March 2018
Volume 48 / Issue 98
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From the desk of the Editor


Hi Gang!

It’s March and the weather looks awful almost everywhere. As I type it is raining cats & dogs and I have had to go to work in the van darn! Life is tuff.
Anyway we understand that it’s hard to get motivated for the spring but hang in there and it will get better.
START PLANNING. I am .... See "Event Notes" below. I am looking for a riding partner as I am riding the R1200RT to Lacrosse WI in June!

What do YOU have to say? See "Letters to the Editor"

As usual I most always have "A point of view" This month it's about paying the rent and our wonderful employees.
Read all about that below.

"New Products: A 30K Note" a short lesson on why your cup is half full and not half empty.

Under "Photography"
There are photos of our premium color options of happy customers and some studio work.

We have some "Stuff for Sale" that you may be interested in.

What are we up to this year? See "Schedule" section
RKA will be attending a number of events this year, and will be presenting two or three seminars at each venue.
The notable event we will miss in 2018 is the “BMW National Rally" in Des Moines, IA. We just cannot connect the dots to make it viable

A word about the seminars.
In the "Event notes" section

And lastly our monthly "Life explained" section.

A quick note about our "IN-Charge Tankbag" We will discontinue the "Aluminum Control Box" and offer "The Wrap" in it's place.
The Control Box takes up a lot of space and riders did not like that ... but it also helps support your devices on the top of the bag, so now you need to make sure you do "device management" on the amount and weight of the things you want to put on the Dashboard.

Enjoy the Newsletter.

Letters to the Editor

A note from the general manger of our new EuroSport Cycles about some photos I took. Some pictured in this Newsletter.

This looks incredible man. Killer job!

Oh, that is so funny! I had a 1978 VW Bus years ago, and my boyfriend pushed it plenty! This is a 1997 Dodge Grand Caravan. And hopefully there will be no pushing involved!
On Feb 25, 2018 6:17 AM, "Richard Battles" <> wrote:
You mean like Zit’s? You go girl!


From: Lisanicole S
Sent: Saturday, February 24, 2018 12:27 PM
Subject: Re: Broken zipper

Hi Richard,

Well, that is a bit of bad news. Thank you both for taking a thoughtful look at it. And thanks for the offer of 20% off a new set. As it happens, two days after I bought my DL650, I acquired (very cheaply) and unexpectedly, an old minivan from a friend who is moving out of California. It needs a few things though, so some of my motorcycle accessory money will have to go to some van repairs. : ( But when the time comes, I'll let you know.

Thanks again,


i received the tank bag and seat bag friday afternoon and immediately put them on the 73 r75 swb.  you have done a fantastic piece of work with this design and execution!  all expectations are exceeded.  as requested in your printed literature, i will send a picture of the installation in the coming days.
thank you, colin stokes

Yes sir, and installed. Was lightly panicking because they were sending me notices of delivery Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday etc... Lol. Thanks again! 
Sent from my Verizon, Samsung Galaxy smartphone

-------- Original message --------
From: Richard Battles <>
Date: 2/2/18 8:19 AM (GMT-06:00)
Subject: RE: USPS?

Says so …  do you have it in hand?

February 1, 2018 at 3:22 pm
Delivered, In/At Mailbox
SANTA FE, TX 77510


Point of View

Let me start by saying it appears brick and mortar is going away as it is so hard to compete with Amazon, eBay, Shopify, to say the least.

There is a slight difference with RKA’s scenario as we design & manufacture all our luggage right here in this building, and are our own distributor, so we have a little control and advantage there. BUT with the other products we offer that’s a different story.

I LOVE SENA! We do not offer any other communications systems. I have become obsessed with learning and teaching these products. If you call SENA you will more than likely get a phone person reading out of a manual. On the forums we sponsor the very nice and well-meaning folks answer with “Well I THINK this will work” OR “Maybe if you try this” I do not work like that. I fix it, or answer it, or I say I do not know but I will find out.

So I try to keep Telling folks when you purchase from RKA you get Richard along with the deal! This is like purchasing a GOLD extended warranty for learning.
My SUPPORT is worth much more than any savings you may find from a reseller that being a bottom feeder or possible Unauthorized SENA reseller.
RKA tries real hard to  offer these products at a price that works for you and allows us to pay the rent.

SENA has “MAP” pricing. This is the lowest pricing you can (supposed to) put up on the web “Manufacturers Advertised Pricing” Obviously there are a lot of them not adhering to that policy.

So if you CALL to order and talk to us we will try REAL hard to match any price from another authorized SENA dealer, and include Richard.

Don’t forget all the “RKA YOU TUBE” instructional and kitty videos Richard has produced, directed, and filmed, you do understand those take a minute or too to put together?

For 2018 we have introduced FREE shipping for the USA and 50% off for all others!! We are trying real hard to get your business.

New products: A 30K Note

This is a teaser ….. If you want a FULL understanding of the new 30K check out my “30K The Future is here now” seminar at one of the events. OR check out the RKA YouTube page and watch the videos on the 30K they are pretty much at the top.

There are always the naysayers and the people that think the glass is half empty. There IS and will be issues with this new technology as there is in every new product, My iPhone X had a battery issue, did I send it back and say never again? NO Apple fixed the issue.

RKA opinion … The 30K IS the future of motorcycle communications. So let’s see how easy it is to understand the MESH button.

1: The 30K unit has a new button the “MESH” Button. I like to refer to it as the “Green” button as when in MESH mode the light blinks green. This button is on top with the antenna. Pretty much we will be touching only that ONE button

2: Turn on the 30K, raise the antenna, “tap” and release the MESH button and RB 30K, KJS 30K & DEMO1 30K are all speaking to each other in MESH Public mode. (Green arrow)

3: DEMO 2 30K Joe Blow from Tacoma is in MESH Public Mode as he rides up behind the group. He can hear them from a mile out! And says “HI GUYS where are you going? This is the rider behind you”. Everyone in the group hears Joe Blow and they are connected nothing for anyone to do! They ALL can hear and speak to each other.

4: So the first group does not want something like this to happen. So at the start of their ride they create a PRIVATE MESH and then Joe Blow cannot hear them, nor can they hear Joe.

5. Joe rides up behind them and SEES the 30K’s and does not get a response. SO assumes they are in PRIVATE MODE. Joe can tap his MESH button and a voice prompt will ASK the leader “Would you like to add a participant? And Joe can to be added to the PRIVATE mesh or rejected by the leader!.

6: The 10C is connected to RB 30K via Bluetooth ...The 10S, and two 20S EVOs are connected to KJS 30K via Bluetooth ...The OLD SMH10 is connected to the DEMO1 30K via Bluetooth.

Wait for it …............…. YES! They are ALL in on the MESH mode connecting through those 30K units via Bluetooth!!!  Everyone can speak and listen to everyone.

When you decide to upgrade remember who to order from.

The first row is of a Las Vegas man
who was a disbeliever when I suggested the "Forest Green & Charcoal pipping"
for his NEON green ZX14R. He is ecstatic!!
And it clarifies how we do not MATCH but coordinate with your moto.
We have a GREAT Photo Gallery!
The rest of the photos are of our premium color options and my latest photo shoot of the BMW G310 GS.

Stuff for sale

Late last year I purchased the coolest Jacket and pants. The jacket goes with my RT great! BUT this jacket and pants did not work for me.
They have hardly been worn.

HELD Large Harvey 76 retro leather jacket retailed for $550.00 the first $300.00 gets it.
HELD Large textile sliver and black pants retailed for $390.00 the first $250.00 get them..

So I was cleaning my work bench ….really …. WAY in the back on a plastic shelf was THREE used IN-Charge bags!! They were ones I had had on my RT then I decided to get Burgundy premium colors to go with the motorcycles (NO it is NOT Ebony I don’t care what BMW says) and my new Corbin seat …. Gotta show you a photo yes?
So anyway if you are interested we have a

3 liter MSRP $280.00,           SALE PRICE $125.00

5 liter MSRP $320.00,           SALE PRICE $175.00

15.5 liter MSRP is $370.00  SALE PRICE $200.00

These bags look BRAND NEW!

2018 Schedule
See our Schedules page for all the information on each event as there may be more has we go along.
Seminars at all events except AIMExpo, Here is a quick list

49ner Rally                  Mariposa, CA.           May 24-28
MSTA STAR               Lacrosse, WI              June 10-14 ............. (Looking for riding partner, see events notes below)
Chief Joseph Rally     John Day OR.             June 29 - July -1
Top O the Rockies     Paonia, CO                July 19-22 ............... (Tentative)
Beemer Bash             Quincy, CA                 September 13-16
Horizons Unlimited    Mariposa, CA             September 27-30
AIMExpo                     Las Vegas, NV          October 12-14
Event Notes

1: “The R.I.D.E.” This talk is updated every year with no exception for 2018 technology moves quickly! It will cover SENA Bluetooth products, GPS, phone and apps

2: “30K The Future is here now” This will be a brand new talk about SENA MESH technology and the future of motorcycle communications.

3: “Video 101” This is a beginner’s seminar on how to video, how to mount a camera, and how to edit and produce a video and more. This seminar is only a few years old and one of my favorite subjects but will be presented only at venues that have the time and space to do

The one I am excited about is MSTA STAR as I am leaving the big rig here and shipping product to Lacrosse.
WHY? Cuz I am going to ride my R1200RT to this event!

I am looking for a riding partner. Here is the tentative ride/route
Wednesday    June 6th          Windsor           to         Wendover, NV.         635 miles
Thursday         June 7th           Wendover       to         Laramie, WY             508 miles
Friday              June 8th           Laramie          to         Omaha, NB               541 miles
Saturday         June 9th           Omaha            to         Lacrosse                   410 miles
Thursday         June 14th or Friday 15th I start back.
The return trip as not been planned, and I may not even plan it, just start riding west.


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