October 2014
Volume 9 / Issue 59


From the desk of the Editor



Hi gang,

The Holidays are upon us!

A BIG Happy Holidays from RKA with this offer .....
All you “Friends of RKA” give us a call between now and Thanksgiving November 26th and say ... I saw it on the Newsletter, for a 20% discount (updated 11/17/14) and free 48 state ground shipping on all RKA luggage products!

AND while you are shopping for luggage remember right on our Products Page we have waistpaks, map organizers SlipNot Tubes, and also take a look at all the other cool products you may not be aware that we offer, like SENA, Adaptiv Technologies, Liquid Image, Motorola, Midland, Garmin, AnyGlove, Motosolutions, ZootFresh, Powerlet, Rammount,

For all you folks on this side I want to make sure you know about our 14th annual RKA/SonomaRaceWay Charity Food Drive Ride.
Bring food, meet new people, have a great ride, do a few parade laps around the most fantastic race course in the whole world! The ride to lunch and listen to a few of the industry folks say a few words, then ask a few questions that may be burning on your mind. All in the wine country of Sonoma and Napa county’s! What could be better? Click on the link above for more info to a good cause and a lot of fun.

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NEW RKA Blog.I am getting the “Blog” fired up and I have a TON of things to Blog about.

late addition  ….Trackday …. Student to teacher using the SENA GoPro Bluetooth Adapter

What's in this Newsletter:

Letters to the editor.
Good things, bad things in the motorcycle world.
Rossi sighting,
The "WIPP" a beltpak for your money, cards and PHONE!
RKA introduces the laptop office solution in 24 liter rackbag and seatbag versions
SENA in the news, Again


another look at the features on the NEW SENA SMH20S
Show and talk about SENA's 2015 NEW products that will knock your socks off!!
Full look at the Belt-Pak-Phone-Wallet Solution from RKA (Still unnamed)

Letters to the editor


Congratulations on the 30 years you and Kathy have been doing this.
I first meant you at the 49er Rally in Auburn, CA in 2001 and bought my first tank bag which I still have.  It shows up in some of your photos on your web page on a Red R1200RT along with the Red bag liners in the side bags.
Keep up the good work and I hope our paths cross again soon.


From the ADV Rider forum via JR ;

I was looking for a tank bag for my 2012 NTX for months now and tired a few to find out they just did not work. It just so happened I ran into RKA at the BMW Quincy Rally this summer and personally fit one to my bike.

Well on the way home I couldn't be happier with my choice. It has lots of room with plenty of pockets, and most of all fit to the tank very well. Another thing I liked was that with just releasing 2 quick locks and it peels back for ease of fueling.

Top notch service very good price (almost half of the guzzi bag I had to send back) and just plain nice people to deal with.

I have no affiliation with RKA just passing along a good experience with a great product.


Good things bad things in the motorcycle world

. . . . . BAD THING

Motorcycle USA.com ... NO Daytona 200!!!

2015 Daytona 200 Not a MotoAmerica Race . . . . . BAD THING OR GOOD THING?

. . . . . BAD THING?

Who the heck is MotoAmerica?

FIM-North America
13515 Yarmouth Drive
Pickerington, Ohio 43147
E-mail: continental-info(at)ama-cycle.org
Internet: www.fim-northamerica.com


Elena Myers Plans To Run Her Own Race Team In 2015 Moto America AMA/FIM North American Championship.

Elena Myers Team


ROSSI Sighting    
The crowd still cheers The NEW motorhome The OLD motorhome

RKA introduces the laptop office solution & a wallet phone solution

Belt-Pak-Phone-Wallet Solution (Visit Website Page)
With all these new phones and cases are you having a hard time finding a place to put your phone ? The “WIPP” It’s a Beltpak for your ID, Cards, Cash, and it will tote your phone around with you in an easy way to retrieve it. Yes it will hold phones in cases and most larger phones. The "WIPP" has four compartments. Soon there will be other models and a smaller ID pack holder that will fit inside this one. Say you just want your ID and one card, pull it out and you got it. Example is you just want to slip your ID in your front pocket or in your small jacket inside pocket or riding a bicycle, the smaller ID holder will pop right into your jerseys back pocket

. Comes in many colors and for only $29.95 it's yours!

24 liter Rack bag office (Visit Website Page)

24 liter Seat bag office (Visit Website Page)

SENA in the news (Again!)

I know we have a lot of new readers this year HOWDY!!!

If you are an older "friend of RKA" you may know we used to sell a number of communications systems.

A couple of years ago Kathy and decided to many people were asking us our opinion “What is the best system” After years and years of using a wired system and occasionally switching to Bluetooth to test product we came to realize that at some point we stopped changing back to the wired system and had chosen SENA as the very best of the best overall. So we decided to just sell one system and that was it.

Now before I go any farther Kathy and I want you to know if you do not want Bluetooth for one reason or another we can tell you hands down that MotoChello is the product you want!!

There are Fords and Chevy’s, Republicans and Democrats, Tomato, Tomado, The world seems to be split right down the middle on just about everything.

So you need to make your own decisions and here is some more “Stuff” to help you with that R.I.D.E. (Research, Integration, Decisions, Expansion). I take you on in my seminars.

When we endorse SENA we are endorsing a complete package.

What I mean is the best overall in every area.
Maybe someone thinks brand X speakers are better, Or brand Y’s mic is better, Or brand Z’s features are to their liking better.

AND most of all remember “If you saw it on the internet, if MUST be true!” Wink, Wink, ;-)
Think about the R.I.D.E. (Research, Integration, Decisions, Expansion).

Next month we will take another look at the features on the NEW SENA SMH20S and show and talk about SENA's 2015 NEW products that will knock your socks off!!
SENA is on another planet folks!!!!

With that said here are some incredible videos for your enertainment and amusement.

We have the SENA GoPro Bluetooth adapter in stock, and by the time you see this the SENA PRISM should be in the shop and ready to ship!! The PRISM is going to put a BIG dent in the GoPro!!!

SENA GoPro Bluetooth adapter


The Eyes and Ears of Adventure: Sena Prism Promotion Video
Voice to Your Visual: Sena Bluetooth Audio Pack for GoPro Camera
Sena 20S How To Video: Audio Multitasking
SENA SMH20S: Promotion Video    

Sena SMH20S How To Video: Smartphone App

Sena SMH20S How To Video Voice Commands
Sena 20S How To Video: NFC and Motion Sensor Pairing
Most exciting motorcycle news from AIM Expo

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Hope you all enjoyed this month's newsletter has much as I did putting it together.

Ride Safe / Have Fun
See you next month
Richard & Kathy

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