October 2017
Volume 43 / Issue 93

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From the desk of the Editor

Hi RKA Gang,

The bad stuff is still happening Kathy and I are still thinking of you!

On the up side, or not, the holiday season begins with Halloween! Everybody get ready to rock & roll! How do you like that top banner gang?

BUT here is the BEST! This is "Key" in his tree, in his room. I had the flash on, on the iPhone and snapped this shot just has he looked at me.


RKA has a NEW Rackbag “The 49ner”.
There are 49ners in stock I will have the production photos up by end of today 9-29-17
Here are some photos of the work in progress, shown in premium colors for MY RIDE.

Why call it “The 49ner”?

WELL first of all we name all out products after the area we live in :

Sonoma County                                     :     “The Sonoman” our flagship 26 liter tankbag
A great bicycle climbing road              :     “The Pine Flat” our 4 point wedge shaped tankbag..
Shiloh Road  a road and wine region :     “The Shiloh Road” our three point wedge shaped tankbag
Hwy One, no description needed       :      “Hwy 1” 50 liter saddlebags
Hwy 49, the mother lode road              :    “The 49ner” rack bag just happens to be 49 liters.

Just happens to also be the same size has the Kzillon dollar hard case for the BMW RT and GT, duhhhh

Although this rack bag will fit on any behind the seat rack!

We are still figuring out the price of this bag but it will be a fraction of the Hardcase. It is up on line at the URL above and has a $325.00 price.

Starting from the top it has a narrow but BIG top section 20x12x1.5 360 cu inches / 5.75 liters
with an organizer and a nice vanity mirror for all you folks that have to look your best. The photo above shows the 3"x4" mirror the straps on the lid are adjustable so anyone can use the mirror

The main compartment is 20x12x11 2640 cu inches / 43.25 liters. It will come with FIVE movable section dividers so you can make endless configurations as shown here above and also on my presonal Burgandy 49ner.

And of course a shoulder strap and rain cover is included. Go to the 49ner Rackbag page or CALL NOW TO ORDER 707 836 7659

Watch for these stories NEXT MONTH

1: We are also working on some other new products that will amaze you including products for the NEW BMW 1600 Bagger
2: I will present a new video and tutorial on the REAL WORLD connections of Bluetooth using JUST your phone.
3: And a discussion will hover around "how-to presentation videos" when technology quickly makes them out of date for your OLD headsets..
Firmware made a BIG jump with the introduction of the SENA 20S and 4.1 Bluetooth profile (from 2.5 to 25 mbps That's HUGE!) a few years ago.
The SMH series is now out dated and does not work with a lot of the video presentations we have done.
4: So what's NEXT!?


Important Note on Nav VI

I want to address an issue with the latest video I did on the Nav VI.

Everything is 100% ok except I did not mention the possible issue with the streaming music setup part.

The step left out is you need to OPEN the MP3 player and change the setting from "MP3" (photo 3) to iPhone (photo 4) before you can stream music from your phone through the Nav VI.

You HAVE TO Remove the Nav VI from the GTL/GT/RT cradle. Open "Apps" (photo 1)
Make sure you are connected to the Nav VI with your phone & headset and it will open to the main page (photo 2).
Tap on the top left icon (Looks like 2 PLUGS photo 2) to open up your audio options and then change it to iPhone. SAVE this setting.

Here is the issue. The Nav VI MP3 player defaults on MP3. The majority of motorcycle setups.
If you have ANY other motorcycle other than a GTL/GT/RT the Nav VI’s MP3 player works fine and the app opens the MP3 without a hitch so you CAN change settings.

When the Nav VI is attached to the GT/GTL/RT with the audio system it does NOT allow the MP3 to work or it would clash with its audio systems setup. See 1:36 into the Nav VI video

Look for a complete follow up video coming soon, Subscribe to the RKA YouTube Page
Event Note

Again one quick note. Clearwater lights is having it's 7th Annual Fall BBQ on Saturday, October 28th.
Make sure you RSVP by 10-15-17.
Hope to see you all there!
Anyone in the area that would like to join us for the ride to Rancho Cordova is welcome.
Kathy and I are leaving at 8:00 AM from the shop an will return aroun 6 or 7 PM. (We will have coffee on from 7 to 8
Click on the image for the full poster and information. SEE YA !!!!

Darla & Erica's

With Amber covers

Both set at 5 of an level of 1 to 10


Letters to the Editor

YES! I made the “Cover of the rolling Stone” More or less.

From: Brian Mc
Sent: Monday, September 11, 2017 6:51 PM
To: richard@rka-luggage.com
Subject: Got the Tank Bag

It came 8/31. A thing of beauty. I haven't mounted it because we went to Maine the next day. We got back in the wee hours of this morning!
I got the latest BMW MOA mag. Your picture is in it!

Brian McGregor

From: Danial

I guess FedEx is afraid to deliver with Hurricane Irma coming.  Chickens.
Thanks for the quick turnaround and I'll love it once they can get it delivered.

Dan T

From: Danial

A huuuuuuuuge thank you to the whole crew at RKA!!!  You guys are fantastic.  I'm beyond impressed.  

Sent from my iPhone

From: Lynn

GREAT newsletter, Richard!  You're such an inspired writer!!!  LOVED the TED talk!!!!  Kitty videos too...


State trooper makes PSA for ‘pretty incredible’ turn signal


Not ready for prime time ....
Stay tuned for

NEW 49ner rackbag ..... Photos above in the Editorial ..... ORDER NOW! 707 836 7659
NEW style Tankbags
NEW Bagger Luggage!!!




We have THREE 20S singles left on the shelf BRAND NEW IN THE BOX at a very speical price we cannot advertize. So call now and grab them up.
CALL NOW 707 836 7659
So once again we are playing the
“Ring around the Headsets game”
The 30K is coming, may be here by the time this is posted.
So RKA is rotating everything up again
Two new 30K’s are going on Richard & Kathy’s Schuberth C3’s
The TWO Brand new 20S EVO’s we just got are moved to the demo headsets

The TWO 20S’s that come off the demo headsets are in boxes with all the parts ... $175.00. each ... CALL NOW 707 836 7659



MOST OF YOU do not understand the IN-Charge tankbag,

what it is and what it does.

So I got a call from a customer the other day that wanted to know more about the IN-Charge tankbag configuration and this is what I wrote

"I am sorry Chris, … I speak with a lot of people every day and I try REAL hard to cover ALL of the below before the customer makes a decision.

Hide your Radar detecor in your tankbag?
WELL I DO have a photo of that hidden somewhere on the website. BUT since then my MAIN TPX guy said NO, keep it in the open so it can SEE properly.

There is only TWO differences between the IN-Charge tankbag and our regular tankbag in the construction process.
1: There is NO expansion on the IN-Charge Tankbag
2: There is NO lining in the lid of the IN-Charge bag. (Look inside your mesh pocket in the lid then IN-Charge does not have the silver material and foam.
Why these differences? It is simple engineering that would take too long to type, call me. 😉

Watch this video:
The IN-Charge Series Tankbag
This video explains the difference between the RKA Sonoma Series and the IN-Charge series tankbags

The IN-Charge bag comes READY TO GO. You can make a regular bag into an IN-Charge bag by purchasing the "Dashboard" and a "Control box" or "Wrap".

The Dashboard
The Control Box
The Control Box with Stuff
The Wrap for the small Stuff



Then you add the electrics and devices you want.

You CAN remove the Dashboard if you want to but not designed for this action.
There are two Acorn nuts you could replace with wing nuts if you want.

When the Dashboard is removed the base plate studs will stick up."

The Dashboard from the rear
The base plate
The studs


SO ….. If you want to just charge your phone or install ALL your electrics in and on your tankbag CALL RKA.

17th Annual RKA Sonoma Raceway Food drive Ride
2017 schedule is posted on our Event/Schedule page.

What’s happening for the rest of the year?

ONE more scheduled event (We may show up at other events (Long Beach is one) so keep watch on the Schedules page.

RKA/Sonoma Raceway Food Drive Ride ...... This page still has a lot to be done. The ride route will be added, There are tons of prizes for the drawing to be added so keep this link on your favorites.

We moved this event to an earlier date, Saturday November 11th hoping to get good weather.

Last year for the first time in 16 years the WHOLE ride, LAPS, where canceled. We had a nice lunch and drawing at the track Café while watching it rain like hell.

Kathy and I actually attempted to ride but upon entering the Hwy 101 in the dark, 45 miles with most of it on back roads I decided it was to wet, flooded and risky to take a chance. So we came back and got in the cage.

Here is the attempt …

2016 RKA/Sonomaraceway Food Drive Ride

There were a lot of motorcycles there …. Some RAW DUDES for sure.
This year we will go back to the old format and start the ride from the shop with pasteries and coffee on hand.

We are hoping BARF (Bay Area Riders Forum) and City Bike magazine will get rides together from the south.

This will ensure a great turn out.


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