Febuary 2017
Volume 35 / Issue 85
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From the desk of the Editor

Hi Guys & Gals,

The second month into the new year and all it is for us is rain rain rain and more rain!

FedEx Deliver truck sliding down the mountain on Interstate 80 close to Truckee

We know some of you are buried in snow. But HEY we live in California for a reason. At least the good news is we are over 200% of our rain fall, so we are in good shape and out of the drought.
If you ski you are in hog heaven!!! The only issue the skiers have is getting to the Snow.
Interstate 80 to Reno is a MESS most of the time. One of the high lights of our winter was a FedEx set of doubles that jackknifed and lost his rear trailer brake lines. Check out the CHP video here..
The CHP asked him if he could move it down to the next exit to clear the Freeway ….
He did … He is one hell of a driver! Listen to the CHPS radio comments at the end.

The bicycles that we normally commute on are hanging on the wall and the RT is getting ridden only about half as much as it should. BUT it is getting ridden.

This is the two routes.
Home to Redding. Hwy 29 over the Mountain or 101 to 20 over the top of the lake.
This is the FUN way, over the Mountain.
Hwy 20 is 40 miles farther but little chance of black ice.

Last Friday I rode up to Redding (That’s California) to visit my 90 year old Mummy.

I left at 6:45 AM and it was 33 degrees here at the house. At the last minute, I decided to go north to Hwy 20 and around Clearlake rather than go over the mountain. The mounatin would have been in the 20's .... Good decision.

On the ride back Sunday, it was afternoon before I got to the mountain. It was clear, great riding

BUT on the mountain there was that red stuff you know, the de-icer they spread on the road, it was all over the sides of the road.


So I knew it would have been ICE if I had went that way Friday morning. : -(

During the ride about 90 miles out of Redding I had a “Road Rage LITE incident” I had my SENA TUBE on my helmet but off. I turned it on just to get a shot of Mt Shasta on the horizon and forgot to turn it off and I go this little ditty I called “WHY?”

Hope you enjoy the Newsletter.

Richard & Kathy
Cameras, Video & Audio

SENA RideConnected App

The SENA TUBE first test.
Seeing the Smart Train!

THE TUBE ..... $119.00, 1080/30, Mic for narration, Speaker to tell you what is happening, pull on push off, It loops.
"Well, There it is" the FULL instructions!

Least expensive, Easiest to use, Easiest to mount, It's a no brainer if you want a camera.

This video titled "WHY? video above was done with the SENA TUBE.

This video here "SENA RideConnected" App Video was shot with many cameras and edited. The helmet camera again is the SENA TUBE.

The second video "The Smart Train" was one of the first TUBE tests.

I need to explain how this was set up. I put the TUBE mic in my cheek pad area. This allowed the mic to pic ME up and ALSO the 20S speaker. SO you are getting me narrating and my music and navagation! This next part shown in photo three is not possible for all helmets or heads, You can unplug the speaker and or mic and leave them out.

I was able to install the speaker under my 20S speak so I can here the voice commands like "recording", "stopped recording", etc.

I will be doing seminars this year at all the events I can on Communications and Video editing. If you would like to see these 45 minute to one hour videos on YouTube make a comment, drop me a email or phone call and I will consider producing them for YouTube.

AUDIO. How would you like to get better quality sound at a reasonable price and at NO RISK to you?
Call today and order our "Splugs", $135.00 for single driver, $230.00 for dual drivers.

Get a 30 day full refund trail. No questions asked. THAT'S how confindent we are you will love them.

So, what the heck is a driver?

Not your Daddy’s speaker!

In fact it’s obviously not a even a speaker!

A “DRIVER” is an "electronic" speaker that looks and acts like a miniature fire hose blasting great sound directly into your ears.

The single drivers are bad! (a GOOD bad!)

But the Dual set adds a second driver behind the hose of each earbud and all we can say is WOW!

CALL and get a set NOW! 707 836 7659

Customers Comments & Answers

Disclaimer .... This first comment posted on Facebook is a OLD customer that purchased his first RKA product in 1990.

BMW R1200R left front
BMW R1200R right front
BMW R1200R underseat
BMW R1200RT left front
BMW R1200RT right front
BMW R1200RT underseat
BMW R1200GSA left front
BMW R1200GAS right front
BMW R1200GSA underseat

We had another customer that actually has THREE BMW's, he pruchased two extra attachment systems.

His motos are an RT, GSA, & and R and he was concerned about the attachment system and the attachmnet locations so we just sent him photos of the three points on all three motorcycles.

You can visit the photo gallery and choice you brand and model or go to the RKA You Tube page and find instructional videos there also.

Remember Kathy and I have been doing this for 32 years no and we are here to help.

RKA You Tube Videos

Once again this month we have a few new videos for you

Be sure and subscribe and you wouldn’t miss a thing.
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FREEWIRE Quicky Overview
Let Me Count The Ways I
Let Me Count The Ways II
Published on Nov 29, 2016
Published on Nov 29, 2016
Published on Jan 10 2017

The Entabulator
SENA RideConnected APP Video I SENA RideConnected APP Video II
Published on Jan 10, 2017
Published on Jan 15, 2017
Published on Jan 17, 2017

We gotta clean the garage out a little this year.

SOLD! Our trusty 2005 R1200ST is on it's way to Loveland Colorado to a new home

Kathy is going to let the little F800R go to a new home $7,000.00 on Cycletrader but for friends of RKA ... $6,500.00
8100 miles ridden by an old lady on Sundays Luggage included!!!

Kathy also as a Specialized Ruby carbon Fiber bicycle for $1,000.00. This bicycle as been looking for a home for some time .... SOMEBODY take this carbon Fiber hot rod home!!

2017 Schedule

We are always working on the new 2017 schedule and it is posted on our Event/Schedule page.
The BMW NAtional is locked in. We will have the big rig right in front of the "Grand Room" The main indoor vendor area with a 20x40 display.

Looks like we will try to do some of the MotoAmerica AMA roadraces this year. ...
Austin ....
Salt Lake City ...
Laguna Seca ..

Early on we'll be at SonomaRaceway for the BIG weekend of Trackdays with Reg, 3J's and then AHRMA vintage racing and finally AFM roadracing this will be a fun weekend

The BMW National in Salt Lake City
Top O the Rockies in Paonia
WesStoc in Reno
Horizons Unlimited in Mariposa


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