April 2015
Volume 15 / Issue 65
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This is a must read.
The Bible, Holy Grail,
The Zen of motorcycle articles
An article by
"Nick Ienatsch"
Writer, Racer, Announcer,
From the desk of the Editor

On the way to the forum the other day I stopped in the local dealership “Santa Rosa BMW” in Windsor JUST to ask a couple of questions about the 2015 BMW R1200RT.
You see I have not had a new motorcycle in 10 years and with all the seminars and support we do I decided I needed the “Stuff”.
If you wanna talk about the “Stuff” you should HAVE the “Stuff” right?
Sometimes you have to put things in perspective and rationalize the need for a business expense

I made the mistake of letting it get around to figuring up a proposal and Marcus says … “That one you are looking at right now is a 2014 and we have incentive to get it to a good home.

The BRAND NEW 2014 was Ebony Metallic so the difference in the blue 2015 which I wanted and the 2014 was the color and the push button start button. The difference in the dollar amount was A LOT.

So I said I have to speak with Kathy about this and left.

Kathy said she wanted to “SEE” the motorcycle so we left the shop and rode our bikes back to the dealer ship to “SEE” it.

I do not know what came over Kathy but there was no resistance! …. I left my trusty 2005 R1200ST at the dealership to pick up later and road home on my NEW STARSHIP!

As I type I am only hours home from a great weekend of bonding with the new RT. Went to Redding via Hwy 101 and Hwy 20 then up I5 to visit my Mom then down to Roseville Via I5 to Red Bluff then Hwy 99 to Hwy 70, to Hwy 65, to visit my sister and came home Tuesday morning through Winters over Hwy 121 past Lake Berryessa to SIlverado Trail, Hwy128, Chalk Hill road and home …. We are now bonded ;-)

Having the motorcycle this summer in our display will make the whole Bluetooth understanding process really easy! When incorporated into the seminars and slide show it will truly enlighten everyone.

RKA also purchased two new SMH20S’s for our demo fleet and I removed the old ones from our personal C3’s to put in our demo helmets and installed the new ones back into our Schuberth C3’s.

So now I had to set them both up with each other and the new R1200RT.

Here is the short sheet drill.
Unpair, remove, clear, everything from anything you are going to use and start fresh.
If you can turn off any devices you are not working on at the time.
1: Phone to Nav V ................... Regular pairing procedure. Follow instructions from the Garmin documents
2: SENA to Nav V  ................... Jog button 5 seconds, tap Phone
3: SENA to BMW Module ....... Phone button 5 seconds (A2DP profile STEREO use this for the BMW module)
4: SR10 to SENA .................... Phone button 5 seconds, tap Phone
5: PRISM to SENA .................. Intercom pairing ... YES I can control the PRISM camera from my headset!
NO ONE ELSE can do all this !!

Here is links to:
SMH10 Cheat sheet
SMH20S Cheat sheet
The FULL instructions sheet

FLASH! If you have a smartphone and a 1600 GT / GTL or R1200RT with the BT module you CAN listen to Pandora, iHeart radio or any streaming music IN STEREO!

Wanna know how? drop me a line or give me a call.

See ya all at Billings, MT. and other events this year!!!
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Ride Safe, Have Fun


Just love your gear.  I tell EVERYONE about you all.  Richard, Kathy, you guys ROCK and your products are solid.  RKA customer for life.  BTW, my tank bag is now 19 yrs old and has 188,000+ miles on it and still looks like it came yesterday.
Year, Brand & Model,: 2000 Honda VFR 800

LOVE the Sena 20S'.
Now I need to unload my two Autocom Logic systems.

Thank you for your patience with me and for the info, maybe I will see you at  Americade. The  SMH10 is the one I bought from the dealer to fit directly on the Spyder. I bought the SR10 and the Midland cb from you. Thanks again for your help. 



First let me say thanks for all the in-put. It's nice to be able to talk with a real person, especially one as knowledgeable and informed as you.

My bike came with the BMW Navigator IV and that's what was on the bike the other day when I came by your shop. After I left you, I headed out to the coast on Hwy 116 along the Navarro River and up the coast as far as Fortuna. Lovely day to be out! Along the way, I discovered that my old eyes aren't as good as they used to be and the Nav IV doesn't do as well in the bright light as my old Garmin 450. The combination of these 2 shortcomings has led me to reconsider accessorizing my new tank bag. What about mounting my Nav IV on the tank bag using your dashboard?



You WILL LOVE These earbud speakers!
They are only $135.00 for single driver and $230.00 for dual drivers!!!

We own TWO sets of expensive molded earbud speakers one pair has a single driver the other has dual drivers.
I am talking EXPENSIVE! One was over $400.00 the other over $800.00! And they are GREAT and worth every penny.
Walking and at the gym they are fine. BUT I do not like using them on my bicycle or on my motorcycle,

When you put them on, put on your helmet and drive away on your motorcycle the music is fabulous BUT you cannot hear ANYTHING ELSE!
No fire trucks, No police, no motor sound NOTHING!

I cannot be the only one that has this issue.

So Kathy and I have been testing the S-Plug and as you can see by reading this we have come to a conclusion.

With the S-Plug the music sound quality and volume is GREAT and we can also hear outside sounds.
And they are a fraction of the price.

Some of you so not seem to think the SENA speakers are doing the job well above 70 mph, and they do start losing their sound quality at that point
Almost ANY in helmet speaker is going to produce just a bunch of NOISE at high speed.

BUT with the S-Plugs you can hear a pin drop through them at 100 mph! I guarantee it!

We believe they will solve the in helmet speaker issue and you will like the sound quality and volume also

Lastly they are very easy on the ears and easy to put in and take out … easier than most we have tried.

They are on our website now but I have not received my full stocking order yet. RKA S-Plug Page

They ARE....
The smallest and best fitting earphone.
The S plug provides an alternative to standard earbuds with the only flexible body earbud on the market.
The ear tip was designed to conform to the S-shaped ear canal, placing speakers deep in the ear for increased bass response.

Single driver (1 speaker to each ear) and
dual driver (2 speakers to each ear) speaker versions

NRR: 27 dB
Warranty: 1 year, 30 day trial
Speakers can be repaired individually.
Because we understand that ears can be different, we offer the best warranty on the market.



Video coming soon.....

We have been offering the 13 liter Shiloh Road tankbag for the GTL since its release in the summer of 2011.
The 3 liter (TOOOO SMALL) and the 10 liter also fit and have the same foot print.
The sales for these bags have been fantastic and it helps to have a great photo gallery and videos for you to watch as we do.
BUT for some reason after FIVE years there seems to be a “Rift in the Galaxy” about the way the RKA tankbag fits on the 1600GTL.

We DESIGNED this bag FOR the GT/GTL and made it as tall, long, and WIDE as we thought possible AND tested it before we went into production.

There seems to be some difference of opinion on what “Touch” and “Interfere” means when talking about this motorcycle.

RKA made a major mistake in 2011. We wanted to get the word out ASAP and so we did a tankbag instruction video using the GT as that was the only one I could get my hands on at the time.

Click on the photo at the left to see the current installation video. Click on the photos on the right to see our lock to lock stills taken in Sparks Nevada the day we picked up Kathy's F800R (in the background). You can see Lane the owner is PULLING the wheel to lock.

There has been over 10,000 views of this video with about one 10th of 1% of you figuring out it’s a GT or at least care enough to mention it to us and bringing it up on the forums.

So we are in the process of doing TWO new videos using a REAL GTL for the tankbag install, and the second video showing the motorcycle doing tight turns and figure eights lock to lock with the bag in place. We have acquired a customer’s GTL and also a retired police officer to ride the moto for us.

I have been riding for 54 years and I must say being the opinionated kinda guy I am I do not understand the issue here at all.
there is not an issue with this tankbag on this motorcycle.

When you see the new videos (Which not many other companies even have) you will see there is no issue ... And you will also say I would never turn that way!
So stand by, we are working on these new productions.

Movie reviews and shorts
Just click on the images to watch the video trailers

On any Sunday the next chapter

Why we ride.


David Eagleman: Can we create new senses for humans?


“Waze is the world's largest community-based traffic and navigation app. Join other drivers in your area who share real-time traffic and road info, saving everyone time and gas money on their daily commute.”

I keep wanting to report on the WAZE app, but I cannot wrap my head around it so far and I have been using my phone for navigation using the “Garmin USA” app. Now that I have the RT with the Nav V I have placed my iPhone in the SAME place as before in an Rammount X-Grip on the “Dashboard “ of my NEW 5 liter IN-Charge tankbag.

But now can use it for other things. This last weekend trip I used a speedometer app, just a black screen with BIG white numbers on it.

Now I can run WAZE and get a grip on it so once again stand by and I will be reporting back on this and many other apps as always.

RKA does all motorcycles not just BMW!


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Hope you all enjoyed this month's newsletter has much as I did putting it together.

Ride Safe / Have Fun
See you next month
Richard & Kathy
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