November 2016
Volume 31 / Issue 81
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From the desk of the Editor

. To get the 20% off deal and free ground shipping call the shop at 707 836 7659.

What have we been up to?

Food Drive Ride

November 19th RKA is doing it's the 16th Annual RKA / Sonoma Raceway food drive ride. Click on the link for more information

Visit Sonoma Raceways Community Page on their website also

If you are in our area we would love YOU to come and for YOU to bring all your friends! It's gonna be a wonderful Ride, Laps around the track, and all for a good cause.

Once again I was out of town this past weekend working with bicycles, I was a Moto Marshal for the "Hammer" bicycle ride in Clovis California. Be sure and see my short videos coming soon on our "You Tube Page"

RKA is proud to say we are adding "Warm & Safe" heated clothing products to our line up. Click here for the link it will be finished soon so stay tuned and check back or call 707 836 7659. We have been using heated gear for ever and some of our friends call us weenies .... We say yes, but we are warm weenies.

I am repeating this from last month,

there was a comment on the SENA remote control being impossible to connect to a headset

I have up loaded a short video to show how easy it is and it's under two minutes long. "SENA Remote Control Connection".
Have you updated your SENA firmware to 1.6.3 yet? DOn't know how? click here "SENA device Manager install".

Here is another repeat from last month ....

An important SENA press release you will all be VERY interested in:

RKA offers only one communications system ... SENA .... And they continue to amaze us with new innovation. They have not let us down with a number of new products on the way that will just blow you away! The 30K, 10C EVO, INC (Intelligent Noise-Control) Helmet, Freewire, and a new app that controls everything, Ride connected app.

For more information, or to Pre Order, call or email RKA NOW to get at the head of the list. 707 836 7659 email

At the bottom of the "Products Page" we have added “Friends of RKA” …. Corbin, Clearwater, Schuberth, Held.
Some things we are just not setup to offer to you. But you NEED.

Enjoy the Newsletter.....

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RKA Sonoma Raceway Food Drive Press Release



Join the RKA Wine Country Motorcycle Ride to Benefit the
Sonoma Raceway Food Drive

SONOMA, Calif. (Oct. 26, 2016) -- RKA and Sonoma Raceway will
partner for the 16th consecutive year on Sonoma Raceway's
annual Thanksgiving Food Drive.
RKA, a Windsor-based manufacturer and retailer of motorcycle
equipment and luggage, will host a 90-mile motorcycle ride through wine
country and down the coast of Tomales Bay on Saturday, Nov. 19, and riders
of all skill levels are invited. The ride will depart from Sonoma Raceway at
8:30 a.m., with registration from 7:30 a.m.-8:15 a.m. at Gate 1, the main
entrance to the raceway on Highway 121. The ride will conclude around 11:30 a.m. at the raceway, and all riders will be invited to take a few laps around
the Sonoma Raceway road course before lunch at the Raceway Café.
To join the ride, riders are encouraged to bring five or more
non-perishable food items or make a $10 cash donation to the food drive, which
benefits Friends in Sonoma Helping (F.I.S.H.), as well as the San Francisco-Marin
Food Bank.

            In addition to the ride, all participants are invited to purchase raffle tickets to win Sonoma Raceway race tickets, a 3Js Motorcycle Track Day, a GoPro camera, riding gear and more.  Tickets are $1 each, 7 for $5 or 15 tickets for $10 and can be purchased the day of the ride.

            For more information on the RKA motorcycle ride,
visit or 
or call RKA at 707- 836-7659.


2017 Major Events

Sonoma Historic Motorsports Festival
June 2-4

Toyota/Save Mart 350
NASCAR Weekend
June 23-25
NHRA Division 7 drag races, presented by Korbel 
July 21-23

Toyota NHRA Sonoma Nationals
July 28-July 30

MotoAmerica AMA/FIM North American Road Race Championship
Aug. 11-13

GoPro Grand Prix of Sonoma
Sept. 15-17

Classic Sports Racing Group
Charity Challenge
Sept. 29-Oct. 1


Who is RKA?

(All images are clickable)

Seems folks still do not understand exactly what we do and what and why we offer some products.
So take a little time out of your schedule and read about who we are.

RKA has a 31-year History starting in 1985.

Kathy and Richard actually design and manufacture RKA luggage in our shop in northern California. WE DESIGN, CREATE THESE PRODUCTS with craftspeople!
ShopRKA products are NOT imported and branded with our label...
Here is the short story:

We are motorcyclists, enthusiasts and also real people.
A little fun ...

Trackday for Kathy

Trackday for Richard

Marshaling a bicycle event

The Annual Food Drive

RKA Luggage
For those 31 years RKA has been the leaders and innovators of the soft luggage industry.

(All images are clickable)

yam 600
Motorclcycist November 1986
American Woman Road Riding December 1989

 RKA Reviews page link

RKA offers a complete line of motorcycle luggage products

RKA Offers all luggage in Black with Silver piping or personalize with Premium Color options.

RKA Tankbags

Tankbags, The RKA Tankbag "WILL NOT MOVE" when instructions are followed.

SV650 a generic tankbag installation video This video is six years old and shows the way for the last 30 years, but is very current in the concept. Every motorcycle is different and this is the very best video to get you in the right direction of our TRUE three-point concept of ONE on the left, ONE on the right spread apart. and ONE under the seat You can use the frame, the radiator brackets or even a fairing mounting point. This video also shows how to fuel. There are many many more instructional videos on our You Tube page!

A new video of "How do you fuel with a tankbag attached"? ...

What is a "Y" and "F" front? And why do we have them?
RKA offers the "F" configuration for motorcycles like the K1600GT/GTL, here is the tankbag installation video K1600 series Tankbag Installation Video ...
This video is five years old and has over 16,000 views. After you watch both of the attachment videos you should understand why we now have both a "Y" and a "F"

"F" forward

configuration. "Y" is always the preferred application when possible. But if there is bodywork in the way of the "Y" then we choice the "F".

So RKA developed the "F" for the K1600GT, K1600GTL back in 2011. The attachment points are straight away forward. So we moved the buckles and changed the two angled pads to one wide front pad. Always a Perfect fit! "Y" on the 3 liter Allegro above and the "F" at left.

What is a four-point system and when is it viable (Practical, Workable) (All images are clickable)

WHY do you need a 4 point?

24.5 4
24.5 Liter Pine Flat
4 point
13 liter Pine Flat
4 point
13 liter Shiloh Rd
3 point
Removable 20th Lexan Map holder

When your seat comes up onto the "tank" area so far that the three point will not work the four point becomes the application of choice .. NO, the four point is not more secure than the three point.

You do not even need to understand this. When you order on line or call we get the year, Brand, & model so we can get you the correct foot print for your application.

Our 20th Lexan removable map holder. This is a concept we have had for over 25years.

It is a "plastic" type material that is designed to hold only maps (Do not put phones or GPS's in it) and does not "blow up" like the soft bendable ones do. It is removable so it's also replaceable.

portal 1
Portal 2
Portal 3
Portal 4
Hidden Portal
Portal rear
Portal front
Inside entrance
Control Box
Top Portal
Control Box

Tankbag Portals. When we designed the IN-Charge Charge bag

we designed the “portals" for electrical connections, wires and cables to pass through to the inside of the bag. Some years ago we decided to make these a

standard feature on ALL tankbags. We also have a "closed" button hole in the top compartment. Open it with a sharp utility knife and you can power the top compartment of y our tankbag also. These photos show the portals front and rear, the inside entrance and the top button hole opened The RKA designed Dashboard is a three-piece setup, a base, the dashboard holder and the dashboard. It has holes in it to make it easy for you to attach devices it also rotates 60 degrees and locks into 4 positions The Control Box is designed for the "Iron Butt" type rider to hold and organize their cables, wires, devices and hide them out of sight.
The Wrap is a soft version of the control box for those that do not have so much to hide.

In the late 80's and early 90s we designed the first series of IN-Charge Tankbags.
Below left is a photo of the first offering "BGBT" (Before GPS and Bluetooth) This unit was a wired system from "Cycle Com" with ride passenger Intercom, CB radio, Sanyo AM/FM radio with a "can you say" cassette deck. The other photos show we have come a LONG WAY in the communications setups.

Can you say Cassette Deck?
10.5 Liter
15.5 Liter
Full Monty

Understand the IN-Charge tankbag is a COMMUNICATIONS product NOT a complete storage tankbag as you would know it.

This is a sample of what we have innovated in the last 25 years of the IN-Charge Tankbag

So how did a luggage company get into communications, SENA, Rammount, Powerlet?

When we started offering the IN-Charge Tankbag we needed some Rammount Parts (Not so much now) and Powerlet electrical connections. Then we got into the communications and ended up with SENA as the best and only system we offer.

Diagram 1
Diagram 2
One hook up
A lot of hook ups

RKA (Richard & Kathy) can help you setup your bag. From a simple charging space to an integrated communications headquarters

RKA has suggestions for almost every scenario on our "The only Page you need to look at" page.   

The innovative RKA Seat Bag PAD.
The PAD attaches to the seat, seatbag attaches to the PAD.
Nothing touches body work.
This is the 14 liter Rearseat bag closed and expanded, NO Bungees!

The RKA Saddlebags are one of the most innovative products on the current motorcycle market place.

RKA uses the PAD for the saddlebag installation also which interacts with the rearseat bag.

This design allows the saddlebags to STAY level and not sag or move from side to side

Saddlebag & Seatbag .... Use them together or separate

Ludicrous Hardcase Liners.

Hard case liners are only product we manufacture that are not finished and lined, as the customers (YOU) wanted that extra space and they are inside the Hardcase and protected. RKA did not really think this small loss of space was an issue but did it that way.

In 2015 Richard purchased a new R1200RT and decided he wanted his liners more luxurious and finished so the "Ludicrous Liners" were born for the 14 and up 1200RT's and the 1600GT/GTLS. No other liners are available this way at this time.

Some other things that may surprise you about RKA.
We have partnered with Mike Corbin and his Slingshot Saddlebags
RKA manufactures liners for them. Including the Slingshot Behind seat bags and the Corbin Saddlebags for the CAN AM Spyder.

RKA You Tube Page

There are over 100 fun, instructional videos here. RKA You_Tube Page

RKA manufactures saddlebags, seatbags, rackbags and liners for hard cases.

This article is a lot of information to absorb and just scratches the surface.

We will contniue this story of RKA's inovations in the next Newsletter so stay tuned.

RKA 2016 / 2017 Schedule  

The LAST and biggest event for RKA is the RKA/Sonoma Raceway Food Drive ride! Saturday November 19th

Click here for full details. Looking forward to seeing you there!

Click Here for the up coming 2017 online Schedules page with complete information on each event. Book mark this page as we will be adding events for next year soon.


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