May 2018
Volume 50 / Issue 100
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From the desk of the Editor

Hi Gang!

Starting to think about getting the big rig ready for the summer trips. The 49ner in Mariposa, CA will be the first Then in June I will ride the RT to La Crosse for the MSTA STAR Rally at the Radisson Hotel.

We’ll ship a bunch of big boxes which is a lot less expensive than fueling the rig.
Plus, I will get to ride my moto cross country. Have not done that in a day or two.

Kathy and I are looking forward to a great summer season, hope to see ya all at one or another of the events.

As most of you may know we are a lot smaller than most people think we are. We keep a retail display at the front of the shop and SENA dominates that area. We have a TON of helmets for customer to try SENA products with … Come by and take a ride!

On the display we have FOUR 30K’s, TWO 20SEVOS’s, a 10S, 10C, even an old SMH10 mounted on a half helmet.

My Little space The work bench SENA Display SENA Display What's what What's what




We can setup almost any configuration that needs testing. The images show the list of what’s connected to what. Richard can answer any question you have OR find the answer for you. If you are thinking of purchasing SENA somewhere else …. My point is RKA KNOWS SENA and Support is a great thing!

Ok …. We MAY have to many kitty videos and kitty pictures …. But we don’t think so.
So Dave D sent us some photos of “Taylor”. Taylor is a rescue dog and looks like she has found a pretty good home. I can see a side car in Dave’s future. But Kathy and I do not want to be out done so we have to insert a few photos of “Peele” he is the “little” brother …
The wirery one. I have to say … Can Taylor get on top of the garage door?

I have no idea where this question came up, but it was bugging me.
Is an Avocado a fruit?

You might be inclined to call it a vegetable, thanks to its green hue and savory taste, but the avocado is technically a fruit, and even more specifically, a single-seeded berry. A fruit is “the matured ovary of a flower,” according to University of California Agriculture & Natural Resources. Six things you probably didn’t know about Avocados.

1. An Avocado Is A Fruit, And More Specifically A Berry
2. An Avocado Has More Potassium Than A Banana
3. They’ll Ripen More Quickly With A Banana Or An Apple Around
4. Avocados Are One Of A Few High-Protein Fruits
5. You Can Swap Them Into Baked Goods Recipes For Butter
6. You Don’t Have To Eat Them To Reap Their Benefits
Nutritional perks aside, avocados can play a key role in your healthy hair and skin routine. The antioxidants, amino acids and essential oils inside an avocado can help repair damaged hair, moisturize dry skin, treat sunburns and maybe even minimize wrinkles, 
So …. Now you know.

Here is a list of what’s in the Newsletter this month …. Enjoy.
In this issue are:

Letters to the editor These are mostly from our You Tube page
Point of view Sound Quality VS Full face or Modular, CONTROL
New Momentum INC Is noise canceling for you?
Hints, features you may not know Do you know how to Follow me?
The Wrap -XGrip - Frackle Fingers More things you may not know about
SALE NEW current products and just other “Stuff for Sale”
Schedule / Seminars More info about where and when
Life Explained Always solving your problems

Enjoy the Newsletter.

Letters to the Editor

Man your videos are awesome, I'm a real tech dope and even I can make it work after watching these..great job.

MotoGeek Freak

So you have to start a Mesh every time!!? We have Cardo PACKTALK soon as we power up we’re connected... this doesn’t seem as easy?

Reply ME:

I suggest you watch ALL 6 30K videos on the RKA YouTube page to fully understand all the functions. "When connected together in a private Mesh, the headset will automatically save the connection information from all of the other headsets that it has connected to for future Mesh intercom group communication". When Mesh intercom is enabled, the headset will be in Public Mode initially. It can connect with a virtually unlimited number of nearby 30K headsets within a 1.6 km (1.0 mile) range ..... No pairing or connecting is needed!

Oregon Outback

I've watched several videos on this new helmet and yours is the best. Very detailed and well explained. I like all the on-bike testing you did also. I'm excited to see the next version with camera. I really like the INC idea. Sounds like it works pretty well. Thanks for the video.


Hey Richard, good video. You clean up real well for the camera! 😁 Hope to demo one at your shop soon. Still want to find out how the ventilation is on it.
David A

I just wanted to say something to whoever disliked this video, so just to let you know I bought the Rc4 2 times and could not get it to work and I was on the phone with SENA and it was for me impossible to understand the instructions that SENA was given me , I was ready to just send the second remote ack and just forget about it but thanks for this short video I actually was able to get it to work and I thank you Richard so much for that.
Scott D

Nice video Richard I have the same bike as you and am looking for a new helmet. So guessing you don't need to wear earplugs with this helmet as it cuts the wind noise down to a safe level? Thanks.

Reply ME:

NO EARPLUGS!!! I came to work this morning videoing AND with a mic stuck inside the speaker pod ... The silence is dramatic. I will do a short video of this and then the mic outside the "speaker pod" you cannot hear anything coming out of the speakers ....That's how focused they are. Also I took the liner completely apart and will do a video on that real soon. I am taking per orders NOW!!! I have personally made the decision to change from my SCHUBERTH C3P (which I can use earbud speakers, to this INC SENA that I cannot .... Do not need them, do not need earplugs .... It's a NEW WORLD and they only way to understand it is to be INSIDE the helmet.

AND JUST made it in for this month .......

April 29th
From: Tom B,
Subject: Testimonial and thanks

Hello RKA -
I just wanted to tell you about my RKA tankbag.  I honestly don't remember when I got it. I do know that I
used it for a couple of years on a motorcycle I sold in 1999, so it was probably purchased around 1997.

The tankbag was in continuous use from that time. I tour a fair bit. It had been on my current motorcycle
for 80K miles. Overall I'd say the bag has seen 130K+ road miles in it's lifetime.  And guess what?
It's still very usable. The zippers work perfectly, there are no tear-outs or shabby seams. The clear plastic
on the map pocket cracked, no surprise... I just patch it with clear packing  tape from time to time.
The bag always carried lots and lots of stuff:  repair kits, tire pump, rain gear, snacks, water bottle,
tire pressure gauge, mini voltmeter, chain lube, visor cleaner, rags, accessory wiring, radar detector,
extra gloves... and yet always seemed to have room for more. Occasionally, in a pinch, I would stuff it
so much that I could almost rest my chin on it.

The only flaw, which just developed recently, is that the snap connector at the back of the bag (the one
that's been disconnected/connected at every single gas stop!) finally got weak and would let go while I
was riding.  Obviously the bag is faded and not very rain-resistant any more.  But it served my needs
faithfully for two decades, and it almost seems a shame to retire it.  I may see if I can find some
short-of-funds rider in need of a bag.

Still functional after two decades and 130K+ miles - this was *amazing* quality and I wish more things in
my life had that level of quality. When it came time to replace it, I didn't even consider any other brand.

I've enclosed a picture of the old bag alongside the new Sonoma bag which just arrived. I picked the
Sonoma partly because of the clean wire routing. (What's missing in the picture are the wires I used to
awkwardly dangle out of the top-pocket zipper on the old bag - a little embarrassing but it worked.)
There are still directions in the map pocket from my trip to WV last year.


Point of View


“Not such a bad exchange” Sound vs Flip. Or Full face helmet vs modular.
So I want you to know I am personally ALL IN on the SENA Momentum INC “Intelligent Noise Canceling” helmet. My C3P is now officially retired to moto marshal duty only.

We have THE AUDIO FREAKS out there that want perfect sound but then they use a noisy modular helmet (Yes some are quite …. “For a modular” ….)

A full-face helmet is the proper knife for the Audio fight.

You combine that and the noise canceling technology and “WE HAVE A WINNER”!!
This is the ONLY helmet EVER that I can ride I80 at 90mph and hear my music at 8 volume setting and not a 10 volume setting!!

Call RKA and pre-order the SENA Momentum INC helmet!!! They will be in house mid to late May!!


“Can’t have your cake and eat it to” JUST phone VS BMW BT system

So if you have, say, a BMW K1600GTL and you connect your iPhone to your Navigator, Your Head set to your Navigator and then to your BMW Module to your headset,

You can control everything using the headset and Multifunction Wheel. Make and receive phone calls through the Navigator. Listen to music streaming through the Navigator from the iPhone, You can use the BMW audio system, FM, XM, USB, Aux Port, and of course talk to your passenger or other riders.


Because you are NOT connected directly to your phone you are limiting the voice command feature, “Hello SENA” the new voice activated voice commands for operating some of the systems and features
You are completely out of luck using “HEY SIRI”.
So if you own any “other moto” without a Bluetooth module you would connect directly to your phone.
In this configuration you can almost completely control everything hands free!!!

Using and making the most out of “Hello SENA” to start, stop music, speed dial numbers, start intercom, and more, or

HEY SIRI” Using apps like “Garmin USA, My Radar, iHeart Radio, Pandora, Spotify”  Use “HEY SIRI to take you to McDonalds or a gas station or motel HANDS FREE!

If you have not read it go back to the April Newsletter and read “Understanding the 30K”.
Maybe the 20S or Momentum Helmet with 20S technology is for you.


NEW!! Momentum INC (Intelligent Noise Canceling)

Momentum INC $549.00 ...
taking pre orders Momentum INC Intelligent Noise Canceling, 20S technology, 1750 grams, Comfortable fit
SOME colors and sizes are coming in NOW!!!!!.
.... YES it WORKS! Watch the Video

Helpful Features on your NAV
Here are a few images of the Nav VI "Follow me" screen.
There is a Video for that! ;-) Here

The Wrap - X-Grip & Frackles

This is "The Wrap" it has been an option but will now be the only control storage we will offer when the "Control Box" is gone.

"The Wrap" "The Wrap" "The Wrap" Control Box Control Box  

For some unknown reason you may not like the RKA IN-Charge tankbag to hold your phone. You can use the RAMMOUNT X-Grip. You will need a BASE, an ARM, the X-Grip. Which all come with the “Tether” now.

We have decided the “Frackle Fingers” is the best solution for using your Smartphone with gloves on.
The ONLY issue is with some gloves they do not stay on very well and get hooked up in the Hook of Hook & Loop (Velcro) of your glove.
So have some one that can sew attach them with just a couple of loops and bingo! They are solid.
The snagging issue is solved like this. If you have Frackle Fingers on your left glove, put you right glove on first. Then your left glove and you will not be encountering any snagging issues.

Stuff for sale

We think we have documented enough that we are in love with these new SENA Momentum helmets.
RKA thinks the INC helmet is the best value and will have the INC Intelligent Noise Canceling helmets in stock. We have a large pre-order,

Some sizes and colors are coming in NOW!! CALL to see what's in so far 707 836 7659.

So we have a couple of SENA Momentum Standards on sale. These are using 20S Technology and are NOT the noise canceling model.

DEMO  Momentum standard (20S) Matte Black / large MSRP is $449.00 sale $349.00
.$400.00 with tube (if you do not want the camera I will remove the cradle, may leave a noticable spot on the helmet.)

NEW    Momentum Lite (20S) Glossy White / large MSRP $449.00 sale $400.00 ….. Shop demo never on the road











The 49ner has been on a intro special at $325.00

The regular price of $350.00 will be updated pretty soon.

GET YOUR’S NOW!!! Most fantastic bag we have done!!
Late last year I purchased the coolest Jacket and pants. The jacket goes with my RT great!
BUT this jacket and pants did not work for me.
They have hardly been worn.
HELD Large Harvey 76 retro leather jacket retailed for $550.00 the first $300.00 gets it.
HELD Large textile sliver and black pants retailed for $390.00 the first $250.00 get them.
A customer upgraded from the original 20S (with flip up antenna)
so we have it up for sale.

It is exactly 2 years old.

First $175.00 gets it. There is NO warranty.

We did a photo shoot
and we have some premium color 13 liter Shiloh Rd 3 point "Y" tankbags on sale.
These tankbags are brand new
MSRP is $195.00 on sale for $150.00 and free shipping. CALL 707 836 7659 to order
What did we shoot? The BMW 310GS
Black/Black/Charcoal Expanded Blue/Black/Silver Expanded

Blue/Black/White Expanded Red/Black/Silver Expanded

We tell customers that premium colors are NOT RETURNABLE, send them color samples and make sure they are happy with the fitment, color, features etc.

Well sometimes our best is not good enough and this bag was returned ….
Duhhhh ...if the customer is not happy, it’s not good for them or good for RKA, so it is n the house and up for sale.

We know the first question especially from the KTM riders is can you change the blue?
No we cannot, it will forever be orange with blue piping.

This rackbag retails for $190.00 the new “Find a new home” price is $150.00 and free shipping.
CALL 707 836 7659 to order
Premium Color
orange / Blue piping
21 liter rackbag
Premium Color
orange / Blue piping
21 liter rackbag
Premium Color
orange / Blue piping
21 liter rackbag
Premium Color
orange / Blue piping
21 liter rackbag

So I was cleaning my work bench ….really …. WAY in the back on a plastic shelf was THREE used IN-Charge bags!!

They were ones I had had on my RT then I decided to get Burgundy premium colors to go with the motorcycles (NO it is NOT Ebony I don’t care what BMW says) and my new Corbin seat …. Gotta show you a photo yes?
So anyway if you are interested we have a

5 liter MSRP $320.00,           SALE PRICE $175.00

15.5 liter MSRP is $370.00  SALE PRICE $200.00

These bags look BRAND NEW!
CALL 707 836 7659 to order
2018 Schedule
See our Schedules page for all the information on each event as there may be more has we go along.
Seminars at all events except AIMExpo, Here is a quick list
49ner Rally Mariposa, CA.  May 24-28
MSTA STAR Lacrosse, WI June 10-14
Chief Joseph Rally   John Day OR.       June 29 - July -1
Top O the Rockies   Paonia, CO              July 19-22 (Tentative)
Beemer Bash   Quincy, CA  September 13-16
Horizons Unlimited  Mariposa, CA September 27-30
AIMExpo Las Vegas, NV  October 12-14
Event Notes: Seminars

1: “The R.I.D.E.” This talk is updated every year with no exception for 2018 technology moves quickly! It will cover SENA Bluetooth products, GPS, phone and apps

2: “The R.I.D.E. II" ... 30K The Future is here now, This is be a brand new talk about SENA MESH technology, the NEW Momentum INC helmet and the future of motorcycle communications.

3: “Video 101” This is a beginner’s seminar on how to video, how to mount a camera, and how to edit and produce a video and more. This seminar is only a few years old and one of my favorite subjects but will be presented only at venues that have the time and space to do

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