September 2014
Volume 8 / Issue 58


From the desk of the Editor



Hi gang,

If you are even slightly interested in Bluetooth communications you need to watch this video for starters:
Revolution in Motorcycle Bluetooth: Sena 20S Promotion Video
Then be sure and read the article below and more videos.

Breaking News! Kathy and I purchased a Tandem! Ya a bicycle, we actually own more bicycles than motorcycles.

WOW what a machine! We are learning how to ride it! If you know us, or can imagine. TWO “A” personalities tied together on ONE bicycle with FIXED peddling and the “Stoker” (person in the back) cannot see in front! We WILL prevail ;- ) .

Here are a couple of short videos I did in the learning process and for the bicycle shop to sort out some issues. “Turning & Learning” in this video I am riding the bike solo trying to come to grips with the beast!, Then the bicycle had a little issue with the chain so did a little ditty for the bike shop.“Chain Slap

Read about how I produced these videos using Liquid Image EGO, Go Pro and a NEW SENA PRISM Sport Camera in the section below in this Newsletter.

Back from the Summer Tour and done with the Beemer Bash in Quincy .... and my gosh September already.

But one more major event to go to. Horizons Unlimited This event is very special, check it out click here.

What we did this summer.

Everybody seems to think we are on “holiday” when we go out on the road. NOT, see the very condensed PHOTO recap of our 2014 Summer Tour.

Well the Beemer Bash was kinda a "On Holiday and Fun" as we shipped product to Quincy and actually rode our motorcycles to the rally and had some fun fun fun.

What's in this Newsletter:

Letters to the editor
RKA 2014 Summer Tour report
Some FUN FUN FUN Videos just for you!
RKA NEW product and some other interesting stuff.
SENA NEW product report
Beemer Bash Report below.
What's up for next months Newsletter

Letters to the editor

Just wanted to drop you a quick note to let you know how pleased I am with this tankbag.  Installation was cinch and fit/quality are superb.  I'll definitely be looking to RKA first for my soft luggage needs in the future.  Thanks.

|--Evan Fahey--|


I just bought bag liners for my 2014 Multistrada from you, and I've bought other items from you over the years.  I just wanted to say thanks for your good products and good customer service.  You run a very good store and website.

Best regards,

On Sat, Aug 30, 2014

Hey Rich & Kathy...was great seeing you and only wish we could have time to go out and have some fun at one of these events. Looks like you'll just have to take another tour!

Just passing to you the link for the KTM event this fall. I don't expect huge numbers but the word is they are spenders. Could be you have some product that would be well aligned with the KTM segment.  I think I might come up for this one.

Stay in touch. Have a great trip back home.

Skip Mascorro

 685 Persimmon Hill
 Bulverde, TX 78163
 Toll Free USA & Canada 1(800) 233-0564
 PH (830) 438-7744
 Click here to receive the Navigator Newsletter!

(Editors note: We have known Skip for 25 years, if you get a chance, go on one of his tours!!)

The 2014 Summer Tour (in a nut shell)

Back in April is when the fun really started with SonomaFest April 29tyh to May 4th.
Then at the end of May Kathy and I took off in the rig and went on a MAJOR “RKA Summer USA Tour” It was by no means a “Holiday”. I drove and Kathy started with me then flew in and out three or four times to the bigger events. My trusty BEST friend Kurt was my co-pilot and we put 10,000 miles on the Sprinter and trailer!
There are TONS more photos but there is just no time or space. I did seem to misplace the MOA photos so I added in some more Gilmore auto photos in that spot and no captions needed except one note, the radar photos indicate the rain followed us ALL summer ;-) .

Enjoy ..... Summer trip with photos

The Start

BMW RA Rally,
Birmingham, AL.

Lake George, NY.

Limerick ME
Kurt's place
and a few days off.

Grand National
Antique Motorcycle Club,
Rhinebeck, NY

AMA Superbikes
Birmingham, AL.

Vintage Japanese
Motorcycle Club,
Mitchel, IN.

Honda Wing Ding,
Madison, WI

Gilmore Auto Museum,
Hickory Corners , MI

Mid-Ohio, OH.

BMWMOA National Rally
St Paul, MN.
I have misplaced our
MOA photos
so more of Gilmore here

Mt Rushmore,
Keystone, SD.

Some fun stuff JUST for you.

I was looking for a music video the other day and after finding some new ones I also got hooked on some old songs from the past so click on the links below to take a trip from present to past.

Be sure to take the time to watch them all, as they get older and older down the list.

Do any of you remember these?
Report back and let me know what you think.

What does the Fox say?           
La Vida Loca                
Hot Rod Lincoln           
Beep Beep                   
One eyed one horned flying purple people eater            
Itsy Bitsy Teenie Weenie Yellow Polka Dot Bikini          
Ally Oop                      

Papa Oom Mow Mow   

Wooly Bully 

RKA new product and other things

2014RT liners IN STOCK
Hope most of you have your 2014 R1200RT's back!
We have been holding your liners for you ;-)
Order online or CALL to order 707 836 7659.
RKA BMW R1200RT Page

Magnetic Tankbags 8 left

The metal tank is coming to an end and so is our magnet supply.
So when we run out of magnets, no more magnetic tankbags.
And we are almost out. SO if you want a magnetic tankbag you better jump now!

19.5 Liter ... ... ... 26.0 Liter

SMH20S extra clamps
MSRP $79.95. RKA price $71.95.
They come with THREE mics, Boom, Universal, and full face, the cradle has a port for an MP3 player, port for earbuds, there will be no more broken earbud connectors on the 20S, and an ambient button. The SMH20S uses ONE clamp, the SMH10’s have SIX replacement configurations!  This is “more better!” ;-) They have recessed the pin location, it is now protected.  ORDER NOW!


Honda GoldWing Saddlebags liner set of two
Honda GoldWing Saddlebag liners
Special introductory offer
MSRP $120.00
RKA price$90.00
Honda GoldWing Trunk Liner
Special introductory offer
MSRP $90.00
Trunk Liner $67.50
RKA Gonda GoldWing Saddlebags liner Page

. .New Parts   
SAE to Powerlet/BMW female
RKA Powerlet Page
Powerlet/BMW to TWO USB
RKA Powerlet Page

We also have replacement “tips”.
RKA Rammount page
... ... ... ...

Liquid Image
Ego best kept sport camera secret
RKA Liquid Image Page

On Going Sale, DEMOS for Sale

DEMO Helmets   F117 FB / F117 Carbon
NEW Helmets $50.00 NT 200 3/4 / Summit III
DEMO SENA SMH10 Cradles for sale    $ 20.00
NEW Starcom units    $ 175.00 MSRP is $235.00
Give us a call 707 836 7659  

SENA New products report


The NEW SENA GoPro Bluetooth Pac.

WOW Narration right into the camera via Bluetooth!!!

RKA has the SENA Bluetooth GoPro pac in stock!
MSRP/RKA price $99.99, along with the waterproof case to hold both the SENA pac and the GoPro camera.
MSRP $39.99 RKA price $35.99

Here are a few of the very first tests we did with the Bluetooth pac.
We decided the bicycle was a better and safer test bed for our first tries at it.
Also it may give you some ideas and inspiration for your own videos, everything starts simple.

Short version................. RKA SENA GoPro Demo
Better Version ...............
RKA SENA Bluetooth Pac Demo
Figuring out a Tandem .. Tandem Turning Learning

After getting the hang of the controls and options we were ready to do the Feather River and Bucks Lake road Videos.
The following SENA video was our inspiration …

Voice to Your Visual: Sena Bluetooth Audio Pack for GoPro Camera

If you do not have a GoPro camera have no fear as SENA has their own PRISM action camera out by the time you read this.
Click on the link to really get a idea of how great this camera is.

RKA is taking orders now. Price is $399.99 worth every penny.

RKA has SMH20S extra clamps in stock … MSRP $79.95. RKA price $71.95.
They come with THREE mics, Boom, Universal, and full face, the cradle has a port for an MP3 player, port for earbuds, there will be no more broken earbud connectors on the 20S, and an ambient button with new functions. The SMH20S uses ONE clamp, the SMH10’s have SIX replacement configurations! They have recessed the pin location, it is now protected. 
This is “more better!” ;-). ORDER NOW! 707 836 7659

Also remember the SMH20S-Singles are MSRP $299.00 RKA price $269.10 and
SMH20S-Duals MSRP $539.00 RKA price $494.95.
Here is the link to the "Revolution in Motorcycle Bluetooth" video a must see: Sena 20S Promotion Video

Firmware update notes:

There are more than a few updates/improvements for the new firmware ver 1.2
They are listed below but I would like to address a couple personally...

Voice command triggering by Ambient Mode button & Motion Sensor Sensitivity Setting
Kathy and I have had issue with these settings and it is now resolved
Sena 20S How To Video (Activating the Voice Command Using the Motion Sensor)

Audio Boosting option
What do you want? More treble or more base. Everybody wants more BASS!
Now you have a choice with the Audio Boosting option one setting is more treble the other is more base.
BUT with the setting on more BASE the volume level is lower.
So you choose.

Lastly we had an issue with the music not returning when using the SR10.
That issue has been resolved in Ver 1.2

Here is the offical list for the 20S ....

Changes made from version 1.1.1 to 1.2

  • Increased audio volume for intercom, music and Bluetooth Audio Recording
  • Improved multi-way intercom reliability
  • Audio Boosting option
  • Headset battery meter for iPhone
  • Advanced Noise Control™ On/Off capability
  • Voice command triggering by Ambient Mode button
  • Bug fixes and improvements

Change made from version 1.1 to 1.1.1

  • Minor bug fixes

Change made from version 1.0 to 1.1

  • Navigation App Support
  • Motion Sensor Sensitivity Setting
  • Minor bug fixes in Music, Music Sharing, and Universal Intercom

Beemer Bash Sept 12-14 2014, Qunicy, CA.

For the Beemer Bash this year RKA decided to ship four large boxes of product to the Plumus County Fair grounds and proceeded to pack up our luggage and ride our motos up to Quincy.

On the way up and back we tested out the SENA Bluetooth Pac for the GoPro.
What a GREAT area.

Of course there is always work to do and we did video going and coming using SENA’s NEW Bluetooth Pac for GoPro.

Cool ride up Hwy 70 and the.. Feather River           
Just has cool down................ Bucks Lake Rd                 

We rode directly to the fairgrounds and unpacked the boxes in the vendor building and partially sent up our display.

John Martinelli was there with his Motochello communications system. If you want wired this is the way to go!
Cycle Specialties from Modesto was in attendance as was Big Al from Arizona, the Ear Plug man, E-Z Touring Motorcycle covers, Lastly Dan Grassetti was there with his new products from Arborealsystems. Gabe and Fred Rau were there to speak and I did a seminar on Communications Friday evening.

We stayed at the world famous “Gold Pan Motel”. For breakfast the only place to go is “Patti’s Thunder Café”. Kathy and I discovered a GREAT place to eat lunch or dinner. “The Nook” AND it IS hidden, we were right on top of it and asked for directions. But worth the hunt.

Kathy and I signed up for Saturday night dinner at the rally and the closing ceremonies, it was a pleasure seeing old friends and meeting new ones all weekend long.

It was a relaxing weekend and we actually made enough money for fuel to get home.

Just wish we were not working so we could go on some of the rides and we understand there is a lumber mill tour that is fabulous!

Next Month

There is just too much happening for us to keep up with the current events in the industry at this time so stay tuned and we will reload next month with MORE about the important things in life!

Horizons Unlimited Report

What the hell is firmware?

Like the video we did on the SENA GoPro Bluetooth pac above, they take time and effort.
There will be more of these videos and more on all that interests you next month


The NEW Garmin 590LM??
There is just too much happening for us to keep up with the current events in the industry at this time so stay tuned and we will reload next month with MORE about the important things in life!

My XM feature on XM.
SmartLink?? Duhhhh.

See ya all next month!

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Hope you all enjoyed this month's newsletter has much as I did putting it together.

Ride Safe / Have Fun
See you next month
Richard & Kathy

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