October 2015
Volume 20 / Issue 70
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This is a must read.
The Bible, Holy Grail,
The Zen of motorcycle articles
An article by
"Nick Ienatsch"
Writer, Racer, Announcer,
From the desk of the Editor

So I decided to do a full Newsletter for October.

Ok so most of you are in a completely different location but here is our latest and most fun event. IF you CAN join us.

15th Annual Thanksgiving Food Drive September 28th to November 21th

Capped off with the "RKA / Sonoma Raceway Food drive ride" on Saturday November 21st

Bring food or money NOW to RKA or Sonoma Raceway AND right up to November 21st
We will take a nice tour of the beautiful Coast and Wine country
Starting and ending back at Sonoma Raceway.
Take a few laps, & have lunch with Celebrity guests and Richard & Kathy.
Coffees on at 7:30 AM, Riders meeting at 8:15, Ride leaves at 8:30 SHARP!
This is the ride map.

For more information contact

7694 Bell Road, Windsor, CA, 95492
(707) 836-7659.
Directions for food drop off at RKA Click here:
Directions for food drop off at Sonoma Raceway Click here:

For ALL the details: Arrival, Ride, Laps!, Lunch! Click here.

What we have been up to

So you may know we just got finished with Mike Corbins FleetLiner Saddle liners for the Slingshot
Corbin’s Slingshot bags

Corbin’s webpage for RKA’s Slingshot liners
RKA’s Slingshot liners page.
We now have the CanAm Spyder Fleetliner saddlebags in house and working on them as I type.
Here a a few photos that shows you how RKA goes about designing things

Slingshot --- Done deal

CanAm --- Work in progress

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Don't need instructions? The Sheep and the finger
Or maybe share my SaddleSore 1000 "IronButt trailer" / Long version
Share my pain "Paonia 2011"

Some new instructional videos on the blackboard, coming soon ….

Video for SENA to BT phone only
Video for SENA to BT GPS & Phone
Video for SENA to BT GPS Phone & SENA SR10
Video of what I use and how I start my ride:
S-plug / C3 / SMH20S / SENA Remote Control / 2014R1200RT with BT module Nav V / Smartphone / AnyGlove / SENA SR10 / Adaptiv TPX Radar detector / SENA Bluetooth PRISM Camera

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Kathy and I actually have a life

Kathy and I actually have a life ;-)
We ride bicycles for exercise and fun, this year we have completed TWO of three 100K rides on our NEW Tandem.
And have visited our friends in Bend Oregon last month for some really cool bicycle rides.

Solving Issues

Because of an inquiry early on we went over to A&S in Roseville CA. 120 miles away.

Our contact there brought out EVERY set of saddlebags for the R1200RS, R1200R, S1000XR, and F800GTL
The bags are all identical BUT here's the deal.
The RS and R are actually interchangeable
The XR and GTL have different body work different attachment points and are not interchangeable with ANY other model.
And they have different part numbers understandably

R1200RS / R Liner page
1 2




You should be able to tell the saddlebags are exactly the same.
More Solving Issues

Kathy and I want you to know we take every email seriously and try to find an answer.

David sent us an email the other day and here is the answers to his questions

Richard:           Good Morning David, after sleeping on your inquiry I am on my third cup of coffee now …. more better ;-)

Dave:               a few days ago, i had been listening to Awesome Streaming Music on my smartphone Paired to my Hardhat Headset. When time to go home, i paused the music then prepped to ride home. 
On the bike, i have been using the S-Plugs for quite a few years with single/Dual Drivers instead of the Speakers and have enjoyed the benefits they provide.
Richard:           An S-Plug Fan! Great

 Dave:              i immediately notice how much better the Music from the smartphone Provided. True Stereo separation and better sound quality than my Normal Bike Audio setup.

Richard:           You understand the force! ;-)

Dave:               The Bike: 2005 Goldwing GL1800.
i run 2 GPS units, an old 2610 and the 2820. ( I'm an Ironbutt Rally Type)
when i used older wired connections, i had the 2820 as the main unit wired to the on board audio via Cellset gear. 

Richard:           No matter ….. but I do not know what “Cellset Gear is”

Dave:               typically, i would have XM running as my music source, GPS directions and a Phone Paired to GPS for calls.

Richard:           No matter …. But XM from what source?

Dave:               the 2610 was wired to the Intercom (a secondary/Repeat of the 1st GPS when in routing mode)

Richard:           No matter …. But how did you have the 2610 wired to …”What” intercom?

Dave:               i Also had the V1 Radar Alerts.

Richard:           From where?

Dave:               After i shifted over to SENA, 

Richard:           NOW WE CAN TALK ;-)

Dave:               i had:
- Phone Paired to Headset (HFP?)
-GPS directions and XM wired to a SM-10 to the Audio Port
-Valentine V1 Wired to the Aux input. 
the SM-10 Paired to the SMH-10. (A2DP?)

Richard:           You seem to understand what A2DP and HFP profile is! This is a good thing ;-)

Dave:               I get the Directions, Music, Radar alerts. butt Now i realise the 2820 GPS is NOT a Stereo Output GPS like some of the newer GPS units. So i realised i had 2 options. Upgrade the GPS to a Newer 665 or 590LM

Richard:           You could do this …. but it would eliminate the SM10

Dave:               Or............  Ditch the XM Service and just start using the Smartphone as my Music Source, Phone Calls.

Richard:           YES USE YOUR SMARTPHONE … now you are on the right track BUT keep the XM subscription and you can listen to it on the Smartphone by downloading the APP

Dave:               butt now i cant see how i would setup to get the GPS Directions or have the Radar alerts.
my assumptions are to keep the GPS direction only wired to the SM10 unit and the radar alerts to the Aux Port on it,
butt, this is the part that loses me since im assuming the SM10 will only pair as a A2DP unit to the headset.
So how do i get the GPS directions and Radar alerts as HFP and the Smartphone as the A2DP to the headset?

Richard:           Like I said you understand A2DP!!! The SM10 is now out of the loop. Now is the MONEY part : -( 

Dave:               So can you advise a Setup to provide my desired scenario or can it be done with current gear?

Richard:           You need to purchase the SR10 this is a HFP device $200.00 RKA price $179.10
It’s major function is to attach a CB, FRS or Ham radio BUT it has TWO AUX ports.
ONE for your V1 and one for the other GPS.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Remember I told you this ….. the SR10 CUTS into the signal of the SMH10 when it gets a “SOUND” and reconnects the SMH10 in about 3 seconds after the “SOUND” goes away back to the A2DP device, AND it is HFP so if you plug in music it would not work well as you would get a continuous “SOUND”.

So a review;
SMH10 Bluetooth headset to Smartphone using A2DP.
Phone calls in and out, Music Pandora, iHeart, XM, MP3 from smartphone.
Down load “MyRadar” and get live weather screen!
Purchase “ANY GLOVE” from RKA to use a Smartphone with your gloves on.
SMH10 Bluetooth headset to SR10 using HFP (Multipoint pairing/Second phone pairing)
Connect V1 and second GPS to SR10 audio.

What did I forget?

Best Regards,

VERY interesting

So I am always trying to make the newsletter interesting and present things I am sure you want to know about.

SO I get in the car and sure enough Kathy has PBS on the radio. They are interviewing a author of a book and they keep bringing up DARFA. What the hell is DARFA?
Well here it is. I know you really wanted to know. ;-)

DARFA: a novel technique for studying differential gene expression and bacterial comparative genomics.


We have developed a powerful method, named differential analysis of restriction fragments amplification (DARFA), which enables researchers to perform comprehensive transcriptome analysis as well as bacterial DNA fingerprinting. The key feature of this novel technique lies within the usage of a type IIS enzyme, Hpy188III, which cleaves cDNA or genomic DNA at a TC/NNGA recognition sequence. Cleavage at this particular site results in the production of a pool of restriction fragments which can be divided into 120 subsets based on the 2-nt 5'-overhang sequence. Each subset of restriction fragments is then selectively amplified by PCR after ligation with a pair of hairpin adaptors containing 2-nt overhangs which are complementary to those in the subset of fragments that are to be analyzed. The results obtained from the analysis of strain-specific and tissue-specific differences using DARFA and further confirmation by DNA sequencing and Northern analysis have demonstrated that the DARFA technique provides a novel tool for expression profiling, as well as bacterial DNA fingerprinting.

If you got this far .... I do not understand it either ;-) .



Well we still have three nice rides for sale that really need a nice caring home. If you like one of these two wheelers give us a call and we'll talk.

$1100.00 NEW LOW Please buy me price.
2007 Woman's Specialized Ruby Expert (Small)
FSA Crank Double 50-34
Ultegra Cassette
Ultegra Wheels
Ultegra brakes
New Tires
Flightdeck included
Carbon Fiber handlebars with padded gel tape

1997 Suzuki TL1000S
29,261 Miles
Purchased this motorcycle new in 1997. Stored in our garage.
FULL Carbon Fiber body work including tank (which has a fixable leak)
All stock bodywork, tank (which does not leak) and wheels
Custom Flame Paint
Di-Mag wheels
Bitubo Shock
Scott Damper
Zero Gravity Screen
This motorcycle as not been licensed since 2007 but is ready to ride with the stock gas tank.
Having the tank repaired would make this moto a great show bike..
It runs fine.

$6,000.00 New LOW BUY ME Please price.
2005 R1200ST / with hardbags
62,262 miles VIN WB10338045ZM30515
Good (low miles) Dunlop SportMax RoadSmart II
COMPLETE Remus header system/Carbon exhaust,
Ohlin's rear shock
Rick Mayer seat,
PIAA running lights
RKA soft luggage included;
Liners for saddlebags,
36 liter Rackbag,
33 liter seatbag
Topper bags.
Ride safe

Richard Battles
7694 Bell Rd
Windsor, CA
707 836 7659
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Hope you all enjoyed this month's newsletter has much as I did putting it together.

Ride Safe / Have Fun
See you next month
Richard & Kathy
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