November 2018
Volume 55 / Issue 105
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From the desk of the Editor

Hi RKA Gang,

... Food Drive Video ...  

Halloween is behind us and Thanksgiving and Christmas are just around the corner.
The RKA/Sonoma Raceway food drive is creeping up on us really fast. Make sure you show up!

This is our last scheduled event of the year and it IS ON THE TOP OF THE LIST!
Click on the link to the left and watch the recon ride Saturday the 27th.
In the first minute It shows all the turns you WILL miss if you are not paying attention or riding to fast.
After that you get to see a three hour ride condensed into 15 minutes with a gaggle of
old men talking about old men stuff as they ride the coast.
(For those interested the setup for communications was SENA 20S’s and “group Intercom”)

Read up in the “What we do” section about the updated “Richard’s R1200RT Page” and Powerlet & Rammount

SENA has gone into Hyperspace! Releasing Firmware 2.0 for it’s 30, 20, 10 series read about it in the “My Opinion” section.

Look at the two bottom photos on the left ......

Did you know we have been doing communications for over 30 years !!!???
Do you know how to say "Cassette Deck" or "Walkman"?

The other sections you will find interesting….


The “18th Annual RKA / Sonoma Raceway Food Dr”.

The “This is what we do”

RKA’s “Ongoing sale”

"My opinion”

“Richard’s Photos / Videos Of the Month”

“Stories you may like”

The world Famous “Life Explained Series”

Enjoy the Newsletter and tell your friends



Dear Ones!

Great newsletter, Richard, and I'm SO proud of you guys for actually sleeping on the ground in a tent that you packed on your bikes!  I'm afraid Ed's given that up so my days of tent camping on bikes, or anywhere else for that matter, are over...unless I sneak a girl's camping getaway into the calendar...

Love you both oodles!

From: Dave <>
Sent: Sunday, October 7, 2018 7:19 PM
Subject: Hi Richard

Hi Richard,

Good to see you and Kathy last weekend. 
Would you recommend Movavi or Adobe Elements Premiere for a movie editor?
Can you let me know when you get the new "tube camera" in stock?
All the best on your adventures,

Dave Thum
   Overland Adventurer Designs

Thank you for your response and information Richard. I’m in the process of gathering information for my next Farkle installation.



Hi Richard,

Thanks for the info.
Question: Can you get Spotify, Iheart or Rocket player with this set up? In other words, music from the phone?


Damn Straight!!!!! I am stuck in the 50’s …. And listen to iHeart radio 50’s channel most of the time but use Spotify also, They play the “Beep Beep” song and “the purple People eater” every once in a while


From: Jim M
Sent: Tuesday, October 16, 2018 10:27 AM

18th Annual RKA / Sonoma Raceway Food Drive Ride

It's November and we have less than three weeks until our favorite event of the year
It's all about giving, giving & giving

Sunday November 18th
RKA will be collecting food from NOW until the 18th of November.

....... See the turns, see the route see the fun .......
Watch the video at the left to see the recon ride on the 27th of October, AND the turns you will miss if not paying attention.

When you come to the ride make sure you are fueled, your motorcycle is ready, and have proper riding gear,

Here is the link to our "18th annual RKA Food Drive Page"

Here is the link to "Sonoma Raceways Food drive info"

Everyone gather at the RKA shop anytime after 7:00 AM on the morning of November 18th for coffee rolls and camaraderie, meeting old and new friends.

7:50 AM SHARP riders meeting

At 8:00 Am SHARP we leave on a great country parade arriving at Sonoma Raceway at 11:00 AM.
We deliver the food. Then at 12:00 PM we gather in front of the offices for the start of laps around the track!

After the laps we will gather at the track Cafe for lunch and the drawing

You can email or call us to sign up for this event anytime starting NOW. Office is 707 836 7659

This is what we do
2018 R1200GSA with EVERYTHING
13 liter Shiloh Rd Above
24.5 Liter Shiloh Rd right
21 liter rack bag
13 liter Tankbag
24.5 literTankbag
33 liter Seat Bag
49 liter Rackbag

POWERLET, looks like Powerlet has left the building. We cannot confirm that, but all contact as stopped.
There are reports of the website still taking orders and money, but not shipping product.
YIKES. Hope its fake news.

Actually we have been pondering cutting way back on Powerlet parts anyway and just offering the few that make our IN-Charge Tankbag go.
So look for discontinued items on our “ON GOING SALE PAGE", or give us a call.

We will have our own electrical parts and here is our proposed logo.

The parts we are sourcing out are, SAE Power lead, SAE to SAE cable, and SAE to dual USB port are the three items we really need.

We already have the SAE to Dual USB port and it looks like we will close a deal on the other parts soon.

RAMMOUNT, another business we have been doing business with for over 20 years is going crazy! They have told us 90 days delivery time on all orders!!! Wouldn’t that be nice to have that problem?

Actually, we have also been pondering cutting way back on RAMMOUNT parts, like ALL of them!

So look for discontinued RAMMOUNT parts on the “ON GOING SALE PAGE", or give us a call.

I have drastically updated my “Richard’s R1200RT” Photo gallery page making it into a "how to" for our IN-Charge Tankbag. Check it out especially how to mount your phone on the RKA Dashboard.

There is also a “How to Page” LINKED off our "IN-Charge Tankbag Page" Or just click here "The only place you need to look"

ADAPTIV TPX RKA has handed the Radar detector business back to Adaptiv. I have never been a good “explainer” of radar. So if you are interested in Radar the TPX is the best motorcycle solution out there.

Visit them at “ADAPTIV Technologies”
RKA's on going sale page

Click here or on the logo …. We have some pretty nice deals on this page.

NEW ADDITION: SENA 10C MSRP $349.00 Two New on sale for $300.00 each
SENA 30K Dual set
SENA ½ Helmet Cavalry Bluetooth Helmets
SENA Momentum Standard Bluetooth helmets 20S technology… Brand new but tried on a few times.
SENA Momentum INC (Intelligent Noise Control) Bluetooth helmets 20S technology … Brand new but tried on a few times.

We will be adding Powerlet and Rammount discontinued parts, Vega helmets, and more as I have time to post them

These are just a few currently added to this page. Bookmark it and keep checking back for NEW deals

My Opinion
From the beginning the SENA 30K as had issues, what new product as not?

There was a lot of small issues and a couple of big issues.
While in Lacrosse Wisconsin doing my seminar in June one of the critics, the club communications guy was sooooo critical I almost did not go to the rally.

At the end of my talk after covering the issues I told the attendees that SENA would correct these issues.

BUT it would not be firmware update 1.2 then 1.3 then 1.4 etc driving everyone crazy with updates every week.

I told them it would be a while as there had to be major changes in the whole system of headsets they offer.

Well guess what? ……. Firmware update 2.0! SENA has just jumped into outer space!!
If you currently own a 30K get it on the computer and up date that firmware!

If you have any of the devices listed below update that firmware!!

BUT WAIT …. Update your device manager also to 3.8.1!

If you had any issues keeping you from purchasing the SENA 30K you can put them all aside and give RKA a call to order your 30K now at 707 836 7659

The following products, accessories, firmware, software and apps are now available:


30K v2.0
  • Added Audio Multitasking feature in Bluetooth Intercom mode
  • Added Music Sharing feature in Mesh Intercom mode
  • Improved Group Intercom and Multi-way Intercom performance
  • Minor bug fixes with Multi-way Intercom with two paired smartphones
  • Minor bug fixes with Intercom-Audio Overlay Sensitivity feature

20S / 20S EVO v2.0

  • Added intercom compatibility with 30K
  • Improved Group Intercom connectivity
  • Minor bug fixes with Music Sharing during Normal Intercom conversation

10S v2.0

  • Bluetooth Intercom Audio Multitasking support
  • GPS Pairing Mode support
  • FM Sharing support
  • Audio Source Priority support
  • Simplified the Configuration Menu
  • Improved volume control
  • Added intercom compatibility with 30K
  • Improved intercom performance

10R v2.0

  • HD Voice Support
  • GPS Pairing Mode support
  • Bluetooth Intercom Audio Multitasking support
  • FM Sharing support
  • Audio Source Priority support
  • Simplified the Configuration Menu
  • Improved volume control
  • Added intercom compatibility with 30K
  • Improved intercom performance

Momentum INC v1.0.3

  • Sena FreeWire support
  • Improved Intercom performance
  • Improved compatibility with Prism
  • Minor bug fixes in Music Sharing
  • Minor bug fixes with button operation with Prism


Sena Bluetooth Device Manager For MAC v3.8.2 / Sena Bluetooth Device Manager For Windows v3.8.2


Richard's Photos / Videos of the Month
This month we'll show a series of videos I produced on the new BMW Dashboard, the TFT. Then a short instuctional video on our 21, 36, 49 liter rackbag, a video showing how you can put a SENA cradle on the NeoTec II helmet. and finally an instructional video on the 2018 BMW R1200GSA
Video One:
The BMW TFT Display
Video Two:
The BMW TFT Display
Video Three:
The BMW TFT Display


RKA 49, 36, 21 Rackbag
Installation Instructions

2018 BMW R1200GSA
Tankbag Instructions

NeoTec II
30K, 20S Cradle Install

Stories You May Like  
We are sharing a few stories at a time, that Richard has posted on his LinkedIn account.
We hope you enjoy them.

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"15th Annual RKA/Sonoma Raceway
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This is a recap of what we did three years ago
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