping for orders over $100.00 so you may want to bundle this with something else
We DO want to keep harping about the NEW SENA Momentum INC Helmet
A lot of you have never worn a full-face helmet. Maybe it’s time to give it a try.
We noticed at the events we have been going to, the initial comment on trying the SENA Momentum INC helmet was “This thing will NEVER go on my head”.

So we decided to do a little video on that application for your amusement. Called "SENA Monentum Helmet Fitment"
Try one you may like it. Especially if you want the very quietest, BEST sound you have ever heard without earbuds or maybe even with them, and the most feature filled, helmet you have ever put on your head.

What to try one? RKA can do that. We can send you one to try at NO obligation to you other than a fully refundable deposit and to pay for return shipping IF you return it.

Since last months Newsletter Kathy and I have been busy. We atteneded TWO rallies as vendors and ONE as participants

“The Range of Light Gypsy Tour”, a rolling rally … Windsor, Napa, Quincy, Yreka, Windsor.

We did not know where we were going the next day until that evening. We have some great video, also some of Kathy and I on I5 in the zero visuality smoke while coming home! We will try to add these videos later

“Horizons Unlimited” … Mariposa, CA

This is our most favorite rally of the year.
It is a four day event of seminars and riding classes for world Travelers or just weekend warriors.
Richard presented THREE seminars on Bluetooth, Mesh Technology and Video Production. Then we put a mic in Kathy’s hand and put her on the stage with Richard for the first time! We presented a slide show of how RKA started and all the rides and adventures we have had including our trip to the bottom of Copper Canyon in Mexico.

This event will be the same time next year so plan ahead and ATTEND!
RKA's on going sale page

Click here or on the logo …. We have some pretty nice deals on this page.

SENA 30K Dual set
SENA ½ Helmet Cavalry Bluetooth Helmets
SENA Momentum Standard Bluetooth helmets 20S technology… Brand new but tried on a few times.
SENA Momentum INC (Intelligent Noise Control) Bluetooth helmets 20S technology … Brand new but tried on a few times.

We will be adding Powerlet and Rammount discontinued parts, Vega helmets, and more as I have time to post them

These are just a few currently added to this page. Bookmark it and keep checking back for NEW deals

My Opinion

The Holidays are coming and when you order on line or we take your order over the phone you have a couple of shipping choices!

One is “signature required” or “NO signature required”.
Two is to ship to your “work address” or “home address”.

These choices are a no brainier to us.
Choice “Signature Required”
Ship to “Your Work Address”

Now do not tell me we have to explain why this is the best choices.

Is everyone Paying attention?

You should pick up the manual or instructions on products you purchase and read.
RKA Saddlebags do not attach under the seat!!! Can you not SEE this is going to turn out bad????!!!!! There's a Video for that
RKA Tankbags use a TRUE THREE point system, one on the left, one on the right, one under the seat. There's a Video for that ONE of many application vidoes
RKA Tankbags are easy to move for fueling. There's a Video for that
RKA Tankbag straps are easily stored. See last months Newsletter
RKA Rearseat luggage is the best attachment system ever with "the PAD". There's a video for that

SENA, Do you know these SENA facts? ……

Connecting headsets,
Press the Jog Buttons on both headsets until you hear intercom pairing ….. and then tap ONE of the jog buttons …..
Your headsets are connected, easy pessy!!, There's a video for that.
To show you intercom connections have not changed, this is a FIVE year old video using SMH10's. It's still the same drill.

SENA, AFTER intercom connections .. SENA Headsets have FIVE connection profiles, which means you can connect to FIVE devices.

Do these profiles literally mean what they are named?? NO!
Some are A2DP some are HFP. AND what the hell is that?
A2DP is a Stereo profile
HFP is a MONO profile

Phone pairing
2nd Mobile phone pairing
GPS Pairing
Selective phone pairing
Selective media pairing

Not Opinionated, am I?

Richard's Photos / Videos of the Month
This month I will keep it light with some personal, humorous and just fun videos

"The Finger"
Being surprised by some sheep Andy try’s to signal a car that there are sheep in the road ahead.

AFM Practice lap
Ever been "ON"? Ya know whne everything is going better than you think it could? This was MY DAY.
On board with Richard

Dumb Deer
Maybe some of you have hit a deer but how many of you got it on video? Paonia CO 2011

Avon 2012 Ironbutt, The Movie
With Bobbys help I did a "Saddlesore 1000"
From Windsor to Avon CO
1154 miles
Stories You May Like  
We are sharing a few stories at a time that Richard has posted on his LinkedIn account.
We hope you enjoy them.

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"The Awakening"

So the biggest event for ME in 2015
was I got AFib,
what the hell is AFib? ....
Read the story click here
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"Go Ludicrous!!"

BMW K1600GTL liners with that extra PLUSH Gucci finish!
The small and large “Compartment” Also with that PLUSH Gucci finish! ....
Read the story click here
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"Best of Times"

If you have been reading any of my stories you more than likely already know I am opinionated, shoot from the hip and really tell you how I feel.
Well I am having a “Happy Day” today....
Read the story click here
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