April 2018
Volume 49 / Issue 99
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From the desk of the Editor

Hi Gang!

It’s April, and April showers bring May flowers and YUK it’s tax time.
BUT it’s also spring and we have been riding whenever it’s not raining which is more than most of you out there in the Nor’easter Blizzards! We are even pulling out the bicycles.

She will shoot me for telling you this, but Thursday March 29th Kathy had a fall inside the shop and went head first into the shipping areas computer and boxing station. She actually continued to work and then finally had to say “would you take me home!” She was really in pain to say that.

FINALLY, I got her to go to the hospital Friday, the good news is no swelling, no black and blue, nothing broken but she cannot lift her right arm.

So I hope she will recover 100% and be FINE, but she will be out for a while and she “CUTS” all the luggage products we manufacture. Luckily, we have build up a nice stock during the slow winter time but premium colors and anything not already on the self may be delayed a little as Marina will be the “Chief cook and bottle washer” for a while. Feel free to drop Kathy a note at Kathy@rka-luggage.com.
On a “more better note” I have decided to enter the “Run Wine Country
Windsor Green 5 or 10k race on May 20th Not sure I am brave enough to do the 10K. The 5K is a milk run, maybe slow but almost doable now.

In 2005 I did the Wine Country ½ Vineman in 6:15 and rode my bicycle 54 miles averaging 19.2 mph. In the training process I lost almost 50 pounds for 220 too 173 in about 9 months. I am proud to say I finished 12th in my age group of 175 old men. NOW the weight is coming back, and the motivation is going down. So this may help me get my mojo back. Now that I have said this to the world I HAVE to do well, A form of motivation. Any motivational emails to me will be apricated.

In this issue are:

Letters to the editor I told you I was fabulous and a legend.
Point of view “Three major misconceptions” about Bluetooth.
New videos from RKA and more
New Products “Knocking the 30K”
Customer photos Happy campers
Our friends at Backroads  
SALE NEW current products and just other “Stuff for Sale”

A reprint from last month:

A quick note about our "IN-Charge Tankbag" We will discontinue the "Aluminum Control Box" and offer "The Wrap" in it's place.
The Control Box takes up a lot of space and riders did not like that ... but it also helps support your devices on the top of the bag, so now you need to make sure you do "device management" on the amount and weight of the things you want to put on the Dashboard.

Enjoy the Newsletter.

Letters to the Editor


YOU ARE AMAZING finally got it working as I would like which is brilliant…can’t thank you enough.

James C


You are a LEGEND.... thanks for all your help. I think a wee video up on You Tube would be a massive help out, there as the information is very conflicting as I tried connecting it as GPS setting on the Sena. But with your guidance it was easy. 
I think I tried every option accept not pairing the phone to the Sena Thanks again for all your help from Scotland

A few more letters from Customers click here

Point of View

If you have a Bluetooth system or want one you need to read this WHOLE article.

A Little Story

Let me tell you a little story before I start my 3 biggest misconceptions article.

The other day I went for a walk from work and I call forwarded the office phone to my cell. I connected my “Skullcandy” headsets and set off. Just as I was returning I got a call … It went to my cell which I was still using for my walk. Had a nice talk, closed a sale, then changed cloths and went to work. Kathy was at home and she called me  …… I answered the office phone before I could speak then the phone went dead. This went on a few times until Kathy called me on line two. and said DUMMY! You got call forwarding on and your cell is picking up the call!

So then later I called her on my cell and I could not hear her, she could not hear me. FINALLY, I discovered I had my “Skullcandy” headsets ON that I had deposited into my tank bag outside earlier.

So it appears even I make mistakes. I could be mistaken, don’t you dare tell anyone I told you this!

So when you call for support and I say, … “Is it turned on?” Work with me 😉


There are three major misconceptions/issues that I have found it hard to get people to understand.

1: THE BIGGEST. After following instructions, getting everything working and are happy campers then they connect their phone to their headset! CONFLICT and it screws the whole setup up. If you want to use the app go ahead and do this. Use the APP, make your changes. THEN go to your phone settings and “FORGET THIS DEVICE” Then when you connect up to your moto everything will be …. copasetic

2: That each of the SENA headsets have different pairing connections, or more, or less connections, So you can connect to more things if you have a different headset. FAKE NEWS! NOT.
The 30K, 20SEVO, 20S, 10S, 10C, 10R all of these operate in the same way with the following connections:
Phone pairing, Second mobile phone pairing , GPS Pairing, Phone selective Pairing, Media selective Pairing, Remote control Pairing, Universal Intercom Pairing

3: Order sequence. You have to connect and/or turn on devices a certain way. NOT!! more FAKE NEWS.
There is no order of sequence, this is a two fold issue, meaning you have to turn on your GPS first then your phone, or you have to turn on you BMW module before you turn on your headset Poppycock. Devices and your headset connect to them all when ever you turn on whatever you turn on. See all those profiles above? They are different “channels”
Secondly that you have to PAIR/CONNECT this or that first or last FAKE NEWS. You setup your devices starting with whatever you want.

I had a rider call me last year and said in your video you connected the GTL with the “phone” pairing. Then I watched someone elses video and THEY connected the GTL with “Second mobile Phone pairing”. So who do you think is correct after reading the above stories?

Of course … Both are correct
Understanding the 30K
If you have a Bluetooth system or want one you need to read this WHOLE article.

When you do not understand something, you have tendency to chop it to pieces.

There are misconceptions and some legitimate issues with this product … Every new product has an issue or two and they always get fixed!

This MESH Technology is the future of motorcycle communications …The 30K IS the future.
I have a few riders out there that are making me crazy with their misguided information, and trying to scare people.

RKA’s mission is to get you into the product that works best for you.
RKA does not sell “STUFF” there is no “STUFF” in our store.
Since 1985 Kathy & I have tried to offer the products we USE and if that does not work for you we usually have something we KNOW works and be knowledgeable about them.

SENA has the SMH10, 10S, 20S, 10C, 10U, 10R the Momentum standard, lite and INC helmets which I am especially excited about, and also the SENA Savage ¾  or SENA Cavalry ½ helmet.

New products coming out every day.
Electric cars are the future but not for everybody. Some are waiting for more charging stations some for a lower price.

With that said, the 30K is not for everybody … just yet. Click here to continue article
New Videos From the RKA YouTube Page
RKA Presentation OLD   RKA Presentation 2018


has over 160 videos
Everything from
informational, instructional, entertaining
to just fun & silly.
Check it out
Click here


SENA RC4 Remote Control SENA SM10 When not to use it Quickest Connections Ever Video

SENA Momentum Helmet Klim 1200 30K Install The TAIL.

These images where sent to us by theowners,
THANK YOU for taking the time to do thiese.

19.5 liter SuperSport
19.5 liter SuperSport

24.5 liter Shiloh Road
24.5 liter Shiloh Road
Our Friends at Backroads Magazine.

Kathy and I have known Brian and Shira for many many moons and the disclaimer, we advertise in their publication. One of the very few print ads we do.

They are friends more than business associates and we would get into a lot of trouble if we were closer together.

Take a look at another of his great photos …

this one on the cover of the April Issue.

The bottom one is from February 2017. That's Shira crossing that bridge, where is she going? how did Brian get where he was to take that phone, the time of day and lighting, the refection.

NO I do not consider myself a photographer, YES I do all our photography on our website and advertising but Brian is on another level, another world.

Now don't get me started about their monthly articles from
Brian, Free Wheelin
Shira, Whatchathinkin
Bill Heald, Postcards from the Hedge
Mark Byers, On the Mark.

Here is a link to their website. These two do a fantastic job in publishing this great magazine.
Please take a look and follow them or better yet subscribe ever if they may not be in your part of the world.


Stuff for sale

Late last year I purchased the coolest Jacket and pants. The jacket goes with my RT great! BUT this jacket and pants did not work for me.
They have hardly been worn.

HELD Large Harvey 76 retro leather jacket retailed for $550.00 the first $300.00 gets it.
HELD Large textile sliver and black pants retailed for $390.00 the first $250.00 get them..

So I was cleaning my work bench ….really …. WAY in the back on a plastic shelf was THREE used IN-Charge bags!! They were ones I had had on my RT then I decided to get Burgundy premium colors to go with the motorcycles (NO it is NOT Ebony I don’t care what BMW says) and my new Corbin seat …. Gotta show you a photo yes?
So anyway if you are interested we have a

5 liter MSRP $320.00,           SALE PRICE $175.00

15.5 liter MSRP is $370.00  SALE PRICE $200.00

These bags look BRAND NEW!

2018 Schedule
See our Schedules page for all the information on each event as there may be more has we go along.
Seminars at all events except AIMExpo, Here is a quick list
49ner Rally Mariposa, CA.  May 24-28
MSTA STAR Lacrosse, WI June 10-14
Chief Joseph Rally   John Day OR.       June 29 - July -1
Top O the Rockies   Paonia, CO              July 19-22 (Tentative)
Beemer Bash   Quincy, CA  September 13-16
Horizons Unlimited  Mariposa, CA September 27-30
AIMExpo Las Vegas, NV  October 12-14
Event Notes: Seminars

1: “The R.I.D.E.” This talk is updated every year with no exception for 2018 technology moves quickly! It will cover SENA Bluetooth products, GPS, phone and apps

2: “30K The Future is here now” This will be a brand new talk about SENA MESH technology and the future of motorcycle communications.

3: “Video 101” This is a beginner’s seminar on how to video, how to mount a camera, and how to edit and produce a video and more. This seminar is only a few years old and one of my favorite subjects but will be presented only at venues that have the time and space to do

The one I am excited about is MSTA STAR as I am leaving the big rig here and shipping product to Lacrosse.
WHY? Cuz I am going to ride my R1200RT to this event!


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