May 2017
Volume 38 / Issue 88
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From the desk of the Editor

Hi Guys & Gals,

YOU are NOT prepared!

It was dark and stormy night ….. You may think you are prepared but you are not! Do you have a plan “B”? A plan “B” for what? See whatdidI tell you. You are not prepared.

So think about your next trip, Think about what you have packed for your personal, mechanical, and other categories of boxes, zip bags and such. Now once you have all this safely packed away and ready to go …… Rethink the whole thing! Do you have a plan “B” for all these scenarios you have thought about and planned for? I am not a great planner so I am not going to try and give you ideas and things to do, get and pack or place somewhere.

I am just going to tell you the “Murphy’s Law Story” we all know and then let your mind decide what you want to recheck your stuff.

So last week on Tuesday the 25th I drive down to Napa to meet a best friend “Bill” at his time share. We hop on the bicycles and ride 40 miles. Up the Silverado Trail (Not a trail but a main thoroughfare through Napa Valley) We cut over to Highway 29 and downtown St Helena for a “Taylors” Root Beer Float. Then jump back over to Silverado and ride back.

My point here is the only thing that would have shut us down was a tire completely blowing up. We have all the tools in our little seat bags to repair just about anything that could or would break. It was a great day with my 77 year old friend (Seven Years older than me) that STILL kicks my butt if he wants to.

Wednesday I get up at the break of dawn and drive the rig (Sprinter & trailer) down to Sonoma Raceway and set up the display for the nextfive days of action. Wednesday a 3J’s Trackday which is a great charity event and a fun fun day. At days end I secure the fort, hop on the RTW and head home.

Thursday / Friday I ride back down (This is a boring Hwy 101, 40-minute ride from home) and get ready for two days of Vintage racing, Sidecars and Dinosaur racing.

Friday afternoon I ride the big RTW home turn it around in the garage and think about Kathy getting on the back of a motorcycle for the first time in a long time. I am excited! She is THE BEST passenger I ever had.

Saturday / Sunday is AFM roadracing …. The stuff I did four almost five years ……

So Saturday morning we are suited up ready to go and I push the bike off the center stand and and and she will not roll out!!! The back tire flat! ZERO Flat as can be!!.

Understand this is our display bike along with Kathy’s F800R. There is no way to get this motorcycle on the road until Tuesday morning when the dealership opens.

This is our first big event of the year. FIVE days and now we are down 50% of our display! 32 years of doing this and NO Plan “B”.
Don’t get me started on what has gone wrong during the other 31 years but I’m just saying we had no backup plan that morning.
The VERY good news was the RTW got me home and secured in the garage before going flat on me.

So we get in the car and drive down. Have a great day watching the racing and talking to old racing buddies. We forget about the RTW not being there.
Kathy decides to leave early and drove the car back up to do a little shopping.

OOOOOOH BOY! I get to ride the littleF800R home!! What a trip. I do not ride this bike! This is the bosses motorcycle and I just stay off of it, so to ride it home was a KICK, SO freeway or back way? ...... guess :-)

Published on May 4, 2017

Here is a little video showing what the RKA IN-Charge tankbag and SENA products can do. You’ll see voice navigation, iPhone apps like Garmin USA, iHeart Radio, you will witness the SENA TUBE action camera IN ACTION and more. Ride to the track (Short version)

Sunday…We get suited up and Kathy rides down on the back of the F800R and we have a kickbutt ride … On the freeway .. time frame ya know.

Here is a little video showing what the RKA IN-Charge tankbag and SENA products can do.
You’ll see voice navigation, iPhone apps like Garmin USA, iHeart Radio, you will witness the SENA TUBE action camera IN ACTION and more.

This short video shows the Bluetooth application that has my iPhone 6 Bluetoothed to my 20S, that's it.

If you have an application where you would "plug in" your phone to an AUX outlet (BMW K1600GTL/GT - R1200RT) and own a iPhone 7 there is a accessory for you.

So Sunday afternoon it was pretty easy to load up with the extra space we had in the trailer.
And that’s my story,

OOOOOOH what about my plan B story? Well I really wanted an excuss to tell you about last week and our lot in life that can be some times not so great but most of the time really GREAT.

So “PLAN B”?  If the flat would have happened on the way home I would have been toast. The van and trailer are secure at the track and the Honda FIT just will not accommodate a 650 pound motorcycle ;-)

So we were lucky, but MY PLAN B now is to have a “PLUG KIT” not pretty but will get you home. I would never continue to use a plugged tire BUT sometime you have to think about that PLAN B.

All you guys and gals rethink you trip, think about the last thing that could happen and plan to fix it.

Ride safe

AGAIN … We want to remind you that RKA as divided up the 150 or so videos and placed them in “Playlists” so when you visit our “RKA YouTube” page click on the “Playlist” link,  it will make finding the videos you want to view much easier.

Now for your REAL pleasure and information Richard has produced a second video on Group Intercom. Called appropriately “2017 Group Intercom II
RKA feels if you ride with more than three riders “Group Intercom” is the way to go (SENA 20S’s only). In this second video Richard shows you how to make every rider a ride leader. This way ANY rider can start or stop a “Group Intercom” Way cool stuff, check it out and report back. (NOTE the 10S also does a version of Group Intercom but not as cool.

In progress is a video on what my R1200RT is and can be connected to. I will inform when ready on our "You_Tube Page"

Richard's RT ... What can I do?

ONE 20S headset is doing all these things

Connected to BMW BT Module Can listen to XM radio, FM Radio, USB music, AUX hardwired to iPhone and iHeart, Spotify, Pandora, XM
Connected to NAV V GPS Can listen to voice navigation directional commands
Phone connected to NAV V Can make and receive calls through Nav V
Connected to SR10 Can hear radar alerts, Can receive and transmit on a CB, FRS or Ham radio
PRISM Camera to 20S Can remotely control the camera to record, do stills, do bursts, turn the camera on and off remotely .. Takes on intercom profile
Intercom Can communicate with my passenger and riding buddy PLUS a total of up to 8 other riders
Group Intercom Can communicate with my passenger and riding buddy PLUS a total of up to 8 other riders
RideConnected App Can connect to an indefinite amount of riders anywhere on the world as long as there is cell service)
FM Radio The 20S has an imbedded FM radio

Additionally I have mounted on my helmet
1 PRISM TUBE Camera Can record and do narration at 1080/30
2 PRISM TUBE Camera Can be mounted anywhere for interesting video shots

Also in this Newsletter;

New TPX Pro
New liners, features coming.
New Compartment see through bags in colors.
Chris Rob & The Spyder Ladies.


Bluetooth application for bicycles.
YOU talk’n to me?

Read on .....


This is a must watch "TED" interview with Elon Musk the REAL "Tony Starks"! (Be sure and click on "full screen")

Published on Apr 30, 2017

The serial entrepreneur took part in an engaging 40-minute interview with TED's Chris Anderson on Friday, April 28, 2017 at the TED 2017 conference in Vancouver. Here's Elon Musk talking about the Boring Company, SpaceX, Tesla, hyperloop, Donald Trump, and more.


So what/who is "TED"?

TED is a nonprofit devoted to spreading ideas, usually in the form of short, powerful talks (18 minutes or less). TED began in 1984 as a conference where Technology, Entertainment and Design converged, and today covers almost all topics — from science to business to global issues — in more than 100 languages. Meanwhile, independently run TEDx events help share ideas in communities around the world.

I must say I was no a radar detector fan for many years until we meet the head guy at Adaptiv and he talked me into using one. I am now a believer. If you want to hear my radar stories attend one of my seminars or drop me a line. Radar detectors do have a place in your agenda.

The TPX Pro Radar and Laser Detection System is the most advanced radar and laser detection system available for motorcycle use. Don't waste time and energy trying to make an automotive radar detector work on your motorcycle. Go straight to the Adaptiv radar and laser detector solutions. The 2.0 TPX was the gold standard until now... The TPX PRO has just raised the bar! Just like the TPX Radar and Laser Detection System Version 2.0, it has all the motorcycle specific features, plus updateable GPS datapoints for Red Light Cameras and Speed Cameras! The GPS datapoints are updated monthly and available free of charge. The radar detection function can also be disabled for use in areas where the use of radar detector is prohibited.

Ready to ship MSRP $399.00
TPX V2.0 is now $279.00

This North America Version contains GPS datapoints for US and Canada.

What's in the Box / Included in the kit:
- Detector Unit
- Visual Alert
- Wiring Harness
- Quick-Release Mount Plate
- Datapoint Download USB Cable
- Zip Ties

TPX Pro Features:
- Detects all police radar and laser bands
- Red Light Camera and Speed Camera Data-points
- Free updateable datapoints
- Top-rated sensitivity
- 360 degree radar and laser protection
- Waterproof
- Vibration resistant
- Large, backlit, glove-friendly buttons
- Ultra-bright, adjustable LED alert included
- Daylight-visible, front-mounted, angled LCD
- Integrated quick-release plate and mechanism
- Compatible with any AdaptivMount or any other mount
- Wiring harness included
- Audio output jack for optional sound or communication system integration
- Optional wireless headset
- Optional car mount kit
- Compatible with TPX Laser Jammer
- Simple, plug-and-play installation
- Performance Certified by leading independent test lab
Upgrades, and NEW liners

NOTE ... You may be reading this before you can find them on our website. If so order by calling the office 707 836 7659.

What have we done!?

First we updated the GTL / 2014 and up RT liners by adding a zipper to the inside mesh pocket. But wait there’s more! That mesh pocket is now BMW blue!!! Killer beautiful look!.

Also as you may already know we manufacture a Ludicrous (PLUSH lined and finished) version of these liners.
Some want the full amount of available space, Some want them to be a little more plush and finished. Now you have the choice

Here are some photos so you can compare and see what is new.

Plush 3/8 inch foam and 200 denier silver rain cover material
More Perfect
Look great open or closed.
If you stuff these puppies full the hardcases will JUST barely close. We have designed them to use ALL the avalible space.

These are the standard
GTL /2014 up RT liners
with a little more interior space
These are the standard
GTL /2014 up RT liners
When filled perfect fit
These are the standard
GTL /2014 up RT liners
When filled perfect fit
These are the standard
GTL /2014 up RT liners
Look great open or closed.
If you stuff these puppies full the hardcases will JUST barely close. We have designed them to use ALL the avalible space.

We have updated the GSA liners also making the mesh pocket zippered and the mesh now BMW blue

Highest Quality
Best finish
Perfect Fit
Perfect Fit

GSA Trunk liner

We told you last month the Zega Touratech liners were on the way and here they are in all their glory. 31 liter, 38 liter & 45 liter.

Mesh pocket zippered and the mesh now Hi-Vis Yellow
31 - 38 - 45
31 - 38 - 45
31 - 38 - 45

It's in the bag!
Inside view
On the motorcycle
On the motorcycle
NEW Compartment Bags

RKA introduced our SEE THROUGH “Compartment bags” a few months ago and we are now adding color.
The color options are YELLOW, BLUE and BLACK MESH, so not only can you get a “mesh see through bag” so you can see what’s inside but you can get
the bag in a color you can easily find inside your RKA luggage.

Chris, Rob & the Spyder ladies

Published on Mar 25, 2017
This is a follow up video to May 2016 Group Intercom I. This video shows how to connect all headsets to a Group.

So pizza and beer training session.

Our Catio builder and his wife Chris have new 20S headsets from RKA
and the Spyder ladies wanted to learn how to use there’s.

So we set up “Group Intercom” for the Ladies and showed
Chris & Rob a few tricks of the instruction manual.

We did this at the house.

Of course THEY brought the pizza and wine

2017 Schedule

We are always working on the new 2017 schedule and it is posted on our Event/Schedule page.
The BMW National is locked in. We will have the big rig right in front of the "Grand Room" The main indoor vendor area with a 20x40 display.


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