June_July 2016
Volume 28 / Issue 78
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This is a must read.
The Bible, Holy Grail,
The Zen of motorcycle articles
An article by
"Nick Ienatsch"
Writer, Racer, Announcer,
From the desk of the Editor

Hi Gang,

Well just did not have time for the June issue so this will be June & July.

I want to start off by saying to everyone, when you purchase product from RKA you get a bonus .... You get Richard & Kathy and 31 years of knowledge along with the product. We think this additional bonus is worth it.

We can help you with any thing you need to have help with and more. There are almost 100 videos on the RKA You Tube page, some fun, some interesting but mostly instructional. On Luggage, Power connections, Mounting devices, Bluetooth help and more. If those do not anbswer your questions just call or email us.

Soooo what have we been up to lately .....

Kathy and I have been busy getting ready for the summer tour and the rallies that encompasses those dates.

I went to Mariposa for the 49ner rally alone in the Sprinter just transporting Kathy's F800R to test the booth display and do my seminars for the first time at a rally.

After Mariposa .... and a great 49ner rally it was .... We got into the rig, loaded to the brim and drove to Lake George and actually stayed at the motel we will be at for the BMW National in July.

We used to drive from Santa Rosa to Daytona in TWO days … Drive, Fuel, Change drivers, Repeat.

Since we are not young anymore we usually take THREE days : -),

The trip was planned to do it in FIVE days NOT the normal three day one thousand mile days we normally do currently 4:00 AM to 8:00PM 16 hour days called the “Get in shut up and hang on” trips.

So 650 miles a day was the plan and to ensure I did not go over that we made reservations for rooms at the 650 mile marks.
We request down stairs, Non Smoking, And always try to get a pool and hot tub since we were on a cruise ;-)

Day one (Longest day ... 740) Salt Lake city airport area no issues nice place. Nice sport bar for dinner.

Day two Ogallala, NE. The pool area is all dug up and looks like under construction for months if not years : -(.
Choice hotels said nothing about this : -( Another Sports Bar we ask them to put on the Warriors game you know the FINALS!!! They say what Collage is that! ;-/

Day Three Davenport IA … Our room is 212 … “Upstairs” the young lady says “All the down stairs were taken” What does she not understand about “reservations made months in advance”? She gives me the deer in the headlight look and I let it go.

Day Four Hamburg NY. The same place we will be staying during the National Rally in July. Nice clean no pool or hot tub but also reasonably priced.

Day Five on to Lake George. Short day about 360 miles but the TOLL was $43.00 for the rig!!!!
We decide to stop at Gloversville, NY (Need to google that one) and restock at Walmart. "Suzie", my GPS voice takes the 40 foot rig on a ride to the river! Instead of left and the big road she takes us right and the STEEP WINDY road! BUT the Mercedes diesel pulls use up and around to the big road.

So ALWAYS check where Suzie is taking you ;-)

Kurt calls and is about an hour out of Lake George, coming from Limerick, ME, and we are also about an hour out.
We are chased into Lake George by a BIG system and get unloaded and moved in just in time.
Kurt arrives in time to get rained on big time but a little “Jack” takes care of the pain.

We are kinda locked in the motel with only the rig to drive so it was pizza for dinner.

We are the first in line to setup Monday morning and then have to wait FOUR hours because the rain the day
before would not allow any tents to be put up.

Once in we get the basic booth setup and then headed out to the local Barbeque for a late lunch and early dinner.

The Rally is Tuesday through Saturday a grinding schedule for only three of us but we prevail and sell a few things.

My seminars went well on “The RIDE” and “Video 101” and we had a lot of the attendees come to the booth and purchase products. AND that’s the idea.

Saturday morning the radar showed a BIG BIG system rolling in so we took down everything not esencial for the booth, Grids, Signs, loaded some product and hung on. The system came through fast and ferocious. I am so happy we rented the tent rather than use our own smaller ones.

After all the rain the crowd kinda went away so at 4:00 PM we loaded the bikes in the trailer that was parked right behind the booth thanks to the promoter Stacy!!!  Got everything staged and right at 5:15 Stacy let the van in and we were hooked up and on the road at 5:30 PM !!!! 60 miles to Albany and now time for a nice dinner and drinks before getting a  little cat nap. All was great until midnight and the fire station across the street decided to test the air raid siren !! Just as we were getting up at 2:30 it went off again! Choice hotels did not say anything about air raid sirens at this place.

Kurt dropped us off at the airport at 3:30 AM and we got through security and found coffee and waited.

Off to Midway to change planes an easy hour flight. I have left ALL my earbuds in the van so I find a place and purchase a set of “SkullCandy” Bluetooth headsets WITH mic. WOW they are great, and I now use them on our bicycle rides and in the van for hands free calls..

We get on the plane at Midway and there is a 15-minute delay at the gate, Plane does not move. Then we taxi out and can see the issue there are SIX planes in front of us and 4 or 5 behind us staging one for takeoff about every 5 to 7 minutes.

Apparently this is also going on at O’Hara and we are trying to MERGE with their flight patterns because of a HUGH front coming in from the North.
Finally LIFT OFF and we are on our way. I am afraid if heights but not setting at the window looking out at 35,000 feet what a trip! How do they do that anyway?

So we are an hour late now and catch the 11:30 AM Airporter to Santa Rosa airport and get in about 2:00 PM. Then have to pay almost 20 bucks to get a taxi 2.25 miles to home. : -(


So what’s up now?

I will fly back to Manchester, VT around the 9th or 10th of July and go to Kurt’s house and the rig in Limerick, ME. Then we’ll drive to Buffalo Tuesday the 12th and pick Kathy up at the international airport. On to Hamburg for dinner.

Wednesday the 13th we setup the booth at the Erie County Fairgrounds … We are the FIRST booth on the right as you walk into the Vendor area.

So I will do another report on the National Rally and the “Top O’ The Rockies” rally we’ll do on the way home in Paonia.

Stop by the booth and say hi and maybe even purchase something.

AND PLEASE come see my seminars Thursday and Friday on communications and video.

If you’re a west coaster I’ll be riding the moto to a few more rallies in August, and September so get on that ride and ride!

Now you know we do not just set at a desk and take orders ;-)


Have a GREAT summer! Looking forward to meeting you all at one of our events.

Richard & Kathy

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New event added Top O' The Rockies

We added Top O’ The Rockies to our schedule. This is a a GREAT rally. Click on the link for more information.
If you want to visit Colorado and go to that special place Paonia is that place.
In 2011 It was the scene of my ONLY encounter with another object while riding my motorcycle. (Dumb Deer)

It should be Dumb Buck count the points! EIGHT. Yes I have had accidents and crashed at over 100mph while racing on the track, but this was a new experience along with broken body parts.

We will be camping in the rig and I will be doing my semiars on communications on Thursday and Friday in the “Teen Center”


RKA offers Adaptiv’s TPX radar systems they are water proof, have a visual alert LED included and are designed for motorcycles.
We do not care what anyone else says. These are really nice systems and do the basic functions while being water proof and shook proof along with the visual alert at a reasonable price.

I have some fun stories to tell about radar in my talks.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

A radar speed gun (also radar gun and speed gun) is a device used to measure the speed of moving objects. It is used in law-enforcement to measure the speed of moving vehicles and is often used in professional spectator sport, for things such as the measurement of bowling speeds in cricket, speed of pitched baseballs, athletes and tennis serves.
A radar speed gun is a Doppler radar unit that may be hand-held, vehicle-mounted or static. It measures the speed of the objects at which it is pointed by detecting a change in frequency of the returned radar signal caused by the Doppler effect, whereby the frequency of the returned signal is increased in proportion to the object's speed of approach if the object is approaching, and lowered if the object is receding. Such devices are frequently used for speed limit enforcement, although more modern LIDAR speed gun instruments, which use pulsed laser light instead of radar, began to replace radar guns during the first decade of the twenty-first century, because of limitations associated with small radar systems.

So where did RADAR come from?

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Long-range radar antenna, used to track space objects and ballistic missiles.

Radar of te type used for detection of aircraft. It rotates steadily, sweeping the airspace with a narrow beam.
Radar is an object-detection system that uses radio waves to determine the range, angle, or velocity of objects. It can be used to detect aircraft, ships, spacecraft, guided missiles, motor vehicles, weather formations, and terrain. A radar transmits radio waves or microwaves that reflect from any object in their path. A receive radar, which is typically the same system as the transmit radar, receives and processes these reflected waves to determine properties of the object(s).
Radar was secretly developed by several nations in the period before and during World War II. The term RADAR was coined in 1940 by the United States Navy as an acronym for RAdio Detection And Ranging. The term radar has since entered English and other languages as a common noun, losing all capitalization.
The modern uses of radar are highly diverse, including air and terrestrial traffic control, radar astronomy, air-defense systems, antimissile systems; marine radars to locate landmarks and other ships; aircraft anticollision systems; ocean surveillance systems, outer space surveillance and rendezvous systems; meteorological precipitation monitoring; altimetry and flight control systems; guided missile target locating systems; ground-penetrating radar for geological observations; and range-controlled radar for public health surveillance. High tech radar systems are associated with digital signal processing, machine learning and are capable of extracting useful information from very high noise levels.
Other systems similar to radar make use of other parts of the electromagnetic spectrum. One example is "lidar", which uses ultraviolet, visible, or near infrared light from lasers rather than radio waves.

SENA Update Information

SENA Firmware updates

Some of the newest firmware updates

Group intercom” feature
Only the 20S had this, now more can get in on the fun.

“FreeWire support”. More on this new item later.
The Freewire is not available yet.
It is the wireless Bluetooth adapter for the Harley-Davidson and the Honda Goldwing. For more information, please refer to the link below. http://www.sena.com/product/freewire/

A2DP pairing GPS device support
Sena adds the A2DP connection feature for the GPS Pairing method. If a you pair the GPS(Zumo 660/590) with 20S via GPS Pairing method, you can hear the GPS guidance and music from GPS during the intercom conversation.

Firmware History 20S

Firmware History 10R

Since the release of its flagship product, the SMH10 motorcycle headset and intercom system, Sena has continued to release innovative motorcycle Bluetooth communications devices, including a new line of smart helmets which blend our proven Bluetooth communication systems with advanced noise-control™ technologies.

Sena’s line of action sports Bluetooth devices, including our Bluetooth sport communication devices, next-gen Bluetooth action sports cameras, and Bluetooth bike cameras also offer exceptional video and audio recording capabilities, helping to enhance the lives of speed demons and action-seekers everywhere.
On the Industrial forefront, Sena’s Industrial peripheral communications devices provide a better solution for jobsite communications, as our Bluetooth two-way radios, Bluetooth stereo headsets and intercom systems, and Bluetooth long-range communications devices improve both jobsite efficiency and workplace safety.

SENA Harley Headset

Sena Freewire

Freedom from the cord
Enjoy your bikes infotainment system wirelessly

Remove all restraints from your ride
Hear your bike the way it was meant to be heard: Wirelessly
When you connect the FreeWire to your Harley-Davidson or Honda Gold Wing, you can utilize all of the bike’s infotainment features that you love – WIRELESSLY! Communicate via CB radio, hear turn-by-turn directions from the GPS system, rock out to your favorite radio stations and so much more – all through your Bluetooth headset. Use an additional FreeWire for your passenger to talk over the motorcycle’s internal intercom system – All with the wireless freedom you’ve been longing for.

Enhance your experience with SENA.

Listen to your bike through the 20S and take advantage of even more incredible audio capabilities from Sena
Thanks to the FreeWire, you can wirelessly connect to your Harley Davidson or Honda Gold Wing infotainment system while also being able to utilize the various capabilities of the Sena 20S Bluetooth headset. Enjoy a 2 km intercom between up to 8 riders, HD Audio, Voice Command, Group Intercom, Advanced Noise Control, the Sena Smartphone App and so much more.

Apply all of your accessories with ease.

Use the AUX import to hear additional inputs alongside your bike
The FreeWire also has a 3.5mm AUX port which allows you to directly plug in additional accessories such as a GPS device, radar detector, non-Bluetooth MP3 player and more – allowing you to hear them alongside the motorcycle’s infotainment system through your Bluetooth headset speakers.

Stay charged and secure.

Easily accessible mounting and charging accessories make your ride worry free
The FreeWire comes with two different mounting accessories, a handlebar mounting kit as well as a mounting cradle for on the bike itself, to conveniently secure the device during your ride. The unit automatically powers on/off with your motorcycle’s engine for maximum convenience, and for longer rides you can easily charge your FreeWire while using it with the included cigarette charger or Sena Powerbank.

SENA Powerpack

Power your Venture off the Grid, Flexible, Essential, Smart
Keeps you Powered up for the Road Ahead
Versatile Charging
The Powerbank comes with a coiled charging cord and is capable of charging any 5V input USB-charged device, including all Sena headsets and cameras as well as most smartphones. The battery pack can be fully charged and ready-to-go in four hours.
Easy-to-Read Power Level
Power level indicator lights
A set of four LED indicator lights give you an accurate readout of how much power you have left. To see the battery level during use, simply tap the power button and the indicator lights will light up to show the power remaining.

Flexible Mounting Options. Handlebar or Armband

The Powerbank comes complete with two mounting options out of the box to fit your preferred riding style. The handlebar mount is designed to fit all makes and models of motorcycle handle bars while the armband is fully adjustable to fit all size riders.

RKA 2016 Schedule

Click Here for the online Schedules page with complete information on each event.
If you have an event to suggest let us know.
RKA 2016 Event Schedule is ...


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BMW Nor Cal 49ner Rally
May 26th to May 30th
Mariposa, CA
June 7th to 11th
Lake George, NY
BMW National
July 14th to 17th
Hampton, NY
Top O' The Rockies
July 21st to 24th
Paonia, CO
August 29th to September 1st
Grand JUnction, CO
CCBMW Beemer Bash
September 15th to 18th
Quincy, CA
Horizons Unlimited
September 22nd to 25th
Mariposa, CA

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