August_September 2016
Volume 29 / Issue 79
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This is a must read.
The Bible, Holy Grail,
The Zen of motorcycle articles
An article by
"Nick Ienatsch"
Writer, Racer, Announcer,
From the desk of the Editor

Hi Gang,

The Newsletter has been kinda quite for a while and this will be another two-month newsletter. August and September.

Kathy and I have been on the road, with a LOT of venues to share. Stories to share AND I got a new camera and have a ton of photos and videos to share with you and just no time to get them presentable for the newsletter and our YouTube Page.

SOOOOOO slowly but surely you will begin to see all the new “stuff”. Stay Tuned!

In assembling this newsletter I had to look back on June and July Newsletter.
If you missed it take a look! There is a lot of informative information there.

A few years ago me and a couple of fireman did a "Iron Butt Saddlesore", 1000 miles in 24 hours. We did it in about 18 hours, time to spare .... So proud.

So today we have a litte ditty that we feel needs telling .... The Case of ..... Michael Boge, Anavel Boge and Laura Boge.
Not even doing a thumbnail on this one.

Here it is in FULL GLORY!!!

Enjoy the Newsletter.....

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New event added for October

JUST IN AB51 celebration! …. Presented by “City Bike” and “BARF”

For all you outta towners City Bike is our LONG TIME local rag in the city and BARF is our local motorcycle forum …. Bay Area Riders Forum.

Surj Gish / City Bike

Hi Richard & Kathy,

Now that AB 51  is signed (woo!) Budman and I are working on a celebration where riders of all stripes can get together too high five, raise a glass, and so on. The party will be at DNA Lounge in SF on October 8th, which is run by Barry Synoground of the SFMC. 

The plan is to have a big get-together the afternoon of the 8th, probably 1-4 PM. We’re going to have a bit of a “hurrah” mid-party, where folks like Budman, perhaps Nick Haris from the AMA, and hopefully Assembly member Quirk will speak a bit. We’re inviting Quirk, Lackey, CMSP folks, the AMA, the various MC and MRO folks that were involved and that we know—pretty much everyone.

The event will be completely free for everyone who attends, and everyone will receive a raffle ticket on the way in—entry into a giveaway”

Surgj Gish
Editor in Chief, City Bike Magazine.

There will be updated info and a link on our schedules page.
Recap ..... BMW National .... Top O the Rockies

After Americade Kathy and I flew back from Albany NY and Kurt took the rig home to Maine.
Later in July I flew out to Manchester, went to Kurt’s house where the rig was being held.
We spend a day cleaning, restocking and organizing. And checking out Kurt's WOW gragage somewhere in Maine.

Maine Lopstaaa
Maine Lopstaaa
Cleaning up
for the next event

Kurt's Main Street
My room Mates,


Kurt and I drove the rig to Buffalo International and picked up Kathy.
Wednesday setup and then rock & roll Thursday to Saturday.

Sunday morning we dropped Kurt off at the airport and headed West to Paonia Colorado for the "Top O the Rockies" rally.

New Videos RKA YouTube page

Since the last Newsletter there have been a lot of new videos posted so rather than make you look for them here they are:
When you start them you can click on the "BOX" in the lower right handcorner to make them full screen.

Cruising alone on Hwy 6 to Tonopah
Introducing Key & Peele our new Kitties
SENA TUBE Overview

SENA SR10 Radio Adapter Overview
SENA SM10 Dual Stream Stereo Transmitter
SENA Harley Davidson 20S/Audio Helmet Clamp

Harley Davidson Boom Box Demo and Bluetooth explanation
How to connect your Harley Davidson Boom Box to a Smartphone
700GS/800GS Tankbag installation
This is a redo of a video done in 2008

Universal Intercom
SENA 10U Schuberth C3P installation
How to Fuel

RKA 2016 Schedule  

Click Here for the online Schedules page with complete information on each event.

Only three scheduled events left!
RKA 2016 Event Schedule is ...


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CCBMW Beemer Bash
September 15th to 18th
Quincy, CA
Horizons Unlimited
September 22nd to 25th
Mariposa, CA
AB 51 Celebration
October 8th
DNA Lounge, SF, CA

Go to our Schedules Page for complete information on these events.
Does your club have an event you would like to see RKA come to with their display and informative seminars? If so drop us a line.
707 836 7659

Teasers for the October Newsletter.....
Ely, NV
Grand Junction, CO
Display GJ, CO
Yosemite 1
Yosemite 2
Yosemite 3

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