July 2015
Volume 18 / Issue 68
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This is a must read.
The Bible, Holy Grail,
The Zen of motorcycle articles
An article by
"Nick Ienatsch"
Writer, Racer, Announcer,
From the desk of the Editor

Hi Gang,

Looks like this is going to be a double issue Newsletter for July and August.
There is just too many things going on and I do not have the time.

It looks more and more like I will be riding to Spokane Valley at the end of August for the WeSTOC Honda ST rally. Since the Curved Cowboy reunion is in Coeur d’lene only a few days later. Hopefully spending some time with my buddy Bill in Bend in between.

My Afib issue looks like it is under control. My resting heart rate is back down and does not go crazy on our bicycle rides AND I feel better than I have in a year! You do not understand how bad you feel sometimes until you feel better, THEN you say WOW!

Enjoy the Newsletter.



Looking forward to riding with my next generation RKA tank bag.
As promised, I'll send a photo of it on the RTC8 shortly after the bag arrives and is "operational".


Thanks for looking out for me. And thanks for making the utube video on pairing the sena 20s, Bill

Last Month we showed you a 21 liter rackbag for the Exclusive in White with Sandstone piping! TOOOO Cool.
This month even cooler ... a 13 liter GTL Exclusive tankbag in the same colors.
YOU to can be the proud owner of a premium color piece of luggage!

Read the story about "product updates" to get the scoop on these videos.

FLASH BACK 12 years:

Buttonwillow around 2002 "Guy & Richard", AFM Friday open track day,

FLASH BACK 2 years:
May 2013 "playing with the Kids" with a BOAT OR "The old man and the sea", at Sonoma Raceway


We have tentatively added another event in August.
WeSTOC in Spokane Valley, WA.
This is just a few days before the Curved Cowboy Reunion.

I just have to wrap up some ends but it will appear on the schedules page as soon as I confirm it.
So be sure and check the schedule regularly for updates.

"RKA Event Schedule Page"



SENA technologies has decided to greatly reduce the MSRP price of the PRISM Action Camera ($399.00 MSRP) to $249.00 make way for a more competitive action camera in the possible future.
To be clear, the PRISM is not discontinued, only making way for a possible new version.

This is a really good deal on a product that is just ahead of its time.
Kathy and I personally own two of them and the accessories that are included are worth over $175.00 alone.

There’s an APP for that. You can change settings from your phone.
You can place it on your helmet or anywhere else you would like to with all the accessories that come with it to get great video from any angle.
When recording you AND your riding partners can narrate your story right onto the video, from over a ½ mile away.
Control the camera from your headset. “Recording”, PRISM power off, Single shoot mode and more.

So if you want the future watch the video links below to see what this product can do.

RKA PRISM overview
SENA the full Monty


Also we have in stock the NEW SENA 10C ready to ship at $349.00 it is another feature filled deal!!!
This is an intercom, bike to bike communications system with an action camera embedded in the unit.
You can, … and your riding buddies can narrate right into the video as you are recording. Stop, start, and take single shoots and more.

Ever miss “THE SHOT”? Well the 10C can save the day it has video tagging.

Video Tagging allows the camera to continuously record videos, but save only the important events. This eliminates the file storage of unnecessary video content.

It creates video files of 60 seconds past, 60 seconds present, and 60 seconds future of the event.

Add music on the fly! With the use of Bluetooth headsets, riders can include audio from their companions through the use of the intercom to create a mixed audio experience.

In addition the NEW SENA Bluetooth handlebar remote is supported with the Sena 10C to provide ease of use and controllability of the Bluetooth headset. The handlebar remote has a clamping design for quick and easy installation. With a low energy Bluetooth profile, the handlebar has an extensive battery life of three to six months and can be easily charged with a USB. The easy to use handlebar remote features a joystick as well as a phone and reserve button. The handlebar remote is also compatible with the Sena 20S and 10U.

Let me try to put this in perspective.

FLASH BACK 12 years:

When I was road racing over ten years ago Kathy and I were trying to be on top of the video revolution with the then NEW pencil cameras. You plugged them into a VHS (Can you say BIG?) camera that was mounted inside our RKA seat bag, then the small pencil camera was mounted somewhere on the motorcycle and you pressed record on the VHS and started them some times 15 minutes before you actually got on the track and hoped for the best.

I present the video of the “DAY I WAS ON!” You know one of those days when you are on top of the world. I am chasing “Guy” (My daughter is 10 years older than this KID) I was never was able to stay with him until this day and this video was and is so much fun to share. “Guy & Richard” (The camera is mounted on my race bike about where the left turn signal would normally be. After it was over it took a long time to produce, edit and do the final cut on this)

UNDERSTAND …. With the NEW SENA products Guy and I could actually be narrating into my camera at speed!

FLASH BACK 2 years:

These are “more smaller” Liquid Image EGO, cameras mounted in three positions on my BIG BMW R1200ST chasing “KIDS on sport and race bikes” around Sonoma Raceway during a trackday (not a race).

This was a better solution. But still no narration & on off control that the PRISM and 10C provide now. “Richard’s 3J’s Track day” a lap around Sonoma.
UNDERSTAND …. With the NEW SENA products the “KIDS” and I could actually be narrating into my camera at speed


What can I say? SENA once again ahead of the curve. If you want stealth for your Aria, Shoei, or Schuberth helmet this is the product for you! Slick, hidden, read all about these products here “RKA 10U Page”

With Bluetooth 4.1 technology the 10U is an invisible beauty with custom design that fits into the helmet ear pockets allowing for easy and versatile use. The 10U features four-way intercom communication up to 1.6 kilometers with Universal Intercom™ and Group Intercom™ technology as well as intuitive voice prompts. Through the use of innovative technology the 10U offers safe and easy operations with a wireless remote as well as a two-button control pad for emergency control.

Remember the 10C and the 10U may lose some of the features you would like on the 20S there are gives and takes, pluses and minuses, so read about them or better yet email us or call and we can talk about what’s best for your needs and wants.

RC SENA Bluetooth Remote Control

This new Remote Control allows you to run everything from you “Office” … your left thumb and fingers.
Read about this product here “RKA Remote Control” There may be some attachment issues with this new product also so read and ask questions before you purchase. The Chart

RKA Overview of the SENA 10C & RC

The 10C is great all around unit.
There’s an app for that, I think. I have SEEN it but cannot FIND it.
Build in video Camera, Stills, Burst, Tagging (Tagging is really cool!)
4 intercom connections
FM radio

The Remote control is very useful for SOME people.

RC Setup: I had a little issue understanding the directions as the sheet that comes with it is not correct.

So you need to go to SENA and download their latest instructions.
SENA RC Quick Guide

Learn more

Purchase please go to RKA SENA RC Page

Even after that I had a few hiccups trying to figure out when it was on and when it was off.

Once you get it, it seems easy and you cannot understand why you didn’t get it in the first place. ;-)

First clue your headset has to be ON before you turn on the RC since it connects to it. ;-)

Fitment: The RC fits on the handlebars just fine for “ME” and does not get in the way. I also did not have issue with reaching over the unit to engage the turn signals or Multifunction wheel. (see video)

It “MAY” touch the clutch when engaged, not a problem for “ME”

I will be leaving for Fortuna, CA in a few hours and I will have the remote on the handlebars to further test. I really like to volume control! But it’s more than likely not be a unit I will use all the time.

It’s AVRCP (Audio Video Remote Control Profile) is great if you are using just a smartphone stand alone.

It operates all the buttons on the SMH20S and everything on PRISM camera and the 10C except the video button. Yup does not work the video button! Duhhh

Since I am on the GT/GTL forum (or if you own a 14/15 RT) and are using 20S headsets, and have the Bluetooth setup properly.
I have to say this.

The RC is pretty much just a volume control.

A lot of you miss the Wonderwheel’s volume control so this would be great!
see the 20S remote control usage page. (Page 41)

Understand the RC controls what is controllable on your headset using AVRCP.
So if you have your headset connected to:

BMW Bluetooth Module using A2DP profile
Nav IV or V using HFP Selective phone pairing.
Phone connected to the Nav IV or V

The RC will operate your headsets volume control, PRISM camera functions and that’s about it. If you want a great volume control then it’s for YOU.

Watch the RKA video above and pay attention to the written text on the screen.


A Short RKA update report: The 20S was introduced last summer and Kathy and I have been using them ever since. Every day I ride with the 20S I become more enamored with it. This product is SO feature filled it’s just crazy.

I want to mention a couple of the many many features on this unit.

Audio Multitasking: One key feature new for the 20S is the audio multitasking feature. The audio multitasking feature allows the audio alternate between music, intercom, FM radio, and phone and seamlessly intermix and overlap for incoming and outgoing audio. The audio multitasking is a new feature that replaces the previous interruption based audio functions of past Bluetooth communication devices. The new audio multitasking function creates the most close-to-natural audio sound while running multiple audio functions simultaneously and intelligently.

Short story is I tap into Kathy for intercom and that’s it from that point on you just talk! No buttons to push, audio fades out and in with your voices automatically.

Audio Boost: Audio Boost increases the overall maximum volume. Disabling Audio Boost will reduce the overall maximum volume.

Short story is with Audio Boost off you get a better “BASS” experience, with Audio Boost on you get more “TREBLE”.

Group Intercom: Group Intercom allows you to instantly create a multi-way conference intercom of up to eight participants. You can create and start Group Intercom through your Smartphone App.

Short story is tap the side of the unit and the voice command says “Say a command” you say “GROUP INTERCOM” DONE!

There IS more! Read about it here “SENA 20S features

Cradles: Got an extra helmet? You can purchase another cradle and just switch out the module.

S-Plug: To better your riding enjoyment read about this great product that we are so sure you will like we offer a 30 day return policy!
Read about it here “RKA S-Plug Page

Support / Knowledge: Lastly we want to confirm that RKA stands behind everything we offer and we have FULL support at your smallest whim.


Well we still have three nice rides for sale that really need a nice caring home. If you like one of these two wheelers give us a call and we'll talk.

$1100.00 NEW LOW Please buy me price.
2007 Woman's Specialized Ruby Expert (Small)
FSA Crank Double 50-39
Ultegra Cassette
Ultegra Wheels
Ultegra brakes
New Tires
Flightdeck included
Carbon Fiber handlebars with padded gel tape

1997 Suzuki TL1000S
29,261 Miles
Purchased this motorcycle new in 1997. Stored in our garage.
FULL Carbon Fiber body work including tank (which has a fixable leak)
All stock bodywork, tank (which does not leak) and wheels
Custom Flame Paint
Di-Mag wheels
Bitubo Shock
Scott Damper
Zero Gravity Screen
This motorcycle as not been licensed since 2007 but is ready to ride with the stock gas tank.
Having the tank repaired would make this moto a great show bike..
It runs fine.

$6,000.00 New LOW BUY ME Please price.
2005 R1200ST / with hardbags
62,262 miles VIN WB10338045ZM30515
Good (low miles) Dunlop SportMax RoadSmart II
COMPLETE Remus header system/Carbon exhaust,
Ohlin's rear shock
Rick Mayer seat,
PIAA running lights
RKA soft luggage included;
Liners for saddlebags,
36 liter Rackbag,
33 liter seatbag
Topper bags.

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Hope you all enjoyed this month's newsletter has much as I did putting it together.

Ride Safe / Have Fun
See you next month
Richard & Kathy
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