October 2016
Volume 30 / Issue 80
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From the desk of the Editor
Kathy & Richard
Key & Peele

What have we been up to?

We have a new party to go to the City Bike AB-51 Celebration.

New videos to share

Customer photos. When customers take the time to send photos it’s pretty special for Kathy and I.

The Food drive ride!! RKA/Sonoma Raceway Food drive on November 19th.

This past weekend I was a Moto Marshal for the Levi GranFondo.

What a rush chasing pushbikes down a grade at 50 plus mph! and then 6mph on an 18 percent climb. Did I mention there were over 5,000 of them! It’s mentally challenging for sure. Be sure and see my short video below.

There was a comment on the SENA remote control being impossible to connect to a headset
I’ll do a video soon on that it will be about 15 seconds long ;-). Have you updated your SENA firmware to 1.6.3 yet?

Are you having issues you have not had before after you updated your iPhones OSI? Maybe delete it and reload …. “Get out of the car, walk around, get back in” …… My Mantra …. You would not believe how many issues this resolves with Bluetooth, Operating systems and even other stuff. As the Apple lady said earlier this year ….. “Sometimes it just loads SIDEWAYS”.

At Grand Junction I had a attendee say his friend thought I had over stepped the capabilities of the SENA products and I was pushing the truth ….. I said DARN! My moto is just down the corridor in the conference room have him come and I’ll SHOW him everything. “You can lead a horse to water but you can’t make them drink”.

I also had a comment on my IN-Charge tankbag setup on the Fondo video. You can SEE a CB radio AND a FRS radio. Well the CB cable was disconnected so I could use the FRS radio so it WAS inoperable BUT with just a quick unplug and plug in I could switch out the two.

I do seminars on luggage applications, communications and Video 101, many many times a year at the events we go to. I have presented the Video 101 seminar for the first time this year with pretty good response It is still in the growing stages.

It leans toward motorcycle and action things but what about Mom’s videos from 50 years ago? I will be adding this segment next year to this seminar, and a short video or two from the past. . Let’s talk about the “Mom videos” from the 50’s and 60’s. Richard & Sonny Stardust international raceway and Jake, my Dad

Would you like to see these 45 minute to one hour seminars on communications and video on YouTube? If so let me know.

Here is an important SENA press release you will all be VERY interested in:


At the bottom of the Products page we have added “Friends of RKA” …. Corbin, Clearwater, Schuberth, Held, some things we are just not setup to offer to you. But you NEED.

Also look for a video soon on what is a driver? Featuring our SPlugs.

Enjoy the Newsletter.....

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New event added for October

JUST IN AB51 celebration! …. Presented by “City Bike” and “BARF”

For all you outta towners City Bike is our LONG TIME local rag in the city and BARF is our local motorcycle forum …. Bay Area Riders Forum.

Surj Gish / City Bike

Hi Richard & Kathy,

Now that AB 51  is signed (woo!) Budman and I are working on a celebration where riders of all stripes can get together too high five, raise a glass, and so on. The party will be at DNA Lounge in SF on October 8th, which is run by Barry Synoground of the SFMC. 

The plan is to have a big get-together the afternoon of the 8th, probably 1-4 PM. We’re going to have a bit of a “hurrah” mid-party, where folks like Budman, perhaps Nick Haris from the AMA, and hopefully Assembly member Quirk will speak a bit. We’re inviting Quirk, Lackey, CMSP folks, the AMA, the various MC and MRO folks that were involved and that we know—pretty much everyone.

The event will be completely free for everyone who attends, and everyone will receive a raffle ticket on the way in—entry into a giveaway”

Surgj Gish
Editor in Chief, City Bike Magazine.

There will be updated info and a link on our schedules page.
New Videos RKA YouTube page
Here is an update on the latest videos. Some instructional, Some informative, Some just fun.


Jake, My Dad, This is a short clip of editing 50 year old 8 mm film. Want to learn simple editing and video assembly? Ask me.

  Las Vegas 1966, This is a short clip of editing 50 year old 8 mm film. Want to learn simple editing and video assembly? Ask me.

Clearwater lights. These are the very best. Go see Glenn

2016 GranFondo. There is a lot of TRUST in Moto Marshaling

From the RKA Video 101 seminar. SOme cameras to consider.

Nav V call home & the disappearing voice and display. Things you may not know but wish you did

Old 93, I AM a train buff, this is the engine I rode behind on my Ely steam engine ride

Maine Lopstaa. So I am easily ammused ;-) This is REAL Maine Lopstaa IN Maine Yes Lopstaa

Cruising along Hwy 6 with Harleys. Said hi to a couple of Harleys on Hwy 6 ... I think they waved back.

  So sorry but I have to do this ..... We got new kitties introducing "Key & Peele"

Customer Photos
When customers take the time to send photos it’s pretty special for Kathy and I.

13 liter Shiloh Rd Tankbag
21 liter seatbag
10.5 liter IN-Charge Premium color tankbag
10.5 liter IN-Charge Premium color tankbag
50 liter expandable Saddlebags
13 liter Shiloh road shown at speed on a K1600GTL
13 liter Shiloh Rd Tankbag
21 liter Rackbag
Saddlebag TOPPERS
Shown in premium colors
Saddlebag TOPPERS
Showing Raincovers
15.5 liter IN-Charge bag of Bobby Baker my right hand flight officer.
RKA 2016 Schedule  

The LAST and biggest event for RKA is the RKA/Sonoma Raceway Food Drive ride!
Click here for full details. Looking forward to seeing you there!

Click Here for the 2017 online Schedules page with complete information on each event. Book mark this page as we will be adding events for next year soon.


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