June 2018
Volume 51 / Issue 101
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From the desk of the Editor

Hi everyone,

RKA is cutting back on travel and the schedule list is getting smaller. We normally only give discounts at events.
So RKA wants to fix that …. For the Month of JUNE Call to order 707 836 7659 and we will give you a 10% discount an ALL RKA luggage. AND ship for free!! For free shipping conditions click on the image above.

ALL SENA product is already at the “Best Price” and ship for free also. Our policy his here … “Best Price Guarantee”, AND remember when you purchase from RKA you get ME! And over 50 instructional videos produced by RKA. The very best support you can get anywhere. That alone is be worth a few bucks.

Our best of friends and customer Bobby B out did our kitty picture this month
This is "Cyrus Morgan Baker" getting his first taste of motorcycling.

Of course Cyrus is inside an RKA 36 liter rackbag.
And you can see Bobbies IN-Charge tankbag up front.

Last month I did the stupidest thing. I sent out our “Constant Contact” email to announce the May Newsletter was up and ready for you to read. But I forgot to put the “LINK” in, to get to it!
So with this mistake I learned something.
A lot of readers do not understand the Newsletters are on our website all the way back to 2011!! Here is how you find them.

On the RIGHT column of most of the main pages you will see this logo:

Click on it and it will take you to the “Main “Newsletter Page”

From there you can access ALL the RKA Newsletters.

Did you know I hit a 8 Point buck in 2011? Did you know I videoed it?
Take a look …. Dumb Deer …. August 2011

Did you know "Pelle" made the "Weather Page" cut!!!
Did you know we produced a 30 year anniversary Newsletter with 30 years of photos?

Take a look “January 2015, 30 years of RKA
Also you can see our very first design “The Mirage” seatbag, images on the right.
It was beautiful, functional, and the most unique and new design of the decade.

Every time I unload my RKA liners, and my fabulous IN-Charge Tankbag I say to myself, this is the very best motorcycle luggage in the world! Just look at it! HOW can we get this out to the public better than we have?

On this note we have decided to do a whole new series of videos on RKA luggage applications and why we can help you make your application decision.

So enjoy old Newsletters or see the new ones here “RKA Newsletter

We are back from mariposa and the 49ner Rally, and I am packing for my La Crosse “cross country adventure”. All the product was shipped Friday and will arrive at the Radisson for the STAR rally before me.

Greg, a long-time customer is meeting me Wednesday June 6th 3:30 AM and we will be heading east, but a little slower than I used to go. This will be a kinda walkabout for me, Each day will get a little less miles. Wednesday Wendover, UT, Thursday, Casper, WY, Friday Oacoma, SD, Saturday arrive at La Crosse in the AM

A GREAT comment from a YouTube viewer on the Momentum INC Intelligent Noise CONTROL helmet!
Intelligent Noise CONTROL, not CANCELLING. That's because the design of helmet itself, as well as an electronic cancelling function conspire to 'control' the noise...The main emphasis is reduction of low-frequency-harmful-to-hearing noises.

Enjoy the Newsletter.

YouTube video comments

Guess what? We have a YouTube Page!
We know you knew …..
But you would not believe the folks that do not know.
We only have 704 subscribers should be 70,000. So, subscribe!!!
There are over 186 videos!! We have had over 484,386 views!
34 on Luggage applications,  8 on IN-Charge Tankbags, 73 on SENA Applications and instructional, 60 Just for fun (Kitty videos and such), 11 On Bicycles

Here is what the viewers write about Richard’s Productions....

RKA Presentation of the SENA Momentum Intelligent Noise Control Helmet

Oregon Outback 1 month ago
I've watched several videos on this new helmet and yours is the best. Very detailed and well explained. I like all the on-bike testing you did also. I'm excited to see the next version with camera. I really like the INC idea. Sounds like it works pretty well. Thanks for the video.

the hexter1
1 month ago
Hey Richard, good video. You clean up real well for the camera! 😁 Hope to demo one at your shop soon. Still want to find out how the ventilation is on it.

Scott Dewar
1 month ago
Nice video Richard I have the same bike as you and am looking for a new helmet. So guessing you don't need to wear earplugs with this helmet as it cuts the wind noise down to a safe level? Thanks

SENA RC4 Remote control Pairing

David Adiv 2 months ago
I just wanted to say something to whoever disliked this video, so just to let you know I bought the Rc4 2 time and could not get it to work and I was on the phone with SENA and it was for me impossible to understand the instructions that SENA was given me , I was ready to just send the second remote ack and just forget about it but thanks for this short video I actually was able to get it to work and I thank you Richard so much for that.

SENA Bluetooth for Dummies II

Bret Gross 6 months ago
Thanks for another informative video. I even learned a couple things about my iPhone 6! Looking forward to pairing the two.

SENA 30K Setup Video 5

Paul Breau
6 months ago
These 30K videos are awesome. I would love to see one on using the 30K and the Sena Freewire.

How to: Connect a SENA headset to your BMW, NAV V, & SmartPhone

Michael Seibold
2 years ago
Great job on the video Richard!  Very clear and concise instruction.

2 years ago
Great easy to understand video, thank you Sir!! Followed it to the T and now all my stuff is connected together and up and running-

Mauna Honu Adventures 8 months ago
Thank you for taking the time to make this video. Good stuff! 
Point of View

Years ago at events customers would walk right by and say,
“Bluetooth is not here yet”

A few years later they would say
“Well, can you make it do this, or that?”

Now when they walk up they say
“Bluetooth is to complicated now”

Is Bluetooth more complicated? NO it is not. It is only has complicated as you want it to be.


If you are old enough you may remember that “YOU” where the remote control on the family TV.

“Hey Kid” get up and change it to channel 5. AND there were only THREE ABC, CBS, NBC

Now in our house we have THREE remote controls. ONE to turn on the TV, ONE to turn on the sound system, and ONE to turn on and use ROKU with hundreds of choices.

Is this to complicated now? NO you figured it out.

If you are using JUST your smartphone you are pretty much “Golden” and SENA headsets are designed and work best this way.

If you have new BMW GTL, GT, RT, Goldwing, or any new mot with build in Bluetooth you have “FEATURES” that may seem a little complicated.

I used to build model planes … Mom MADE SURE I laid out all the pieces and “READ THE INSTRUCTIONS”

Read the instructions and understand what’s going on

What’s connected here and how does it work?

This is my 2014 BMW R1200RT

This motorcycle comes with a build in Bluetooth audio system module
and a Garmin BMW Navigator VI, much the same as a 396, 596, 665 etc. This unit allows “music Streaming” through your smartphone.

1: I have the BMW Bluetooth Audio Module connected to my SENA Momentum INC Helmet via “Phone pairing”

2: I have the Nav VI connected to my SENA Momentum INC Helmet via “Second Mobile Phone pairing”

3: I have a SENA SR10 Radio Adapter, connected to my SENA Momentum INC Helmet via “Selective Phone pairing” This device allows radar audio and CB radio transmit and receive via Bluetooth.

4: I have a SENA RC4 remote control located on my left grip connected to my helmet
This allows me to control anything I can control with the “JOG”, “PHONE” or “AMBIENT” buttons on my headset.

5: I have a SENA PRISM camera Bluetoothed to my Headset (Using one of the intercom profiles)
This allows me to FULLY control the camera from my RC4 Remote control

6: I have a Garmin VIRB camera mounted on the right saddlebag it is connected to the NAV VI
This allows me to start and stop the camera from my NAV VI screen.

7: I have my iPhone X connected to the NAV VI
This allows me to make and receive phone calls hands free AND the ability to “Stream Music” through the NAV VI to my headset. Think Pandora, Spotify, iHeart Radio, Audible, etc.

8: If I lose cell towers I switch to the BMW audio system and listen to my USB aux port with thousands of songs on it

9: My iPhone X is in the cradle of my IN-Charge Tankbag, using our “Frackle Fingers” on my gloves I can change between, Audio apps and “MyRadar” which shows the weather live.

10: a third camera the SENA “TUBE” is mounted on my helmet. This is a stand alone camera and is NOT Bluetooth. It has a mic and you can do narration into the camera, it as a small speaker that informs you that the Camera is ON or OFF and if it as a media card installed.

11: My helmet of choice is The NEW SENA Momentum INC “Intelligent Noise Control” helmet.
This helmet is imbedded with a 20S Bluetooth system and the exclusive SENA Noise Control feature

2018 Schedule
See our Schedules page for all the information on each event as there may be more has we go along.
Seminars at all events except AIMExpo, Here is a quick list

MSTA STAR La Crosse, WI June 10-14
Chief Joseph Rally   John Day OR.       June 29 - July -1
Top O the Rockies   Paonia, CO              July 19-22 (Tentative)
Beemer Bash   Quincy, CA  September 13-16
Horizons Unlimited  Mariposa, CA September 27-30
Event Notes: Seminars

1: “The R.I.D.E.” This talk is updated every year with no exception for 2018 technology moves quickly! It will cover SENA Bluetooth products, GPS, phone and apps

2: “The R.I.D.E. II" ... 30K The Future is here now, This is be a brand new talk about SENA MESH technology, the NEW Momentum INC helmet and the future of motorcycle communications.

3: “Video 101” This is a beginner’s seminar on how to video, how to mount a camera, and how to edit and produce a video and more. This seminar is only a few years old and one of my favorite subjects but will be presented only at venues that have the time and space to do

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