August 2018
Volume 53 / Issue 103
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From the desk of the Editor



We are on fire AGAIN!! The photo of Bobby’s baby below was taken in Lakeport awhile back. Lakeport is a Ghost town right now and has been evacuated! Along with other areas of the Clearlake area! This is just north east of us.

My Step Dad and Sister came down from Redding last weekend as the “CARR” fire is burning toward Redding California and got within just a few miles of their homes and burning almost a 1000 homes in west Redding!
200 miles north.

Things are not over and spot fires are flaring up, there is help coming from all over California and they are really on top of it.

Our home is over the Airport runway path here in Windsor (Santa Rosa) and tankers fly over every few minutes. It’s like a war zone here. We are safe here but it is very very stressful.

The tanker photo is of a BIG ex airliner that fly’s from Sacramento to the fire over and over again, The Helo picks up water from lakes and then drops it

So trying to forget about it and on a better note

Kathy and I spent a lot of July watching “THE Tour” The Tour De France a three-week bicycle race.

It was one of the more exciting races we have seen in a few years.

There were a lot of fans getting in the way. The riders love them but sometimes they get a little out there.

There were a LOT of crashes considering the weather was pretty good for the whole three weeks of riding.

Our favorite guy Peter Sagan had a bad one on a down hill at over 50 mph. He is THE BEST bicycle handler in the world and HE had a brain fart. There was no camera bike around him so we did not see it but if you look at the video of Phillippe Gilbert it would have been like that as Peter went over a railing also and down into a gully!!

Also on a happier note Bobby B one of our best friends sent us a photo of his new daughter learning the ropes of our 36 liter Rackbag

RKA has a couple of more events to attend, The “Beemer Bash” in Quincy, CA September 14-16, and “Lost Horizons” in Mariposa September 27-30. So check the schedule and join us.

There is one rally we have been wanting to go to organized by the “BMW Motorcycle Club of Northern California” called “The Range of Light Gypsy Tour”. It is a “rolling” three-day event, and you do not know where you are going until each evening and it will be 300 to 400 miles each day.

They asked for a Gift Certificate and in the process of making it …. I thought ….. Those dates are free! Why not do it just for fun!

Soo Kathy and I signed up and we are gonna do it. Above is the link to the website and information.
Look for the report in October.

Come join us if you can.

Enjoy the Newsletter.

This is what we do
Sometimes the BMW people may forget about that Sportbike in the corner.

Or you Sportbike riders may forget you CAN tour on it.

This is how we started the business. “Sportbike Touring”
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Richard's Videos of the Month
Philippe Gilbert crashes !
Stage 16 - Tour de France 2018
Why I do not play
Love is in the air Where are all the Aliens
NOT so Stupid Amazon Questions and some STUPID Amazon Questions:

We thought you would get a kick out of some of the questions asked on Amazon.

Like I said some of them are silly crazy but some of them are pretty good .... enjoy....

As a seller of Sena 20s EVO Bluetooth Dual, can you help this customer?

“Does it pair well with pandora?"

"Does it inform who´s calling?? i mean, "john doe es calling" or "call from xxx"?"

"Will the new 10s fit on the older smh10b base and do they function the same?"

"Are these brandnew in the box? And why are thwy $150 cheaper then any where else"

"What accessories are included in the package?"

"Can i pair my sr10 to the evo 20s?"

"do you get 2 actual bluetooth units"

"Is the 10s in any way better than the regular smh10. If so, how is it better?"

"This does come with all the speakers and boom Mic correct and the helmet clamp correct?"

"when you plug in the earbuds does the unit turn off the in helmet speakers?"

"There are to be a number of accessories included in box. Can someone tell me exactly what was included in box?"

"Does this come with the microphone as well?"

"Can I use my existing 20s clamp kit with this new Evo.?"

"Is this the Sena that you can use buttons for music or is it the one with the dial?"

"Does this use frs/gmrs walkie talkie frequencies?"

"Will this work with the neotec 2 helmets? i know sena makes the srl specifically for the neotec 2 but i like some of the features on the 10u better"

"Is the battery pack separate/swap-able? I plan on using this for 12+ hour rides and from the looks of it, it would not work."

"Can you attach your own speaker to it? "

"Can I pair the 20s evo with 3 other smh10s and have everyone listen to music and still accept incoming phone calls?"

The following question was asked because the reseller posted totally wrong information
"Can soneone elaborate on the connecting to onboard audio. Looking at the port diagram i dont see where the milti pin connector goes."

"Does it (20SEVO) have a mesh connection like the 30k"

"If i pair my phone, can i (listen to music/make a call) from my phone and get directions from google maps on my phone at the same time? "

"Can you switch helmets"

"Can I push music to other riders"

"do i need to bye helmet clamp kit also, to install this to my helmet?"

"What is the difference between the 20s and the 20 evo"

"““i have a 20s that i finally got mounted to my schuberth. can i use the 10c on that mounting hardware, or do i need to totally redo the install"

I do not even know the answer to this question. Seems to me if this person as the intelligences to ask this question they should know the answer already 😉
"What is the sample rate?"

Do not be afraid to ask about any of these questions.
Some are funny some seem to be crazy
There is no dumb question.


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