November 2015
Volume 21 / Issue 71

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From the desk of the Editor

Hi Gang,

WOW we are getting full blast into the Holiday season! So Happy holidays to ALL!! And RKA is about to make it "More Happy!!"

If you read the "Constant Contact' teaser and clicked ... You are reading this.

Did you know that THREE pieces of luggage from BMW like "BMW Liners ($342.00), Trunk bag ($171.00), and tank bag ($367.00)" can cost $880.00!!!
Did you know that for the same luggage from .........RKA "BMW Liners ($175.00), Trunk bag ($90.00), and tank bag ($155.00)" the RKA price is $420.00!!!

Kathy and Richard have been designing and manufacturing textile motorcycle products for 30 years now. HIGHEST quality, MOST functionality, MADE IN THE USA, for the BEST possible price. Yes these two brands are made from different material and are manufactured in different places.

RKA thinks our product is just as nice (If not better) for a much better price.
It's the Holiday season of giving right?
Purchase these three pieces of luggage and get 15% off MSRP which is $357.00, and free ground shipping in the lower 48..
You MUST order by Friday November 13th. TWO WEEKS from now.
And you must CALL to order 707 836 7659.

WHY are we doing this?
1: It's Holiday season.
2: We want to see who is paying attention.
3: RKA wants you to see how nice our products are.
4: RKA hopes you will tell a friend or a forum!

First question:
I already have purchased some of these items.
Second Question . I am over seas how can I get a deal also?

Email us or call us and Kathy and Richard will try our hardest to make a deal for you for the Holidays!
707 836 7659 ... Operators are standing by ;-)

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We still have three nice rides for sale that really need a nice caring home.
RKA Sale page

For all you newbies getting this Newsletter let me post a few links so you can review some interesting past articles.

Corbin’s Slingshot bags

Corbin’s webpage for RKA’s Slingshot liners
RKA’s Slingshot liners page.

NEW How to Videos.
Video One of the "RKA How To Series" SmartPhone to SENA
Video Two of the "RKA How to series" Features review 1

NEW PAD design for our saddlebags an seatbag integration
RKA Saddlebag & Seat bag overview

Next week I will have new motos in the photo gallery. Doing the R1200RS/R, S1000XR, S1000RR.
New photos will be posted here: "BMW Specific Photo Gallery"
RKA liners fit in all the hard bags for these motos.
RKA textile saddlebags fit on all these motos.
RKA rearseat bags ALL fit and integrate with the saddlebags.
RKA 21 and 36 lliter rack bags also work on ALL these models
RKA has many choices for tankbags on all of these models.

We need to keep the food drive ride info going......
Ok so most of you are in a completely different location but here is our latest and most fun event. IF you CAN join us.

15th Annual Thanksgiving Food Drive September 28th to November 21th

Capped off with the "RKA / Sonoma Raceway Food drive ride" on Saturday November 21st

Bring food or money NOW to RKA or Sonoma Raceway AND right up to November 21st
We will take a nice tour of the beautiful Coast and Wine country
Starting and ending back at Sonoma Raceway.
Take a few laps, & have lunch with Celebrity guests and Richard & Kathy.
Coffees on at 7:30 AM, Riders meeting at 8:15, Ride leaves at 8:30 SHARP!
This is the ride map.

Please RSVP
For more information contact

7694 Bell Road, Windsor, CA, 95492
(707) 836-7659.
Directions for food drop off at RKA Click here:
Directions for food drop off at Sonoma Raceway Click here:

For ALL the details: Arrival, Ride, Laps!, Lunch! Click here.


Ride safe

Richard Battles
7694 Bell Rd
Windsor, CA
707 836 7659
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Hope you all enjoyed this month's newsletter has much as I did putting it together.

Ride Safe / Have Fun
See you next month
Richard & Kathy
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