September 2017
Volume 42 / Issue 92
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From the desk of the Editor

Hi RKA Gang,

All the preople in Harvey's path, We are thinking of you!

Since we started selling PlugUp Splugs I have not used my Kzillon dollar dual driver, molded to my ears earbuds

On a ride up to Redding I decided to compare my double driver $800.00 molded to my ears, earbuds.
I stopped in Willows for breakfast and changed out to our SPlug, $130.00 single driver earbuds that we offer to you folks (and have a 30 day return policy).

NOTE: Even though the expensive earbuds are molded to my ears my helmet is tight and taking it off was a real issue and coming off over the earbuds hurt my ears A LOT. The SPlugs do not have this issue. As they go INSIDE your rar pocket.

I guess I am easily amused as the SPlugs worked just fine. The sound quality was great and the added base was a pleasure to have added on rather than the stock speakers that do not function at their best above 75 mph (I was cruising at 85 most of the time, I have TPX radar and a CB radio to listen to the informative truckers) I pasted several CHP that had pulled over drivers. My question was what the hell did they do to get pulled over!!! As I was a prime target. Although the best practice I have is if someone wants by …. Let them go and be the rabbit in front.

A reminder of the RKA way. We do not sell "STUFF". We offer products we actually use, or products we KNOW work and are of value.
So when you ask us what we think is best we tell you what we think. SENA the only communications system we offer, Adaptiv TPX the only radar detector we sell, etc etc.
If you want to know about other products we use then HELD, Schuberth, Clearwater lights, Corbin Seats are all at the top of our list. Disclaimer .... We are also friends with these companys but became friends AFTER the purchases.

OK Kathy and I are hopeless when it comes to our kitties. Even though they are a year old now, totally untrainable, and little monsters!
We do not understand how Kitty videos go viral so
They are mindless Kitty videos just like all the rest ;-)

Peele helping test the camera
Key watching Pelle on TV.

One quick note. Clearwater lights is having it's 7th Annual Fall BBQ on Saturday, October 28th.
Make sure you RSVP by 10-15-17.
Hope to see you all there!
Anyone in the area that would like to join us for the ride to Rancho Cordva is welcome.
Kathy and I are leaving at 8:00 AM from the shop an will return aroun 6 or 7 PM. (We will have coffee on from 7 to 8
Click on the image for the full poster and information. SEEYA !!!!

Darla & Erica's

With Amber covers

Both set at 5 of an level of 1 to 10

Lastly if you enjoy this monthly Newsletter let us know, and more important let all your friends know, share it on Facebook and all you soical media outlets


Letters to the Editor

From: Tom D
Sent: Tuesday, August 22, 2017 12:52 PM
To: RIchard Battles <>
Subject: Moms

Hi Richard and Kathy,

Sorry to read of your Mom's passing. My mom went to heaven Dec.22, 2016. I miss her physically but I know she is in town watching over me. Anne raised 6 boys and a girl in our wee town of Streetsville. I and three of my siblings are still in the same town. Mom was able to stay in the family home of 60 years until she departed. She liked that.

I hid my first motorbike from my parents(Norton 850) when I was 18 years old for 2 or 3 summers. They somewhat frowned on bikes back then.

Fast forward 45 years, the picture says it all! Took Mom to her weekly hair dresser appointment. Took the long way through town and arranged for the salon staff to welcome our arrival. She loved it. Told all her friends and shared the picture. Hard copy on the fridge!

Thinking of You, and your Mom.


So so so sorry about your Mom. I have mine and her friends (oy vey) coming over to BBQ today. She is 80 and thinks she is a college gal. I will give her a mom hug from you…

Brian Rathjen
Publisher 

Backroads Motorcycle Tourmagazine
Backroads Moto-Inn Program
Backroads On-Line

America’s #1 Regional Publication for
Motorcycles, Travel & Adventure!

This email is about functions

From Jason J

Yer the man.  Thanks for the quick reply!

On Thu, Aug 24, 2017 at 12:48 PM, Richard Battles <> wrote:

Hi Jason,

When you have your phone connected to the Nav V the features like forward, previous, pause, start, do not work.
You have to have the SENA connected directly to the phone for these features to work.

I totally understand what you ride and what you are trying to do. 😉
There are TWO ways to connect depending on what you want to do.

Listen to your Nav V & music on the Nav V MP3 player:

This email is about the NEW Schuberth C4 and SC1 system

From Sam S

Thanks  Richard, this helps a lot… and no, the dealer who sold it to me had no idea how to set it up. (Support is priceless ;-))

Sam S

On Aug 24, 2017, at 6:08 AM, Richard Battles <> wrote:

Good morning Sam,

First off you need to talk to the people you purchased the system from. That’s where you should get support, They should understand the system.

The ONLY headset that will allow usage of the “Multifunction wheel” is the OEM Bluetooth system
While we are on that subject with the C4 SC1 system you cannot connect a headset to helmet 2 on the BMW BT system either.

Since the OEM HS  sucks
Both of these issues are NON issues in my book and there are alternatives for both.

Almost 100% of the time the ONLY time you need the volume control is when you are in the audio system area.
The RKA fix is the SENA RC4 remote control

As for helmet 2 if you have a passenger you use the SENA music sharing feature. 
Issue now non issues. 😉

As for connectivity the drill is pretty simple.

20S to BMW BT   HS1 =              Phone button 6 Sec                       Phone pairing profile
20S to Nav V                 =              Jog dial 6 sec, tap phone button  Second mobile phone profile
iPhone                            =              Follow Nav V screens

As soon as we get the C4 and SC1 I will do a updated video.
But for now.

Your SC1 buttons are different but the drill is the same. 

This IS the go to video
How to: Connect a SENA headset to your BMW, NAV V, & SmartPhone

Good luck Sam.

Richard Battles

Jordon (Tuono) Charlie (Brutale) & Splinter (R65) have taken the time to send in photos of their NEW RKA luggage.

This series of photos that came in almost at the same time are unique in a number of ways.
Two of the motorcycles you may not consider for luggage, One of the motorcycles is old and going from Oregon to Colorado for a rolling move.

The Tuono has our 26 liter Sonoman Tankbag, RKA’s BIGGEST tankbag, the very last tankbag you may think would work on this moto.

Lastly ALL three have the same luggage on more or less. A varity of tankbags 26, 24.5 & 19.5, Rearseatbags are 18 and 14 STARR I & II

JUST BMW? We don’t think so!

This is what we have done since 1985, making luggage for the folks that want to tour on the cool motorbike they own!

ALWAYS think outside the box!

26 liter Sonoman
18 liter STARR II
26 liter Sonoman
18 liter STARR II
19.5 liter SuperSport
18 liter STARR II
19.5 liter SuperSport
18 liter STARR II
19.5 liter SuperSport
18 liter STARR II

24.5 liter Shiloh Road
14 liter STARR I

24.5 liter Shiloh Road
14 liter STARR I
14 liter STARR I
14 liter STARR I



Not ready for prime time ....

We will have a 49 liter RACKBAG that would REPLACE the current Kzillon dollar BMW hardcase bag.

SOOOO stay tuned. If you are intersted in this newly designed rackbag drop us a line
Final sizing and pricing as not been figured out yet. I can tell you it will NOT be $800.00 ;-)

Interstate Battery …. PoweBank 2600 mAh.
Something you don’t know you need.
Keep this with you at all times for emergancy charging.

Phone, Camera, iPod what ever needs a quick charge

Watch the RKA Rammount presentation video 


Found a set of "Ludicrous Liners" with Black Mesh $240.00,
for sale at the regular liner price of $185.00. CALL 707 836 7659

SENA TUBE Action Camera deal.
Purchase the TUBE, Sandisk, & Powerbank back up battery for a great price. Click here


Schuberth C4 …. The next generation of communications.

Disclaimer … RKA is a BIG fan of Schuberth helmets, Kathy and I own SIX of them, two C3 Pros are retired to demo helmets, TWO current helmets are the C3 Pro model and TWO are the S2 full face models. We love them.

Kathy and I have not seen or tested the C4 yet but we do already know a few things that may impact your decision on purchasing a C4.
Schuberth is now using SENA for their SC1S (Standard) and SC1A (Advanced) systems now. THIS IS GREAT!!
The SENA system is using 10 series firmware and features. Maybe not so great.

Richard is proud to be the “Think outside the box guy” BUT we are 99% sure you cannot install another Bluetooth model of ANY manufacturer on this helmet unless you use the glue clamp which I hate. Even then you will have speaker placing issues and cable routing issues.

So if you want the C4 make sure the SC1S Standard or SC1A Advance are the systems you want. They are GREAT units hidden inside the helmet and cooler than cool and they may have all the features you want.

Here is what we know so far, FULL review and video will be coming soon.
If there are things you do not understand please give us a call and we will explain what they are and what they do.

Battery usage time
SC1 Advance      14 hours
SC1 Standard       9 hours              

Feature …. Or not …. Using the SENA 20S EVO to compare

NO Audio multitasking  
NO Ambient button,
NO Earbud port
FM Radio                                                                              (SC1 Only)
Music sharing                                                                       (SC1 Only)
Speed Dial                                                                           (SC1 Only)
Team Signal .. poor man’s group intercom                         (SC1 Only)
Group Intercom. poor man’s group intercom                      (SC1 Only)
Cannot use while charging
ONLY 4 riders
Need to enter intercom menu THEN start intercom!!!     Enter intercom menu Press the (-) Button for 1 second Tap then (+) Button
RC                           YES

MORE info to follow as we get more info,

As you can see RKA trys to stay on top of issues and applications.

We have never had an issue figuring out where to attach the "Clamp" for the SENA headsets until this last year.
Maybe manufacturers are trying to make it hard so you have to use their own special Bluetooth system.

When purchasing a new helmet you may want to consider how it would accept a clamp for a communications system


The KLIM1200 as an easy to remove collar but it is on a “slider/runner” type setup. I have not done one of these yet but I am confident it can be done with no issues what so ever.


The Nolan Xlite 1004 appeared to be the biggest issue to over come. But it is actually no problem at all. The LINER comes completely out WITH the zipper so again I have not done one of these but see no issue

The Schuberth C4 is maybe the very first helmet I cannot put a clamp on and even if you use the glue on clamp there are still cable placement issue as this helmet as the SENA SC1 pocket and the screen lever in such a position that it’may be impossible. Again once we get one we can confirm

BUT RKA hopes you understand the C3 is not going away and with the C4 you are regulated to purchasing the SEN 10 series of firmware/software!

No Audio multitasking, No ambient button, No (correct) group intercom feature, No music sharing on the SC1S, No team signal on the SC1S only four connections with other riders for both, No earbud port, less battery life, less range.


2017 schedule is posted on our Event/Schedule page.

What’s happening for the rest of the year? It’s all west coast from here on out.

As always we will offer a 10% discount on all RKA luggage products
As always we offer the BEST price on our other products
As Always we give you SUPPORT .... That is priceless. ,
FREE premium color options
and free shipping on all RKA luggage ordered at an event.
Free SENA headset installs and device connections.
Richard will be doing his communications seminar "THE R.I.D.E. AND "Video 101" at these last two events!

Seminar ONE is “The R.I.D.E.” (Research, Integration, Decision Making, Expansion)

All about Bluetooth communications. Communications and Bluetooth in particular has been advancing at light speed.
So whether you have seen this seminar or not you WILL learn new things. I guarantee you will learn at least ONE thing for sure.

Seminar TWO Video 101 .... “So, I gotta video camera, now whattaidowithit?”

A Video 101 lesson for beginners. I do not consider myself a videographer by any stretch of the imagination.
BUT we do have over 150 videos on our YOUTUBE page and I feel qualified to offer you Video 101 a guide for you to start your video product carriers.

I got a photo,
How do I resize it?, How do I adjust contrast/brightness? How do I insert it into a document or poster,

I got video on a scandisk.
How to I save it to my computer? Why should I get a terabyte harddrive?


The Beemer Bash in Quincy September 15-17

Finally Horizons Unlimited at the Mariposa fairgrounds September 21-24.


How many folks are having issues with SENA because ...........they are not reading the instructions and continue to do things incorrectly?
Our biggest comment this year is "To complicated now" ……. Be careful what you wish for.

The system is no more comlicated that it was just get it to do what you want and don't worry about new faetures .... Bells & whistles.

We are getting a lot of calls from non customers for support.
We hope you understand support is priceless!
Do the right thing and purchase from RKA.

20S EVO so what's the big deal? what's new?
1: NEW HARDWARE updates which include Improved intercom functionality and stability.
2: NEW fixed type, shark fin antenna design improves upon intercom stability and secures the intercom

Do you really need or want a 30K? This going to be the NEXT big thing in Bluetooth and rider to rider communications!!!
BUT remember everybody has to have one to make it work to it's peak ability.

Here are some posters I have made up to try and explain things in a nut shell.....

SENA 20S Special Pricing ... CALL
SENA 20S EVO What's new?
SENA 30K in a nutshell

SENA RC Remote Control Video

SENA 10C & RC4 review and update

Nav VI Smartphone Streaming

We have BRAND NEW 20S units on sale.
Ask us about special pricing on NEW 20S units ...... 707 836 7659
We also have a couple of demo remote controls, and a Harley Davidson Headset Cradle 
... call for pricing 707 836 7659

Happy Maps
Published on Jan 6, 2015

Mapping apps help us find the fastest route to where we’re going. But what if we’d rather wander?
Researcher Daniele Quercia demos “happy maps” that take into account not only the route you want to take,
but how you want to feel along the way

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