December 2016
Volume 33 / Issue 83
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From the desk of the Editor

Hi Guys & Gals,

It's the season! You will find deals in this Newsletter.
AND we have Gift Certicates if you are not sure what to get!
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Our 16th annual food drive ride, for the first time in 16 years, was canceled!
Kathy and I tried to ride but it was just to much water and we came back and got the car …. More below.

WebBikeWorld has just released a review on the RKA 13 liter Shiloh Rd and our 18 liter Starr II seatbag, Check it out.

A special invitation

RKA would like to invite you to join us in 2017 in Italy. We are going to tour the countryside and do some track time on a proper MotoGP course with Leod Escapes.
The 10 Day tour will happen in June.

We would like you to get on board with this asap as there is very limited spaces.

Exact dates will be known in January. The tour includes 6 days of sport touring on a selection of BMW and Ducati motorcycles, with an experienced English speaking Italian guide. Ride hidden backroads in Italy, stop off at the Ducati factor AND enjoy 1 day of track time being taught by Ducati champions while you ride a Panigale 959. For experienced track riders this is a dream come true. For track beginners there is a special program that trains in the morning on Ducati Monsters and Hyperstradas and then sends you out on the track in the afternoon for your first full session on a racetrack. Prices start at $5750.

You can learn about the details of what is included and to reserve your spot click here
If you want to watch some amazing video summaries and testimonials about this tour click here.

Join Kathy & Richard on this once in a lifetime trip.

It is really a special experience for veteran sport tourers and track riders. Leod’s emphasis is on authenticity and great backroads rather than tourist traps. That means great food, and the option of a faster pace for those who want it… you are riding with track riders after all.

Before you sign up below please connect Richard & Kathy so we know who’s on board!
Kathy and I hope to hear from ALL of you!!!

Cat says “Please have them tell us they are one of the RKA troublemakers”.
We’ve been offering an extra night in Rome free to people who book before December 31st because it helps us secure spots with Ducati. Arrive a day early and enjoy Rome and walk off that jet lag.

When you call ask for Cat Macleod.

Life as it should be ridden

Also call Richard and Kathy
707 836 7659

Enjoy the Newsletter.....

Food Drive Report

Here is the video we did Saturday morning. It was a cold and stormy morning……
Kathy and I tried to ride but it was just too much water and we came back and got the car …. Here is the video we did Saturday morning,

2016 RKA/SonomaRaceway Food Drive Ride

It.was a wise decision as it continued to rain ALL day! But we still had a great time and a nice number showed up at the Café and we had a great drawing with some great gifts.

Thanks to our friends :
Clearwater / Corbin / Adaptiv / 3J’s trackdays / Sonoma Raceway / City Bike / BARF / Leod Escapes

NEW PRODUCT! Drones with cameras!!
NEW Product

These products will be added to the website this weekend.
We are excited to add them to compliment the cameras we offer.
If interested give us a call we will have them in stock and be able to ship next week
Zero Gravity X2-HD Drone,
Zero Gravity Talon Drone,
Zero Gravity Explorer Drone
MSRP $89.95
MSRP $149.95
MSRP $49.95

Obviously there is limited information here as we JUST decided to add these yesterday 12-1-16
Obviously the more money the more features and bigger size.
Let’s just say the Zero Gravity ”Talon” is the one that drew our attention and has some really killer features for the money.

Like NO lic required, flys under 300 feet, Auto take off, Audio land, Phone app so you can SEE what you are videoing as you do it!

Want to try out a Drone? and not have to give up your first child? ;-) CALL 707 836 7659 or email at and we will give you the full scoop.

HOT STUFF DEAL ... Warm & Safe
It's freak'n Winter! get warm!!
RKA now offers Warm & Safe heated gear JUST IN TIME for winter.
For another special Holiday deal you need to call the office at 707 836 7659
Click here or on the logo to go to the RKA Warm & Safe page
Under layers
T's Under layers
Horizons Unlimited Promo Video

Horizons Unlimited is one of our favorite rallies that we go to every year.
Now world famous Alex Chacon as done a real nice overview of the event.
It’s not about a specific group or a specific motorcycle brand it about folks that travel and they meet and share their experiences with Seminars, Food and drink. See ya there in 2017 at Mariposa September 21-24

Published on Nov 23, 2016

Get Inspired to travel the world by motorcycle as I explore
the Horizons Unlimited Overland Travelers Meeting 2016
in Mariposa California. Meet other motorcycle adventure
riders, learn about motorcycles, gear, get inspired by amazing
stories and get motivated to jump on a bike and
ride into the sunset!

RKA You Tube Videos

We have a few new videos for you and I am reposting a couple we feel should be reviewed
We will add a couple of videos soon,
one on .TUBE speaker install and one on Remote Control Connection

be sure and subscribe and you wouldn’t miss a thing.
RKA You Tube Page Link

SENA Device Manager Install
Let me count the ways
SM10 to BMW Speakers    
Published on Jan 23, 2016
A short to the point installation tutorial of how to install your SENA
device manager for firmware updates
Published on Nov 29, 2016
This very informative video is an overview of three different scenarios on connecting the BMWJK1600GT/GTL and R1200RT's Bluetooth system with SENA headsets and other products, with links to other informative instructional videos on the RKA YouTube page.
Published on Nov 7, 2016
This informative video shows how to set up the SENA SM10 and MotoChello Audio Speaker Bridge on your K1600GT/GTL and 14 and up RT.

FREEWIRE Quicky Overview
Secret Santa Saves Christmas
And Lastly a little diddy that should make you smile and give you a Holiday idea. ;-)
Published on Nov 29, 2016
This is a very quick overview of the SENA Freewire. More t come
Published on Dec 14, 2014

On behalf of a wealthy donor, police officers in Kansas City, Missouri, gave away money to unsuspecting drivers. Steve Hartman reports.



Kathy and I are excited about the new SENA products

Pre Order
Drop us a line at and we will reserve one of the new products for you. No obligation to you

MSRP $399.00
MSRP $349.00
No Price at this time

Firmware update report
If you purchased a FREEWIRE please note that it works with the 20S and 10S ONLY and they need to have firmware updates 1.6.1 for the 20S, 1.2 for the 10S

So with that news we want you to update your deivces and the device manager.
Above is a video on how to download the SENA device manager.


Make sure you register your SENA products and keep the firmware updated.
This may seem like a pain but remember every time you update you are getting a brand new product and it will do things it could not do before.

Remember when you purchased that $2,000.00 video camera and then next year your camera was selling for $500.00 and there was a NEW $2,000.00 camera?
WELL SENA is trying to keep your product up to date so this doesn't happen.

RKA wants your business that's why we have over 120 videos and almost a third are on SENA.
We will match any price advertized online that is a REAL reseller


RKA just got a notice from SENA about stolen product out there so....

Remember if you purchase SENA at a REALLY GREAT price it could be REALLY blackmarket.
To protect RKA and our customers we are now adding the serial numbers to each sale.
SENA tracks serial numbers and they will not warranty or help you with issues if they know it is a blackmarket item.


RKA .......10% off all RKA luggage and FREE 2nd day air! CALL NOW.

SENA … If you purchase $150.00 worth of RKA luggage, or more, RKA will give you a really GREAT deal on all SENA products but you have to call 707 836 7659

HEATED CLOTHS ..... 10% intro deal on all Warm & Safe product on our website and 10 bucks for ground shipping!!
It’s freak ’n winter folks check this out!!!! CALL NOW.


If you are in the market for a great motorcycle my trusty 2005 R1200ST is still up for grabs. and at $5,000.00 it's a steal!
Call us or email of you are interested
707 836 7659

Kathy also as a Specialized Ruby carbon Fiber bicycle for $1,000.00

2017 Schedule

We are working on the 2017 schedule and will be post on our Event/Schedule page soon.

Looks like we will try to do some of the MotoAmerica AMA roadraces this year. ...
Austin ....
Salt Lake City ...
Laguna Seca ..

Early on we'll be at SonomaRaceway for the BIG weekend of Trackdays with Reg, 3J's and then AHRMA vintage racing and finally AFM roadracing this will be a fun weekend

The BMW National in Salt Lake City

Top O the Rockies in Paonia

WesStoc in Reno

Horizons Unlimited in Mariposa


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