Feburary 2017
Volume 47 / Issue 97

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From the desk of the Editor

Hi Gang!

Happy Valentine’s day!

From Richard, Kathy, Key & Peele
Kathy and I want to thank all you new and especially OLD RKA customers. I cannot believe it but we are now into 33 years!

NOTE: If you call for SENA support do not call on the phone we will be working with. Have your devices with you and be standing next to your moto. Finally do not be in a hurry.

We got a call and orders from a couple of customers last week that purchased from us in early 2000 and 1986! I never thought of 2000 being way back but DANG that’s 18 years ago!!

I just want to throw in a word for that 1986 customer, and that is Paige Ortez of AeroFlow, We have been distant friends for all those years, and he is one customer that actually reads these Newsletters. Just click on the images and it will take you right to "AeroFlow". NOTE: This is another "Made in the USA" product!!

I have never had a motorcycle that I could put one of his screens on, but now with my R1200RT I have one on the way.

I always said RKA is the best kept secret in the industry. We do not have a distributor and I flunked “Marketing 101” so we depend on our retail customers to keep us going.

Dealers no longer want to “Stock” product and although we hate that we can understand. With the internet going like it is, Amazon, Google, and many other shopping sites it makes it hard on the brick and mortar stores.

Now with that said we want you to patronize your dealers and accessories stores, BUT if they do not have the product you want, Kathy and I would like you to call RKA direct. We can tell you what’s the best product best size and fit for you.

For 2018 we have introduced FREE shipping ground and 50% off 3, 2, nextday for the USA and 50% off for all others!! Click on the image above for complete details.
We are trying real hard to get your business.

BUT WAIT there’s more! When you order from RKA you also get Richard right in box 😉
What does this mean? Well it means help with installation access to our instructional videos and and and …… The really BIG ONE …… Cannot beat RKA’s SENA pricing, You cannot beat free shipping, You cannot beat the SUPPORT! Richard can help you! At the shop we do FREE installs and connections to your devices. And get you going down the road with full confidence in the product.

When you order SENA from out of state you STILL get Richard! You cannot get SENA at a lower price from a legitimate reseller, and even if you could, the savings would not equal Richard’s knowledge and help. Hold that thought.

Enjoy the Newsletter.

Letters to the Editor

Hi Richard,

We will have to get together in Des Moines for lunch or maybe earlier if I get a wild hair up my ass and go for a ride to northern California.I understand some of the stuff going on here as I worked in electronics for 45 years building communication satellites.  If I told you more, I would have to shoot you.


HA  NEVER SAW A KAT-750 b4.  is that a Canadian import?  I have a 83 kat 1100 I got from Nick Inotch,
motor built by his bud  Nigel Patrick. for a 83 its OMG fast.

Hi Greg,

Not many people notice anymore. Our first product evaluation was done by Nick. He had that 1100 and I had the 750 and we bonded right away 😉
There was NO in between you loved it or you hated it.
I purchased it from “Powell’s” (No longer in business) in Alameda California in December of 1983.
They had a 1000, 1100, 650 turbo and the 750 on the floor …. I just loved the color.

I will never forget … On my Christmas trip to visit Kathy in LA I rode it from Albany CA to Buttonwillow, ca 254 miles! on ONE TANK!
Literally on fumes in the middle of nowhere what crazy’s we were when we were younger.
Put 75,000 miles on that beast.

Since you seem to notice stuff …. My friend had a 1982 1000 and we exchanged the lower fairing piece so mine said NOTHING and his 1000 said 750 😉

After Canada I understand most of them went to OZ.
Finally sold it a few years ago when I began to let it deteriorate.

Kathy never rode it only because she could not pull the clutch in 😉



Ha… excellent! You should have won a Golden Globe!
Brian Rathjen

Publisher BackRoads Magazine

Hi Brian,
Not sure how to get you there but this is my latest post on Facebook
ALL our videos will now lead in with this….

Hi Randy,

First off this message will be a little start to a article for next months newsletter ……
Editors Note .... I decided to post this here rather than post as a story ;-)

I grew up in Vegas my daughter was born there, and my sister just moved back to Vegas so I want to come and visit anyway. 😉

Second I JUST pulled this photo below from a folder I found. It was taken in front of my Mom’s house in 1987 about two years into the business.
I believe that was the very first tankbag we manufactured, kinda plain.
Notice the front strap does not go in, but out. This was the first design of our TRUE three point tankbag system
With THREE attachment points not two.
Everyone else DID gave you three buckles on the tankbag and looked like three points BUT the front strap was ONE strap that went around the steering head that is only ONE POINT!
Those bags slide all over the place. …. RKA’s was SOLID.

And another thing …. I was a geek from the very beginning, you can see a “Boat Radio” plastic cover on the tankbag …. That was a weather cover for my AM/FM/Cassette “CAR” radio in the bag!!! 😉
This is a 90’s version of this bag …. WOW on a Kaw.


To continue the history lesson ….. The bag on the seat was the original design we did and the reason for starting RKA. “The MIRAGE”.
Again a NEW IDEA no bungee cords!
The bag attached with rubber coated hooks on the “SEAT lip”, not the bodywork! Those side pockets covered the straps and buckles so it looked like part of the bike
Kathy did all of the graphics.

DAMN I still have that jacket in the leathers room! I can still zip it up kinda 😉


You should have tracking on your luggage now
Enjoy your new luggage


Hi Richard & Kathy

Great video.  Hope we all can do another 33 yrs.


Point of View / Photography & Video

As many of you regulars may know we have over 150 YouTube videos. Most are on RKA luggage, about a third are on SENA Bluetooth products,
and a few Kitty video stuck in for good measure.

Kathy was always the photographer, and I can still remember taking those 36 images, sending them off to “Seattle Film Works” , and waiting for them to come back so we could find out how lucky we were in our efforts. Sometimes we had to do it all over again.

Then when the digital camera came out Kathy passed the job onto me and I have been the photo geek since.
Then I decided to move up to video. I think I did my first YouTube video in 2009 and then it took me a year to get brave enough to get serious about them.

Published on Jan 10, 2018
This is a short little ditty
re-introducing you all to RKA

If you have looked at the videos I am hoping that you agree they are getting better and more professional every year. I have shared this already but I want to do it one more time. This is our 2018 introduction video. I think it is one of my best works so far. There was a little green screen involved and we added the kitties to our credits this year ;-) Whatayathink?

A couple of years ago I added a seminar to the rally schedule called “Video 101” for

beginners that need to know a little more information.

I just wanted to share with you my 2018 plan. Stepping up a little I have purchased a green screen, with studio lights and a teleprompter.

Not the most expensive ones but the green screen as already been tested and works great with the editing software.

The Teleprompter is a GAS! They seem to run from $250.00 to $1,500.00 and I found this one for $100.00 from PARROT. Now you may have heard of them because they manufacture drones.

So I down load their app, copy my text/script to it. Slid my iPhone into the holder and BINGO teleprompter!!

I do not know a lot about the green screen or the teleprompter yet but feel free to call me or email me and I will tell you everything I know …. That will take about 30 seconds.

Lastly .... on video, photography, and social media subjects I am learning “Live Streaming” and thinking about setting up seminars at your club meetings or doing them on YouTube at a specific time and date.

Let me know if you, your club, or anyone else would be interested in this idea.

New products & a SALE

Click on any of the smaller images below to see a larger image.
Directly below I want you to see a couple of these images FULL SIZE so you can see the quality and craftmanship, and functionality of these products:

Did you know we have a style of PLUSH LINERS which are finished and lined inside for the K1600GTL/GT’s and 2014 up R1200RT. They retail for $250.00 for the set.

Did you know we have a NEW 49ner rack bag for ALL BMW’s with racks. This 49ner rack bags is … guess what? … 49 liters. It is also finished and lined inside with moveable pads to make up to 6 compartments. It has a second section on the top that has a mesh zippered pocket,
organizer, and vanity mirror, The lid is adjustable for your height when looking in the mirror. This bag retails for $325.00.

Did you know, If you rider the new BMW1600B Bagger we have you covered with 3 different tankbags and a Handlebar bag that ROCKS. We have FOUR seatbags that all fit and look GREAT.

Saving the best for last we have a SEVEN-piece saddlebag liner set that is so beautiful and functional I am at a lose to describe them. They retail for $250.00 yup for ALL SEVEN pieces of luggage!

AND lastly remember there is now FREE Ground shipping and 50% off for air and international shipping

RKA has a GREAT Photo Gallery Click on this link, take a look. Click on the BMW logo, then choice your model.

So I was cleaning my work bench ….really ….

WAY in the back on a plastic shelf was THREE used IN-Charge bags!! They were ones I had had on my RT then I decided to get Burgandy premium colors to go with the motorcycle
(NO it is NOT Ebony I don’t care what BMW says) and my new Corbin seat …. Gotta show you a photo yes? SEE how the seat and luggage PULL out the color! Premium colors ROCK!!

So anyway if you are interested we have a

3 liter MSRP $280.00,            SALE PRICE $125.00

5 liter MSRP $320.00,            SALE PRICE $175.00

15.5 liter MSRP is $370.00     SALE PRICE $200.00

As they are now in different states of assembly these are studio photos
BUT These bags look BRAND NEW!
Call 707 836 7659 to order.

Don't know what a IN-Charge bag is? Well check them out here :
RKA IN-charge bag page
What's the difference between an IN-Charge bag and a regular bag? Watch these videos.

Published on Dec 24, 2012
This video explains the difference between the RKA Sonoma Series and the IN-Charge series tankbags
Published on Sep 30, 2013
This video show how an IN-Charge tankbag is assembled when ordered from RKA. Then goes on to show devices installed.
Published on Jul 11, 2013
This 3 minute videos shows all about how to power your RKA tankbag

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