January 2016
Volume 23 / Issue 74

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This is a must read.
The Bible, Holy Grail,
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From the desk of the Editor

2016 is the start of our 31st year of RKA. Last Year our 2015 January Newsletter told the story in photos of our 30 years of manufacturing motorcycle luggage. If you would like to review that go here “January 2015 Newsletter

So the biggest event for ME in 2015 was I got AFib. Read the story below but for now what the hell is AFib?

Normally, your heart contracts and relaxes to a regular beat. In atrial fibrillation, the upper chambers of the heart (the atria) beat irregularly (quiver) instead of beating effectively to move blood into the ventricles.
Anything that allows blood to slow down or pool increases the risk of clotting, and so increases the risk of stroke. If a clot breaks off, enters the bloodstream and lodges in an artery leading to the brain, a stroke results.

How the hell do you even know you got it? here is my story: My Afib awakening.

New Years!!

For the (believe it or not) first time in 8 years of owning the Mercedes we actually used the Sprinter for fun! We decided to camp out on the coast at the KOA in Manchester, Mendocino County, about a hundred clicks north of us.

You Talk'n to ME?

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Customer Comments

And a Merry Christmas to you and yours too Richard.
Was actually out on the LT today...picked up a fresh Turkey on it!.....very,  very rare weather here in Ontario for this time of year. Enjoy family, friends,  and your blessings.
Tom and Kathy

I got the seat bag back early last week & it works very well.
Thanks for the repair work & for standing behind your products!
I have bought both the soft saddlebags & seat bags for a few friends over the years & have ALWAYS gotten many thanks for the great RKA quality  - they make great gifts!

Thanks again & I hope you have a terrific Christmas,

Richard, I just wanted to send you a quick email on the bags.  
They fit like a glove and the quality has exceeded my expectations.  
I would recommend these bags to anyone that desires a well made bag for a competitive price.  
Thank you for selling a product that really delivers.    Ride safe, Thom 


Sent from my Apple 

 I recently got your pannier liners for the BMW R1200GSA Adventure 2012, I was wondering if they also fit the BMW R1200GSA Adventure 2016?
It looks like the sides have been flipped, but maybe there has been a size change as well.
Do you know if they are interchangeable?

C. Assad

Editors Note: Yes .... See below

Thank you so much Kathy ! !

I really cant say how much I enjoy using these bags.  I ride with two other guys who have hard saddlebags on their bikes and they are always amazed at how much stuff I can pack into those Super Sport bags ! !

I will send you guys a picture of my bike with your wonderful saddlebags.

William Beverly

Thanks Richard…appreciate the help. We’re new to the BMW world….coming from a Harley world the the needs are clearly not the same. 
All the best for the holidays.


Videos, Finding the Apex

We are on the Mark Neale email list and got the chance to purchase his new movie “Finding the Apex” narrated my Brad Pitt.

Let me tell you a little about Mr Neale.

Here is an interview with Motorcycle.com

He has done many films like
“Mojo Working: Jimi Hendrix” 1992
U2: The Best of 1990-2000” 2002 Clip

But what you may know him for these
Click on the images to watch the trailers

“Faster” 2003"
“The Doctor, The Tornado, and the Kentucky Kid” 2006
“Fastest” 2011
“Charge” 2011

Kathy and I recommend ALL these films no matter what brand, model, type of motorcycle you ride we are sure you will me mesmerized with his videography, Storytelling, “Faster” was our first Mark Neale film.

I still get chills, even though you can see it coming, from the first 15 seconds of this trailer it’s like the beginning of the original “Star Wars”, only FASTER ;-).
Faster Trailer
NEW Videos

NEW How to Videos.
Video One of the "RKA How To Series" SmartPhone to SENA
Video Two of the "RKA How to series" Features review 1

NEW PAD design for our saddlebags and seatbag integration
RKA Saddlebag & Seat bag overview

We have new motos in the photo gallery. Doing the R1200RS/R, S1000XR, S1000RR.
New photos ARE posted here: "BMW Specific Photo Gallery"

NEW RKA Video series

We have decided to do a new series of videos. They will be on our “RKA You Tube Page” and on a to be determined specific page on our website.

We will try to cover every question you could possibly ask. Of course this is impossible as after doing seminars forever someone always asks a question we have never heard before. This is a good thing as it keeps the conversation fresh and growing like the technology itself.

If the list below does not cover what you want to know and you have suggestions please let us know .

The series will cover cameras, features, best value, best all-around camera, So stay tuned. The first installation will appear soon.

Main title of the sereis will be:

So I got a video camera what-a-I-do-now?

Here is a list of tentative titles of each of the videos and what they will address.

1: What do I video anyway?

2: Outa the box:
a) How do I turn it on?
b) How do I start / stop it / record?
c) How do I charge it?
d) What is a USB cable?
e) Where do I put the scandisk / what size scan disk can I use?
f) Is my camera Wi-Fi ready?
g) What the hell IS Wi-Fi?
h) Is my camera Bluetooth able? / What the hell is Bluetooth?
i) Can I add a mic to it to do narration?
j) Are the cameras waterproof or can they be made to be waterproof?

3: Charging options
a) What is a USB Charger adapter?
b) How do I add external batteries to it?

4: What kind of features are available and why would I want them?
a) What is video tagging and how does it work?
b) Can I remotely start and stop the camera?
c) Can I remotely power it off?

5: How do I get the video into my computer?
a) How do I preview the raw video?
b) What is raw video?
6: How do I edit the video?
a) Photoshop, Elements, Moviemaker, MOVAVI
b) What is 1080, 720, resolution?
c) What is 30, 60 FPS?
d) How do I change settings?
e) What are Gigabytes, Megabytes, & Terabytes? And why do need to know this?

7: Where do I mount a camera?
a) Helmet
b) Fairing
c) handlebars
d) windshield
e) Trunk / Saddlebags
f) Grab bar

Worth Repeating from last month

Check them out!




GSA Liners & GTL/RT Ludicrous Liners
This is worth repeating for all you GS guys and gals.....

BMW moved the drive shaft to the other side for the NEW GSAW. BMW loves to do stuff like this just to keep you thinking.
So of course the hard cases have been “Flipped”.
So the big question is …..
I purchased a new GSA will my old liners work? or, I am going to purchase a NEW GSA will the RKA liners still work?

So do the RKA GSA Adventure liners fit in the hard cases! YES!!
Just “Flip” them and you are ready to go!
For some new customers a terminology update:
What’s the “W” mean? Water Cooled.
What does “Waterpumper” mean? Water Cooled.

Right Side

Left Side .. Pipe Side

Right Side .. Pipe Side

Left Side

This is worth repeating for all you GTL, RT guys and gals.....  

Right Side

Left Side

My personal briefcase ;-)

My personal briefcase ;-)

If you own a BMW K1600GTL/GT or new 2014 and up BMWR1200RT or a moto with the 49 liter trunk bag we have a new product for you.
and it’s Ludicrous!
We now offer LUDICROUS for the hardcase saddlebag liners and the 49 liter trunkbag.
These liners are completely finished and lined inside with our 3/8 foam and 200 denier cordura lining making them PLUSH and more substantial of that’s what you want.
The capacity loss is un-noticeable
More information.....
For Saddlebags Click Here
For Trunkbag Click Here

NOTE: So I stole the word from TESLA ;-)
What does it mean? Crazy, COOL, INSANE, Makes you giggle ;-)
See? .. “R” rating some language ... Tesla Model S P90D Ludicrous

RKA 2016 Tentative Schedule

What is our plans for 2016?
Click Here for the actual real Schedules page.

Nothing is locked in stone yet but here is our list of places you may be able to see us at.
If you have an event to suggest let us know.

Tentative RKA 2016 Event Schedule is


Here’s the deal.
As you can see some of these events overlap or are on the same weekend. We have to connect the dots and the final plan will be on our schedules page. Also there may be more than what you see here. So once again get on that mailing list and stay in touch.
Join Our Mailing List

MotoAmerica / MotoGP
April 8th to 10th
COTA / Austin, TX
The Quail A Motorsports Gathering
May 14th
Carmel, CA
BMW Nor Cal 49ner Rally
May 26th to May 30th
Mariposa, CA
MotoAmerica / Road America
June 3rd to 5th
Elkhart Lake, WI
June 7th to 11th
Lake George, NY
MotoAmerica / Barber
June 10th to 12th
Birmingham, AL
MotoAmerica / WSB / Laguna Seca
July 8th to 10th
Laguna Seca, Monterey, CA
Reno Rendezvous
July 7th to 9th
Reno, NV
BMW National
July 14th to 17th
Hampton, NY
Top Of The Rockies
July 14th to 17th
Paonia, CO
Wing Ding
August 31st to September 3rd
Billings, MT
Curve Cowboy Reunion
August 30 to September 3rd
Monterey, CA
CCBMW Beemer Bash
September 15th to 18th
(Dates may change)
Quincy, CA
Horizons Unlimited
September 22nd to 25th
Mariposa, CA
October 13th to 16th
Orlando, FL
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