April 2017
Volume 37 / Issue 87
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From the desk of the Editor

Hi Guys & Gals,

We want to remind you that RKA as divided up the 150 or so videos and placed them in “Playlists” so when you visit our “RKA YouTube” page click on the “Playlist” link, it will make finding the videos you want to view much easier.

We run video cameras front and rear on our bicycles and at least one on my helmet on my motorcycle all the time.
The latest video posted March 31st is a very short one documenting “WHY we need to have cameras on our motos”. It was done in frustration about the “KIDS” going to school on bicycles in the morning.

Our home is butted up to a Charter school, most students are driven to school. I cannot think of a worst driver than a parent taking a child to school AT the school. It’s more exciting than a NASCAR event! In the Sprinter, Car, Motorcycle or worst bicycle we have to navigate through this every school day.

BUT we also pass two other schools on the way to work. All three have students that ride their bicycles. And before you ask, YES, this new video will be presented to all three schools.

It’s just a short 45 second video showing kids not paying attention, riding on the wrong side of the street and no regard for their own safety, just “Kids doing stupid things.

Now for your REAL pleasure and information Richard has produced a second video on Group Intercom. Called appropriately “2017 Group Intercom II

RKA feels if you ride with more than three riders “Group Intercom” is the way to go (SENA 20S’s only). In this second video Richard shows you how to make every rider a ride leader. This way ANY rider can start or stop a “Group Intercom” Way cool stuff, check it out and report back.
“RIDECONNECTED the app”. Kathy and I have done TWO really informative videos on this new app.

SENA RideConnected App

SENA RideConnected App Video II

RIDECONNECTED IS a game changer but has issues that need to be resolved, hopefully in firmware updates. So, we are waiting for a firmware update and/or improvements before we continue with more information and videos. There are a few nuts and bolts missing and maybe released to early. BUT hang in there folks!  

A Review .....
There are THREE important SENA icons you need to know about and use!
If you follow the rules of the game you will have much less issues.
Trust me.

The APP.
Download from the APP store
to your phone.
USE it!
The RideConnected APP. Download it from the APP store.
PLAY with it, LEARN it.
The Device Manager.
Download it to your computer from SENA.com.
UPDATE your devices when needed with Firmware updates

A X-Grip story. A new customer stopped by the shop and in the process of looking at this moto I noticed he had the WRONG X-Grip and tether! He needed a BIGGER X-Grip and tether. He had gone to a MAJOR motorcycle accessories store and the sales man sold him the parts. My new customer told me the salesman was sincere and did not seem to be trying to sell him the wrong part but maybe did not KNOW what the right part was. Of course we got the correct parts on the moto and he will take the wrong ones back.

MAKE sure you are getting the right part for the right application. It’s called RKA 😉

Also in this Newsletter;

New liners coming.
Honda Gold Wing deal.
New Compartment see through bags in color.
New Rammount parts.
Rammount deals on stuff.
A SENA incentive offer.
Group Intercom for ALL.

Lastly here is the MOTOGP schedule
Kathy and I signed up for the WHOLE THING including practice, Moto 2, Moto 3, interviews, highlights.
it is something like $140.00. That’s $7.77 per event
Pretty darn good deal when you consider you can replay them anytime AND go WAY back into the past.






Mar 26              Qatar
Apr 9                Argentina
Apr 23               COTA
May 7               Spain Jerez
May 21             France
Jun 4                Italy Mugello
Jun 11              Spain Catalunya
Jun 25              Assen
Jul 2                 Germany Sachsenring
Aug 6                Czech
Aug 13              Austria
Aug 27              Great Britain
Sep 10              Italy Misano
Sep 24              Spain Aragon
Oct 15              Japan
Oct 22              Australia
Oct 29              Malaysia
Nov 12              Spain Ricardo Tormo

Hope you enjoy the Newsletter.

Richard & Kathy

SENA Remote Control Deal for RKA customers
RKA is slightly over stocked on SENA Remote controls. We think they are the “Cat’s Meow” Richard has been using his almost since day one.
RKA would like to clear the shelves so to speak.
If you are interested in a 20S,10S or 10C (10U comes with a RC) we will be more than happy to include the SENA remote control for a very special price.
You must call to order and get the special offer price. 707 836 7659

NEW liners coming soon ….. Touratech 31-38-45

Get ready! RKA listens to our customers and we have had an ear full on the liner inserts for the Touratech 31-38-45 hardcase saddlebags.

SOOOOOO we are going to add them to the line up real soon.
Prototypes will be on line for your review real soon.

Deals Honda GW Liner
RKA introduced Gold Wing liners a while back. The sales are a little slow so we want to get the word out again.
We have a couple of BMW owners right here in our area that also own a Gold Wing. So maybe there are more of you out there or you ride with a Goldwing rider and you’ll tell them. So for the month of April GW Saddlebags liners will be on sale for $100.00 and the trunk liner for $75.00. The only catch is you must call to order the sale is not on the website. 707 836 7659

NEW Compartment Bags

RKA introduced our SEE THROUGH “Compartment bags” a few months ago and we are now adding color.
The first option will be YELLOW so not only can you get a “mesh see through bag” so you can see what’s inside but you can get
the bag in a color you can easily find inside your RKA luggage.

NEW Rammount parts
Once again Rammount introduces a couple of really cool products. One for your “everybody’s got one” GoPro (Not a GoPro  fan ask me why) and a seemingly stolen idea from the RKA’s OLD generation III IN-Charge tankbag 😊 called “Tough-Track …. See a similarity here?? 😉
New GoPro Application
Tough Track System
RKA parts of the past
Photos 3 to 6 are 10 years old and no longer in production.
This last two photos shows the NEW GEN IV IN-Charge application
Deals Rammount old parts
RKA has been selling Rammount products close to 20 years now and guess what? We have accumulated a lot of OLD part numbers that are collecting dust.
Take a look at this list. If there is anything here, you can use drop us a line or call us.

PLEASE …. There are part numbers, photos, If you do not know what it is or what it’s for I can bet you do not need it.

So, don’t call and ask us what they are or what they do or worst if it will work on something else.

It’s kinda like the 5-10 dollar box at a swap meet..

ALL parts are 10 bucks plus USPS shipping
















For Sale

STILL got a couple of two wheelers for sale.

Kathy is going to let the little F800R go to a new home $7,000.00
8100 miles ridden by an old lady on Sundays Luggage included!!!

Kathy also as a Specialized Ruby carbon Fiber bicycle for $1,000.00. This bicycle as been looking for a home for some time .... SOMEBODY take this carbon Fiber hot rod home!!

2017 Schedule

We are always working on the new 2017 schedule and it is posted on our Event/Schedule page.
The BMW National is locked in. We will have the big rig right in front of the "Grand Room" The main indoor vendor area with a 20x40 display.


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