March 2017
Volume 36 / Issue 86
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From the desk of the Editor

Hi Guys & Gals,

Month three and it’s still FREEZING Here, and actually HAILED BIG TIME! Photo at right is our patio.

I know all you folks on the east side have been freezing and now you have been in a heat wave so you say
“Get used to it”

Earlier this month we sent a message about two new videos.
Richard has produced two more since then so chec k them out ... links below.
Also Richard added "playlists" to the "RKA You Tube page" making it much easier to find the video you are looking for.

Still need to warn you there ARE kitty videos in there.
Be sure and subscribe and you wouldn’t miss a thing.
RKA You Tube Page Link

I decided to purchase a Smart Trainer for my bicycle and started using the "Zwift" app in the Livingroom.
Below is a little story on that and how you can transmit your laptop or Smartphone to the TV BIG SCREEN. Pretty cool stuff, I have been doing this for years with our seminars.

Read on and think out side the box here cuz you can use this little ditty for other stuff like motorcycle videos and such.

So when I sent out the last Constant Contact message linking two of the new videos, I got this note from long time friend, magazine writer, motorcycle tester Gary Prickett. (The video in question is also below)

"Hey Guys,

I’m definitely not the audience for your Smart Phone information. I’m a flip-phone guy who appreciates the capability of my Garmin GPS and Sena device linking to my iPod music content. But regarding your Smart Phone applications, are you sure you want to promote audio books while riding a motorcycle? Listening to music is one thing, but concentrating on a story while surviving traffic and the road on a motorcycle, is a very dicey thing IMHO.
Best to you both,

So I wrote ……..

Good morning Gary,
You just handed me my March Newsletter Editorial.

Let me regress a little and tell another story.

The fun always starts at a show or event when I have my NOW R1200RT LOADED with product and devices.
The IN-Charge tankbag. GPS, Phone, CB and FRS radios, radar detector, Remote control, SM10, SR10, and LOTS of cameras.

it’s all there to show the customers.

Every time, Every event the very first person walks up and says ….. “DAMN! Your gonna kill yourself with all that distraction! DANG!”.
Usually early and some old breaded fat guy with a hard hat, a beer zip tied on each side with a straw and a “Colors vest” on ….. Opps sorry I am profiling ;-)

I knew you would not believe me so photo inserted ;-)

So KNOWING he is just being a jerk, I want to just tell him to F$#k off but of course the first lesson learned in having your own business is being nice to everyone you meet.

So I KNOW what’s going to happen but I continue and explain to him this is a “DISPLAY” and it’s not ridden that way, and to pick out the product he is interested in and focus on that.

Of course I already know the answer. “Sorry but I do not want any of that crap. Gotta holder for my beer and stogie?”

Ok so your comment on a LOT of images of apps you actually pick out “Audible” I would think that would be the LAST one anyone would say would kill you ;-)

The point I am getting to is “Audible” is my personal FAV! But you are a city guy and I am a country guy so to speak. I mean I do a lot of interstate riding rather that big city driving. (A lot of time to ponder)
To confirm your thoughts I could not do “Audible” in the city for sure.

Here is the reason your comment really caught my attention.
I DO use “audible” for a story in my communications seminar.

I was listening to a “marketing book” while heading from Mommies house to home on I5.
I came up on TWO semis trying to pass TWO RV’s. Then TWO more semi’s came up behind and I was boxed in.
After some time of 55mph in a 70 the pass was completed I motored on down the road and discovered “I had missed a WHOLE chapter of the book while it was playing in my ear”!

If something like this does NOT happen to you, you should not be listening to anything ;-)

Thanks for the editorial idea Gary.
Hope all is well.
Be safe.

Hope you enjoy the Newsletter.

Richard & Kathy

Zwift, Chromecast, and Bicycles

Riding your bicycle in the house.

If you did not know it, Kathy and I are bicyclists. We even own a tandem.

Did you know Josh Hayes and a lot of motorcycle racers rides bicycles to train?

Like I said, it's been raining, cold and rodas in a mess so here is a quick overview.


Put your bicycle on a smart trainer in front of your Big Screen TV.
Turn on your laptop, HDMI it to your Big Screen TV.

Start the Zwift app on the laptop, and the mobile app on your smartphone.

Peddle away!

There are TWO Zwift apps. One is for the ride screen and set that you "BIG SCREEN".
You just click on the app on your desktop and it starts

The second one is the “Mobile App” on my phone which connects to the first app and gives you features you can use while riding here is what it looks like.






One screen lets you actually communicate with other riders, Another has functions like changing the veiw, and another shows Heart rate, Speed etc. This system is all animated avatars but they are REAL people riding.

I also hook up with an OZ team that puts up REAL time video rides. On these you cannot get dropped (Left behind) as it's just a video and you can not peddle at all and just watch or TRY to do efferts and work up a sweat.

Let me explain Chromecast. There is a dongle that plugs into one of your HDMI ports. Change your TV's "source" to that HDMI port and you see the screen with the "Chromecast" PIN number you will see on your phone or computer.

Click on the Chromecast icon (Seen in the bottom of the middle image and you'll start broadcasting to the TV.

On my laptop, Tower or iPhone I can start “Chrome browser”.
(NOT Firefox or Explorer)

Then go to the OZZY’s website and play these guys from OZ.

Again the screens look like the middle image, OR on your phone, the right image.

Note the arrows pointing to the “Chromecast Icon” (Google owns Youtube right? so YouTube has the Chromecast Icon all the time)

Either setup peddle away and work up a sweat.

If you are a bicyclist and interested in this workout app here is the link to click on on the left..

Customers Comments & Answers

Hi Kathy,

Kent Bransford here, I just ordered a Starr I seat bag from you for my 2006 Honda CBR600 F4i. I thought you might get a kick out of seeing the online article I wrote about RKA waaaay back in 2003. Here’s the link, just enter ForceV2 for the username and vfr800 for the password, and then you can click on the “RKA Luggage Profile” link:
Hope you like the (very outdated) article!
Thanks in advance for the seat bag (the Pad idea is genius),

Hi Richard,

Thanks for the quick shipping and shipping rebate on the Sena RC. I look forward to using it when the weather changes here in the snowy north. I wonder if you have done a video on how you have personally set up your on-board electronics. I am going to reconfigure mine this year to take full advantage of the S20. I currently have a garmin 500 series zumo that has been the central device for phone and nav. The feature I like best about it is that ride routes can be shared between club members, I haven't seen that for any of the iOS apps yet, but haven't checked for a while. One of the downsides of the garmin is the screen size, so I am considering using an iPad for navigation. My goal is to connect the tpx radar detector, iPhone, zumo, and Sena together as a system controlled to the largest degree possible via the Sena with the option of adding the iPad as needed for a particular ride.
Any advice or guidance you care to offer would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks in advance.

Hi, I have one of your tank bags, bought this summer at Hamburg, I have a few questions.   My current bag is a smaller one, photos attached sitting on a 2015 R1200R.  It has the 2 front “outward angled” attachment points.  I saw on your web site Richard’s bike (RT) had what I thought were two front attachment points that came straight forward.  Here’s that link,

Perhaps these were only in the “new for 2015” pages on your website for the RT?  I’m not sure, which is why I’m emailing.  So, here is my situation.  I have 3 bikes and I want to use one tank bag.  I live in Louisiana, keep a bike in Indiana for business travel.  My goal - one bag, 3 separate attachment straps on each bike so I can move it from bike to bike without unloading one and filling another.  Perhaps I’ll need two tank bags, but if I have all RKA then then they can all interchange. My bikes are:
2015 1200GSA
2015 R1200R and
2016 R1200RT. 
What bag is that pictured with his RT with the straight attachment points, or are they all that way now?
Similarly, what bag(s) would you recommend for me to use on all 3 of these bikes?
Perhaps you can find my past order info or my bag at if needed.
Thanks for your help,


Hi Greg,

You have the perfect bag for ALL THREE Motos
Just order two extra attachment systems.
The RT, GS, R are fine with the bag in the photos you sent.

IF IF IF you throw a K1600 into the mix then I would reluctantly recommend the “F” front.


In 1985 when we started RKA, SOME manufacturers said they had a three-point system. NOT!
They had ONE strap under the seat for the back-attachment point.
The had ONE strap that went around the steering head and attached to the two buckles on the front of the bag.
This is TWO points NOT THREE and the bags slide all over the tank! People were not happy.
In 1985 our tankbags had the “Y” configuration and attached to two individual points in the front, making a TRUE three point attachment that did not MOVE!

In 2011 the K1600GTL appeared with bodywork all over the place and the “Y” did not work anymore.
There were plenty of bikes before that had issues with the “Y” but could be worked around, and we resisted,
Kathy had a 906 PASO we resisted ourselves and stayed with the “Y”

BUT although we did not like the “F” (forward) front we had to make a change for the 1600.
We KNEW there would questions controversy and so on after doing it for one way for 30 years.

Personally, I do two things that I do not recommend for my customers.
I run a 24.5 liter Shiloh road on my RT and I use an “F” front on that one. Just for demo purposes
(YES it TOUCHES the handlebars on lock to lock. Not an issue with me. ;-))
I run a 10 liter also for short trips and that one as a “Y” front (Recommended for the RT BTW)

The smaller short trip bag. NOTE “Y” front

The bottom line here is we recommend the “Y” FIRST and is the best system.

Hope this answers your questions and since I took so much time I guess I should make this into a Newsletter story huh? ;-)

Richard Battles
7694 Bell Rd
Windsor, CA
707 836 7659

RKA You Tube Videos

Earlier this month we sent a message about two new videos.

Richard has produced two more since then so here are links to all four informative videos.

Also Richard added "playlists" to the You TUbe page making it much easier to find the video you are looking for.
Still need to warn you there ARE kitty videos in there also.

Be sure and subscribe and you wouldn’t miss a thing.
RKA You Tube Page Link

The RKA Dashboard Benefits
The RKA Dashboard Installation
Published on Feb 18, 2017
This video shows you what you can do when you have your smartphone reachable using the RKA Dashboard oon your RKA Tankbag.
Published on Feb 18, 2017
This video shows how to install the RKA Dashboard into your RKA tankbag

What can you put on the RKA dashboard?
What is an RKA Control Box & Wrap?
Published on Feb 20, 2017
This video shows you devices to attach to the Dashboard and ways to attach them.
Plus ideas for you ponder. enjoy
Published on Feb 21, 2017
This video explains what the RKA Control Box & WRAP is, what they do what they hold and how our tankbags can be wired for many purposes for your needs

For Sale

STILL got a couple of two wheelers for sale.

Kathy is going to let the little F800R go to a new home $7,000.00 on Cycletrader but for friends of RKA ... $6,500.00
8100 miles ridden by an old lady on Sundays Luggage included!!!

Kathy also as a Specialized Ruby carbon Fiber bicycle for $1,000.00. This bicycle as been looking for a home for some time .... SOMEBODY take this carbon Fiber hot rod home!!

2017 Schedule

We are always working on the new 2017 schedule and it is posted on our Event/Schedule page.
The BMW NAtional is locked in. We will have the big rig right in front of the "Grand Room" The main indoor vendor area with a 20x40 display.

Looks like we will try to do some of the MotoAmerica AMA roadraces this year. ...
Austin ....
Salt Lake City ...
Laguna Seca ..

Early on we'll be at SonomaRaceway for the BIG weekend of Trackdays with Reg, 3J's and then AHRMA vintage racing and finally AFM roadracing this will be a fun weekend

The BMW National in Salt Lake City
Top O the Rockies in Paonia
WesStoc in Reno
Horizons Unlimited in Mariposa


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