December 2018
Volume 56 / Issue 106

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From the desk of the Editor




Christmas is just around the corner.
Of course we would like you to think of us as your motorcycle Santa Claus
Soooo Heressssssss Santa!!!

RKA 2018 Thankful December!
on everything RKA offers
Luggage, Electrical, Communications
Plus free ground shipping, 50% off expedited shipping for all orders over $100.00
You cannot order on our website it is not set up for such a big sale.
To order you need to call the shop at 707 836 7659
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Kathy and I are thankful that we have a home to come to every night.

Last October 2017, way too many of our neighbors and customers lost everything.
The north & east sectors of our beautiful wine country city of Santa Rosa burned literally to the ground.
They stopped the northern sector less than two miles from our home and business.
These are called “Wildfires” and were traveling at times 50 to 60 mph! two miles was way too close for us and we were VERY lucky.
Kathy and I see homes being rebuild and our neighbors and friends rising from the ashes, almost everyday we have to go by these areas and there is no hiding these terrible visions.

There were not one but several fires, the “Tubbs fire” maybe the worst

July of this year the west side of Redding went up in flames in the “Carr fire”. Our step father and sisters home where only a few miles from that fast-moving Wildfire

Then in November Paradise was totally lost in the “Camp” fire just a few weeks ago, with many lives lost.
Relentlessly it seems southern California was devastated by fire in the name of the “Woolsey” fire
We can go on naming more, but it just seems California burnt and there is so much devastation.

In other parts of our beautiful country there were many other devastating issues. Hurricanes, Tornados, shootings, just a lot of unhappy things over that last 18 months.

Seems everyone is clamoring to rebuild and rise up again
Kathy and I would like to try and help make this 2018 holiday season a little happier for all.

The RKA/Sonoma Raceway food drive is done a great HAPPY event.
Check out the food drive story below

Also below read up on ......

"Letters" What people are saying
"18th Annual Food Dr Report"
“This is what we do”
section about the updated Bagger handlebar bag and smaller size toppers and other exciting new products
“Ongoing sale” 30K, Momentum 50 bucks ?? RAMMOUNT Powerlet sale page
“My opinion”  I am NOT opinionated!
“Richard’s Photos
/Videos” section is becoming one of my favorite sections and we are showing you some different videos of different views and this month some oldie photos.
“Stories you may like”
“Life Explained Series”

Enjoy the Newsletter

From: Paige Ortiz <>
Sent: Tuesday, November 6, 2018 4:18 PM
To: Richard Battles <>
Subject: Thanks for the News Letters

Hi Richard,

Thanks for the News Letters. Enjoyed the 18th Annual Sonoma/Raceway Food Drive recon' ride video.
Wish we lived closer. Keep up the good work.


I cannot find any info on your website to describe how the new 49-litre trunk bag is attached to the rack of a K1600GTL.  Could you point me to a source of such a description?

- Dave

Here ya go:
There is a link from the Rackbag page
AND a video on our YouTube Page
49ner Installation Video


Update, Richard, I was having an issue with my 30K getting static when using with an SR10. After trying everything we talked about I opened a ticket with Sena. It took 3 weeks of exchanging emails with Sena for them to authorize a return/replacement. After waiting 2 weeks for a replacement I was told by Sena my replacement was in the hands of the RMA department, which is handled via China, and I’d receive a replacement ‘whenever’… I wasn’t happy. 

I posted my issue on the Sena FaceBook page. Within an hour of posting to FaceBook I was contacted by Sena and a new 30k was shipped, 2 day delivery via FEDEX. I just received the new 30K…

I like my Sena products but their Customer Service sure is making it hard...


18th Annual RKA / Sonoma Raceway Food Drive Ride

WOW! 18 years RKA has been doing this ride for Sonoma Raceways Food Dr. What a honor!

This year we had 46 motorcycles, that’s a pretty big crowd to control and I have to say “almost” everyone was perfect.

We got to the shop at 6:30 AM and Gino was already there waiting for his coffee.
Les drove his car all the way from Sacramento to follow alone with the ride and carry all the food we collected.

As riders started checking in we collected more food and sold tickets for the raffle at lunch. The riders meeting was right on time at 7:45 AM and we left right at 8:00 AM.

This year we went to the coast via Hwy 116 and then down Hwy One to Point Reyes, Nicassio, and out Lucas Valley road then the boring short ride up Hwy 101 and out Hwy 37 to the track. Up to the main offices to unload the food, and take a group photo.

When the active trackday took lunch we all gathered in the pit staging area behind Jennifer in a Sonoma Raceway Pace car. After four brisk laps we came into park and gathered at the Sonoma Café for lunch and the drawing.

Gifts were presented by Sonoma Raceway, Adaptiv Technologies, Overland Adventurer, and RKA (NOTE to the riders …. was taking photos while you were on the track! Links on the right column.In the end we had a whole lot of food and I think a little over $1,000.00 in cash. A great haul!

On our RKA rides we always have “Escorts”, they are not police or Sargent at arms, or road captains.

They are just Motorcyclists that are ex roadracers, police, fireman, EMT’s, customers, and friends that have a little safety back ground and are just plan “street smart” There were 6 including Kathy and I.

This year we were loaded with communications and cameras. Pat, Gino had SENA TUBE helmet cams, Kathy had TUBES front and rear on her F800R, and being the geek I had one rear camera and one kinda rear facing forward and lastly a TUBE in my helmet. (We sell this stuff)

In other words this was the most documented ride we have ever had. The camera men were not asked to do anything special or do any tricks, but Gino got great video of the motorcycles leaving the shop.

Pat got us coming out of the driveway and two or three fly byes during the ride. Kathy got some great footage in the middle of the pack and I had the front covered pretty well.

The fun part was taking all those cameras media cards, downloading and syncing them all together. Then trying to figure out how to put four hours of video into a short film.
I produced two. One 7 minutes and one 10 minutes.

The 10 minute one has a little extra surprise in it, you see we had a little incident. Bad news is we had a little get off, the good news is everyone was/is ok.

The links to both these videos is right here. The reason for two videos is I struggled with presenting a bad issue to you all. But as I edited the clips it became clear to me that there were some really smart, cool “RKA Escorts” with Kathy and I, and I needed to show you what happens when things go wrong. I do want to point out a couple of things. Some you will not see.

Kathy was the first by and got rear video of the scene. She is not seen of course but she is trying to get other riders to continue rather than block the road on a blind curve, too many stopped for no reason.

One rider got off his moto, did not speak with anyone and just walked to the top of the curve and directed traffic BRAVO!!

You will see Gino and Pat coming onto the scene, Gerado this already there. The three of them get the situation under control And the rider up and rolling in a very timely and professional way …. I am so proud of them.

Hope to see ya all next year for number 19

Here is a copy of
Sonoma Raceways Press release
Click on it
Here is the link to the photo website  …..
Direct to photos
Parade Laps
Food Drive Ride Video ONE (Short Version) Food Drive Ride Video TWO (Long Version)
This is what we do
K16 Bagger
Handlebar bag

  Small & large Inside Small inside Small raincover
NEW Product
Perfect Squeeze
(Replaces X Grip)
This is our NEW electrical products logo

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tell us what you think.

So here’s the deal.
If you are looking for a tankbag, a tankbag that can charge your devices this the place
We are going to give you a package deal on the power cables.
Power lead, SAE to SAE, SAE to dual USB ports,
Give us a call and we’ll get you what you want ready to go.

RKA's on going sale page

Click here or on the logo …. There are NEW posts .... We have some pretty nice deals on this page.

NEW ADDITION: SENA 10C MSRP $349.00 Two New on sale for $300.00 each
SENA 30K Dual set
SENA ½ Helmet Cavalry Bluetooth Helmets
SENA Momentum Standard Bluetooth helmets 20S technology… Brand new but tried on a few times.
SENA Momentum INC (Intelligent Noise Control) Bluetooth helmets 20S technology … Brand new but tried on a few times.

We will be adding Powerlet and Rammount discontinued parts, Vega helmets, and more as I have time to post them

These are just a few currently added to this page. Bookmark it and keep checking back for NEW deal

My Opinion
So you would think I like SENA products or something.
I’ll cut this short,
The 30K is now the cats meow. Can you say ...... ver 2.0 Firmware ..... Want one or two? Call us.

If you have a old SMH 10 here is 10 reasons to update to a 10S ..... Update? Call us
WHY? Firmware 2.0 That’s why.

If you do not know what I am talking about look back at the November Newsletter.

Features 10S/SMH10 10S         SMH10

App YES        NO
Case Slimmer profile    Bubble Jog Button
Clamp Three Mics            Only boom mic
Clamp Earbud Port No Earbud Port
Bluetooth 4.1 3.0
Range 1.6k (up to 1 mile) 900 meters (980 yards)
Talk Time 12 hours 12 hours
Standby 10 days 10 days
Music Sharing YES YES
One touch Group Intercom YES NO
Universal Intercom YES YES
Advanced Noise Control YES NO
Improved Speakers YES NO

So I have a iPhone X, I pretty much hate it! The biggest issue is when we are in the car we want to put it on the dash and use it for navigation AND music.

Our iPhone 6 was easy, put it on the dash, plug in the charger, plug in the 3.5 mm plug to our AUX outlet it’s charging and we got music, navigation and make an receive calls through the cars audio system.

iPhone X NOT! There is no 3.5 mm audio plug!!! Whaaaa??  Yes they have two adapters that are a Kzillion dollars and they work “sometimes” First is a audio adapter great but you cannot charge the phone when plugged into it AND it works on occasion. Second a audio & Charging adapter you can play audio AND charge but again works on occasions if it feels right.

So I did some research and enter the KM29! It’s from a company called Nulaxy.
(NOTE we do not sell this product just reporting in)

You put this device in your lighter outlet, Connect/Bluetooth it to your phone, Tune the tuner into an unused FM channel like 88.1 or whatever. Turn on your radio, Turn on your phones music and BINGO you got audio from the phone through your cars speaker system AND it as accessories on the sides which include a USB port to plug in your phone and charge it. Paid for itself immediately!

Enter the Tacosaurus …..
Some things just hurt your head! I was reading the Sunday paper and saw this “Gotta Have It” page in Parade magazine
I had to do a double take! It was a Tyrannosaurus Rex with two tacos on its back, of course ... a Tacosaurus.

The more I looked at it the more it hurt my head.

What does a dinosaur have to do with tacos?
WHO in their right mind would set this on the dinner table.

You can get it at for ONLY 30 bucks.
Let me know if it bits
Richard's Photos / Videos of the Month

Trackday Sonoma Raceway
On board with Richard
Iron Butt SaddleSore 1000
By Bobby Baker
Iron Butt SaddleSore 1000
My production

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