Decemberr 2017
Volume 45 / Issue 95

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From the desk of the Editor
Hi Gang!

MERRY CHRISTMAS & HAPPY NEW YEAR from Richard, Kathy, Key & Peele

Well there it is ... 2017 is almost down the road  
In review this could be the hardest year to date.

I turned 70 in January ….
I hate getting old. I think I will participant in the Sonoma Wine County Games, for seniors next year and at least a time trail on my bicycle …. BUT this getting old is not for cry babies.

I lost my Mom in June, We spent a lot of time traveling between here and Redding in the first part of the year to visit Mom and we got to spend a lot of quality time with her.

Take a look at this video and you will understand why I turned out the way I have. She was always singing and acting and the life of the party.

My brothers and sisters were great and we bonded an little better also.

Then in October we almost got burned down.
I did a couple of videos I posted in the November Newsletter but if you missed them here they are… It was terrifying to us and WE came out ok!

Santa Rosa Fire 10-09-2017
On the seventh Day

But really I am a "cup half full" kinda guy so on the other hand, it has been a fun year with all our events and rides so it all evens out in the end.
Kathy and I love what we do and enjoy all the friendships we have made. If we were closer to some of you we would get into a lot of trouble.

Here’s hoping we ALL have a great 2018

December SALE of the year!
You HAVE TO CALL to order!

Letters to the Editor -- Thank You -- Everyone

Hi Richard,

Can you add me to the Newsletter list? And thank you for your support for our Annual Picnic, I’m a member of Gold Coast Beemers club
Best regards



I’ve received the Starr II seatbag—it’s perfect, and I’ll get many miles of use out of it!  Love the quality and the design that went into this bag.
Thanks again for supporting Gold Coast Beemers with your generosity. 

Hi Eric,

WOW WOW WOW!! They look stunning!!
Kathy is jealous, Thanks for taking the time to take these photos.
I’ll try to get them in the photo gallery ASAP!!!!

Richard Battles

Thanks.  I appreciate the kind words.  They are gorgeous.
The pop between the stark white and royal blue with black has gotten all positive responses from my posse. Any chance you guys would design a tail bag with a less boxy shape. 

I'm thinking something tapering both horizontally and vertically from front to back--sort of evocative of a teardrop. 
Or the shape of  a '32 five window trunk or a Cord tail or the flowing shape of the fenders. 

Certainly the shape would sacrifice capacity for style but I see an artistry in the shape of the 50 liter bags you  did for me and I would love to see something shapely to go with them.  I imagine I'm not the only one. The folks like me that go in for the coordinating colors and such obviously value style along with function. 

You guys are clearly innovators. What do you think?


Hi Eric,

You have described our 14 and 18 liter rearseatbags to a “T”.
Here is two videos on this bag

RKA Saddlebag & Seat bag overview
RKA Rearseat Bag (THE PAD)

Here’s a picture. I am going for contrast more than match. I like it.

Jeff Smith



Well I got the F800R and took a few pictures of the 17L bag on the bike. Like you said, it fits fine and is a little large.
It will work for me as I now have all my electronics and room for a small Camelback.

Feel free to use the pictures if they are of any use to you.

Best Regards
Howard Evans

Event Notes


ONE more scheduled event, not ours but a very worthy one....
Sonoma Raceway First Responders Evening...... Tuesday December 12 from 5 to 8
Click here for the Sonoma Raceway Responders page.

If you are in the North Bay come and join us for a ride around the track in a emergency vehicle... Lights and siren of course!!

New videos from the RKA YouTube page,
and a wrestlers point of view from TED Talks

SENA 30K Video 4
SENA 30K Video 5
SENA 30K Video 6
Voice commands
SENA 30K Video 7
Voice commands
Everybody needs a charge
A pro westler's Guide
To Confidence
Mike Kinney

So I was thinking …..

How about a “option” ? A option so easy it falls under the “cannot see the forest for the trees”
Just because you have all these Bluetooth devices and audio systems and GPS’s that cost an arm and a leg, why not chuck it all?

What if …. you wanted to make your screen brighter or dimmer?
What if …. you wanted to text your wife or girlfriend?
What if …. You wanted to listen to Chuck Berry?
What if …. You could do all these things by just speaking up and asking

Just use your smartphone for everything you want to do!.
So start off by connecting your phone to your SENA headset ….. DONE

Our iPhone 6 has SIRI hands free voice commands,
Our new SENA 30K as TOTALLY hands-free voice controls

I will show you the way to OZ.
I am riding Kathy’s little hot rod for a while and doing video on hands free and mounting locations

I mounted our iPhone 6 on the handlebars with Rammount parts. And have a USB cable coming into it for on the fly charging.

So watch the videos above and get some ideas flowing in your head.
This is only the tip of the ice berg folks .... Stand by there is more to come.


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