January 2015
Volume 12 / Issue 62
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From the desk of the Editor

Hi RKA followers,

Happy New Year to all of you Kathy and Richard hope you all have a great future.

This Newsletter is like no other we have ever done before and more than likely never be able to do again. It’s still not enough for us and at the same time too much.

In 2015 Kathy and I celebrate our 30th year of marriage and our 30th year of RKA as a business.
This is our life in photos as best we could do.

As I put this together and edited photos I saw so many friends that were a driving force in our business, mind set, decision making and wonderful friendships over the years.

Each photo as a special meaning to Kathy and I and you folks will just have to compare them to a photo of YOUR past that you can relate to.

All images are clickable. Enjoy the ride with us.

Richard's Mom & Dad Kathy's Mom The wedding 1985 The first bike for Kathy, first Mirage I bag.

Richard's first bike Richard before RKA Richard before RKA Kathy before RKA


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